tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 04

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 04


Chapter Four Rob and the Next Door Neighbor, Revisited

It was Saturday morning the third week end of summer and Rob was lying in bed and stroking his ever hard dick. He was thinking about several things, all related to sex of course! In Rob's mind he pictured Mrs. Zamora down on her knees in front of him. She had her mouth on the end of his dick and was slowly sucking him into her throat. As he moved his hand back and forth he imagined it was her mouth giving him pleasure. Rob got so intent on his fantasy he blew his wad all over himself. His dick remained hard in his hand. Rob just had to have Mrs. Zamora again! But how to accomplish this task, he wondered? As he continued masturbating, Rob's mind wandered back to the first weekend they had sex. The weekend he lost his virginity to her! Mrs. Zamora had sucked and fucked him everyway but loose! He continued stroking and remembering about the second time he had fucked her. That time he shared his dick with Mrs. Zamora and his own mother! This thought caused Rob's dick to swell up, even bigger than normal. Although he had just cum his nuts ached for release. Thinking about how his dick felt, when it was stuck it in Mrs. Zamora and his mother's pussies, he came again!

Rob looked out the window to see if Mrs. Zamora was in her back yard sun bathing! To his great delight she was there! Mrs. Zamora was lying on a towel spread out on her lawn. She was completely nude! Also, she had the lemonade chaser for the bottle of Tequila next to her. The same Tequila that usually turned her into a demanding sex starved, wanton, and wild woman! Mrs. Zamora never drank when her husband was home. So Rob surmised that he was out of town on business. Rob's entire family was also gone for the day. He decided he was going to take the direct approach and just walk next door and ask her if she wanted to fuck!

Rob put on a pair of shorts and went next door. As he walked through the gate he could see that Mrs. Zamora was already sleeping from the effects of the Tequila. He stood for a few moments and admired her huge tits and now neatly trimmed pussy. Her tits spread out on her chest and they stuck way up. She must have been dreaming about sex, because her nipples were rock hard and fluids were leaking from her pussy! As Rob watched her he was trying to decide how to approach her.

Mrs. Zamora was dreaming about sex alright! In fact, right now in her dream she was deep throating the neighbor's son's massive dick. She envisioned Rob pushing his dick the full eight and a half inches all the way down her throat. Mrs. Zamora's hands drifted across her massive tits. She took one nipple in her left hand and was furiously working on it. She took her right hand and slipped two fingers in her wet pussy and rapidly moved them in and out. This picture helped Rob make up his mind, he was just going to get between her legs and fuck her!

Rob took off his shorts and knelt close to Mrs. Zamora. She had spread her legs far apart, trying to get her fingers as deep into her pussy as possible. Still dreaming, Mrs. Zamora pulled her hand out and slipped her fingers into her mouth tasting her own juices! Rob struck at this moment. He lunged forward and thrust his hard dick, all the way to his balls, in Mrs. Zamora's slippery pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back and forced her hips against his. This was an involuntary reaction. Mrs. Zamora was still dreaming. She was sucking on her fingers and massaging her tits when she became aware that there was three things happing to her, and she was only doing two of them! Mrs. Zamora opened her eyes at the same time she figured out someone was fucking her! Rob had made several deep strokes in her pussy and her body had responded for her. Now fully awake, but very drunk, she looked up at Rob and recognized him.

"Oh baby, stuff that wonderful dick all the way in! I've been dreaming about it this morning!"

Rob was doing just that. His big dick was filling her pussy to its limit. She squeezed her legs tightly around him and demanded,


Even though Rob had already cum twice this morning he could last no longer, his dick erupted in Mrs. Zamora's pussy flooding it with cum. He held his dick deep in her pussy while she had her own orgasm. When it subsided Mrs. Zamora relaxed her legs grip on Rob's back. He pulled his still hard weapon from her well fucked pussy and slipped up her body and wiped his slimy cum all over her tits. Mrs. Zamora cooed in pleasure. Rob took Mrs. Zamora by the back of the head and pulled her mouth onto his dick. She had been dreaming about deep throating him, now she had the real thing. Rob slowly moved his dick down Mrs. Zamora's willing mouth, far into her throat. He took his time and increased the speed with which he was fucking her face. Rob looked down at this gorgeous older woman, who had his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, and felt like the king of the world! Rob was holding her head on both sides and had increased his fucking motion to the point his dick was nearly a blur.

Mrs. Zamora had both of her hands on Rob's ass and was trying to force his dick faster and deeper in her mouth. Rob was pumping her mouth for all he was worth. He had cum three times this morning so this time it might take him a little longer to cum. Mrs. Zamora didn't care. She was getting just what she wanted, Rob's dick furiously fucking her mouth.

After several minutes of this, Rob's nuts tightened up and he dumped another load of cum, this time deep in Mrs. Zamora's throat. Rob was fully in her throat when it happened. He held his long dick there. Mrs. Zamora swallowed every tasty morsel Rob delivered!

When Rob withdrew his now shrinking member from Mrs. Zamora's throat he looked down at her. He saw an extremely satisfied woman looking up at him. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick was smeared, she had cum all over her tits, there was cum leaking from her pussy and she had a huge smile! She smiled up at him and said,

"Thank You. Welcome home for the summer!"

Rob bent over and kissed her and said,

"You are welcome! I've wanted to do that again since spring break! Hope you don't mind that I sort of snuck up on you!"

"It's OK, in my dream I was sucking your cock when you started!"

"Both of us are a mess, we should get cleaned up!"

"Yes we should! By the way, my husband will be gone all summer! So if that thing between your legs needs another workout or two, come on over!"

"You are constantly in my fantasies. You can bet I'll come over a few times before I have to go back to school!"

Rob stood up and went back to his house. A wobbly Mrs. Zamora got up and went into her own house.

Rob has now done both his mother and Mrs. Zamora separately. Can he get them both at the same time again? It's a long summer, time will tell.

To be Continued...

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