tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 10

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: Mrs. Jones's Video Leads to a Four Way

It is the first Wednesday of winter break and Rob is home from school. He is feeling the need to release his sexual tensions (Like almost always.). While Rob is stroking his erection, he looks out the window towards Mrs. Zamora's house. Rob sees her coming toward his house and it looks like she is carrying a video cassette. He remembers Thanksgiving weekend when he and Bill fucked his mom and he had noticed that his mother had the video camera set up and was taping her self pleasure session. Rob now realized,

"That tape she made contained two hours of himself and Bill fucking his mom."

He wondered if the tape Mrs. "Z" had in her hand was that one. Rob didn't have to worry, the tape Mrs. Zamora was carrying was one of her pleasuring herself. Today, she and Mrs. Jones were planning on watching each other's tapes, while they munched on pussy.

Rob decided to stop what he was doing and see what the two women were up to. Just then his phone rang. It was his friend Bill. He told Bill to hurry over, that something sexual might be coming up. Bill was at Rob's house in less than five minutes.

The Jones's have a large house, so it was easy for Rob to let Bill in without his mother knowing he had a guest. Rob briefed Bill on what he suspected. Rob thought his mother and Mrs. Zamora were going to watch the tape of Bill and him fucking Rob's mother.

Rob and Bill silently crept down the hall to the TV room. It was a large room with a wet bar and several chairs and a large leather couch. The couch was opposite the Sixty-Five inch projection TV and the chairs were all arranged in a semi-circle, facing the TV as well.

As the boys looked in the room, they were directly behind the couch and the woman could not see them. Both women were completely nude and were embracing each other on the couch. Mrs. Jones was sucking on Mrs. Zamora's huge tits and they both were watching Mrs. Zamora spread out on the big screen TV. She had clothes pins on both nipples and was pumping her pussy with a cucumber that looked to be about eight to ten inches long. Shortly, as the boys watched the two women and the video tape, Mrs. Zamora had a huge orgasm on the big screen and the tape ended. By now both women were very hot and the two young men had huge erections.

Mrs. Jones got up to change the tape. Rob and Bill flattened themselves up against the walls, hoping they would not be discovered. Mrs. Jones didn't even look their way as she changed the tape and started the second one. Immediately she flashed on the screen spread eagled on the bed and fast at work pleasuring her self. When Mrs. Jones sat back next to Anita she renewed her efforts to drive Anita wild. Mrs. Jones sucked, pinched and twisted Mrs. Zamora's erect nipples, causing the big breasted woman to moan in pleasure. Anita was beginning to get very aroused. The pussies of both women were leaking juices down their legs. Mrs. Jones slipped down between Anita's legs and glued her mouth on Anita's shaved pussy. At that exact moment, Rob appeared on the screen and Anita saw him invade her friend's mouth. Seconds later she saw Bill slam his dick into Susan's pussy.

"Susan, how did you get that on tape?"

"Get what on tape?"


Susan turned around and looked up at the screen and said,

"Oh my, I must have forgotten the camera was running."

The two women sat up and embraced each other. They hugged, kissed and fondled each other's tit's and pussies while they watched the two young men work Susan over. The erotic scene on the TV raised the two horny women's passion to a feverous pitch.

Rob and Bill both got naked in the hall. They walked up behind the couch and as they approached it, they planned to stick their dicks into a mouth. The two women were locked in a tongue swapping kiss and their heads were above the back of the couch. Anita and Susan were unaware of the boys when they approached the couch. Bill grabbed Anita by the hair and Rob grabbed his mother by the back of her head. The startled women spun their heads in the direction of the boys and, as they both opened their mouths to speak, they had them stuffed with dick.

Anita took Bill to his root on the first try and went to work quickly. Bill's hips were moving rapidly as he fucked Anita's mouth. Susan had a little more difficulty swallowing her son's huge dick. It took Rob several tries before his mother had his entire dick down her throat. As both young men were fucking the older women's faces, they were watching themselves fuck Rob's mother on the big screen. Almost in unison, with each other and themselves on the TV, they both came in the women's mouths. Rob and Bill had not cum for a few days and their seed over flowed from the mature women's mouths.

Rob and Bill pulled their dicks free and quickly walked around to the front of the couch. They traded partners. Bill stuck his still hard dick in Susan's dripping pussy and Rob filled and stretched Anita's pussy. The women were sitting beside each other on the couch. They turned and embraced each other and when their lips met, they swapped the cum they had in their mouths. Each now had a mixture of two slightly different tasting cum, a first for each woman. Neither one had ever sucked the cum from the mouth of a woman before. While they were engaged in this cum swapping, their pussies were being hammered.

Anita was the first to lose it. Bill was next as he unloaded into Susan's pussy. She came violently. Next, and finally, it was Rob's turn, he let a flood loose in Anita's pussy. The women had cum dripping from their mouths and pussies. Rob and Bill decided it shouldn't go to waste. They laid Anita on her back and positioned Susan over her. Rob and Bill placed the women face to pussy. Anita looked up at Susan's pussy and dove right in. Susan looked down into Anita's and did likewise.

Rob, "Which end do you want to start with?"

"Your mom gives great head. I'll start there."

"OK, Mrs. Zamora's mouth it is for me."

Rob got behind his mother's ass and slipped his still hard dick deep in her pussy, while Mrs. Zamora began to lick his shaft and balls.

Bill did nearly the same at the other end. He wanted to be sure his dick was lubricated so he stuck his stiff member in Mrs. Jones's wildly sucking mouth.

After awhile the boys got into a rhythm, every few minutes they swapped from pussy to mouth or mouth to pussy. While throughout, the women were constantly licking pussy and dick. This unbelievable tryst could not last forever and one by one they all came again.

As Rob and Bill's dicks were finally getting soft they told the women; Merry Christmas. Both young men left the two satiated women lying on the floor and retrieved their clothing from the hall.

As Bill was leaving Rob told him,

"Don't forget, we need to get my sister before we go back to school."

"The way you work, just call me when you're ready."

"Ok, I'll see you later."

Susan and Anita took a few more minutes to lick the cum from each other's bodies and finally got dressed.

"Where, how, when, did you make that tape?"

"I'd forgotten the camera was on when those two jumped me thanksgiving week end."

"This tape was supposed to be your masturbation tape?"

"Yes. You're not mad at them are you? I mean they forced themselves on us."

"Yeah they did. Just like last time, they seem to show up at just the right time."

"The last time?"

"Yes. I was in the back yard, semi drunk, sleeping and having an erotic dream. When I woke up they were fucking me. And I loved it."

"Those two are terrible. Every once in a while, just like you said, at just the right time, there they are, with their dicks stuck in us."

"Not such bad dicks at that. Do you mind?"

"Mind? OH NO. I love it."

"Me too, does that make us perverts?"

"Probably, but who cares. Remember, before they showed up we were licking each other's pussies."

"That sure seems tame and far away now."

To be Continued...

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