tagGroup SexThe Adventures of Brooke Ch. 02

The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 02


Based off a true event in Brooke's life. I altered a few things from that night because she wanted it dirty. So I gave her dirty.


My father was having a client meeting and insisted I go, or rather made it mandatory. At first I didn't know why he wanted me there, but soon I realized it was a set up all along. He made me wear this dress that was so tight I couldn't wear any panties or a bra, and he knew it.

"Are you ready yet, Brooke?" my father asks from down the hall.

I look at myself in the mirror and smile. The dress wraps around my body like a glove. I hate to be cliché but it does. Anyhow, I'm twirling around in the mirror, not really listening to my father calling me when suddenly he is in my doorway.

"Yes, that will do nicely," he says pulling the zipper up for me. "I need you to entertain the guests Mr. Douglas has over while I speak business to him."

We pile in the Mercedes and head out to the beach.

"This potential client is important Brooke and his friends are highly influential on him. So it is very important you keep them entertained and make a good impression of his friends. While I'm in the main house, you'll be in the guest house with his friends. Now don't worry about a thing, they are all in their forties and married, you're going to just be their eye candy. Make them feel young again."

"I can do that Daddy," I say.

The drive doesn't take too long and soon we are pulling up to a very nice three story beach house. We get out of the car just as Mr. Douglas is walking up.

"Good evening," the man says. "I see you brought your lovely daughter."

"I did," my father says. "You need to keep your friends busy while we talk."

Mr. Douglas smiles, "That I do. Why don't you go ahead in and I'll take your daughter to meet my guests."

My father nods and leaves me alone with the Mr. Douglas. As soon as my father is in the house, Mr. Douglas turns to me and says, "Right this way young lady."

I follow him around the beach house to a fairly large guest house separated by a smell stone walkway. He takes me in and standing around with drinks in their hands are seven black men. Each one has a predatory grin on their face when they see me. I know want my father wanted from me and it brings a smile to my face.

"I'll leave you to it," Mr. Douglas says before walking out the door.

Once I am alone with these friends of Mr. Douglas, one of them approaches me with a drink in both his hands.

"Hi, I'm Jackson. Would you care for a drink?"

I take the glass and put it to my lips, sucking it down quickly. "I'm Brooke," I say putting the glass back into his hand empty. "May I have another?"

Within a few minutes I meet all of Mr. Doulas' friends and it long before the real party gets started.

I sit my glass down on the table just as Jackson leans in to kiss me. Luis moves up next to him and starts massaging my breasts through my dress. I moan into Jackson's mouth when Luis finds the slit in my dress. His hands roam under, gently squeezing and massaging my ass.

He pulls away as I break the kiss with Jackson. I pull them into the room toward the bed and the rest of the friends follow us in. When we reach the foot of the bed, I stop and turn to face Luis and reach in to kiss him as Jackson searches for the zipper to my dress. Jackson guides my dress down my legs to the floor. I kick off my shoes and step out of the dress.

I move back to Jackson, kissing him deeply and that's when his pants hit the floor, around his feet. I start to rub his growing cock through his underwear. Luis meanwhile, undresses and kicks his clothes off before leaning forward to kiss each of my ass cheeks. He stands up behind me and grinds his hard cock into my ass. I moan again into Jackson's mouth.

Reaching behind me, I take the length of Luis' cock in my hand and stroke it gently. I break the kiss with Jackson and moan, "I can't wait to feel that inside me."

I lean forward and give Jackson's cock a quick kiss through his underwear while giving Luis free access to my now very wet pussy from behind. I grab Luis' waistband and free his cock, groaning as Luis' cock penetrate me. I take Jackson's thick cock between my lips and Luis plunges his cock into me. He holds my hips and drives his cock into me balls deep, over and over, shifting my body forward with each thrust. The movement drives Jackson's cock into my mouth further each time. I moan around his cock as my saliva pours from my mouth around his thick cock.

Jackson smiles at the other four men standing and watching Luis pounding his cock into me. I take Jackson's cock out of my mouth just long enough to say, "Get your asses over here and fuck me."

Eli, Jayden, Samuel, Mason and Henry don't waste any time. Before anyone, Eli is naked and standing next to Jackson, his thickening cock dangles before my face.

"Just a minute," I say, slowly standing up and forcing Luis to withdraw from my pussy. "I need to lie down and let you guys do this right."

I crawl onto the bed and lie on my back. Samuel tosses his underwear into the corner and crawls up onto the bed between my legs. He positions himself and his tongue slides inside her pussy. I let out a deep groan as his tongue penetrates me. He switches back and forth between licking my pussy lips and letting his tongue dance over my clit and it drives me wild.

Jackson and Luis stand back and watch, each man stroking his thick cock as Eli positions himself above my face and guides his cockhead into my mouth. I suddenly let out a deep moan as Jayden and Mason each climb onto the bed and take a nipple into their mouth. Their hands roam freely over my body as Samuel continues to lap away at my wet pussy. Eli holds onto the headboard with his eyes closed as he slowly rocks his hips back and forth, making his now rigid cock glide smoothly in and out of my mouth.

I suddenly drop Eli's cock and say, "Okay, it's time to fuck me."

Eli doesn't waste any time at all. As Samuel stands up and begins stroking his cock to its full hardness, Eli positions himself between my wide spread legs. He pushes my legs apart and reaches down between them and works his cockhead up and down my slit, coating it with my juices. Then, with a push of his hips, he slides his cockhead into my hot pussy. I groan as the thick cockhead slides into me. He grabs my ankle, pushing my leg up and over his shoulder and drives his cock into me repeatedly as I buck my hips upward into him. Within moments he is fucking me hard and fast.

Jayden and Samuel stand at the foot of the bed, each of them stroking their hard, thick cocks. Jackson, Luis and Mason gather at either side of the bed, also stroking their cocks just enough to maintain their full hardness.

Eli holds my hips and plunges his cock into me repeatedly, pounding my clit with the base of his cock with each wild thrust. I move my hips upward to meet each thrust as I feel him work toward his climax. He lets go of my leg and I drop both legs to the bed, rocking my hips from side to side, guiding his cock into contact with my clit as it plunges in and out of me.

With a sudden intake of air and a loud groan, Eli drives the entire length of his cock into me and explodes. He continues to thrust, although a lot more slowly as his hot cum pours into my hungry pussy. I rock my hips back and forth, trying to get even more of his cock inside me as it sends rope after rope of cum into me. When Eli finally stops, I hold him tightly, enjoying the sensations of his thick cock and warm load of cum deep inside me.

As Eli slowly withdraws his cock from my pussy and scoots over and off of the bed, Luis gets into position between my legs and slides his cock into me. We both groan in unison as his cock penetrates me to the base in one smooth stroke. He withdraws until just his cockhead remains hidden and then he drives his cock into me even deeper. He withdraws and again, the he seems to go even deeper than before into me.

My hips begin to respond. I meet Luis' thrusts with equal force as he repeatedly drives his cock into me, picking up speed with each thrust. I feel every inch of his thick cock plunge in and out of me. Our pace quickens to a fevered pitch. My hips move up and down and from side to side as I feel his climax rapidly approaching.

The first volley of Luis' cum hits my cervix as he floods my clutching pussy. My inner muscles grip and milk his shaft as my hips wiggle from side to side. My legs wrap around his ass, locking his body in place, holding him deep inside me as the last of his cum fills me up. My body shakes beneath him as he finally collapses on top of me. I hold him tightly as he lay panting in my arms. When he returns to his senses, he pushes himself up and off.

Luis and Eli sit in a couple of chairs away from the bed and catch their breath. Mason climbs up onto the bed and slides his cock into me. His length makes me gasp as he thrusts deep inside me on the first slippery thrust. He begins to fuck me with long, deep strokes. My ass is soon coming off of the bed as I meet each thrust. His cock is long and thin and I feel it reaching areas inside me that aren't often reached. I am soon once again wiggling my hips from side to side as he plunges himself into me harder and faster.

After a few minutes of wild fucking, he begins to moan loudly. I wrap my arms around him and drive my hips upward, capturing the entire length of his cock inside my quivering pussy as his load of cum erupts inside me. I rock my hips up and down violently as Mason freezes above me, his cum flooding my already cum filled pussy. Once again I hold him close to my shivering body as he recovers from his climax while still buried completely inside me. As soon as Mason can move enough to climb out from between my legs, Samuel takes his place.

He moves over my body and slowly enter my cum filled pussy. I push my hips up against him as he enters, burying his cock deep inside me. He starts moving it in and out of me, making me groan. The seat is now pouring off my skin as I hold onto him tightly. He starts rocking his hips into me, fucking me with deep thrusts. In no time at all my hips are once again rocking from side to side. I close my eyes and concentrate on feeing his cock as he repeatedly plunges into me, forcing more of the combined loads of cum out of me and onto the bedspread.

Soon, we are working in unison. Samuel fucks me hard and fast as I push my hips up into him and meet every stroke with a thrust of my own. He lifts his body up over mine and drives his cock into me with unbelievable power. Samuel puts my legs up onto his shoulders and plunges into me even deeper. Our groins slap together hard as he pummels my pussy from above. I moan and groan as I take his assault with ease, milking his cock with my inner muscles, attempting to make him cum inside me, wanting his cum to fill me.

I again slam my hips upward against his as my muscles milk his cock and he explodes, sending his hot load of cum deep into me. Samuel continues to thrust into me, a little more cum trickles out of me each time he withdraws. When her finally puts my legs back down onto the bed and collapses on top of me like the others I see Jackson and Jayden stroking their cocks.

Finally, Samuel gets up and rolls off of me. Jayden crawls onto me instantly and sinks his full length all the way into me on the first plunge. I let out a moan as his cock pumps deep into my pussy. He has a little self control and is quickly fucking my pussy like a wild man. I take his cock with ease as I concentrate on his wildly pumping cock.

I concentrate on the sensations I feel and move my hips around to guide his cock to exactly where I want it. Jayden can't control his excitement and he arches his back, plunging his thick cock into me and pumps his load of cum into my pussy. He collapses on top of me, his cum seeps into my quivering pussy.

Jackson moves over to the bed as Jayden rolls over from between my legs and collapses again onto the bed. Jackson climbs onto the bed and lies down next to me. He reaches over and takes hold of my breast. I quickly crawl on top of Jackson, taking his cock in my hand and guiding it into my slippery pussy. I groan as his thick cock fills my cum flooded pussy. I lower myself onto the thick cock until I sit on his lap. His massive cock fills my completely. Jackson wraps his arms around me and pulls my upper body down to his chest.

I feel so full from Jackson's cock and I start moving my hips around, rubbing myself into the base of his cock. Henry climbs onto the bed behind me and lines up his cock with my ass. I reach around and pull her ass cheeks apart to give him better access to my tight ass. Streams of cum seep from my pussy and he rubs some of the slick juices around my asshole. He takes position behind me and slowly eases his cock into my ass.

The three of us stay still, allowing me to get accustomed to the fullness of being so stuffed with cock. I suck in air through clenched teeth as my inner muscles begin to relax. For a full minute we don't do anything and then I begin to slowly rotate my hips, putting both of their cocks into motion inside me.

"Now," I say. "Fuck me."

Impaled between their cocks, I flop around between them as they fuck my pussy and ass in unison. Henry plunges his cock into me from behind, which drives me down onto Jackson's cock even harder. I moan and groan as they pick up the pace, driving their cocks into me as I shudder and shake above them.

Henry holds my breasts in his hands, offering them to Jackson. He sucks at my nipples, causing me to groan even louder. They keep up their alternate plunges into my body. Each thrust brings the three of us closer to climax. I can feel their cocks inside me, separated by thin tissues deep inside me. It is completely mind blowing.

With a loud groan and sudden deep plunge into my ass, Henry erupts, sending hot cum deep into my bowels. My spasms drive me down onto Jackson's thick cock even harder. Henry climbs off the bed and steps away. Jackson rolls himself and me over, placing me on my back. He looks down into my eyes and begins to rock his hips, driving his thick cock into me to the base.

I close my eyes and rock my own hips from side to side, concentrating on the sensation of this huge cock. Jackson picks up the pace, plunging his cock into me harder and faster with each stroke. I reach up and grab his forearms, grinding my pussy into his as his pace increases. Jackson repeatedly pounds the entire length of his rigid cock into my hungry pussy, sending sensation through my body. My hips grind into his, my body writhes beneath him as I rapidly approach orgasm. I suddenly inhale deeply, letting go of Jackson's forearms and scream as my orgasm bursts from deep inside me.

Jackson continues to pump into me as my orgasm rips through me. My inner muscles clamp down hard on his cock as spasm after spasm tears through my body. Sweat pours off of him and onto me as his own climax quickly approaches. I grunt and groan in rhythm with his thrusts into my still climaxing pussy. With a sudden groan, his first gush of cum splashes into me, coating my cervix and inner wall with cum.

I grab his forearms again, riding his pummeling cock. Again and again his load of cum erupts into me. My hips continue to grind into his groin. I jerk and twitch as his till exploding cock continues to apply friction to my throbbing clit. As our orgasms come to a halt, Jackson collapses on top of me. I keep moving y hips, gathering every ounce of pleasure as possible from his thick cock. He soon rolls of off me and collapses on the bed next to me.

I get up after several long minutes and get dressed. My father and Mr. Douglas knock on the door shortly thereafter. I slip out side looking up at the man and my father.

"Did everything go well?" Mr. Douglas asks.

I smile at him and say, "I think we all had a good time."

"Excellent." He lifts my hand and kisses it then turns to my father. "I look forward to doing business with you again."

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