tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 02

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 02


As I stood at the sink rinsing our breakfast dishes, I felt Thelma's hand slide along my spine and then in between my legs.

"Thanks for the little session last night. As I said, Maggie, that beast in your belly is fighting to get out and, when it does, you are going to be one helluva sex babe. Now, get out of that big city getup you're wearing and put these things on instead. You might as well get used to wearing them because that is about all we here in Leverton wear."

She handed me a blouse that was almost paper thin and a copy of the abbreviated kilt that I had seen her wearing. I slid out of the slacks I had put on that morning and into that revealing kilt. I was moderately surprised at how sexy I felt in this short skirt. I knew that my entire rear end and my front were both visible to anyone who happened to look. The blouse made me feel like a whore since both of my tits were prominently displayed in that thin excuse for a shirtwaist. I purposefully glanced at myself in the mirror over the sink and was startled and a little pleased to see my rose-bud nipples pushing up against my blouse in a vain attempt to explode into full view.

"This is what we will do today. I will begin introducing you to some of the town's people. In particular, we will pay a call upon Jesse Booker. That should be quite an experience for you. With the exception of Jesse's consort, Blake, and Henry Killgallen, all of the men in the town are human. But, I can't say that for all of the women. Some of them are alien. I pretty well know the alien ones, but, as with Jesse, I only have a suspicion as to what their natural condition is. I have heard rumors that Jesse -- on her home planet -- is a huge worm-kind of creature, but I can't substantiate that.

Oh, I meant to ask, did you bring a nozzle and bag with you?"

"No, I didn't. I didn't dream that I would need one."

"Well, you will. Maggie you should start getting used to our way of acting and thinking. Sex thoughts and actions will soon become the biggest part of your thoughts. Leverton hasn't anything else to offer in the way of entertainment so sex occupies our thoughts. The upshot of all this emphasis on sex is that you will, in all likelihood, be having sex several times a day and in several different forms. As such, we females have got to keep ourselves clean-in all respects! Get it?"

It took me a few minutes to realize what Thelma was saying, but then I nodded. I had never much cared for the enema portion of my toilet, but it sure made sense here.

"When we leave Jesse's, we should stop at the drugstore. You will need a nozzle and a bag. There is also some jelly that you should buy."


"Sure. Without it, being reamed in the ass can be quite painful."

I could only gulp at what Thelma had just said. She seemed to take anal sex as just another form of enjoyment. I wasn't at all convinced that I could ever reach that point. Then, a thought hit me.

"Thelma, there is something I think I should tell you. It has only just crossed my mind."

"Sure. What is it?"

At that point, I had some difficulty expressing myself. Finally, I just blurted it out.


She looked at me for quite a long time. To suddenly be confronted with an admission of this kind in this day and age must have caught her by complete surprise.

"Okay, Maggie. I'll keep that in mind."

That was all she said and then she just simply returned to her description of what we would do this day and some of the people we would meet.

"We should stop in at Wilma's Dress Shop. You are going to need a new wardrobe that is more appropriate for Leverton. And, there are several other things that you should get from Wilma. Look, Maggie, there are some things about life in Leverton that I have yet to describe for you. So maybe this is the time. Leverton was started as a space-oriented breeding station. From what I have learned about the early days of Leverton, they tried breeding human females with space aliens. It didn't work. So, they developed a new plan. Once a year, a ship from outer space will arrive near Leverton. I can't tell you where it will be or what it will look like because I have never seen it nor has anyone else. Fifteen of the Leverton women will have been selected to act as surrogate parents for alien fetuses. The fetuses will be planted in the bodies of those women who have been selected and, approximately a year later, the mature fetus will be recovered. As for how long this procedure has been in operation, I don't know, but it is an accepted fact of Leverton life today. At the time that these new fetuses are implanted, the fetuses from the year before will be recovered. If you had known to count the number of students in each class of our school, you would have seen that it is exactly fifteen. Never more and never less."

"What of the birthing? Isn't it dangerous?"

"Dangerous, no; strange, yes. You see, if these fetuses aren't removed before they are ready to be born, they begin eating their way out of the mother's body -- or so I have been told. So, the aliens perform a caesarean operation on the mother. See?"

Thelma lifted the hem of her blouse and, after a very close inspection, I could just barely make out a thin white scar that ran across her abdomen from hip to hip.

"Their procedures are a lot different from ours as you can see. I can tell you from my experiences with this kind of birth that, for the mother, it is practically painless. The fetus never gets nearly so big as a human fetus so, if you weren't aware of the identity of the females who are carrying alien children, you would never guess who they were. The recovery period is short and doesn't interfere with our normal lifestyle at all. From my own personal experience, it is quite normal for an impregnated female to enjoy sex all through her pregnancy and she can easily resume her sexual activities by the day after her so-called delivery."

"Thelma, you say you have been through this experience and I gather that you are speaking of being impregnated more than once. How many times have you borne an alien child?"

"Five times. There are others who have gone through this procedure more times than that, but, since I was the only nurse, I was not selected every time I was considered to be available. By the way, this is known among the natives as the, 'Mare's scar'."

"Why is that?"

"Why honey we are nothing more than brood mares for the aliens! So, we go by that title. Soon, you will become a mare, too! After you have experienced this form of child-bearing and delivery, you will like and enjoy it more than any other kind of activity except sex itself. That brings me to the reason for stopping at Wilma's. Four times a year, all of the mares parade through Leverton. Each of us wears all of the accoutrements of an equine female including a fancy tail. Wilma makes those tails for us so she will have to make one for you!"

Once more, I gazed at her in disbelief.

'And just how do you wear these horse's tails?

"Why, they are secured in our ass, of course!"

I was still digesting this disquieting bit of information when Thelma rose and gestured for me to follow her. I felt strange to step outside in this very revealing costume, but good ole' Thelma didn't hesitate for a moment before starting off down the street.

We walked the entire length of Leverton's main street and, as we passed every business establishment, at least one person would suddenly appear and bid us good day. Most of them asked if we were looking for a friend, but Thelma just shook her head and we continued on without stopping.

"Thelma, why are they asking if we are looking for a friend?"

"Pay no attention to that today. It is just a euphemism. They are actually asking if you are looking for a .... Well there is another term that begins with an, 'F'! It is a polite way of asking for sex. If you are in the game, all you have to do is to answer, 'Yes, I am.' They will take it from there. We don't have the time to stop and diddle with them today. Perhaps tomorrow! That is Jesse's house at the far end of the street and behind it you will be able to see the dormitory where the alien students live. She has room for about 150 students, but their number never exceeds 120. Jesse is the Major Domo as far as the aliens are concerned. She regulates their comings and goings and, if they screw up, she removes them in very short order. If you should ever have trouble with one of the students, just tell Jesse and it will be quickly resolved. In all likelihood, the student will just disappear. Everybody in Leverton knows Jesse."

I glanced over at her to see if there was any sarcastic or hypocritical content to her little speech. I didn't see anything that would indicate that sort of content, but I was really surprised at the frozen manner in which Thelma's lips were set. The rest of our short trek was spent in total silence. Thelma obviously didn't want to say anything more or she didn't have anything more to say.

The house she had indicated as being Jesse's was a huge rambling structure of pre-civil war vintage. It looked to be quite run-down and was definitely in a poor shape. It was in desperate need of a paint job. Thelma never hesitated. We stepped up onto the wide veranda-type front porch and she rapped on the glass part of the door with her knuckles. It wasn't a normal steady rapping. Rather, it was a rap-rap rap- rap I recognized this at once as some kind of signal. The door swung open as if it were being moved by itself.

We stepped through the door and I found myself in a huge foyer. The lighting was dim at best. Happily, Thelma knew where she was going so she just kept on moving deeper into the house. An archway gave us access to a large living room. It had to be large for the female lying on the lounge was herself, very large. Actually, she was huge. It was easy to see why she hadn't risen to answer the door. It would have been a monumental task for her to just walk across the floor. Her face was lighted by a friendly smile and she extended her hand in greeting. When I clasped her hand, I was surprised at how rough and calloused it seemed. I couldn't see this female ever doing any hard labor and then I recalled Thelma's remark about Jesse being of the worm family. Her arms and her thighs were so big I doubt that I would have been able to even lift one of them.

The room itself was large and filled to overflowing with huge antiquated furniture. What struck me as odd amongst all of this odd-looking furniture was the glass case in one corner. It was easily six feet long by four feet wide and the bottom of this monstrosity was filled with a squirming, wriggling mound of snakes!

"Ah! I see that you have spotted my little darlings. Aren't they the prettiest things you have ever seen?"

I didn't know how to answer that because I thoroughly detest snakes.

"May I ask why do you keep so many?"

"I provide these animals to many different cults throughout the world. There are cults all over the globe who worship snakes and who use them in a lot of their daily activities." As she said this, she burst out in a roaring laugh that must have rung through every room in the house.

"Isn't that true, Thelma?"

I looked over at Thelma and was astonished to see that she had slipped out of all of her clothing. She was standing there, totally naked and with a mesmerized look on her face. Her eyes seemed to be focused upon something a million miles away from that room and its' occupants.

I turned my gaze back upon Jesse and saw that she had lifted the arm nearest to where we stood. One massive finger was pointing upwards. And, before I could resume my little speech, Thelma began moving. Her motion was extremely slow and deliberate and she walked straight towards that lifted finger. The finger had not moved so it was not actively beckoning for her to come forward, but still she moved as though she had been summoned. When she had reached the point nearest to that finger, she halted and took up a waiting position. Jesse's hand slowly lowered until it was just below Thelma's belly. Without hesitation, Thelma lifted one of her legs and just as slowly and deliberately impaled herself upon that uptight digit!

"You were about to say?"

Jesse's words cut through my trance like a knife and I gasped as I was drawn back to the present.

"Sorry, but I don't see what is so humorous in what you are saying."

"Why honey, it's the fact that these aren't snakes at all. These are a special breed of worm from another planet. However, this worm is nature's own version of the enema. These worms live off carrion so, if you introduce one of these worms into your feces canal, it will soon rid you of all that you would normally discharge. The natives who worship snakes don't know the difference so they are happy with this animal."

"But...but.. How do you 'introduce' one of these worms into the human body?"

"Oh, honey. That is simplicity itself. The worshippers merely paint a large black circle around their anal opening. Show her, Thelma!"

Thelma slowly bent forward and, reaching behind her. She pulled her ass crack open so wide that I had no difficulty in seeing a black ring around her ass hole! I knew, at once, that Thelma had been one of those females who were selected to, 'enjoy' the presence of a snake in their guts! Jesse went on with her description of the use of the snakes without paying any attention to Thelma whatsoever.

"The worm sees this as the entrance to a hole -- which it is -- and he promptly slithers his way into it. After all, that is where they live when they are in their native habitat. Most of these so-called worshippers can take a five-foot worm into their bellies with little or no difficulty. Some even manage to collect a six-footer although how they do that is beyond me. If you are interested, I'll be glad to let you have one of these specimens - cheap!"

Once more, that immense laughter rang out. When, finally, her laughter subsided, she became serious in her attitude towards me. Now it was my turn to be mesmerized by her look. From the back of my mind, I suddenly remembered that certain reptiles had the ability to place their prey into a state of partial paralysis so that they could then attack and devour them. I was in just that sort of trance now.

I stepped closer and with excruciating slowness began unbuttoning my light blouse. Why I was doing this, I did not know, but I kept on loosening my buttons until my blouse stood open and my tits were completely bared to this woman's gaze!

"You do have very attractive tits, Maggie. I suspect that you have had some surgery done upon them."

Then, the arm on the other side of her chaise, lifted and, once more, a finger was up-raised. How did I know that this was the signal for me to walk to that side? To this day, I don't know, but that is what I did. When I was within her reach, she extended her hand and began caressing one of my nipples. I couldn't help myself. The sensations that this woman was sending throughout my body were exhilarating. My eyes closed, my mouth opened in a silent scream and my head dropped down upon my chest. How long we remained in this position, I have no way of knowing, but, when her hold upon me was broken, I knew that it was time for me to shed my kilt-skirt. I pushed it down over my hips and let it fall at my feet. That menacing finger moved down to a point opposite of my vagina and I knew, with certainty, that I was going to mount it. I lifted one leg, but before I could continue to move down upon that waiting digit, Jesse spoke to Thelma.

"You know, Thelma, I get immense satisfaction in watching one of you earth females explode your sexuality. Remember when we did it for you? Somehow, thrusting an implement through that small physical impediment to pleasant copulation seems to free your mental inhibitions as well. I have done this many times and it never ceases to amuse me. Now, watch this stiff-necked female cast aside her reservations concerning sex as she uses my finger to bring freedom to her carnal desires."

I had been anxiously awaiting the next development for my whole body was crying for sex. So, when Jesse gave me the go-ahead, I positioned myself over the tip of that threatening digit and slowly let my knees bend until that finger was inside of me!

"My! My! A virgin! Maggie you are surely a joy to behold. Wilma will certainly enjoy making you into one of our little horses."

At that moment, she drove her finger sharply into my vagina. It hesitated for an instant and then it broke through nature's protective layer of skin. It hurt me. I gasped and then I began to quietly sob. I was no longer a virgin!

The presence of her finger inside of my vagina was driving me ever upward along the road to a climax. I didn't want to exhibit myself in this way, but I was unable to stop or prevent an orgasm. The quivering that announced my coming began in my thighs and spread to my belly. My eyes were staring straight ahead- unseeing -- as I exploded in a series of moans and mewling sounds . For an instant, I lost my contact with reality. Then, as I regained my poise and began recovering my senses, I realized that Jesse hadn't even stopped talking.

"Maggie -- how she knew my name was never explained to me -- you are welcome in Leverton and we are hoping that you can become as good a neighbor as Thelma has been. If I, or any of my family, can ever be of help to you, don't hesitate to let us know. I am assuming that Thelma has clued you in on the breeding procedures we employ so, unless you have any questions, I think we are done! You should visit Wilma on the morrow!"

Somehow, Thelma and I were able to retrieve our previously discarded clothing and make our way to the door. Thelma came to my side and took me by the arm. As we stepped down off the front porch, I could no longer restrain myself.

"That was an awfully abrupt dismissal. I hardly got a chance to speak!"

"Sorry, Maggie, but that is just the way Jesse is. Everyone knows it and pays her no attention. You did get an orgasm, didn't you?" I could only nod. "Come on. We will stop at the druggists and then on to Wilma's."

"No, Thelma. Not Wilma's. Jesse told me that I should visit her tomorrow."

Thelma looked at me with an inquisitive expression upon her face.

"What's wrong, Thelma?"

"Maggie, it is not usual for newcomers to visit Wilma alone!"

Thelma thought this development over until we reached the drug store. Then, she ushered me inside and quickly filled my arms with an enema bag, a nozzle and a can of some kind of grease.

"This should carry you until you get better acquainted with the people of Leverton!"

As we left the drug store, Thelma pointed across the street.

"That is Henry Killgallen's establishment. He says that he is a mortician so I guess he is. At any rate, he does all of our burying that needs to be done. Never forget. He is an alien just like Jesse!"

This was the last word either of us uttered during our stroll back to Thelma's house.

My reactions, now that I was no longer a virgin, were astounding. Thelma and I walked up the street towards her house carrying our clothing in our arms. There were faces peering out of every store window looking inquisitively at us as we passed. Somehow, I felt that I had become a member of the Leverton society. Jesse's finger in my pussy had accomplished this feat and I could still feel that finger deep in my pussy. In fact, I felt it all that night.

I couldn't begin to comprehend what Thelma might be thinking. As for myself, I was having great difficulty in coming to terms with what I had seen and done during our visit to Jesse's. That Thelma had permitted one of those awful worms to enter her body was undeniable. That crude black circle attested to this. And, that Jesse had some kind of power over otherwise normal humans was equally undeniable. I resolved to fight Jesse's influence at every turn. Especially if she tried to feed one of those ghastly worms into my ass!

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