tagLoving WivesThe Adventures of Nikki Nipples Nicastro Ch. 03

The Adventures of Nikki Nipples Nicastro Ch. 03


Copyright 2008 by Stormbringer

Nikki Nipples Vs. The Lifeguard


Nikki didn't want to do it, but it made Alex so very happy and it helped alleviate her guilt over having sex with the two Mexicans earlier that day. She posed in the baby doll nighty while Alex took another picture. The lingerie was light blue and nearly transparent. Her nipples were perfectly visible through the cups as was her shaved crotch. Folds of transparent material fell off the bra and down to her panties. "And this place didn't carry any bikinis?" she asked while Alex had her pose with her hands holding her hair up.

"No," lied Alex, "Just lingerie. Did you mean what you said?"

"Yes honey, I'll wear whatever you buy me." Nikki's husband had somehow located a store that sold lingerie for women with thin figures, but huge breasts. The poor man had begged her to wear sexy lingerie early in their relationship, but Nikki hated showing off her body. Now, it was the least she could do to make up for her infidelity. Besides, it made her proud the way he felt about her looks and to give him credit, it wasn't just her new breasts either. He had always been proud of her looks and figure.

"Now, lets see what you look like out of that lingerie."

"Not until you put that camera down," said Nikki reaching up to pull her bra strap down. Nikki stripped and posed for Alex nude, while he quickly undressed. Just weeks ago, she hadn't even let him see her nude. Alex made like he wanted to go down on her again, but Nikki wasn't about to let that happen after having two Mexican's deposit loads of sperm in her pussy. She kneeled before Alex and sucked his dick to it's full unimpressive glory. Her husband was probably a foot taller then the Mexicans, but his prick was three inches smaller. Still, his blood flow problem wasn't bothering him today. Nikki sucked him for a few minutes, then pushed him back on the bed. She straddled him, sinking his dick into her pussy. He came before she did, but she kept grinding their crotches together while he sucked on one of her nipples until she finally came also. She fell by his side and the two fell asleep.

Alex was already gone when she woke up the next morning. Nikki climbed out of bed and stretched nude. She showered and applied her eye make up. Nikki put her bikini on and peeked out the back window. The Mexicans were back and it looked like there were more of them. Damn it! If she wanted to get a strong base tan before Jamaica, she was going to have to drive to the beach and she did not want to wear the scandalous bikini in public.

Nikki retrieved the bag Alex had hidden the lingerie in. She only half believed him that this place didn't carry bikinis. He desperately wanted her wearing the bikini or nothing at all on their anniversary trip to the Caribbean. The bag was from a store called Pole Dancer's Boutique that she had never heard of and it was all the way in Los Angeles. Too bad.

Nikki decided to go to the beach after all. She'd just wear something over her bikini and not take it off until she was relaxed in her chair or lying on her towel. Maybe, the beach wouldn't be crowded.

The beach was crowded.

Nikki was wearing a short sun dress over her bikini and flip flops. She carried a folding chair under her arm and a tote bag over her shoulder as she struggled through the sand. She was sweating by the time she found a spot that suited her. Southern California was warm all year, but right now it was unusually hot for November. Nikki set her chair up and sat down in it. She was wearing her dark sunglasses. She scanned the area around her. Men were surreptitiously or openly watching her. They were waiting for the unveiling. The moment when a female sunbather pulled her clothes off and they could check her body out. She didn't want to give anyone a show, so she waited. Nikki took her paperback out. She was still reading the Herotica book. She opened it and pretended to read. The men watching her quickly lost interest and moved on to the next attractive woman marching down the beach. Nikki quickly raised her ass off the chair and pulled the dress up past her hips and over her head. She sat back down trying to sink deeper into the chair. Nikki frowned with anger. She had been chased out of her own backyard by a couple of Mexicans and here she was trying to look inconspicuous on a public beach. It was hard to look inconspicuous when you had size EE breasts and a bikini that barely covered the nipples. She was satisfied that she had angled the chair away from any male prying eyes.

The next story in her book was about a wife on vacation that got drunk and stumbled into the wrong hotel room. She slept with the man in the bed who felt bigger and lasted longer then her husband normally did. The story after that was about a woman who desperately needed money and turned to stripping. She developed an exhibitionist streak and found that stripping reinvigorated her sex life with her husband. Nikki put the book down. She could feel the dampness in her bikini bottoms. Her nipples were at their hardest raising the bikini top off her breasts. She felt hot and was breathing heavily. She needed to cool off. Nikki stood and waked down to the water. Every male eye in the vicinity immediately zoomed in on her. This is so embarrassing, she thought. I've become nothing but a sex object. Nikki put her toe in the cool water. Some of the men watching her had objects in their hands. They were cameras. The world is full of perverts, she thought and it saddened her.

Nikki was an excellent swimmer, but still the water was rougher then she liked. There was a large storm system lurking off the coast and the waves were large and the surf rough. Still, she didn't like the thought of having men sneaking pictures of her to show their friends or worse, jerk off to. Nikki waded deeper trying to cover her bare ass. The water was cold and her nipples hardened until the little bumps around them swelled up. For once, her nipples were so hard, it wasn't sexual. It was even a little painful as they rubbed against her bikini. Nikki lowered herself in the water to cover her ass. Her body shuddered as a large wave broke nearby. She had to get past the break and out of the surf. She stood and hurried through the water, trying to get deeper between waves. She succeeded, but a big wave was approaching. It was starting to turn white at the crest. The wave was going to break early. Nikki knew what to do when a wave was about to break on you. She dived into it. Nikki felt the power of the wave roll over her body as she cut through the water. She burst through the surface and gasped for air. It felt exhilarating! She stood and wiped her long dark hair from her eyes. Her feet left the sand several times as smaller waves rolled past her. Nikki looked back at the beach. There were more cameras now. More men. They weren't trying to be sneaky anymore. They were openly taking pictures of the wet ocean nymph. An object floated closer to shore, just beside the break. It was a small blue and white piece of cloth. Nikki looked down and saw her bare breasts, the focal point of so many zoom lenses right now. Nikki was topless!

Nikki screamed. Her arms covered her breasts and she squatted down to hide them under the water. She was inexperienced wearing bikinis and her knot hadn't held. She scrambled towards the break, arm stretched out for her bikini top. She was barely aware of the roar in her ears until it was too late. She turned to dive, but the wave caught her. Nikki held her breath as the wave pushed her down and under. Fear gripped her as she rolled on the ocean bottom. Sand and rocks scraped her skin. Her head came clear of the water, but then the surf started trying to suck her back deeper again. Nikki pushed herself to her feet and fell to her knees. Her breasts dangled down ponderously. She rose to her feet still dazed, but noticed her crotch was bare now. She'd lost her bottoms too. Men were still taking pictures of her as she stood swaying on her feet. Why weren't the jerks helping her? One man did come to help her. Nikki looked up as a hunky, muscular lifeguard jogged up to her. He held an open towel. He wrapped the towel around her body as she fell into his arms.

The lifeguard helped her towards his stand. "Are you alright, Mrs.? Do you need medical attention?"

"I'm ok. Just stunned," gasped Nikki. The lifeguard was typical of his breed. He was fit and muscular. His skin was bronzed by the sun. His hair look to be brown normally, but it was sun bleached. He looked barely out of high school. "Thank you."

The lifeguard winked at her. His white chair held a radio which crackled. "Bring her in to the station to get checked out, Luke."

The lifeguard, Luke, looked over at Nikki and sighed. He actually looked a little sad as he picked the radio back up. "Roger that. I'm bringing her in to station. Cover this section of the beach until I return." Luke put the radio down. "Let me try to find your bikini." He ran down to the surf and looked around. Nikki watched another lifeguard running down the beach towards them. Probably Luke's replacement. "No luck on the bikini," said Luke returning. "I need to escort you up to the station."

"No need, I'm feeling fine." Nikki smiled at him. "I have a dress back at my spot. Let me go get it."

"No time now. My replacement only has a shirt window of time to cover this section of beach. I'm sure you're aware of how dangerous surf like this can be."

"Yes, I'm aware, but I mean it, I feel fine. It just shook me up, that's all."

"Sorry Miss. It's our policy to make sure you're alright. It's required by the city's insurance and keeps us from getting sued. We won't take long and you can shower the sand off your body." Luke took Nikki's arm and escorted her towards the lifeguard station. It was only a block away, but Nikki found herself struggling through the sand. Being wiped out by the wave had exhausted her.

They entered the lifeguard station which appeared deserted. There was a radio room with a long view of the beach. The building also held a small medical room. "Why don't you shower and I'll patch you up," said Luke. "You're bleeding on your left knee."

Nikki looked down and noticed that he was right, blood was trickling down her leg. Luke led her toward the showers. The lifeguard showers resembled the public showers several blocks away except here they were unisex. One wall was covered with lockers and the other had small individual showers with pull curtains. A long bench ran before the showers. The showers were connected to the bathroom which held a mirror. Nikki could see herself in the mirror. She looked awful. Her eye makeup had run down her cheeks. Her hair was caked with sea salt and sand, as well as bits of seaweed. She saw some minor scrapes and bruises, but the one on her knee was the only one bleeding. "Maybe I do need a shower," she said.

Luke noticed her looking at her reflection and laughed. "Go ahead and hop in." Luke watched her enter the shower and toss the towel out. He sighed and walked over to the sink. He pulled her sandy, bunched up bikini top and bottom out of his shorts' pocket and rinsed them off in the sink. He heard the gorgeous women groan in pleasure as the hot shower water hit her body. He wrung the bikini out, then placed it on the bench near the shower. He glanced guiltily at the man who had appeared in the doorway of the locker room. Luke then dropped his shorts. He may have felt guilty, but his dick was looking forward to what was about to happen.

Nikki washed her face until she felt she'd gotten the makeup off. She was also pleased to see, that the cut on her knee was small and would require nothing but a simple bandaid. The shower curtain suddenly flung open. "Luke!" Nikki eyes were wide open as the young lifeguard squeezed into the shower with her. He didn't close the curtain. His penis was sticking straight out as he joined her. "Nice cock."

"Thanks," he grinned at her.

Nikki blushed. She hadn't meant to say that out loud. "Luke, I'm married." Their bodies were rubbing against each other in the tight shower. Her breasts were scraping his chest. Nikki was becoming aroused quickly.

Luke reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks. "It's traditional for a damsel to reward the lifeguard who helped her." He pulled her into his arms and leaned down to kiss her.

Nikki kissed him back. His penis was sticking straight up, crushed between their bodies. It pressed against her bare crotch. Nikki found herself humping against it. "I can't," she said, breaking the kiss. I'm married. I'll suck you though."

"I'll take that," said Luke grinning.

"I thought you might." Nikki kneeled and stared in awe at Luke's big cock. It wasn't the biggest she'd seen lately. It was maybe eight inches or a little more, but it was gorgeous, cut, straight as an arrow, and very thick. His crotch looked a little funny, being a pale white where his shorts covered while the rest of his body was a golden bronze. Nikki found herself eager. She hefted and squeezed his balls. They hung low, big and full, and would probably fill her mouth several times with semen. She squeezed them as she took Luke's big cock head in her mouth. Nikki felt her nipples ache. Maybe I will let him fuck me, she thought as she bobbed her head over the tip of Luke's cock. Why was she so eager? Was it because he was the only man who had raced to help her why all the other men had just taken pictures of her? Nikki couldn't stop looking up his body as she swallowed his cock down her throat. She knew why she was eager. Luke was a hunk!

Luke was a bronzed muscular beach god. He was covered in muscles. The fittest man she'd seen. This was the kind of man a wife would commit adultery with. Finally, her breasts had gotten her into trouble with a hunky stud. This was not an ugly little Mexican with bad teeth covered in dirt and sweat. This was not a foul old paperboy or a big obnoxious Turk. This was a young stud! Alex was fit, but Luke had a larger torso and better defined muscles. Alex! Thinking about her husband had Nikki feeling guilty again. She vowed to control herself. She'd suck Luke off and that would be all. This would be her last adventure if she had to lock herself up in her home the rest of her life.

Luke groaned as Nikki took the large cock down her throat. It was thick and difficult, but she managed. "Too confined in here," growled Luke, throwing the curtain open. Nikki paused, with just his cock head in her mouth, but he grabbed her head and guided her up and down his shaft again. She glanced into the room out of the corner of her eye, but couldn't see anyone. If Luke wasn't worried about getting caught, then neither was she. Luke groaned again and Nikki felt a thrill go through her body. It made her feel good to know she was pleasing the young man. She was getting pleasure sucking his cock! Nikki was shocked, but also turned on. She made the mistake of removing her hand from the base of his shaft and reaching down to pinch one of her sensitive nipples. Now it was her turn to moan around his thick shaft even as his pubic hair teased her lips and nose. Nikki removed her other hand from his cock and used only her mouth and back to control her rapid sucking. Her free hand found it's way to her pussy. Nikki found herself rapidly frigging her pussy while she squeezed and pinched her nipples. Luke's cock was thicker now and she almost gagged. Soon it was jerking in her throat and hot cum sprayed her tonsils. She was right! His balls were full of sperm. Semen filled her mouth and flowed down her throat. She thrilled at the taste, realizing that at some point she had grown to love the taste of a man's sperm. Her own pussy clenched up around her fingers and she had a small orgasm that left her wanting more just as Luke's cock shot one last wad of semen across her tongue.

Luke fell back against the wall of the shower gasping for breath. Nikki licked her lips and leaned back, she still had fingers in her pussy and teasing her nipples. "I need you to fuck me," she pleaded, still horny. She was ready to break her vow to herself just minutes after making it.

"Let me recharge, baby." Luke stepped out of the tight shower and stretched.

Nikki stood and held her head under the flowing water one last time before turning the shower off. When she had wiped the water from her eyes, she stepped out from the shower, but couldn't find a towel. Luke had left the room and she was alone. Nikki walked over to the mirror and looked at her nude body. "I look sexy," she said aloud, looking at her wet body and hair clinging to her body. Nikki noticed her bikini drying on the counter. "Bastard," she said while smiling. Luke had found her bikini after all.

Nikki walked over to the bench and sat down. She heard Luke enter the room and looked up as he stepped before her. His cock was rock hard again. She reached up and grabbed it. "My god this is a monster. It looks even bigger..." It was bigger. The cock she was holding was truly massive and close to a foot long. Nikki stroked her hands along the thickening shaft as it hardened even more in her hands. This cock too was gorgeous and cut. The root ended in a thick patch of pubic hair that ran up to the man's belly button. The hair grayed as it approached his navel. This man was big and muscular too, but his abs looked tighter from age. Nikki looked up his broad torso to his face.

"Well, well, Nikki Papadopoulos. Not so high and mighty now."

Nikki released his huge shaft and fell back. Her eyes looked at the man in horror. The man was Mitch Badenhoff, her high school football coach. The man she had gotten fired. She hadn't seen him in ten years and he looked older. He was about sixty, balder, but still had the muscular body of a much younger man. "No," she murmured.

Coach Badenhoff was a lecherous pervert. It was common knowledge that he was fucking at least two cheerleaders during Nikki's senior year. He had tried to get her to sleep with him too. Nikki and some other girls had filed a complaint against him. During the investigation, it was discovered that Coach Badenhoff had wired a camera into the girls locker room. He had nude pictures of nearly every girl in school in his collection and the pictures went back years. Nikki now credited that nightmare with her dislike of showing off her body.

"When did you turn into such a slut, Papadopoulos? You stripping now? Your tits were nice, but not that nice back in high school. I see you're married. Hubby buy you those big titties? Does he know what a slut you are?" Mitch threw his head back and laughed.

"Where's Luke?"

"I sent him back out. I gotta feel them tittes." Mitch bent down and grabbed both of Nikki's breasts before she could move away. The angle had the tip of his huge cock dangling before Nikki's mouth. "I get my boys to bring me some of the hotter bitches I see on the beach with my binoculars. I spotted you the moment that sundress came off."

Nikki's cursed breasts were betraying her. The man was roughly mauling them, but it was driving her pussy crazy. A huge cock head the size of a golf ball was dangling right before her mouth. "No not him," she whispered as her lips pursed and reached out to his pee slit. She kissed it, then ran her tongue along the cock head.

"I see you are a slut!"

Nikki caught herself. She grabbed Badenhoff's hips and pushed him away from her. "Get off me you pig."

Mitch laughed and it was an evil laugh. "Treat me nice or pay the price."

"Fuck you!"

"Tsk tsk," said Mitch. He walked over to his shorts and shirt which were piled near the door. "You're not being nice, Papadopoulos." He pulled out his cell phone. "Young bitches like you don't want an old man like me. I get my boys to set them up so I can take pictures. Wanna see them?"

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