The Accidental Nudist Cabin

byTx Tall Tales©

When I finally pulled out of her, she sighed. "God, that was incredible. I felt so helpless while you used me."

"You think that's incredible? You should try being on my side of it." I told her, leaning down and kissing her.

"If we had more time, I'd take you up on that. I'd love to feel your tongue in me," she sighed, standing and pulling my face down for another kiss. "Now, not a word of this to anybody." She suddenly tore off her shirt. "I want you to quick do anything and everything you've wanted to my tits for a minute. If I have to confess to any naughtiness, we'll let it be that."

I was momentarily surprised, and then went after her tits. I sucked, nibbled, licked, and even rubbed my cock across her nipples and in the warm valley between them. She held her tits together, allowing me a way too brief tit fuck. Then I gave each one a thorough sucking and nibble, before being shooed away. I looked down and could see that her chest was filthy. I realized my face was probably not as clean as it should be, but probably a bit cleaner now.

She looked at herself and smiled, before donning her t-shirt again. "That's good, real good. I can't wait to 'accidentally' let the girls see that."

"Why are you doing this? Why the sudden wild abandon?" I asked her while pulling my pants back on.

"Oh, don't worry. We're giving all of you guys the teasing treatment, and your 'sweet little wifey' is giving it her best. Those tits of hers are like magnets to the other two."

I must have looked a little stunned. "I don't think they're quite getting the treatment you are," she admitted. "At least I know that Dan's not gotten nearly the treat that you've gotten from me, and from Robin, I suspect. We're supposed to be just teasing you guys mercilessly, so that tonight, we each get the treatment from our own men, thank you very much, with a full days pent up lust ready to burst upon us."

"You girls are very bad, you know." I teased back, once more leaning down for another kiss.

She pulled away after a short while. "OK, stud muffin, I think you're over the limit at the moment." She smiled at me, "C'mon, admit it, don't you think it would be hot to have all three of us couples going at it like teenagers, in the same room? You could be banging your poor wife senseless, and look over and see me riding Jack like there's no tomorrow. Watch Robin take Dan's cock in her mouth and suck him like a Hoover. Doesn't that sound at least a little fun?"

"Shit yeah. I just never would have expected it." I confessed.

"Dreamed, yes. Fantasized, yes. But expected, I guess not. But all this bare flesh is getting to all of us. We better get back, though, before they start wondering about us, and before they can get in too much trouble on their own!" She laughed and walked back to the big bike, the sway in her ass a cry for attention I was dying to answer.

* * *

Back at the cabin I dropped off the axe at the shed, and went looking for a little lunch. I was quickly made aware that I was too dirty to be in the house, and too clothed. Peeking in, I found that Jill was dropping her pants at the entrance.

I turned to head down to the water, and found myself catching the edge of a conversation.

"C'mon, tell us."

"I swear! I didn't lay a finger on his thing."

"You were gone over an hour; you mean to tell us you did nothing?" Sheri teased.

"Well, no, not nothing." I peeked in at the window, and saw Jill peel her shirt off.

"You little slut!" Robin laughed, "I knew you'd go over the limit."

"Just a little," Jill confessed, and I quietly moved away, stripped off my boots and pants, and headed down for a dip.

Halfway there I could see that Dan and Jack were parked on the shore, with fishing rods out, working the edges of the dock. I didn't know what they expected to catch in the hottest part of the day, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

"How's the road?" Dan called out as I walked out on the dock, preparing to cool off.

"Muddy, wet and overgrown. But almost passable now." I told him. I paused while walking out realizing that I didn't even feel awkward walking by the two of them, all three of us naked as the day we were born.

I took a few more steps. "One more branch to clear out and this sun should do the rest by tomorrow afternoon." Any response was missed as I dove, slicing through the water toward the platform. The swimming took the kinks out of my muscles, and I did a couple of laps: out, around the platform and back again.

When I climbed the dock ladder, I felt immensely better. Cleaner, refreshed, and relaxed. And not a whit less horny.

I stretched out on the dock, soaking up the heat once more. Dan and Jack were still making a half-assed effort at fishing, but seemed to be spending more time just gabbing. Kind of unusual for guys who didn't tend to be all that chatty.

"What do you say, Alex?" Dan said. "Do the girls seem to be acting a little squirrelly to you?"

"Squirrelly? They are acting like they're in heat," I laughed. "Your wives, both of them, have been acting sexier, hornier and wilder than I'd ever have thought possible. They are merciless teases today. It must be some kind of tequila overload. I'm never buying cheap tequila again, if the good stuff produces this kind of reaction!"

Jack laughed out loud. "OUR wives? Sure, Robin's been a huge tease, but your Sheri is almost out of control. She walks around with those tits of hers just screaming out for attention, and she hasn't missed out on a single opportunity to get up close and personal with me all day."

"Please!" Dan chimed in, "Jill's been just as bad as Sheri. I've never seen anything like those two. Not that I mind - oh no, not at all!"

I grinned, "I think that's the most important issue here. Do either of you two really mind that our wives are spending the whole day either naked, or nearly so, and showing us a ridiculous amount of attention?"

I asked Jack point blank, "Would it be that bad if Jill teased me almost beyond control? As long as she ended up with you tonight?"

"If Sheri was doing the same to me, I think I'd be cheering her on, if you don't mind," he admitted.

"What if it was Robin paying you the attention," I continued.

He smiled. "I think I could live with that." He realized what he was saying, and turned to Dan, "I mean as long as you were cool with it."

Dan didn't take long to respond. "I don't know what they're up to," he admitted, "but it's been an incredible day. You did get to do the suntan lotion thing too, didn't you?"

"Guilty." I admitted with a grin. "Listen, I overheard some gabbing. It sounds like the teasing is 100% intentional. They're hoping that with all the eye-candy and the overt play, they'll each be at the receiving end of a 'whole lot of lovin' from each of their severely worked up hubbies."

"The plans working for me," Jack admitted. "I'd fuck anything that would keep still for 10 seconds right about now. Their antics have had me aching for hours."

"No shit," Dan laughed. "That lunch scene had me on the verge of shooting several times. You missed out dude."

"Speaking of which, I'm starving." I told them, getting up to head back to the cabin for a well deserved meal.

"Just stick to what's on the menu," Jack yelled.

At the cabin, I had a sandwich waiting for me, along with three beautiful naked women. I was getting hard just in anticipation of being around them again.

"You poor baby," Sheri said, reaching down and giving my exposed hard-on a stroke of her hand. "Girls, can you give us a couple of minutes? I think I'd like to take the edge off for him. Sounds like he's earned it, from what Jill tells." She took me by the hand and escorted me about 10 feet to the nearest bed.

She pushed me down, but before she could join me she had a momentary change of heart, "Damn, I better hit the can first. Girls, entertain him for a minute, will ya? I'll be right back."

She disappeared into the bathroom, and Robin strolled over, with Jill in her wake. "Can we help? Make sure you're ready for her?" She leaned forward, putting one knee on the bed, and then running a finger from my knee to my crotch. "Or maybe you'd like to show my girls the attention you gave Jill's?" Robin said, crawling toward me holding her tits out for me.

I didn't really get an option. Robin's tits were in my face in seconds, and I was sucking away, deliriously happy when I felt Jill's hand on my cock, restoring me to full hardness. Her hand stroked me nice and firmly, preparing me for my wife's attentions.

"Enough, you harlots!" my wife cried out, giggling at watching me get inundated under about 240 lbs of best friend flesh. "Back off and get your own. This one's mine." She emphasized it by planting her lips firmly on my cock, while her friends backed off just far enough to be out of the way.

Sheri loved oral. It's one of the things that brought us together. She just loved to give head, and, surprise, surprise, I loved getting it. I'd never met anyone like her. When we first started living together, we'd hang out naked around the apartment, and out of the blue, she'd go down on me for a while, get me hard, and leave me hanging, just to attack me again an hour later. I'd come for her several times a day. While watching TV, a commercial was an excuse for 3 minutes of oral sex. A boring show might be enough time to actually get off. And public blow-jobs were part of the game as well. I would often try to move her blow-jobs towards normal sex, but rarely was I successful. Our sex was great, don't get me wrong, but 3 or 4 times a week was about as often as we did it, while I probably felt her lips on my cock at least twice a day. On occasion she'd get in the mood for a marathon, and I'd spend half the day with my cock between her lips.

I never got tired of watching her suck me, or just leaning back and letting her have her way.

She loved the fact, and made no bones about it, that I had pretty extraordinary recovery capability. Like a teenager, I could come and be ready to go again in 5 minutes, quite often never even going soft after finishing. I believe it was this added benefit that finally won her over for good. She was a beautiful, sexy woman, and I was always amazed that she had gone for me.

Sheri happily gave a quick demonstration of her magical mouth, while her friends openly watched. I thought I'd be able to last a while, after my recent finish between Jill's generous lips, but once more, the view, the situation, and my wife's extensive experience, particularly where it concerns me, had me blowing after an embarrassingly short time.

After wiping her lips, in an exaggerated gesture, Sheri did provide a little encouragement. "God that was a quick one. Must be the audience. I wish I'd known that was the secret to pulling your trigger; it might have saved me hours and hours of time spent with rug burn knees and a sore jaw." She giggled. "OK, sweetie, enjoy lunch, I'm going to go see if the other boys might need a suntan lotion refresh. Care to join me Jill?"

Jill seemed a bit reluctant, but she eventually left Robin and I alone, except for a thick sandwich. I took a huge bite.

"Give me that," Robin said, pushing the table away from me, and taking the sandwich from my hand and straddling my lap. "You must be worn out, and your arms exhausted from all that work. Let me help you." She fed me a bit of sandwich, and then wiped my lips clean. Her crotch pressed against mine, her tits pressed against my upper chest. She caressed my face with her lips, while I chewed.

She fed me that way, teasing me, touching me, grinding her hips against mine, occasionally kissing me, letting her tongue tangle with mine. The sandwich slowly disappeared, my stomach stopped growling, and my alter-ego strived to gain my lunch partner's attention.

"Are you getting hard for me?" she finally asked, when there could no longer be any doubt about it.

"How could I not?" I responded, pulling her close, while I swallowed the last of my sandwich.

She brushed any last crumbs off my lips, reached back and passed me my glass of water, and after I'd washed down the last remnants, she stood up, still straddling me, her tits right in front of my face. My lips captured the nearest nipple while she peeked out the windows, searching out our companions. She finally drew her nipple out of my mouth and replaced it with her own sensuous lips, giving me a warm, passionate kiss.

"Ok, here's the deal," she told me softly, a minute later, "If you just put it in me, but we didn't really move, then it wouldn't technically be fucking, would it?" She asked, raising her hips up. She reached for me, and placed me at her tiny opening.

"Technically, no." I agreed, while I started to lower her onto my cock.

With a couple of inches inside of her, she gasped. "Slowly! You stretch me so tightly, you have to go slow." I pulled her down a little farther, then worried her tits some more while she got used to being filled.

"Check out if anyone's headed this way," she said, gasping as she squirmed to take more of me.

I stood; with her arms and legs wrapped around me, her weight finally finished the job and helped me to fully skewer her. I walked to the window and looked down to the shore, over her shoulder.

"How bad are they being?" she gasped, holding herself tight against me.

I saw that Jill was with Dan, down by the water's edge. She was sitting behind him, and he was seated between her legs, facing out to the water. She was pressed firmly against his back and looking over his shoulder. "A lot of contact between Jill and Dan, but nothing too naughty," I told her, lifting her up the full length of my erection, and lowering her slowly. Her slender, small body was a relief to move around, after tossing around huge chunks of lumber all morning. And it was a lot softer against my skin.

"You're being bad, Alex," she told me softly, and then kissed me deeply. I could feel her hot pussy clutching at me, pulsing around my cock. "How about the other two? Can you see what your wife is up to?"

I could barely see them out on the platform. "I can't really tell. They're on the swimming platform." I turned sideways, letting her look as well.

"Dammit, I can't tell either," she said while I bounced her on my cock a bit.

"Stop Alex, that's over the line," she warned me, with just a hint of steel in her voice. "Just stay inside me for a while, please." She clung to me, and I felt her tensing up on my cock again.

I held her firmly, one hand holding her tight little butt, the other crossing her back. I concentrated on my stiffness, buried so deeply inside of her. I flexed my ass, tightening that muscle just behind my swollen balls, forcing my cock to swell within her, screwing with her from the inside, if I wasn't allowed to fuck her thoroughly from the outside.

I felt her teeth press into my shoulder. She moaned beautifully, before clasping my face in her delicate little hands, and staring into my eyes.

"Kiss me, Alex, kiss me hard, and make me come on your cock, just like this." She pressed her lips to mine, and I turned and walked with her, kissing her, the motion of our movement creating the little bit of friction she needed. I needed a whole lot more, after my wife's recent escapade, but I was happy enough to give Robin what she wanted, since I'd already been on the receiving side of her lips twice.

My hands clutched her firm ass cheeks, squeezing her soft flesh, and I carried her to the bed where I lowered her onto her back, still kissing her. I shoved hard into her, putting my hands on her shoulders and pulling her down firmly, pushing as deeply as I could. Completely filling her, I let my hands slide down from her shoulders to her sweet tits. I fondled them, playing with her hard little nipples, enjoying being able to hold them, squeezing, twisting, while her breath hissed in my mouth. She ripped her lips from mine, groaning.

"That's it, Alex, I'm coming. Oooh," she moaned, her body quivering, her pussy clamping down on my rod, waves of passion riding my staff deep inside of her. "Don't move, don't you dare move, just a few seconds more, just...."

"FUCK!" she cried out loudly before I could quickly cover her mouth with mine, my tongue ravaging her mouth, while she came on me again, hard, her feet striking my ass from behind trying to draw me even deeper.

The tenseness in her body slowly dissipated, and she melted beneath me. She sighed hugely, her mouth slack, her legs dropping to the bed. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, and finally gave me a weak smile.

"We were bad, Alex. Very bad. Please don't tell. I couldn't help it."

I pulled out of her and looked down at her red, open pussy. Unable to resist, I lowered my mouth to her crotch and tasted her, just a bit, before pulling away.

I walked away from her, before I lost all control and fucked her senseless.

"Tonight," I told her, "I want you to watch while I fuck the shit out of Sheri. I want you to know that I'll be thinking of you, imagine it's your sweet pussy I'm plundering."

"Mmmm, I like that," she said, laying on her side and watching me. "And when I ride Dan into oblivion, you should know that it's you I'll be thinking of as well."

"You're a bad girl, you know that Robin?"

"I'll be bad for you, given a chance," she said softly, her eyes burning into me.

I had to get out of there. I wanted this vixen way too much.

After almost carving myself up sharpening my axe on Dan's antique grindstone, I headed back up the trail, fully clothed this time. I could feel the tightness of a light burn on my skin, and didn't want to exacerbate it.

Halfway through taking care of the wayward branch, and a few of its buddies, I found Dan working his way up the trail behind me, his weed-whacker announcing his presence before he got to me. He was trimming back the sorry excuse for a road, occasionally taking his machete to any bigger stuff extending out over the 10 foot wide set of twin dirt ruts.

I had the branch cleared out and was cutting it to size, once more creating a wood stack that we could fetch later, when he finally got to me. He shut down the noisy gas tool, and took a breather.

"Sorry it's turning into a working vacation," he said, looking over the work I'd done.

"You should be saying sorry to Jack, if you left him behind for those girls to tease the shit out of him," I laughed.

"Naw, I put him to work with the Round-up, spraying my buffer area. If he finishes that, he's supposed to work on the broken window shutter, doing what he can to repair it. I told him worse comes to worse, just nail it shut. Anyway, the girls were busy airing out the cushions and mattresses on the front porch. Quite a sight that, three naked girls fighting with a queen sized mattress."

We talked for a while, and I walked with him, wielding the machete while he did the weed whacking. We talked about what he could do to make the cabin more secure. He was looking for low tech answers, better shutters, warning signs, locking the interior better. I had to tell him I thought that a determined person could probably get in no matter what. And with the place out in the middle of nowhere, it'd be hard to stop them. My idea was more in line with my technical skills. I thought we could put cameras on the outside, and alarms on the windows and doors that would set off a cellular call to his phone. If anyone did break in, he'd at least know about it, and chances are, he could make the drive up to the cabin in just a few hours and still probably catch the perpetrators. At least he could take care of any damage.

We discussed a few different possibilities and made it as far as the big tree I'd cut down.

"Shit!" He looked over the logs carefully stacked on the side. "I should have known that sucker would fall some day. It had been leaning badly ever since I started coming up here over four years ago. That was a lot of work, I bet." He laughed, giving me a slug. "Better you than me!"

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