tagPoetry With AudioThe Agony Of Your Love...

The Agony Of Your Love...


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(I own the copy right to this poem, so please do not use it without my permission, thank you.)

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I’d give it up…just to make you happy.

I’d crawl back into my former self, and pull down the blinds. Letting none of my inner light peek out, and only allowing you in to see it, for you would be the reason it’d shine.

I’d lock the doors that had been opened to all who would enter, and give only you the key to reopen them.

I’d bottle up all my love, and give it to you only, instead of sharing it with all who would take a drink.

I would build my throne on your strength, letting only you hold me, instead of carrying it around with me where ever I happen to go.

I would give you my art work; letting only you gaze upon it, instead of handing it out to who ever would take it.

I’d give it up because you have seeped into my blood, and my thoughts, and not a day goes by where I do not miss you if you are not around; to where my heart flutters with whatever words you speak to me.

I would cleanse myself of the vulgar ghosts that I have hidden deep within me, in hopes that they shall not return to invade my thoughts and to seduce me into old habits.

I would love you and only you, if only you could love me, and if not, I’d still love you.

My every tear and each wince of pain does not matter, for the beating of my heart drowns it out, and though my heart may scream in agony, I will not, because it is you who makes it scream...

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