tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 07

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 07


Chapter Seven: One For The Road

Rob had this last Saturday, before he went back to school for the fall semester, free. He went out in the backyard to do a little gardening. So far today things were great! The sky was clear and the sun was shinning and it was very hot. And the best part, he had gotten laid already! And what a fuck it was, he had fucked his mother in the ass! Rob knew that there would be more of that in the future! His thoughts were making him horny again!

“I wonder if Mrs. Zamora is in the back yard.”

Rob walked over to the fence to see if she was there. Disappointed, he saw that she was not there.

“Oh well, maybe at winter break!”

Just as Rob started to turn away, Mrs. Zamora came out of the house. She saw him and yelled,

“Hey Rob, do you want some lemonade?”

“Yes, I do!”

“Come on over then and Ill fix you a treat”

Lemonade was not the idea of a treat he had in mind. What he wanted was to suck and fuck her massive tits! Of course that is what Mrs. Zamora had in mind, as soon as she saw Rob! He followed her into the house. She was wearing an ankle length house coat, which completely hid her considerable charms. Mrs. Zamora did not have her arms in the sleeves and the coat was tied loosely about her neck. Underneath the house coat she was completely nude!

Mrs. Zamora untied the string and let the robe fall from her back. She spun around and faced Rob and said,

“Here’s your treat! Do I look good enough to eat?”

Without a word, Rob dropped to his knees and pulled Mrs. Zamora to his face and buried his mouth on her freshly shaven pussy. He reached up with both hands and took the extended nipples on Mrs. Zamora’s gigantic tits and twisted them.

She grabbed the back of Rob’s head, pulling his mouth harder on her pussy and said,

“Eat me!”

Rob picked her up, by the hips, and sat her on the counter top. Continuing to eat her pussy, he stripped off all of his clothes. Soon Rob was standing naked in her kitchen!

Looking at Rob’s stiff member she exclaimed, “Sausage for lunch!”

Mrs. Zamora hopped off of the counter and grabbed Rob’s dick in her hand. Swiftly she was on her knees and had him totally engulfed in her wet mouth! Noisily she gave him one of her fantastic blow jobs. Rob knew, from past experiences with her, that the first time he would cum with her today, would be in her mouth! He didn’t have to do anything, she just wanted to suck him to conclusion! Since he’d just fucked his mother’s ass less than an hour ago, Mrs. Zamora had her work cut out for her.

Soon however, Rob felt that familiar felling in his balls, he was about to explode!

“Mrs. Zamora, get ready here I cum!” With that statement he filled her mouth with his second orgasm of the day. She licked him clean and stood up.

“All I want is fucked.” With that statement Mrs. Zamora turned around and bent over the counter, spreading her legs, she offered her empty pussy to Rob.

Rob walked up behind her and slid his dick into this incredibly horny woman’s waiting pussy! While Rob hammered Mrs. Zamora’s willing pussy, her massive tits were hanging down and swinging back and forth. Rob reached around the sides of her and grabbed them both. He pulled, twisted and pinched them unmercifully. The harder he pulled and the rougher he got, the louder Mrs. Zamora screamed in pleasure! Mrs. Zamora and Rob were at a new level of sexual heat. She had not been this aroused for a long time and Rob was nearly as hot. Rob pinched both of her nipples extremely hard and yanked Mrs. Zamora’s pussy onto his dick by them. He exploded in her pussy! After Rob finished giving the inside of her pussy walls a cum bath, he renewed fucking of Mrs. Zamora, soon she was yelling,

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, I’m Cuming again!”

A huge orgasm overtook Mrs. Zamora. She got so weak she could not stand up any longer. She slumped to the floor and fell off of Rob’s dick. His dick, dripping with cum, slowly deflated. Rob wiped it clean on Mrs. Zamora’s face and said,

“Wow, that was something!”

“Something to tide you over until winter break my young stud!”

Rob put his clothes back on and kissed Mrs. Zamora goodbye and went home.

To be Continued…

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