tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 02

The Alley of No Return Ch. 02


Part Two : Infection

Jason Peters took his seat after moving his way through the darkness apologising where necessary, and reclaimed his seat next to Gemma St. James. He smiled at her as he sat down, and she looked at him perplexed.

"Have you been ill Jason?" she asked, as the three other friends too looked over.

"Sshh watch the end," Jason said; conscious of the disturbance he had caused.

They sat back; but Gemma couldn't concentrate on the play any more. There was a familiar mix of scent on the air; on Jason. It was Chanel parfum yes; which she often wore herself; but then a smell which filed her nostrils and sent a shudder of fond recollection down to her stomach; butterflies aroused. It was cigarette smoke. He reeked of it.

Gemma's heart beat fast. Could Jason Peters be a smoker??? She had been at college with him a year, and never even suspected it. They were all grade A students and grade A students were to intelligent to smoke weren't they? There were indeed few students at college who did smoke; and those that did were part of a group she was fearful of...even if a little excited by. They were rebels; artists; freaks. But for Jason to be a smoker; well that sent her heart pounding with fear and anticipation. Could it be true?

"Jason" she whispered "....have you been smoking? You're not a smoker are you? How long?"

Jason looked at her from under his fringe in the darkness, a glint in his eye she had never seen before.

"I have been smoking all my short life..." he said cryptically.

She turned away; nervous of Jason's stare, but also her heart was now beating nineteen to the dozen ; pounding a drumbeat in her chest that made her want to join the dance.

She had not had a cigarette since her first boyfriend had taught her to inhale some time ago. But her parents had gone berserk and forbade her from seeing him again as they had seen the spectacle outside the corner shop as they had driven past one foggy night. They did not speak to her apart from brusque commands for weeks, and finally she had broken down in tears and promised them she would never smoke again. She had put Alan Phillips out of her mind for good; though this had brought the memory flooding back of her first encounter with a boy of her own age; they had kissed and he had passed the smoke into her lungs. How excited she was then; and now it had flooded back. While she liked Jason Peters, she hadn't really found him sexually attractive; but she did now. He had a dark side; and she was already finding herself being seduced by it.

She didn't speak another word to him until they got to the pub nearby after the play. They entered through the small crowd of smokers gathered outside shivering in the cold, and she was glad to have her grandmother's old seventies black tightly waisted faux fur, as they made her feel cold to look at them. She looked at Jason; who had not spoken a word to any of them, and the others were engrossed in arguing about the performance.

"I like the smell of smoke Jason..." she said as they waltzed through the haze that hung outside and she breathed it in with fond memories. "Can we come outside when we get our drinks?" she said eagerly.

Jason looked and flashed her an evil smile.

"Sure" he said simply, and waved over at Jane Matthews who was getting in her friend's car across the road.

"Wow you know her?" Gemma asked. "What a beautiful coat. She is amazing. I like my fur but that is incredible. So glamorous. How do you know her?"

"She was my teacher ...." Ben said grinning "....yes she is a stunner ain't she?" he said as he placed his arm around Gemma's waist and her heart skipped a beat. "I like your fur too he said; and you're prettier than her" he whispered as they entered the pub. Pretty was the word. She certainly wasn't as beautiful, or as sexy...but he felt that she was keen to learn.

After the round was got in by Jason; he turned to the others.

"We are going outside...you joining us?"

As he awaited their response, he placed six pound coins into the machine and pulled the drawer firmly at the marlboro lights option.

The other stared in disbelief.

Jason Peters was a smoker.

Flushed with arousal and submitting willingly to this new side of Jason , this Dark Knight, Gemma grabbed under his arm. "See you out there," she smiled at the others; which included her younger brother Ben.

Now Ben's heart began to pound. His sister...a smoker? No no it couldn't be; she was too lovely; too perfect; he idolised her. She couldn't possibly even go out with a smoker. It couldn't be.

"Come on..." Rebecca grabbed hold of Ben and Liam's hands and took them outside.

Rebecca too could now come out of the closet, and put her gloved hand in her deep shearling sheepskin coat pocket with her fingerless gloves to reach for her own secret pack of Dunhill Menthol. She only smoked maybe once or twice a week; and as none of the others did never in front of them. Usually just a couple after college work in her bed-sit alone with a glass of wine.

Ben stopped in his tracks as he saw Jason Peters lighting his sisters cigarette. He was heartbroken. His sister was not after all the sweet beautiful innocent thing he thought of her as. She smoked.

Gemma inhaled as deeply as she could and held it. Once learned; never forgotten. her eyes narrowed and she exhaled high into the night perfectly; seductively. She spun on the spot in unbridled joy ; her long full dark hair cascading around the shoulders of her faux fur as it bounced back into place in the swirl of exhaled smoke.

Jason looked toward her brother; and smiled wickedly. He knew from Ben's expression he disapproved. Ben was in the first year at college, and already had a name for himself as the top athlete there. He revelled in the tears he could see welling up in Ben's eyes. He had taken his sister; made him one of the dark coven.

He may as well have f***** her in front of him. He grinned , and leaned forward, his arm around Gemma's fur clad waist, and let it slip to her bottom. Gemma moved toward him instinctively and made her orange tip sizzle next to Jason's ear, then turned and kissed him hard, exhaling inside him. Jason held it for a few moments enjoying her warm tongue on his cold lips, and then exhaled full at Ben.

"Didn't know sis was so hot huh Ben? What's up? Don't like her smoking?"

Gemma waited for his response, inhaling again on the tube which she kept to her lips to disguise her own evil smile. She looked at his pants. Her smile broadened. He may not approve; but she could tell he was as excited by the situation as she. And the little b******* had a hard on for his own sis did he? Hah.

Rebecca stepped in the diffuse the tense taunting.

"Try one Ben. They are menthol; everyone likes menthol. Come on...be a devil..." she winked at him, tempting him with as much seductive charm as her 19 years had learned. .

Liam didn't need any encouragement. He eagerly fumbled for one from her outstretched pack and she lit hers and his together.

"Go on Ben. You really don't want to be left out do you?" she whispered to him, letting her exhale cascade over his face.

Ben hated smoking. But he couldn't help being aroused. His sister and this gorgeous blonde Rebecca, neither of whom he had ever expected to be smokers, flicked the ends of the long white tubes at their sides in teasing temptation. As Liam engaged Gemma and Jason in conversation about the play, Rebecca moved in for the kill.

"Ben I thought you said you liked me? What's wrong; you don't like me because now you know I'm a smoker?"

A tear flowed down Ben's face as he watched first his sister giggle an exhale as she chatted animatedly waving her cigarette, Jason Peters arms all over her, and then turned to study Rebecca's perfect countenance to see her eyes narrowed with an expression of wicked intent illuminated in an orange glow just inches from his face. His heart pounded. She was beautiful And he wanted communion with her.

"no no...he said...that is just the problem....I always hated smoking...but...but I do like you because you smoke. Even more than I did already. Kiss me".

Ben didn't have to ask again as Rebecca lunged at him; her hot mouth filled with the corruptive vapour, and when his mouth opened and she played just a moment with his tongue, she shot the thick smoke into his athlete's lungs, smiling with the thought of what she was doing to him.

Ben St. James felt the nicotine course to his erection and it pressed against her soft shearling second skin. He broke off he kiss and exhaled. He was dizzy, and he didn't feel sick. It felt good. He felt one with her. She felt good; better than he had ever hoped. He looked at her eyes twinkling a mischievous light he hadn't seen in them before, and admired her beauty as she flicked her long blonde hair and took a deep drag on her dunhill again. The menthol taste was now overwhelming him. Rebecca tasted so fresh and the smoke was not the acrid invader he had always thought but a gentle powerful lover that nonetheless gripped him hard.

"More..." he whispered, smiling as he watched her inhale and exhale again a thick jet into the night.

Rebecca grinned her eyes glinting with black desire as she pressed her cigarette against his lips and her thigh between his as it slipped from her coat. She sighed with awe as he learned quickly; smoke billowing from his nostrils as his eyes closed with ecstasy. "You're mine Ben St. James; you wicked boy..." and she collapsed into his arms, her cigarette behind his back as she felt his manhood against her, and they kissed deeply with the smoke again.

Jane Matthews smiled as she watched as she and her colleague Elaine lit up cigarettes themselves in the stationary car opposite. She shivered in glee at her corruptive tapestry she had weaved and was growing into a beautiful tableaux on this cold winter night.

"We had better get to the restaurant Elaine... we can smoke outside; Carlo will join us."

"He smokes?" Elaine asked.

Jane just smiled again. So did Elaine, pulling hard on her cigarette as she started the car into motion.

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