tagNovels and NovellasThe Accident Ch. 02

The Accident Ch. 02


If you read chapter one then by all means keep on reading. If you haven't read chapter one, I suggest you do as I am writing this in a book type format. To get a feeling for this or following chapters, you will need to know what occurred in chapter one. *

After a couple of months of living on my own I recognized that I was lonely, angry, and yes, even lost. Sue had been my life and I couldn't stop thinking of her. She called me every day asking how I was then after getting my small and very skimpy responses, she'd say goodbye and hang up.

I heard that she had quit her job, moving to another agency. She still lived in our old apartment and would just go to work then go home. I wasn't doing much better myself. I would go to work then home; sleep was a thing from my past. Now I would just lay in bed and toss and turn.

I still loved her, hell; I still even wanted her. I just couldn't accept her cheating on me. After those months apart I figured that I'd have come to a decision about us, but all I had done is mope around more and more. It was affecting my job performance as well. I knew I had to do something, but now I wasn't sure what that was.

One night I decided to go out. I went to a lively dance club and soon discovered that I was among the oldest there. I hadn't been out much for a while and it seemed my favorite places had become overrun with a younger crowd.

I sat at the bar and nursed my drink. I was thinking that I had made a mistake and should just head on home. Suddenly a hand touched my arm.

"Can I slip in here for a sec honey?"

I was looking at a beautiful young woman. Long blonde hair and a very nice body. A model's body but with a rather large chest. I felt a stirring in my pants as I moved over a bit allowing her in beside me. The perfume she was wearing danced in my nose and drew me to want to get to know her even more.

She glanced down at my left hand and smiled.

My wedding ring gleaming in the backlight of the bar.

"So, you're here, where's the wife?"


"I can see that you are married yet out at this club alone...makes me wonder where your wife is?"

"Oh. Uh...well...we are not...uh...She's home...I mean...I'm in my own place...now...and..."

"Relax honey. I'm not running away. Tough times then? Between you and your wife I mean."


Suddenly I didn't want to talk at all. I was losing interest. Damn Sue and her damned cheating on me. My life was fucked up and I didn't think I'd ever get over her now. Then, I go out and bump into a beautiful lady and Sue still manages to mess me up...and I haven't seen her in over a month.

I looked up and saw this beauty smiling at me as if waiting on an answer or something.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I wanted to know if you would dance with me. Out there...on the dance floor?"


I got up and taking her arm we headed out on the floor. She was dressed in a black silky slinky dress with almost no back and a plunging V in front. No Bra...the view between her almost showing breasts showed me that.

As we danced to the rather fast tune, she kept in pretty close to me. We couldn't talk much over the noise, but she smiled at me quite a few times. That number was over before I knew it. She grabbed my hand as I turned to leave and she held me there. A nice slow song started up.

"One more...please?"


I put one hand on her middle back and took her hand in my other. She had other ideas and moving in close to me, she used her elbow to move my arm that was around her back, down...a lot. Her other hand was placed on my chest. I felt my heart jump as the electricity between us became rarefied.

Leaning in close to me I could feel her breasts rubbing on my chest, on either side of her hand. The arm I had around her back was now low down and my hand was on naked flesh, just above her bottom.

"You are a handsome man."


"I said that you are a handsome man. Probably the most handsome man here tonight."

"Oh...I wouldn't know about that...I..."

"I do know about that. I know my men. You are quite handsome. Dark hair chiseled face, strong hands, tall, rugged...yet a certain yielding in your eyes. Quite a catch."

I was uncomfortable with all this...praise from a woman I didn't even know.

"Um...thank you. You are quite beautiful too. Matter of fact, I think you are the most beautiful woman here too."

"There, two beautiful people dancing together...now that is interesting. Don't you think?"


I was not smooth by any means. I was off step and unsure. I hadn't been in the dating loop for years and this sudden contact had unsettled me.

"I'm Nancy. Nancy Doogan. You?"

"Adams. John Adams."

"Any relation too..."

"No...no relation to the President Adams. I wish though."

Her throaty laugh sent shivers down my spine. Her voice and laugh were sensual and very attractive.

"I was thinking more of Samuel Adams...the beer?"

The name Samuel caused me a brief anger...but it passed as soon as I realized that she had no way of knowing. Besides...Samuel Adams was a pretty good beer, not my favorite, but I had drank it before.

"I wish. I'd have my own special brew if I were."

Soon we were laughing and talking as we danced several dances in a row. I forgot all about my situation and loved just being with someone other than myself. Nancy was a good dancer, and quite attentive.

Before I knew it, over two hours had passed. I was getting a bit hungry and after asking Nancy, we decided to go out to a local restaurant for a bit to eat. As we walked down the block she took my arm and stepped in close to me. We were more like a close couple than the strangers we had been just a few hours ago.

We ate in a restaurant close to a park. After eating, and talking to each other, we took a walk through that park. It was well lit and quiet there. After a bit we sat on a bench and just talked, learning more about each other. Before I knew it, more hours had passed and it was real late. I offered her a ride home, which Nancy accepted.

Dropping her off in front of her place, I got out and opened the passenger side door. As she stood, she leaned in close to me, and before I knew what was happening, we kissed. A longer, more lingering one followed the first short kiss. Then I pressed my tongue between her lips and she parted them, allowing me to deeply kiss her.

After that kiss, we were both breathing hard. I was unsure of how or where I should stop on this, our first 'date'. I let her lead.

"I have had a most wonderful time tonight John. Thank you for rescuing me at that dance club."

Actually, you rescued me Nancy. I had a great time tonight too. I'm glad we met. Can I...uh...could I take you out for dinner some night soon?"

"Oh yes. That would be great."

"Um...Friday night? About seven?"

"Why, that would be perfect. The day after tomorrow, at seven. I'll be waiting."

We kissed briefly again, and again I slipped a bit of tongue inside her mouth...loving the passion I was feeling between us. As I turned to leave Nancy tugged on my sleeve.

"Next time will be a date. You know what that means."

"That we are going out?"

"No silly. It means that you are beginning to move on."

Her words hit me like a cold bucket of ice. She was right. I had begun to move on in my life finally. Yet...I wasn't divorced. I was only separated.

"I...Nancy, I..."

"I know John. You're not divorced and you feel strange about all of this. Trust me, I will not let myself be hurt, and I do understand. I really do. See you Friday."

With that and a little peck on my cheek, she turned and went into her house. I stood there for a moment feeling the high of a wonderful evening and the pain of the knowledge of my recent life. As I drove back to my place I wondered how this was all going to play out. My plan hadn't been to get involved with anyone in a romantic way. Maybe a short fling but not any love bites as they say.

The next day at work I was in the clouds. My co-workers knew something was up and they all knew that Sue and I had separated. Not the real why, but they knew we were not together anymore. One of my closer co-workers was on me about it.

"So John...who's the new babe?"

"Babe? What makes you think there is a new babe in my life?"

"Well, duh...the way you are floating around today it has to either be a new babe or you and Sue are back in a good place. Since I know that Sue and you are not back together, then it must be a new babe. Am I right?"

"You know what Ginny? You are too astute for your own good at times. How would you know that Sue and I weren't back together anyway?"

"That's easy. She left a message for you this morning just before you got here. You came in later than usual and her message told me that she hasn't seen you. You must have been late because you were out late last night...and I saw you with some chick last night at that restaurant by the park."

"Damn...you had me going right up until the 'you saw me' part."

"John, don't get hurt, that's all I ask. After you and Sue split up you were kind of hard to work with. Your mind was always elsewhere. Don't let yourself get hurt again...okay? I kind of like you and...well...just don't get hurt."

I was surprised. Ginny had never shown any interest in me that I was aware of. Until now. She was a single mom, working in a line of work she obviously loved. I knew that she had always been friendly to me, yet I had never gotten one iota of an idea that she would be interested in me at all.

I spent the whole day in the clouds regardless of Ginny's warning to not get hurt. I felt like a teenager at times. When I thought of Nancy and our date coming up my heart would pound and my pulse would rise. Anticipation was building me up and it was hard for me to concentrate on the work at hand.

Nancy and I had three dates after our first one before we went...intimate. That was an eye opening experience for me too. Even though I was trying to be objective, I felt myself being drawn towards Nancy in a serious way too. I wasn't quite in love with her yet...but I was definitely in lust.

That fateful date we went out to a dance club and then to a nice restaurant. After eating, Nancy mentioned wanting to show me her place. She was sitting next to me as I drove, and before we got out of the parking lot of the restaurant, her hands had found my pants zipper, and she was busy working it down as I drove.

I was beside myself with lust and my cock was rock hard the instant she touched me down there. Before she had touched my zipper as a matter of fact. By the time I turned down her street her hot wet lips had taken my cock between them and she was proving to be an excellent oral artist.

Parking in front of her place, she kept working on my hard shaft until I knew I was about to cum. I tapped her on her shoulder to warn her, and she just glanced at me while still sucking. I could see a kind of smile in her eyes as she slowly, ever so slowly took me fully into her mouth, and then I lost it.

She swallowed all my seed, spilling none. I was amazed. It had been the best blowjob I had ever had in my life. All of it done in a semi-public place too. As I came down, Nancy licked and sucked me clean...then with a smile on her lips, she leaned into me and kissed me deeply. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips and tongue as she kissed me thoroughly.

Taking my hand, she led me inside to her bedroom, where she proceeded to undress me, then do a very sexy strip tease herself. Once she was naked, she pressed me back onto her bed, then straddled my chest. As I reached up and caressed her breasts, she leaned down and sucked my tongue into her mouth. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my lower stomach as my cock throbbed and tried to reach out and touch her.

Sitting up, she worked her body up, until her pussy was just inches from my mouth. I was wanting to taste her so bad at that point I wasn't thinking of anything else. I moved down a bit and just got the tip of my tongue to slip along the folds of her very hot and very wet pussy lips. Her sweet and salty taste made my cock jump up and down as I tried to work more of my tongue into her.

She moaned, her hips rolling and then moving up until my whole face was buried in her crotch. I had fingers caressing around her little butt hole as my other hand slipped up to cup a breast. She moaned louder and began to rock her hips back and forth.

My whole face was getting wet, and my tongue was very busy, slipping in and out of her overheated tightness. I soon began to concentrate on her little hard bud of a clit. Each time my tongue would slip lightly across it, she would drive down hard onto my face. Almost cutting off my air supple each time.

Soon she began to cum. Her orgasm was taking over her whole being it seemed like. I had two fingers right on her little butt hole, massaging it, but not entering it. As she came, her little hole back there opened up like magic and I found those two fingers completely buried in her bottom.

I could feel my fingers with my tongue as she rocked and rolled on my face. When she finished cumming, she shook and shook, while I was fighting for a breath. Just as I was about to get worried, she rolled off my face and fell along side me.

"Oh God...that was wonderful. You are a first class pussy eater John. Your wife was nuts to let you go like she did. Oh baby...I want more. Lots more."

"Well, I have lots more for you if you want sweetie. You ain't so bad yourself you know. I love how you taste too by the way. Finger licking good."

She took my fingers in her hand, and placed them in her mouth. Sucking on them like they were cocks, she looked into my eyes. Then, as I watched, she pulled them out and moved them down to her nipples...caressing her hard little buds with my fingers...then she moved down farther.

Soon my fingers were being guided into her hot and wet pussy. I felt the heat of her desire building inside her. She had her eyes closed as she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and guided them lower, until they were once again entering her asshole. There she let me finger fuck her for a bit before pulling them out and up to her mouth, licking and sucking on each of my fingers while looking into my eyes.

"Baby...I want your hot hard cock right where your fingers have just been...in that order. Okay?"

"You want my cock on your nipples?"


You want my cock in your tight little pussy?"


"Then you want my cock in your very tight little ass too? Fucking you hard, until we both cum together?"

"Oh YES. Hard...fuck me hard all over baby. I need your cock. I want your cock. I'm yours. Whatever you want me to do...I'm yours."

I sat up and straddled her heaving chest. Her nipples were hard as steel, sticking out about a half an inch. Taking the head of my cock in hand I began to rub it back and forth over each nipple in turn. She was moaning, begging and pulling on my ass cheeks with both her hands as she twisted beneath me. I began to move down between her legs and she pulled them way up.

Holding them spread wide open for me; I was looking at a woman so wound she was splitting her legs wide open in front of me. Her juices were running down from her pussy over her ass and onto the bed. I placed the head of my cock right on her opening...and then moved it up and down, sliding it between her lips, watching her eyes as I did.

She was moaning like no woman I had ever heard before. Holding her legs so that her knees were along side her breasts, and her feet were pointing straight up towards the ceiling. I pressed forward, the head of my cock shoving her lips aside. Soon the velvety wet softness of her pussy was grasping my shaft. I was halfway inside her when she exploded in her orgasm.

AS she began to cum so hard, I shoved forward in haste and buried my shaft inside her. I could feel her pussy muscles milking my cock as she came. I felt like I had fallen inside her since her legs were alongside my body now, and her skin had a sheen of sweat that made things slippery on my chest too.

I began to ram in and out, not gently, but actually just rutting with her. As I would pull out I could feel her pussy lips tugging on my shaft, begging me to come back. When I would drive forward, she would groan, but not with a painful sound, but a needful sound.

"Harder...yessssss. Fuck me harder John...make me your bitch. Take me. Yessss...fuck me John."

Her words were like a trigger to me. The louder and more she moaned at me to fuck her harder, the harder I fucked her. Pretty soon I was driving in and out so hard we were moving across the bed and headed for the floor. I kept going and she seemed to keep cumming.

On one good thrust into her, we both began to slide right off the bed. Neither of us quit, keeping our fucking going as we hit the floor. I moved a bit, taking her with me and we cleared the bed and right there on the carpet, I made her mine...just as she had been begging me to.

My last hard thrust into her, just as I began to cum, she cried out and shook so hard I thought for a second I had hurt her in some way. Then I felt her pussy flood with wetness. Lots of wetness. I drove inside and held still as my cum pumped into the depths of her pussy. Nancy was moaning and crying out as we both went over the top.

I collapsed on top of her hot sweaty body, then out of deference to her; I rolled to one side. As my weight slid off her, he moved to hug me tightly.

"Oh God...I want more. A little rest and I want the rest of you. You are a damn good lover John. The best I've ever had. Your wife was a fool to give you up like she did. My God. I wish I had fucked you that first night now. You are better than I figured you be, and I had high hopes then too."

"Well...you bring it out of me Nancy. I've never had a lover quite like you either. You are very...very good at the oral sex. Damn good. I've never had someone take me fully into her mouth and down her throat before. So...in many ways...we are even."

"Oh baby...no way. I definitely got the best end of this deal. Let's go shower and see what comes up shall we?"

She drug me into the shower, where we cleaned up together. Once the cleaning part was done, I was getting hard again and she began to play with my cock. Looking into my eyes she smiled.

"Let's see now...two holes down...one to go. Are you ready for some back door loving honey?"

"Uh...I should warn you...I've never done that before...I mean..."

"Baby, follow my lead...I won't let you hurt me, and you will enjoy this a lot. Trust me."

Taking my cock in her hand, she led me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Reaching into a drawer in the nightstand, she took out some flavored gel and then sat on the edge of the bed. Daubing some gel into the palm of her hands, she took my hard cock into her mouth and began to suck me.

As she did, her hands went around whatever part wasn't covered by her lips and soon I was slick and slippery. Then, with more gel in one hand, she turned onto all fours and pressed it into her little butt. I watched, fascinated as she began to shove two, then three, and finally four fingers into her tight little bottom.

Suddenly she took my shaft into her other hand and guided me in close to her kneeling form.

"See that hole honey? That's where I want your cock next. I want you to fuck my ass off. Stick that hard shaft into me and make me your bitch. Take me John...fuck me. Fuck my ass. I want you there. Fucking me."

My pulse was racing, as I was about to go somewhere I hadn't gone before. I felt a throbbing in my cock as I neared her bent form. My cock head brushed her asshole, and I swear that little hole opened up, then closed, like it was begging me to push my cock deep inside.

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