tagGay MaleThe Advenures of Urlen Ch. 10

The Advenures of Urlen Ch. 10



The Adventures of Urlen – Chapter 10

A few years ago the World Youth Games were held in my home city in the UK and my parents were approached to act as hosts to competitors who for whatever reason were not to be accommodated in the competitors' village. Shortly before the Games got underway we were phoned to say that there was a sole competitor from Papua New Guinea who was taking part in the swimming. He was officially recognized by his country but was traveling with his sponsor and his coach. The sponsor and the coach would have separate arrangements made for them but would my parents be prepared to give hospitality to the swimmer, ensuring that he had breakfast in the morning and a bed to sleep in at night. We were told that he spoke quite good English and that he was polite and well mannered.

There was one slight snag : the request came so late that my parents, not expecting one, had fixed up to spend a month in South Africa visiting my elder sister; but as I was 21 and about to start my last year at University, it was agreed that I could act as host in their place. Our house was quite a large one and I was pleased with the idea of not being alone during the Games, which I was keen to attend.

It was quite a shock when he arrived because his sponsor turned out to be a gorgeous Norwegian blonde, called Ingrid, in her mid-thirties, with long, flowing blonde hair and a determined manner. She spoke English so well that it was difficult to tell whether she anything but English. His coach, Anton, was originally from Czechoslovakia but he had worked in England and had lived for some time in Papua New Guinea. He spoke both Lomi's dialect and English with fluency and he told me that Lomi and Ingrid were engaged to be married, even though Lomi was only about 21. When I asked him why he was only "about" 21, Anton told me that he had been born on one of Papua New Guinea's many islands, the youngest of a large family. They were too poor to send him to school and no record had been kept of his birth. On this island, apparently, it was the custom for the youngest member of the family to look after the parents as they aged; and as Lomi, who was about eight years younger than the next older brother and may have been younger than some of his nephews and nieces, it fell to him to look after his parents. They both died when he was about 14 and he was left an orphan. Meanwhile he had helped with tourism on the island, which is how he met Anton, who was the first entrepreneur to arrive there from the West. He acted as a caddy on the new golf course, he took tourists out fishing in a boat and he spent a lot of time in the water swimming. Though he had had no formal education he was intelligent and had quickly picked up enough English to serve his needs.

Anton helped him when necessary, realizing that Lomi had a specific talent for swimming; and since he had been a coach in England before coming to Papua New Guinea, he took the lad in hand. His progress was so rapid that an application for him to represent PNG in the 50 metres freestyle event at the Youth Games was officially accepted by the person responsible for vetting and authorizing the application, namely Ingrid! At this stage in her career she was acting for the PNG Government.

As soon as I met Lomi I realized why Ingrid had got her hands on him. He was one of those people from whom good nature seems to shine out of his eyes. He had lovely manners, a beaming smile, immensely good humour, found everything interesting and on greeting you he clasped both hands together in the attitude of prayer and bowed his head over them. Except for his nose, which was a little too snub for the western ideal of beauty, he was exceptionally good-looking, with fine dark hair, deep brown eyes and a figure so slim that I was not surprised he was fast through the water. Training with Anton had given him broader shoulders than he might otherwise have had, so he looked the picture of fitness and good health.

When he was introduced to me, he bowed over his triangulated hands, gave me a broad smile and said "Hello, Urlen, please call me Lomi." I was pleased because the name that had been spelt on the paper introducing him to my parents had been several syllables long and looked unpronounceable in English-speak.

Ingrid was quick to take charge. "Lomi will stay with you here, now, and you will give him breakfast in the morning. Then I will arrange for a taxi to take him to the swimming baths so that he can practise. In the evening he will come to my hotel and I will arrange for him to come back to you at about 10 o'clock."

I noticed that Anton grimaced while Ingrid was telling me this, giving me the feeling that he disapproved of the way she dominated things. I was astounded at the thought that Ingrid and Lomi could be engaged to be married and determined to find out more from Anton in due course.

When we were left alone Lomi turned out to be talkative, though he had problems with pronouns and verbs. By temperament he was naturally cheerful and he was full of curiosity about the English way of life. I soon learned that this was his first trip outside PNG and that he was a "jungle boy", having been raised in a village far from twentieth century civilization. When I asked him if he had a religion, he was not sure what I meant. I gathered that his family (his numerous brothers and sisters) were fond of him but too poor and too preoccupied with their own affairs to do much for him, and he spoke more of Anton than anyone else. That first evening was not the time to press him on the subject of Ingrid, but - thinking about it - I could see that it was in his interest to tie himself to her wheel. She was his sponsor and was making the trip possible for him. From Ingrid's point of view, however, I could see why she wanted him. Not only was he devastatingly attractive to look at, but his warm brown skin against her golden hair and white skin made a stunning contrast. Moreover he never talked back at her - or anyone else, for that matter. He greeted everyone with smiles and the same winning bow of the head over clasped hands.

The next morning, after I had given him a vegetarian breakfast, a taxi, sent by Ingrid, arrived to take him to the swimming pool. Later that morning I went down to see him swim; and a lovely sight he was, so slim-hipped in his swimming trunks that if you saw him from the side he looked as thin as a piece of paper. There was a smooth bulge in his trunks, but because he was so streamlined he swam like a fish and I was not surprised that he had met the minimum time for qualification. He and Anton worked well together, Anton using as few words as possible, and Lomi being willing to try out anything his coach suggested.

There was a week's acclimatization and practice for competitors before the week of the Games and Lomi worked hard, setting off each morning in his taxi at about nine o'clock and returning in the evening at 10. Sometimes Ingrid accompanied him, sometimes not.

It was a few days before the first heat that things changed dramatically. My computer was in his bedroom and I needed to look something up on the internet. He had gone to bed as soon as he got in and I could see from the light shining under his door that he was still awake. I therefore knocked, rather perfunctorily, and went in. I saw at once that he hadn't heard my knock because he was lying back on his pillow with ear-phones on. At the same time there was a rhythmic motion going on under the single sheet that covered his body which could mean only one thing. When he saw that I had entered the room, the movements quickly stopped, he took off his ear-phones, placed his hands triangularly together over the hump under the sheet and bowed his head in his usual greeting. He looked startled but not especially embarrassed.

"Sorry, Lomi," I said, "I didn't realise that you hadn't heard my knock. Carry on, if you like" - and I looked meaningfully at his hands and the hump they were covering.

He gave me his dazzling smile. "Is all right, Urlen," he said.

"Were you thinking of Ingrid?" I asked.

"No" (turning his hands down so that they pointed suggestively at the hump) "No - only myself."

"Do you do it often?" I asked, amazed because as far as I knew he had just spent an evening with Ingrid.

"Yes" he said simply. "I come quick - very quick."

There was a pause as I took this in and then he said "You, Urlen, like to see?" He pointed again at the ridge his dick was making in the bed.

Would I like to see! I sensed that familiar stirring in my loins which comes with the certain knowledge that sex is at hand and I made my way over to his bed and sat beside him feeling very excited indeed. He wasn't at all shy : as soon as I sat beside him he threw back the sheet and revealed all.

My first impression was how dark his ball sac was. Then my eyes focused on his dick. It was very stiff and pointing up towards his belly rather than into the air. It was uncut, quite slight in girth and length, and the foreskin was short, wrinkled and loose. It looked well used! As I watched he put his hand on it and peeled the foreskin back, revealing a small but shapely glans which gleamed purple in the bedside-lamplight. The foreskin was too loose to clip in behind the rim and he moved it gently up and down, covering and re-exposing his knob.

"You like?" he said.

"You're lovely" I replied breathlessly, my own dick tenting my jeans and wanting to get out into the open.

"You like to touch?" he said. "I cum very quick."

I placed my hand on his shaft and pulled back the foreskin as I had seen him do. He took a deep breath, then placed his hand on mine and moved it up and down to establish the rhythm he liked. Then he leaned back and closed his eyes while I stroked him, up and down, up and down. I felt his dick swell and contract several times and then there was a big swelling and another deep breath and he gasped "I cum". As I watched, the bubble of clear pre-cum which had appeared at the tip of his glans suddenly bloomed white and an ooze of white sperm appeared, growing longer and falling on my finger and thumb as he panted in the ecstasy of orgasm.

I looked up into his face. His eyes were closed but as I looked they opened, and a brilliant smile overspread his face. "Thank you" he said. "You, wonderful."

"You're wonderful too" I said, wondering with my hard-on pressing so tightly against my jeans whether he would be interested in stroking me.

I didn't have long to wait. Seeing the bulge in my jeans he placed his finger on it and said "Show."

I needed no further encouragement. I undid my belt and with one movement dropped both my jeans and my underpants to the floor. My eight inch dick sprung out, only inches from his eyes. "You - long" he said, fingering my foreskin and pulling it back so that it clipped in behind the rim of my glans, wet with pre-cum. "You longer than Anton … but he … more fat."

I was stunned! Was Lomi having it off with Anton, Ingrid AND myself? There seemed no end to his sexual appetite. But I had no time to think about this at that moment - I had other pressing urges which Lomi was now attending to, very gently and sensitively. He ran his slim fingers up and down my shaft and used my pre-cum to slide his fingers over my knob. I almost came, there and then, and it was a relief when he said "Lie here - by me." I joined him on the narrow bed, felt with my hand for his newly stiffening dick and let him wank me, which he did with great expertise. When I was ready to shoot I told him "Here it comes" and I surrendered entirely to waves of orgasmic pleasure as I pumped out my load, shooting the first jet high onto my chest.

He was amazed, being more of an oozer himself, saying "That bigger than Anton; that great," and he began again to apply himself to his own, reflated dick, working harder at it this time. When I had recovered I replaced his hand with mine and it was not long before his second orgasm produced another ooze of spunk - not so much this time, but thick and creamy. He groaned with pleasure as he came and the well-toned muscles on his midriff jerked in spasmodic sympathy with the sensations in his dick.

It was time for me to leave him to catch up with his sleep and to restore his energy levels for swimming the next day. I left him, lying naked on the bed, a beautiful sight with his lithe, graceful body and his dick, limp and inert, softly curled on his pubic hair..

When I got to my own bed I reflected on what I had learned about Anton. I knew that he was Czech but had lived for several years in Papua New Guinea. I judged him to be in his mid-thirties; he was of medium stature and stocky, rather than well built, though not at all fat (except, as Lomi had said, in one exciting respect.) He was bronzed, with short hair, rather ordinary looks and intelligent blue eyes. At first sight he didn't look particularly sexy or attractive but I instinctively reckoned him to be reliable - and a good friend for Lomi to have. If they were "lovers" - well, good for them!

The next morning when my alarm clock went off at 8.00 I made Lomi a cup of his favourite tea, which he drank black with lots of sugar. I took it to his room with my own cup of coffee and found him awake, with his headphones on listening to music. When he saw me he took them off, gave me a beaming smile and bowed his head over his hands in his customary greeting. He took the cup from me and I sat on the side of his bed while we slowly drank. My hand was not far from his knee and as I reached the end of my coffee I found that it had strayed so that it was resting on his thigh. Again that exciting, dick-stiffening sexual tingle shot through me as I realized that he was enjoying the way my hand was reaching up towards his dick. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the sheet covering his nakedness rise in a shallow bulge and soon I was able to caress it through the sheet. Lomi said nothing - just smiled and finished his tea. Then he threw back the sheet and there again, in the full light of day, was that magnificent, slim, dark body and the shapely dick begging for attention.

"Doesn't it take away energy for swimming if you cum again?" I asked, but he shook his head and said that he often did it in the morning. Slowly, therefore, I unpeeled his foreskin and moved it smoothly up, down and over his neat glans until with a sigh of contentment he lay back on his pillow, closed his eyes and gave himself over the sensations welling up in his loins. Once again it didn't take long for a bubble of clear pre-cum to bloom white as he fell into the abyss, and he moaned with pleasure as a thick ooze of creamy cum inched out of his engorged dick.

"You'd better have a shower" I said when he was limp again. "You won't want Ingrid or Anton to know what you've been up to this morning and the taxi will be here soon to take you to the pool." He just grinned and said that Anton only counted the seconds and that Ingrid would be happy because he was meeting her in the hotel that evening. He said he might be back late on that account.

After this the mornings followed a similar pattern - almost a kind of ritual. I would take Lomi his tea soon after 8.00 am, wearing only a toweling dressing gown and placing his mug of tea and mine of coffee on the table beside his bed before I drew open the curtains. He liked me to open the window too because, coming from the jungle where motorized traffic scarcely existed, he actually enjoyed the sound of the traffic outside As I turned towards him with the light and the sound of the commuters streaming in, he would bow his head over his clasped hands and smile his morning greeting to me, his hands resting on the sheet above his crotch. Then I would sit on the bed beside him and we would slowly drink from our mugs while I placed my free hand on his thigh and he kept his over his rising dick. Anticipating the thrill of what was to come was itself a thrill and we both loved it.

When we had finished our drinks we would place the mugs carefully back on the bedside table and he would throw back the sheet that covered his lean body and move across to allow me to lie beside him. Meanwhile I had taken off my dressing gown and placed myself beside him, caressing his nipples and slowly letting my fingers descend to his adorable dick. Once they had found it, he always placed his hand over mine to start the stroking rhythm, then took it away, leaned back and closed his eyes. His pre-cum arrived almost immediately and it never took long for him to cum - about a minute, I guess. I could tell when he was close because his ball sac tightened, his balls moved up close to the base of his cock root and he started to breathe faster. Only once did he say anything in his own language when he reached orgasm; and after it was over he would smile, recover a little and then turn his attention to me. He had wonderfully deft fingers, using my pre-cum as a lubricant to stimulate me; and I never did anything to delay my climax, though I was a little slower to cum than he was. He loved the arching trajectory that my first spurt made high in the air before landing on my chest. After I had finished pumping, we would lie quite still in each other's arms until we knew it was time to wash and dress and be in time for his morning taxi to the baths.

After he had gone I would make his bed, do whatever chores needed doing about the house and see to the shopping. Sometimes I would go to the baths to see how Lomi was getting on and it was on one of these occasions that I fell into conversation with his coach, Anton. He proved very interesting to talk to and because I knew that Lomi would be spending the evening with Ingrid, I decided to ask him if he would like to have his evening meal at my house. He said he would be delighted and I went back home to prepare for his arrival.

He arrived promptly at 7.30 pm, bringing with him a bottle of red wine. As I was not much of a cook I had ordered a pizza, which arrived while we were consuming several cans of beer, and we ate it at the table with a salad which I had bought earlier in the day. For a sweet course we had a gateau from the same supermarket.

What with the beer and the wine and some whisky after the meal, Anton became quite chatty and told me a lot that I had not previously known about the culture on Lomi's country. Apparently men in the jungle region that Lomi came from were regarded quite normally as being bi-sexual, and he explained to me that this was similar to the ancient Greeks (who gave us the Olympic Games) and the culture of the Florentines around the time of the Renaissance. He said it was a Christian churchy thing for men to repress their interest in other men. When we were really warmed up with alcohol he asked me if I had a girl friend. I was a little taken by surprise at the suddenness of the question and replied almost defensively "Not at the moment". A pause followed this admission and then he said "So your hand takes care of your own sexual needs, does it?"

I said "Yes - in a manner of speaking." Then I decided to lob the same question back at him, knowing well that he had been intimate with Lomi. "How about you? Do you have local girlfriends in PNG?"

He reflected for a moment and then said "Girls in Papua New Guinea can give you unpleasant diseases. I prefer to be in charge of myself." Another pause - and then the confession "Or with Lomi, of course." If he expected me to be surprised, then he must have been disappointed for I said "Yes, I know about that."

"You do? Lomi told you?"

I nodded.

"Forgive me asking" he said, "But have you had sex with him?" I nodded again. "You see, when I agreed to come over here as his coach and Ingrid said she would sponsor us both, we made a deal that it would be better for us not to continue having sex in case Ingrid found out. She's very protective and very demanding of him. Did you know that she sometimes asks him to cum two or three times when they're together? She doesn't know about you and Lomi, I hope?"

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