tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 05

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 05


A little later in the summer it was Friday night and Rob was at home watching television when the phone rang. When he answered it, his room mate from school was on the other end. Bill informed Rob that he was going to be passing through Rob’s town tomorrow and did he want to get together and see if they could score some pussy. Rob is always up for finding pussy so he agreed with Bill. Bill said he’d stop by Rob’s house about 1:00 PM tomorrow.

The next day Bill showed up at Rob’s house right on time. Rob invited him in and offered him something to eat. Bill, being a nineteen year old teenager, enthusiastically accepted.

Mrs. Zamora was already out in her back yard sun bathing in the nude. Since she had been fucking Rob so much lately, it was just that much easier if she didn’t have to worry about getting naked for him. She knew he loved staring at her naked body whenever he got the chance. Sometimes she’d see him peaking over the fence staring at her for a long time before coming over to fuck her. This excited her, knowing this very good looking nineteen year old was fascinated by her looks and desired her as well! Mrs. Zamora had been in the yard for a couple of hours and had finished several Tequila’s. She was fast asleep in her drunken stupor. She didn’t think Rob was coming over today because it was afternoon and he usually would come to fuck her in the morning. So she had a couple more Tequila’s than usual and was quite drunk.

Rob told Bill he had to go up stairs and get a shirt on. When he got to his room he looked out and saw Mrs. Zamora sleeping nude in her back yard. Just like always, when he saw her magnificent body on display, he got an instant erection. Rob also got an inspiration!

When rob got back downstairs he asked his buddy Bill,

“What do you think about fucking an older woman?”

“I don’t know, how old is old?”

“Maybe mid thirties.”

“Is this for real or hypothetical?”


“I don’t know. What does she look like?”

“She’s stunning!”

“Stunning? How stunning could an old lady be?”

“Picture this: Her face looks like a movie star and she is only four foot ten. She has short red hair (Mrs. Zamora’s hair color changes by the week and her mood). She has a tight body, because she works out all the time. She has a tiny waist and the best looking legs you ever laid your eyes on! And her best asset is she has giant tits! They are at least DD cup probably bigger! Not only that, she loves to suck cock and fucks like a rabbit! If she owned a liquor store she’d be the perfect woman!”

“Yeah, that sounds great. Unbelievable, but great. Just where do we find this mystery sex goddess?”

“That’s easy, she’s next door!”

“You’re kidding right?”

“No, come on and take a look.”

Rob and bill went out to the back yard and the looked over the fence. When Bill saw Mrs. Zamora lying there, he let out a low whistle and exclaimed,

“Man she’s hotter than you said!”

“You up for it?”

“How can we do that? We just can’t go over there and rape her!”

“We don’t have to. She expects me to come over whenever I want and fuck her!”

“No shit, you’ve already fucked her?”

“Yeah, lots of times. I’ve been doing it since Labor Day weekend last summer!”

Bill’s dick was so hard, from looking at Mrs. Zamora’s naked charms and the conversation with Rob, that he exclaimed,

“Fuck, I’m up for it! Let’s go!”

The two teenagers formed their plan. Rob wasn’t exactly sure Mrs. Zamora would go for being fucked by both of them. So he told Bill to stay behind him, where she couldn’t see him. They both took off their clothes and went into Mrs. Zamora’s yard.

Bill’s dick was not quite as large as Rob’s but at nearly eight inches it was pretty big. Both of them advanced on the sleeping Mrs. Zamora’s nude form. She was lying on her back, with her arms and legs splayed wide. When they got close to her, Rob knelt down over her chest and sat on her big tits. He could feel her hard nipples sticking against his ass checks. Bill saw his friend take Mrs. Zamora by the jaws and slip his huge dick into her sleeping mouth!

Rob began slowly fucking Mrs. Zamora’s mouth. As usual, when he did this, she responded before she was fully awake. She woke up and reached around his legs and took his dick in both hands. With her mouth full she said,

“I thought you weren’t coming today!”

“I always cum around you.”

Bill was staying behind Rob so the lady Rob was face fucking couldn’t see him. His dick was leaking pre-cum and hurt with desire.

Mrs. Zamora, “Play on words?”

“Of course, Speaking of playing, are you up for a game?”

“What kind of game?”

“A very special sex game.”


With that, Rob motioned for Bill to plant his dick in Mrs. Zamora’s pussy. Rob had her busy sucking on his dick. A dick that was now going all the way in and out of her throat. Her legs were still spread wide apart. Bill got between Mrs. Zamora’s outstretched legs and put his very hard dick into her very aroused pussy. She stiffened up when she felt this new cock in her pussy. Rob held his dick motionless all the way down her throat so she could not protest. As soon as Bill was rapidly fucking Mrs. Zamora’s pussy, he took hold of both of her nipples and massaged them.

Mrs. Zamora was just drunk enough that she was disorientated. She didn’t quite know what was happening to her! Mrs. Zamora felt like some one else was fucking her! But how could that be? Rob had his dick in her mouth! When Bill had established a good rhythm in the older woman’s pussy, Rob resumed his fucking of her mouth. She became lucid enough now to figure out she was being fucked by two big dicks.

The animal part of her said,

“O man this is wild!”

The intellectual part of her said,

“How is this possible?”

Rob has never done anything like this before. But the passion, the two large dicks that were fucking her created, over ruled any feelings of this isn’t right!

Bill hadn’t been laid for a few weeks so his young dick soon exploded in Mrs. Zamora’s pussy. Rob saw this and let his own load loose in her mouth. Neither Bill nor Rob’s dicks deflated when they came. Shortly after Bill came in her pussy Mrs. Zamora had her first orgasm of the day. There were going to be more!

Rob withdrew his dick from the inviting mouth that had taken his seed at the same time Bill’s dick slipped out of Mrs. Zamora’s pussy. She started to say something. But before that could happen Rob and Bill had spun her around and turned her over, so she was on all fours. Now Bill was at her head and Rob was behind her lovely, fuckable ass! Bill grabbed Mrs. Zamora by the back of her head and slipped his dick into her open mouth. Mrs. Zamora instinctively relaxed her throat and swallowed this new teenager’s cock whole.

Bill went wild, he’d never been deep throated before! It made him so hot he slammed Mrs. Zamora’s throat furiously! Her big tits were hanging down and Rob took them both in his hands and tightly squeezed their nipples. Mrs. Zamora loved having her nipples pinched and she increased the suction on Bill’s dick.

Rob hasn’t fucked Mrs. Zamora in the ass since the first weekend they made love. He decided that now was as good a time to do it again as any. Rob let go of her big tits and backed away from her hips slightly. He grabbed both ass checks and spread them far apart. Mrs. Zamora’s tiny asshole was tightly shut. Rob bent over and licked it several times. She squealed in delight around Bill’s dick. Rob took his dick and slipped it into Mrs. Zamora’s dripping pussy. When Rob felt his dick was slick enough, he pulled it back and rested it against Mrs. Zamora’s backside opening. Rob felt it flexing somewhat, when it flexed open he stuck the massive head of his dick into her asshole. Just like the first time he’d stuck his dick in Mrs. Zamora’s asshole, she screamed out in pain,

“It’s too big! NO, NO, NO! It hurts! Please stop!”

Only this time it was hard for Mrs. Zamora to speak, for her mouth was being fucked by Bill! Rob ignored Mrs. Zamora’s pleas and he waited for her asshole to relax and accommodate the head of his big dick. He knew it would happen. Last time he ass fucked her, she loved it after the pain quit. While Rob was holding his position in Mrs. Zamora’s asshole, Bill was getting ready to come again. Rob pushed in a couple of more inches. This time Mrs. Zamora pushed her hips back at Rob’s invading monster. He knew that was the go ahead sign and rammed the whole length of his considerable dick up her asshole. Mrs. Zamora was now being fucked in her mouth and her asshole and was lost in lust. All she could think of was getting off!

Bill announced,

“I going to cum!”

Bill pulled his dick from her mouth and sprayed her face. Since Rob had just started fucking this lovely asshole, he wasn’t yet ready to come. He stopped his motion for a minute. Rob told Mrs. Zamora to move with him. He lay back onto his back, pulling her with him. Now she was laying on him face up and she still had Rob’s dick in her ass. He told Bill’

“Get between her legs and fuck her pussy again.”

Bill knelt down and pushed his still hard cock back into Mrs. Zamora’s gapping pussy. When he was completely in, she now had more cock in her that ever before! It took a few minutes before the boys got a good rhythm going, but when they finally did, Mrs. Zamora got the fucking of her life! She could feel every inch and every vein on both boys’ dicks. She hoped it would never end! It didn’t end for quite awhile. However, Bill started to come first and he filled Mrs. Zamora’s pussy with a small load of cum. He pulled his dick out of her pussy and put it back in her willing mouth. Rob continued fucking Mrs. Zamora’s asshole for a couple of more minutes and finally unloaded as well.

After they all had finished having their orgasms, the two boys stood up and helped one very satisfied and tired woman to her feet. Rob half expected Mrs. Zamora to be mad at him. When he looked her in the eye and started to speak, she stopped him and said,

“OH Rob that was great! What a fantastic fuck you guys gave me! I have fantasized about this for years. Thank you!”

She picked up her Lemonade and Tequila and went into her house. Rob and Bill went back to Rob’s house.

“So what do you think of middle aged pussy now?”

“Makes girls our age seem tame!”

Bill left and Rob continued working on his plan to get his mother and Mrs. Zamora in another three way. After today he figured it shouldn’t be too difficult! He now had fucked them both alone. If he knew them at all, the next time they got together, to lick each other’s pussies, his cock should be the center of their conversation!

To be Continued…

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