tagIllustratedThe Adventures of Thatman

The Adventures of Thatman

bySean Renaud©

This story is about New Seras. The city is known more for its crime than for anything else it exports. In the last ten years it has produced seven mass murderers and twice that many serial killers many of which still roam free untouchable by the police. Whenever something happens in New Seras there is only one man that anybody turns to for help. There is only one man that can help and his name is Thatman.

Not much is known about Thatman other than he helps people. He's got some kind of military or martial arts training, possibly both judging from the way he handles himself. He's either an incredibly intelligent inventor or knows one personally. Many of the gadgets he uses are nearly one of a kind and he almost never leaves anything behind. What he does leave behind is usually useless but even the military inspectors are baffled by his gas powered grapple guns or the speed of his personal tank. In order to fund the things he does he is either connected directly to the government or he's rich. The second is more likely. New Seras is such a shithole that the US government would sooner grant its independence just so it could build a wall around it and keep it anything from getting out than send their private super soldier to the city. Unless it was some kind of test, New Seras was certainly more violent than Afghanistan or Iraq or any other place that the US was seeing action at the moment. Other than that nobody knows anything about Thatman. Not where he lives, not where he's based out of, not where he gets his equipment. Nothing. They know the stats. He's a white male between six and six three, several of the officers who've met him suspect that he has lifts in his boots to make him more intimidating. He's approximately two hundred and thirty pounds. Even his hair and eye color are secreted behind the cowl of his. New Seras City belongs to Thatman and he keeps it safe from the worst of what lurks in the darkness.

Tonight Thatman is running along the skyline leaping from building to building as casually as a child playing hopscotch in pursuit of a woman. The woman's costume is a mockery of a Catholic Schoolgirl's outfit, more like something a stripper would wear. The skirt doesn't even make an honest attempt to conceal the bubblegum pink thong she wears and the thigh high tube socks are almost like beacons pointing directly to her heart shaped rump. The button down blouse is only fastened once just beneath her breasts and that's where it ends leaving her belly exposed. Her hair is done up in a pair of pig tails that trail behind her as she leaps from building to building. The only thing modest about her costume is a pair of plain white tennis shoes which was the only consensus she made to her life of crime. She would have made more money faster being a stripper. Maybe she was a criminal for the thrill. Maybe her parents had kicked her out on her eighteenth birthday.

Thatman followed School Girl through her death defying game of follow the leader as she dove off a building took hold of a flagpole for a quick change of direction and ran along the side of a building until she was close enough to an eighteen wheeler to make the leap. Somehow he made it all look easy at even as she started leapfrogging from car to car. It wasn't until she pulled out a bag of jacks and threw them onto the street popping tires and sending cars skidding wildly out of control that he started taking her seriously. Then it was only a couple more moments before he tackled Schoolgirl and had her pinned to the top of a bus.

Even for a man like Thatman it was impossible not to notice the shapely woman squirming beneath him. He was straddling her torso so her breasts were bouncing between his thighs when they burst free of their prison. Her full red lips were slightly parted in a petulant pout when she noticed the gleam in his eyes. More important than the gleam in his eyes she noticed the girth in his tights straining as if it had a mind of its own. It was easy for Schoolgirl to lean forward and capture the spandex between her teeth tugging it just far enough to free Thatman's cock.

He should have stopped her right then. Not only was it wrong to have sex with a villain who'd just caused so much chaos but worse it was in public. Already there were cars starting to slow and gawk as the Schoolgirl wrapped her lips around Thatman's cock and started rhythmically bobbing her head and down. The fact was no man would be able to resist the way her tongue spiraled and traced the veins of his cock flesh. That was without her crystal blue eyes staring up into his as she performed.

When she took a break to ask Thatman to fuck her the request was granted immediately. Careful to keep her pinned and helpless he took her ankles and folded her nearly in half. Bubblegum pink panties were yanked to one side revealing that her blonde hair was a dye job. Thatman only noted that for a second before sinking his cock into her sweet wet warmth. Schoolgirl whimpered and mewled like she was auditioning to be in a porn video doing everything in her power to make Thatman feel like a real man. He loved it as did the inhabitants of the bus who were on their feet and out the windows for a closer look of their local hero and one of villains who seemed to rule the city.

Schoolgirl was bucking her hips up against Thatman hard enough to leave dents on the rooftop and that part she wasn't faking. Thatman could feel the tremors shooting up along her thighs and her cunt quivering and clenching around him. One last scream parted her cherry red lips and came nearly flipping him off her when her body tried to jackknife. Thatman only barely held onto her and thrust as far into the villainess as he could and dumped his seed into her womb.

A lesser man would have let her go in thanks. Thatman isn't a lesser man. He is the guardian of New Seras City. He left her hanging from a streetlight. His cum was dripping down her slender shaven thighs when the police took her into custody.

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