tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 06

The Adventures of Sister Margaret Ch. 06


The days in Leverton were a lot like being on a continuous vacation – one day blended into the next so it was easy to lose complete track of time. So it was, on one morning as I sat down at the breakfast table, I was really surprised to hear the teachers talking about graduation and that it was imminent. That was my first indication that the year was half over and that I had been in Leverton for over five months! Then, as I was buttering my toast, Granny came up alongside of me and laid a folded piece of paper by my plate. One of the teachers immediately called out,

"Oh, oh Missy Nurse got her call to Jesse's, too."

I was at a complete loss as to what she meant until I unfolded the paper and read,

"Jesse's at 10:30."

I looked up to see every face turned towards me. As I stared into all of those eyes, I was frantically trying to recall just what this meant. Then it hit me! This was the summons for the annual alien implantation! I was expected to come as I had been told so that I could be fucked by an alien! One of the more mature teachers spoke up and said,

"Don't feel bad. We all got the same invitation only we are staggered about a half hour or forty-five minutes apart. And I'll have to admit that we stole a glimpse at what yours said so we know that you follow Janet."

The woman she was talking about was one of the two younger teachers. All of the others were within ten or fifteen years of my age. I glanced over at the two younger women and noted that they both were a little pale. I wasn't totally relaxed myself.

"Shall we go as a group?"

"Oh, I don't think that will be necessary or advisable. Other wise, the ones scheduled for later will just have to wait on Jesse's porch. Fifteen minutes before your scheduled time should be ample."

I agreed with her logic so I nodded in acceptance of her plan.

I finished my abbreviated breakfast and fooled around for some time until at last, I felt it was safe for me to walk down to Jesse's house. I got there at about ten minutes after ten. One of the younger teachers was still sitting there on the porch awaiting her summons. She looked relieved to see another sacrifice arriving.

"Ellen hasn't come out yet."

I merely nodded and sat down next to her. I hadn't any more than gotten down when the door burst open and a young black woman emerged. She was half carrying the other teacher and she walked her over to the porch railing. She just made it. The young teacher leaned over the railing and began vomiting! The black woman looked at the two of us and told us,

"This does happen to some of the women, but it is rather unusual."

The young woman rose, threw back her shoulders and gave forth with the most animalistic yowl I had ever heard. I watched as she started down off the porch and it was then that I saw another sight that really frightened me. A large crowd had gathered a short distance from the porch and they were all staring intently at the woman. The thing that was really unusual was that the crowd was made up of only men! As soon as the woman stepped down off the porch, the men immediately grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Three men pounced upon her and began frantically fucking her! From where I was sitting, I could see directly into the woman's face. She had a beatific smile upon her face and, from time to time, she emitted what could only have been characterized as a contented feline growl! The young black woman told those of us remaining,

"She in heat! You be in heat, too after Jesse fuck you!"

If that statement was meant to calm our jangled nerves, it failed miserly. The black woman reached own and helped the other waiting woman to her feet and the two of them went into the house. The next hour was one of the longest I have every experienced. It seemed endless and I had begun to wish that I had stayed at Granny's for a much longer time when the door opened and the black and the second teacher emerged. This time the teacher was walking unaided, but there was absolutely no color in her face. I didn't have too much time to think on this as the black woman grabbed my arm and began hustling me into the house.

The inside of the house was almost totally dark. I could just make out two figures who seemed to be busy at something on a huge table. As the woman walked me closer, I was startled to see that the two figures were, in fact, Granny and Thelma and that there was an immense lump of something laying on the table! The table was easily eight feet long and the lump – whatever it was – completely filled it! I was led along one side of the table to a position close to what I assumed was the head of this beast. I glanced quickly at the belly of the creature and saw a long black appendage that looked like a great hose. I stared in disbelief as Granny reached over, took hold of this hose-like thing and held it aloft. Thelma quickly stepped in beside her and, using both hands, began applying a grease-like substance along the entire length of this horrendous thing. I stared intently at this thing and realized that it wasn't a hose at all! It was an immense cock! I was so entranced with what I was seeing that it took me several seconds to realize that the woman was talking to me.

"You get up on this stool. Throw one leg over and then squat down. Put knees in these little knee-pads. I make sure you in proper position."

Somehow, I was able to fight off my trepidation and do as she had instructed me. As I crawled across this huge body, I looked directly down into its' face. It was the most horrible face I have ever seen. Two slits that I took to be its' eyes followed my every movement. Fear swept through me and I halted without completely getting my leg across that immense body. The black woman stepped in immediately and forced my leg into position. It was then that I realized that the knee pads were in fact little movable trays that slid along the length of the table.

"You turn head!"

As the helper said this, she twisted my head so that I was looking to one side. There was a large standing mirror positioned so that I was seeing the entire panorama. By this time, my vision had improved to where could make out most of what was happening. With my chest pushed tightly down to the chest of the creature and my knees elevated, my ass was in an extreme upraised position! I almost screamed at what I then saw in that mirror. Thelma and Granny were supporting that huge cock in their hands and they were moving it straight in between my legs and ass cheeks. Their intentions were obvious! There was a sound of people moving and, as I watched, Thelma and Granny relinquished their position to the black woman and they, in turn, moved up along side of me. Granny took hold of my left shoulder and Thelma grasped the right shoulder. Thelma leaned over close to my ear and whispered, "Relax. Don't fight us." When they were in position, they both began pushing me backwards and I suddenly knew why those weird knee pads were in fact on rollers.

I felt the nose of that cock touch my puckered hole and, almost at once, it penetrated into my ass! Now I knew why Wilma had spent so much time enlarging my ass hole. I watched, incredulously, as the black woman fed inch after inch of that huge cock into my ass. I felt my belly being enlarged by the inner pressure that I was being subjected to. It was an enema only the water had been replaced by a huge cock! That masochistic female kept pushing more and more cock into me. I felt certain that it would not be able to go beyond the bend in my colon. I was wrong! Somehow, when it reached the point where the colon bends to traverse across the belly, the three of them began working as a team. Granny and Thelma were both rocking my torso from side to side and the black was, at the same time, twisting that enormous cock! Somehow, the three of them managed to twist and turn that thing until it had passed that obstruction and was now progressing towards the other side of my belly.

I couldn't help myself. The pain and the thought of what they were doing to me caused me to scream.

"Stop! Stop! Oh GOD! Please Thelma, stop! You are tearing me apart! Don't you have any consideration or pity? Stop it dammit! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

They had reached the other corner in my colon where it bends downward towards the connection with my guts. I was a whimpering mass of pain and I was certain that this torture was never going to end. Finally, the black beastly torturer stopped pushing that cock into my ass and Granny and Thelma let go of my shoulders. As I lay there breathing hard to keep from passing out, I realized that they had only stopped because they had pushed that cock through my belly as far as it would go! My whole body was quivering from the effects of having that monster intrusion in my guts! I had reached a point where I had begun to worry about the pain when they began attempting to pull that cock out of me!

There was a sudden movement inside of me and I felt that cock begin the spasms that signified ejaculation! Not only were they going to ruin my entire ass channel, but they were about to permit this beast to explode his sex cream deep in my belly! I felt a warm gush and knew that it had just climaxed! I wasn't the least bit prepared for what happened next. As that warm fluid spurted into me, I, too, climaxed! My entire body reacted to this invasion and spurting jism by sending electrical shocks along my total nervous system. My thighs and legs began quivering and my stomach muscles began convulsing. This time I was screaming, but it was not from pain. I was screaming because of the intense pleasurable effects of an extremely massive climax!

Thelma and Granny must have had a lot of experience at doing this for, as my climax hit me and I began quivering with sensual delight, they aided the black woman in smoothly and quickly extracting that cock from my body. When, at last, the spasms of my climax abated and moved away from my body like waves upon the shore, I knew that the cock had been removed. I lay there breathing very hard and tried to recover my senses.

The black woman assistant was urging me to get up and get off the table. Once I was standing alongside the table, things began to come into focus. Somehow, the two of us made it out of the house and onto the porch. Men were still engaged in fucking the young teacher, but I couldn't be bothered with what was being done to her.

"You may sit here for a while if you feel the need."

"Thanks, but I think I will go back to my room."

As I attempted to move down off the porch, I held onto the small banisters lining the steps for dear life. But, I made it and, somehow, reached the sidewalk and turned towards Granny's. I was still experiencing tunnel vision so I wasn't seeing anything at all outside of dead ahead. So, it came as a total surprise when I felt a hand take hold of my arm.

"Maggie, I think a glass of some of my special wine would greatly improve your chances of getting home."

I looked blindly from side-to-side before I understood that it was Henry Kilgallen talking to me.

"I've seen many of the women come out of Jesse's place after being pollinated and I know just what it is that they need."

By this time, he had steered me into his place of business which, incidentally, was the mortuary! He took my useless clothing from my hands and dropped them on the floor. Somehow, my nakedness felt perfectly normal. He led me over to a very comfortable looking chair, saw that I was seated and then disappeared for a few minutes. When he returned, he was carrying two glasses of wine.

"Here. This will settle most of the upset in your belly."

I thankfully took the glass he offered and tasted the wine. Henry was exactly right. As my first sip of wine flowed down into my stomach, I could feel all of the tension, fear and loathing slip away.

"If you are like most mature women, by this time you are challenging yourself and saying to your self, how could I let someone do such a heinous thing to me? Well, Maggie, you aren't the first nor will you be the last to undergo that pollination ritual."

I stared at him for the longest time. Somehow, his comment was not comforting and I was wondering just what this, 'pollination' nonsense was all about.

"Mr. Kilgallen, you are the second person to make a remark about, 'pollination'! Now, just what in the hell do you mean?"

He began laughing and, before I knew what I was doing, I started laughing as well. That laughter broke the wall of self-pity and shame that I had constructed about me and I truly began my return to normality. Henry let our amusement subside and then he began telling me a story.

"Maggie, many years ago when Leverton was first established, those of us who come to earth from places far out in space attempted to breed our species with you earth females. From the records that those first travelers left behind, I have been able to discern that these inter-species breeding attempts were dismal failures. Yet they did have one positive result. Somehow, those individuals discovered that the sex that they had performed with the earth females had resulted in a form of an infection. The earth females couldn't be bred so as to produce some kind of joint creatures, but they, the earth females, could sustain and even grow a form of fungus! And it was discovered that most of the travelers had imported the spores of this fungus in or on their own sex organs! Other than being a nice scientific discovery, this fact would have been of no interest to the space travelers - EXCEPT – and that is a very big exception – this particular fungus was extraordinarily valuable on several of the planets from which these travelers came!

Well, you can imagine what developed next. An immediate effort was begun to, 'farm' you earth females. At first, everything worked well. The fungus thrived in the bodies of the earth females and they themselves seemed to thrive as the fungus matured. Trouble arose when the space travelers attempted to harvest the mature fungal plants. They attempted to remove every vestige of the fungus from the bodies of the earth females. This failed because it resulted in the deaths of most of the fungus carriers. Obviously, this farming of the fungus would never be successful if the host bodies died as a result. The various earthen governments complained and threatened to stop any arrivals from space using force if necessary. Fortunately, a second procedure was discovered and put into operation and it is that procedure that we use today."

"So, now you are using us as farm animals in order to grow this damned fungus?"

"Yes, in a true sense, we are, but what had been discovered and what led to today's procedures was a totally unsuspected condition. You see, Maggie this is not just a one-sided process. Both of us receive benefits from this joint venture. The surgeons of that time discovered that they could retrieve most of the fungal growth without any damage to the earth females. So, rather than lose the whole future crop, they decided to settle for ninety percent of the present-day crop. Their planetary inhabitants got a steady supply of the fungus and the earth females lived happily ever after – as one of your children's stories would have it."

"That's just great! You creatures get what you want, but I don't hear anything about what we humans got in return. Or, are we just supposed to be happy and grateful that you have selected us poor idiots to have something the size of a fire hose being pushed into our asses so you can get your rare fungus!"

"No, Maggie that isn't it at all. Your benefit will become evident in the next few weeks. You see, what those early pioneers learned was that you earth females have an innate sexual affinity for the effects generated by this fungus. Soon, the spores that have been implanted in your bowels will begin to germinate and then you will move onto a different plane – as it were. You may have judged yourself to be one of the sexiest of females on the earth, but, to use an old stage expression, you ain't seen nothin' yet! These fungal spores will exude a chemical that will react with your nervous and sexual systems as though it were a powerful aphrodisiac. And this, your private aphrodisiac, will be administered to you every hour of every day so long as you live! Achieving orgasm will become not just a fun thing to do, but also a huge necessity!

You and I haven't spoken much during the short time you have been in Leverton, but I know from what others have said about you that you are a very intelligent woman. By now, you must have realized what it is that makes Leverton the sex capital of the world. It is the farming, the reaping and the enjoyment of the effects of this fungus!"

We sat in complete silence for a very long time while I attempted to digest all that Henry had revealed to me. I couldn't help but wonder what a daily dose of an aphrodisiac would be like. To be honest, just the thought of that happening to me was making my cunt juice. I felt a startling amount of sexual arousal deep within my belly. I had to fight the temptation to scream out my feelings of sexual desire to the world. Then, Henry lowered the boom on me!

"As with all things, this situation is not without its' drawbacks. The people of Leverton can never leave this enclave."

"Why not?"

"Two reasons. First, once you experience the effects o f this fungus – particularly the effects upon your libido – you will have to recognize the fact that you can never find another earth community that will tolerate the extremely liberal attitude towards sexual matters that you have even now developed. So, life outside of Leverton is all but impossible. Secondly, your government would not permit any of the Leverton inhabitants – whether male or female - to rejoin the, 'normal' community. What was the name of that terrible woman who spread disease wherever she went? Oh, yes. Typhoid Mary. You see Maggie, we infect the females of Leverton with the fungus and they, in turn, infect the males so everyone in Leverton carries some measure of the fungus infection. Your government could not tolerate letting this type of plague hit their communities. You would be hunted own and either returned to Leverton or....."

There was no need for him to complete that sentence.

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