tagMind ControlThe Addicted Natural Ch. 14

The Addicted Natural Ch. 14


Chapter 14 -- The White Witch of Walden -- Plot and Seduction


The morning barely dawned at all. A warm front had rolled into the area during the night, and the weather was rainy and foggy with a low overcast that looked as if it was here for the duration. It was difficult to roll out of bed, since Dee lay on her back next to me on one side, while Brenda had cuddled herself into my other. They had stayed up late into the evening talking to Willie, and I often heard their raucous giggling as I worked in my office before going off to bed. Brenda and Dee had tucked the newcomer into Dee's bed and joined me in the master bedroom. It was to be Willie's last night sleeping alone, they said. And, they confessed, neither of them particularly trusted herself sleeping in the same bed with her.

We found Willie up and sitting on one of the kitchen stools, looking out at the rain. She seemed a little bleary-eyed, but claimed not to have a headache, which was a little surprising. She'd had three or four glasses of wine the night before, and considering it was the first time she'd consumed alcohol, she was in pretty good shape. Dee took over in the kitchen, just as she always does, but Willie insisted on helping, even though she didn't have the slightest clue what to do. Dee, the ever-tolerant teacher, had her doing small tasks while explaining how the food was being prepared. The coffee was first, and I sat and sipped while Brenda and I watched as the omelets, sausage and toast made their way to the table.

I'd been awake half the night worrying about how the Saturday was going to progress. Brenda had made a few minor suggestions, but had wisely left the major decisions to the Master himself. I wasn't at all sure this was going to work, but after the meal was finished I outlined the plan I'd eventually plotted out. Throughout the explanation, Willie sat in her standard pose from last night (the same pose Dee gave Brenda and me when we talked about HER and her role of slave); i.e., hands in her lap, head tilted slightly downward, eyes lowered, a mild blush on her skin.

If Willie still wanted to join our little family in the role of third slave, she would do so today, I told them. I would hypnotize her soon; this morning, and take her as deep as I possibly could to test the boundaries of her trance. Then, if everything went well, the three of them would go shopping for clothes during the day. I would take her out tonight to the fanciest hotel in town, the one with the rotating restaurant perched atop it's 22nd floor; not tall as buildings go, but the tallest our little college city had to offer. We would take a room there for the night, and after dinner, I would introduce her to physical love, then hypnotize her again. If she really WAS a Natural, she would be my emotional slave from that moment. The concept had Brenda and Dee flushed and fidgety. Willie didn't comment or look up. She was the picture of alluring meekness.

The three girls did the dishes in silence while I shaved and dressed. By the time I came back out to the kitchen, Willie was dressed in a pair of tattered cutoffs and a faded t-shirt, and she rose from her chair and stood demurely before me.

"Are you ready, Willie?"

"Yes, Frederick."

I took her hand and led her into my office. There are two large, comfortable chairs in that room, and I sat her in one of them, then pulled the swivel desk chair over and placed it in front of her. The mahogany box sat on the mantle, and I took the watch from it and returned to sit facing her, several inches above her level. She had been looking around curiously. It was obviously the first time she had been in the room, since the girls were not normally allowed here.

"There are so many books in this house," she said in awe. "There are as many in this room as there are in your library."

Our "library" was sort of a second den, with a large table in its center. Brenda worked on her compositions there, while Dee was always reading one of the novels. "This is where I keep the books I collect," I told her. "We are a family of readers. If you become one of us, I will give Dee the task of teaching you to read."

"If?" Willie asked, concerned.

"This is your last opportunity for freedom," I explained. (I'd rehearsed this.) "If you so choose, I will grant it to you. I will give you the money we found in your home, and you can lead a normal life." While I said this, I looked fixedly into her eyes. I leaned forward toward her, my forearms resting on my knees. As I expected, she returned my gaze for only a few seconds before dropping her eyes to the watch I was idly playing with in my hands. "I don't believe in your ... abilities with the cards, but if it means that much to you, you should seriously think about this. It is my final offer. You consider yourself a slave, but believe me: when I finish with you tonight, you will be enslaved so totally, you will be so completely in my power, that you will never, never be free again."

She was staring at the watch, rapt. "Like Dee?" she asked quietly.

"Like Dee, yes. Like Brenda."

She sighed. Her eyes seemed to lose focus. "Oh, Frederick," she said dreamily. "That would be ... wonderful."

I had expected a little more ... hesitancy, I guess. "And you're no longer concerned about the card-reading?"

She was silent for a long second. "If you will not believe, then I am of no use to you anyway. That is all I am good at. It is all I can do. I will have to ... find some other way to serve you. Perhaps you will want my body?"

It was my turn to be flustered. I wanted desperately to reach down and shift my iron-hard cock, which had somehow become overly-confined in my trousers; but I was afraid that might wreck the mood we had somehow already attained. Her eyes seemed to droop a little, and when they blinked, they seemed to struggle to open again. They never left the watch. Her head had slowly cocked a little to the right, and she leaned very slightly forward toward me.

"What are you doing with that watch?"

"Nothing," I replied idly. "I use it to hypnotize Dee and Brenda. They can never resist it. It always, always puts them into a deep, deep hypnotic trance. Always. But I just want to sit here and talk with you for awhile. I might use the watch later. Let's just talk a bit. Okay?"

"It's so ... shiny." She blinked again slowly. "Pretty. And it always puts ... Dee and Brenda into ... always ...."

"Yes, always. I just swing it on its chain, and they can't look away. They try sometimes. I watch them as they try to turn their heads away; but they can't."

She didn't turn her head, but she slowly tilted it to the left, her eyes remaining locked on the watch. "Will you swing it for me?" she asked, barely above a whisper. "Please? Like you do with Dee? With Brenda?"

"I just want to talk awhile," I persisted, shifting the watch slowly from one hand to the other. This was happening too fast. "We can talk, and maybe I'll swing the watch later. Like I do with Dee. With Brenda. Because when I swing it for them, they start to get very, very sleepy. They can't help it. They can't fight it. There's nothing at all they can do about it. Nothing. Nothing. They just get sleepier and sleepier."

She seemed to deflate almost immediately. Her eyes drooped to mere slits and her head bobbed forward a little before jerking back up again. This was definitely progressing too rapidly. I wasn't getting all the high points of my induction in.

"Just like ... in the ... hospital," she mumbled. "You're making it ... happen again."

I hadn't anticipated her making that connection. She was almost under. I still hadn't said anything about "Naturals" always obeying "so they'd be sure to wake up." This was like acting in a play and having some other player skip ahead a dozen or so lines by mistake. I was having to ad lib, but I wasn't sure where to pick up the dialog. In another moment, she'd be asleep, with or without my prompts.

"Surrender and sleep!" I ordered firmly.

Her eyes closed and she rocked gently forward toward me. I put my right palm against her chest to keep her from falling out of the chair, and I gently pushed her backwards. Her head lolled to the right and she rested, limp and unmoving, against the back of the chair, her hands in her lap, her mouth slightly open.

"You will follow my voice," I told her firmly. "Follow and obey my voice. You will see what I tell you to see; you will do what I tell you to do."

"Yes, Frederick," she mumbled into the chair's back.

"As soon as you fell asleep, you found yourself back on your island, long ago. You have no idea how you came to be here, but everything seems very familiar. You are sitting in your auntie's lap, and you are very small, very young. This is the past, and you cannot change what is happening. You can only relive it."

"I must be dreaming," she said, surprising me. When I had hypnotized Dee, I had had to entice her to comment; speech hadn't come naturally when she had first been put under.

"Yes. You know it is a dream, but you cannot wake up. You cannot remember anything about falling asleep. You are only aware of what is happening now. Happening again. Your auntie is holding you, gently but firmly, and you are so young, so small, that you cannot resist her embrace. She makes you feel so good, so comfortable in her arms. She presses your head against her breast and starts humming a lullaby. She strokes you hair."

"She's trying to make me go to sleep. Naptime, Willie ...."

"And everything is so real. You see everything clearly. You feel everything. You hear the birds singing, the wind blowing. Her breast is soft, like a wonderful fleshy pillow. Her arms are strong and gentle and wonderful. Her voice fills your head. You are beginning to fall asleep. You cannot help it."

"Naptime, Willie ..." she repeated groggily.

"And you sleep. When you open your eyes, you are dreaming again. You know it is a dream, but you cannot wake up, and you are all confused. Is this a dream within a dream? You are big again, but you are in a strange place. It is night, and the ocean is all around. You are on a sand spit, but it is very small, and the tide is coming in. Soon, all the sand will be underwater. There is a full moon, and the night is beautiful. Again, everything is breathtakingly real. You can hear the surf. You can smell the sea. You can feel the warm breeze against your bare skin, for you are completely naked; but there is no one else around, so you are not embarrassed at all. You can see the stars ...."

She gasped. "OH! They're so beautiful. They're just like everyone always told me they'd be!" She sat up and lifted her closed eyes toward the ceiling. "Thousands of them. So pretty ...."

Again, I saw my error only after the fact. It hadn't dawned on me that she had never seen the stars before because of her poor eyesight. "But there is no time to study them now," I continued. "Even as you watch, the waves begin breaking over the sand spit. You cannot stay here. You can hear the surf off in the distance, and you can look in that direction, a long way off, and see another island. There are cliffs rising above the water."

I was startled for a moment as she opened her eyes; but they only stared at a far-distant vista in her mind. "I can swim there! I can swim forever!"

"Yes, you'll have to," I said, regaining my composure. "There is no other way. You must begin now." I watched, rapt, as the muscles in her arms and legs began tensing and relaxing rhythmically, though her hands remained in her lap and she continued to sit upright in the chair. "But as you swim," I continued, "something is happening to you; something that you've never felt before. You can't seem to figure out what it is. It feels ... very nice, actually, but it also feels as if it isn't SUPPOSE to be happening. So strange. Finally, finally, you figure it out. You suddenly realize, as you continue to swim, that somehow, someone has hypnotized you, though you cannot remember it happening. You can't imagine who could have done such a thing to you. You stop and tread water as you try to figure out what is happening, and what you should do.

"You know you are hypnotized, because it is somehow connected with your swimming. Each stroke you take, you go deeper and deeper into a state of total and complete hypnosis. Each and every stroke takes you deeper and deeper. You realize that if you keep swimming, you will soon be as deep as you can possibly go; and you will be totally and completely in the power of this individual. You know that this is wrong. You should not be giving yourself to someone you have probably never even met. You try to think back and remember who it was that put you in this deep hypnotic dream, but you cannot. You cannot even remember falling asleep. But that's the way dreams are, of course. And now, what will you do?"

She turned and looked back over her shoulder, then ahead again. Her brow was furrowed. She gently bit one side of her lower lip, lost in concentration.

"You cannot go back. The sand spit isn't even there anymore. You must go on. And so you begin swimming again. And with each and every stroke, you go deeper and deeper into a state of complete and total hypnosis. You know that you will soon belong to the man who did this to you. You will have no recourse. He will control you totally. Completely. But it DOES feel nice. Doesn't it?"

Her muscles had begun flexing again, though her arms and legs never really moved. A wistful smile crossed her lips.

"But now there's something in the water with you. A mermaid! And she's lovely."

"Now I know I'm dreaming," she told me. "You're a myth. You don't really exist!"

"But she's so real! You can see her skin clearly; smooth and soft. Her breasts are very nice; large and soft and pliable. They move with the water. Her hair is golden in the moonlight, and you can see her scaly tail moving below the surface. She has a wonderful smile, and when she speaks to you, you find she has a marvelously feminine voice. You are swimming toward your new Master, she tells you. He is waiting for you. Swim harder, she urges. She seems so sincere, so nice. You look up and see that the cliffs are closer now, so you tell her good-bye, and you swim on."

"Good-bye!" she said, smiling at me.

"And now you meet another of the same sort of creature, but this is a male."

"A merman!"

"And he looks at you the way all men look at you. He leers. He wants you; wants you sexually. He cares nothing about your ability with the cards. He wants only you. And he tells you so. Come with me, he says, and I will show you ways to have sex. It will feel good. You'll like it. Come with me."

"NO!" Willie told me, looking at me with unfocused eyes. "I have to swim to my Master! He's going to control me! I have to go to him! Please let me!"

Something was definitely wrong here. She was saying her lines before I could prompt her. Either she was a natural born actress ... or maybe she really WAS psychic. I decided to shrug it off.

"'I will let you go,' he tells you in disgust. 'Go to him! See if I care!'" She began "swimming" again. "And with each and every stroke," I prompted, "deeper and deeper. So deep. So nice. And now, you are at the cliffs, rising high above you; sheer and steep. The water here is still very deep. You don't see a way out. The surf is crashing against the steep rocks." She looked up at the ceiling and again nibbled at the corner of her lip.

"But wait! Ahead and to your left! A cave! You glide over to it, and find that you can easily swim inside. It is a huge cavern, and it is lit by a faint, glowing light. Now, as you swim, you think that you cannot possibly go any deeper into your hypnotic trance. You are so, so deep. The water is suddenly shallow. You can walk up onto the shore, here inside the cave; and before you are three doors. There are words on them."

"I can't read," she lamented. "I don't know how!"

"It doesn't matter. You know what the words are, anyway. You aren't sure how you know, but you do."

"Like reading the cards."

I decided to ignore that. "The door on the far left says 'Brenda," the one in the middle says 'Dee,' ...."

"And the other one is MINE! My room! It's the door to my room!" She reached out with her right hand.

And suddenly, I knew. She wasn't psychic. She'd been prompted! This is what they'd stayed up late yakking about last night! The girls had told her about their "rooms," and now she'd come to expect this. "The door is locked!" I said suddenly, before she could "open" it in her mind. I immediately felt guilty, because I realized that I'd done it out of spite. I hadn't liked losing control.

"NO!" she wailed. I watched in amazement as she raised both fists and beat on the imaginary door. "I want in! PLEASE!" And in another moment, she stopped, seemed to physically sag, hung her head, and sniffed as a tear slid from her left eye.

"Um, Willie ...."

"Too good to be true," she lamented sadly. "I thought ... I thought ...."

"It's a puzzle. The door is a test. You can still get in ... but you have to figure out how to make it open."

"I can?" She noticeably brightened. "How? I'll do anything!"

"Have you figured out who your Master is going to be if you can get inside?"

"Frederick! He's Dee's Master! Brenda's, too! And he'll be mine if I can get inside. But how?"

"There are words written under your name."

"I can't ...."

"But you know what they say, just the same. Look at them. They say 'Submit and Obey.'"

"I will! I promise!"

"You must believe the words; completely and absolutely. In your room, you must obey immediately, and without question. Otherwise, you might like it so much, you might not wake up when I tell you."

"I will. I'll do anything! I promise! I'll obey! I'll be a good girl! Please! Pleeeeease!"

"Say the words, Willie!"

"Submit and Obey!"

"You hear a click, and the door swings open. You can go in now, Willie."

She broke into a 24-carat smile and laughed delightedly. It sounded almost musical.


I went about patterning Willie's room exactly as I had done Dee's, which was in turn patterned after Brenda's. It took the better part of an hour to do so. Eventually, it had its little vanity (which I had to define, since the girl had evidently never seen one), its rich wallpaper, its incredibly soft bed, and its chandelier sporting little pocket watches. But mostly, I just had her lie "naked" on her soft, comfortable "bed of truth" while I deepened her desire for my logical conversation and total control. As with her trip to the room, she acted as if she expected this, and she welcomed it.

When I was satisfied that she was truly responding to my commands and was not acting according to some predetermined set of rules of her own, I had her get out of her bed and peel back the braided rug to discover the trap door beneath. I went through the whole spiel about her "soul" being down there, and "the way it always was," etc, etc, and was rewarded with a look of genuine concern. THIS she had obviously NOT been prepared for, which made sense since Brenda and Dee had never been allowed to remember even the emotional possibility of such a place.

I again took my time taking her down into this deepest realm, and again I found a little satisfaction in her appearance. She had slumped in her chair, her mouth hung open, and she almost appeared catatonic. I decided to progress as I had before, but his time I was cognizant of the possible repercussions. I had no idea whether ALL of my commands were going to have a permanent affect on Willie, as they had had on Dee. Still, the basics were definitely in order. I was not going to instill all of them, since she still had no baseline of emotions from which to draw. But one of them had been established last night.

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