tagFetishThe Adventures of Panty Boy

The Adventures of Panty Boy


My wife, Cheryl, and I are in our mid forties and we have a pretty good sex life. One kink I particularly enjoy is wearing panties. I have been doing this for a few years now and it is with, not only Cheryl's knowledge but, her participation. On most days we wear matching panties and we both really get into it. I still have a few pairs of boxers for when I have to go to the doctor or something but, otherwise, it is panty time. I am not really into to cross dressing, just panties. I love how they feel, especially when Cheryl runs her fingernails along my silk covered balls. That usually gets me pretty hard and I like to pull the panties down to expose my cock but keep them on while we fuck. I will pull Cheryl's matching panties to the side for access to her lovely shaved pussy.

Last Saturday, we were invited to a couples house for cards and there was another couple that is also good friends present. The house belonged to Bob and Nicole and the other couple is Pete and Cindy. The six of us have been friends for a long time and get together regularly. It often ends up with us having a few beers and light flirting or sex talk often is the result.

We got to Bob and Nicole's around six and Nicole had put some light snacks out and had the bar open. We all fixed our drinks and sat around talking and joking while we had a couple. Bob suggested it was time to play some cards and then Pete pipes up and says that maybe we should change the rules tonight. Bob asks what he has in mind and Pete says strip poker. My alarm bells go off because unbeknownst to them, here I am wearing a pair of leopard skin colored bikini panties which match Cheryl's.

I say, no way, I'm not letting those perverts see my beautiful naked wife.

Pete says we will just play down to underwear for the fun of it and Bob says that sounds great.

I look to the ladies for help and Cindy says her and Pete already talked and she was game. Nicole says I'm in and all I can do is look to Cheryl for help. I figure she'll help me because she knows my predicament. She shoots me an evil grin and say "I'm in".

Shit what do I do now, I'm not even very good at poker. Cheryl says "come on honey it will be fun" and now there is no backing out. All I can do is hope for some great hands and it actually starts out that way.

Nicole loses and pulls her sweater off and she sits down with a beautiful lacy bra on which showed a couple of nice pointy nipples. Pete loses next and he pulls off a sweat shirt and has nothing on underneath. Next I lost and lose my shirt but, luckily I have an undershirt on. This goes round and round and everybody has lost a top and then Cheryl losses her pants. She pulls them down and everybody gets a nice view of her leopard skin panties. A couple of comments are made about how sexy they are.

Bob loses next and drops his pants. He is wearing a red pair of briefs and it is obvious to all that he is a little excited from the sights around him. More than one comment is made about his package and it does look like it is a good size one at that.

So here I sit with pants as the only thing keeping my secret safe. Next hand I lost big. I try protesting and look one more time to Cheryl for support and she is no help. She says "Bob and I are sitting in our underwear, your turn."

I pull my pants down and try sitting down real quick to deal. I didn't get away with it and it is Cindy that calls me out. She says "what have we got here, a panty boy with the same sexy panties as Cheryl!"

There is a round of hooting and hollering at my expense and I am a red as can be. When things settle down I explain that I'm not gay or anything and that they just feel good. We play another hand and Cindy losses her pants. She makes a big show of pulling them off to reveal a very sexy white lace thong. My eyes practically pop out of my head and I feel something rising to the occasion inside my panties. We play again and I lose and I say that I guess the game is over and we can get dressed since we agreed to only go down to underwear.

Well, at this point, everybody else is having too much fun so they start talking about some rule changes. It is decided that whoever wins can direct the others to perform some act. I start thinking this is my chance for revenge. I was top winner in the next hand and so I tell Cheryl that she should walk over to Bob and caress and rub all over his red underwear while she shakes her tits in his face. She simply laughs and does it. Bob is really getting an impressive hard on now and his cock head actually slips past the elastic band and is there for all to see. It was a nice looking circumcised head at that. Cheryl saunters back to her chair and we play another hand which she wins.

She then says it's time to get even and tells Cindy to come rub my nice panty covered cock. Cindy shrieks with joy and runs right up to me and starts pawing all over my silk covered cock. I am rock hard in a second and she keeps it up. My cock stays within the panties but it starts leaking and a wet spot keeps getting bigger. I am both embarrassed and excited. There are a few more rounds and lots more daring things but everybody still has their underwear on. I win another round and tell Cheryl to go up to Pete and reach in his boxers and stroke his cock.

Pete just sits there with a grin and Cheryl says, "you sure you want to go down this path?"

I say do it and she does. As a matter of fact she strokes Pete for several minutes and it looks like he is going to lose it. She then stops, leaving Pete hanging, and sits down.

Two hands later Cheryl wins and stuns everybody by saying "OK panty boy, crawl over to Bob, pull those red undies down and suck that cock"!

I say "no way, that was not part of the rules". She says the rules say she can order what she wants and then Cindy and Nicole jump in saying yeah, I have to do it. Bob just sits there waiting to see what will happen.

I figure, what the fuck, I'll show her that I won't back down, I crawl over to Bob and tentatively reach out and touch his cock through his underwear. It jumps a little at the contact. The girls all start saying keep going so I slowly pull the underwear down. There in front of me if a very good looking, half hard, circumcised cock that has had all the hair shaved off! I try to play it cool like I am only reluctantly doing what I was told but , actually, my mouth is watering. I learn forward and slowly extend my tongue and make contact with the nice shiny head of Bob's cock.

The girls are having none of this go slow stuff and start chanting "suck it, suck it." I feed just the head into my mouth and Bob starts getting fully hard. I would guess he was about 7 inches but fat in circumference. I don't think I have ever had a gay thought in my life before but, I have to admit, this is a good looking cock. I start gently sucking and Bob starts moaning and then he starts moving. He starts sliding forward to get more of his cock in my mouth. His cock is rock hard now and I have about half of it sliding in and out. I am actually liking this and let a small moan of my own slip out.

All of the sudden I feel a had caressing my ass and I glance back, cock still in mouth to see my sexy wife rubbing me. Now I really start moaning and Cheryl starts getting into it. She starts caressing my balls through the leopard skin silk panties and boy does that feel good. I start to go to town on Bob's cock sucking it for all it is worth. Bob me and Cheryl are all moaning now as I have a rock hard cock sliding all the way in and out of my mouth.

Cheryl is rubbing faster now and starts saying "yeah my panty boy, show me what a good cock sucker you are." The other girls and Pete start chiming in with similar comments and it seems everybody is into it now. I am sucking and sucking and all of the sudden Bob's cock starts to swell even bigger and I know what is coming, or should I say cuming. Cheryl is rubbing fast and furious all over my panty covered cock and balls now and I am sucking like a mad man.

Bob's cock swells a bit more and starts squirting hot cum down my throat. I back off some so I can taste it in my mouth. It is hot and sticky and salty and bitter. . .and delicious! Bob squirts about four times, each time a little less and he is panting like he is going to have a heart attack. I just keep sucking and can't get enough. The squirting stops and I gently keep sucking to make sure I get it all. I suck and lick for a couple of minutes but then Bob says to stop because he is too sensitive now. I let his softening cock slide from his mouth and Cheryl and I stand up. Cindy and Nicole are clapping and laughing, and pointing at my cock. I look down and my panties are socked with my cum. I must have shot a gallon! The panties are so wet that they are see through.

After a bit of relaxing and joking around about what happened, we call it a night. I slide my pants back over my soaked panties and take Cheryl home for, hopefully some more fun. On the way out the door, Cindy says she is hosting cards at her house next weekend.

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