tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 22

The Alley of No Return Ch. 22


Chapter 22 : Missionary Positions

Author's preface:

Again I ask if smoking and furs don't do it for you read no further. Likewise, if you find corruption of someone with religious faith especially through force, or threesome involving two men and a woman offensive, get outta here now!

Or you may lose your soul....

Personally, I find them all thrilling illicit fun and this is one of my fantasies.

Jane Matthews, author and character.


"Man you smell of smoke" said Art Fielding , Mormon elder, to his colleague elder Lee Fossey, his young brow furrowed with disgust.

"Yes will this lady smokes...doesn't make her bad does it? Anyhow she is interested in the Church..." Lee replied virtually frog marching the younger man to the luxury apartment block where he had spent the last hour with the beautiful Jane Matthews and was determined to return.

"Easy does it okay okay..." said Art "... if we need to talk with her that's fine...what is it...she gorgeous or something?"

"You could say that" Lee said with a dark smile that made Art uncomfortable.

He was right to feel something wrong.

Art had been waiting in the doctor's surgery for over an hour for a wasp sting to be treated , and had no idea what his colleague had been up to as he had waited.

Above him in the window Jane Matthews stood watching the boys head toward her. Her freshly lit cigarette dangled from moist crimson lips as her fingers probed her insides with feverish rhythm.

"Oh now he is cute..." she murmured as she pleasured herself.

Jane extinguished her cigarette and wrapped the blue fox coat around herself disguising her nakedness.

"Hhmmm I'd rather go naked IN fur...." she laughed to herself as she felt the thick soft pelts lap the heightened sensuality of her body.

She walked to the kitchen opening the door on the way knowing Lee would lead the other elder directly through.

Two minutes later the young elders were in the kitchen doorway.

"Decaf young man...?" Jane asked shaking the jar at the shivering elder whose wrist was bandaged; "How was the wasp sting? I am Jane Matthews by the way... nice to meet you."

"Err...yes please...and oh yes f...f...fine thanks the cream has got rid of the pain and the swelling already seems to be going...my name is Art f...f...Fielding...feeling is mutual..." stuttered Art as he surveyed the stunning woman head to boot in the most amazing full fur coat he had ever seen.

"Wow..." he said under his breath and looked at Lee who smiled another dark glance back at him.

Jane sauntered toward him smiling from beneath her raven bob seductively and passed him the steaming coffee.

"You're sure it's decaf?" Art said sipping.

"Oh yes..." Jane lied with a grin "...I know all about the needs of you young men."

She laughed and buried her hand in the pocket of her fur to retrieve the cigarettes and lighter. Art's heart pounded. Oh no surely not...someone this beautiful couldn't possibly be a smoker...no it couldn't be.

Jane retrieved two long slim menthol sticks from the pack and lit them both, passing one to Lee.

Lee who Art looked up to; even...yes admired. Lee...his athletic chest already expanding as it inhaled the noxious chemicals.

Art was speechless. He tried to speak but the combination of the sight such a beautiful woman and handsome man who he nursed a bit of a crush on paralysed him with fear and desire. To Art, they were doing something unspeakably evil but it excited him beyond belief.

Jane moved close to him and performed a perfect french inhale, then slowly exhaled a stream of smoke aimed close to his face. Her fur was touching him, and her arm was stroking his shoulder. He felt warm instantly.

"Would you like a cigarette Art?" Jane asked softly in the most seductive whisper she could.

Art recomposed himself. He was a man of the Church and he could not understand either the throbbing erection he had between his legs or what was going on here.

Tears filled his wide eyes as he looked up at the narrowed ones of elder Lee Fossey as he too took a strong drag making the end of his cigarette sizzle near Art's face. Lee promptly too exhaled over him and Art's cock jerked in disobedient response.

"Wh..wha..what are you doing man? You're smoking...how could you? Wha..."

Jane Matthews silenced the boy by forcing the lipstick stained filter of her white cigarette to his lips and pressing her body against him.

"Do it!" she commanded. "Smoke for me you bad boy; I know what you want..." she whispered in his ear squeezing the erection in his suit pants with her other hand.

Art struggled. He pulled himself away and spat an uninhaled wisp of smoke from his lips.

Jane smiled. "mmm cute but not altogether willing..." she whispered smiling.

"Tut tut" I think I am going to have to use ...coercion." Jane smiled, continuing . "Hold him there Lee..." Jane smiled turning on her heels on the marble floor and flicking the cigarette nonchalantly at her side as Art's cock throbbed again at the sight of her ass wriggling away in the fur.

Lee towered above Art and he looked up into his eyes. They were different. Dare he say, evil. He felt helpless as the more powerful man held his wrists against the wall.

"She's a hot bitch ain't she Art...or is it me ya have the hots for?" Lee teased spreading his prisoner's legs akimbo with his black suited thigh and feeling Art's protrusion.

Lee took a hard drag on his cigarette and exhaled close to the face of the boy who's secret bisexuality was now in the open.

Art Fossey had joined he Mormon Church of his own accord.. He had not seen his mother for some time and he had despised her smoking. It had made him feel uncomfortably aroused as had her laugh as she had encouraged him to light cigarettes for him in the car as a teenager. "You will have to learn to smoke if you want a sexy girl..." his mother had said "...don't think I ain't noticed how you stare at girls who smoke. Come on try a puff with mom hahha hhaha..." she had cackled. Of course, deep down he knew she was just trying to ease his passage to manhood, but it had given him demons inside that now threatened to consume him. As had the sleazy men, some little older than him, that she had brought home. He had watched as his mother , drunk, smoke kissed the men every time and taken them to bed.

Joining the Church had been his salvation. He had repressed his bisexuality and desire to be with a woman as beautiful as his mother who smoked.

Jane Matthews return to see Lee holding the trembling Art Fossey firm against the wall. She smiled wickedly and took the two pairs of handcuffs and clunked Art into them and to the cold chrome central heating pipes above him. Jane Matthews didn't need heating in her furs and was pleased with her eco friendly bit by saving on energy.

Once cuffed to the pipes, she took out a roll of duck tape, tore a piece off and placed it over his mouth.

Then she held his nose as he whimpered for a good minute. When he started to turn red, she exhaled smoke over his nose so he had no choice but to inhale. His writhing stopped and his body became submissively limp.

He did not cough and exhaled perfectly down his nostrils, after holding it for a few moments.

Though his eyes were still tear filled, there was a longing there. A haunted look of desire. Jane pulled the fur around her face and purred in delight. Her coat was now open and Art was staring too at her perfect erect nipples beneath.

"You've done it before, haven't you you bad boy?"

He didn't...couldn't answer, but the haunted look in his eyes spelt surrender. Not enough for Jane Matthews.

Then she turned her back on him and approached the masculine form of Lee Fossey who was already removing his shirt and tie.

Without hesitation she undid his flies and pulled out his steaming hot prick. She massaged beneath his testicles the soft fur of the cuff of her coat and watched as the wood jerked merrily to full attention. She stroked the beast in approval and took a long drag on a new cigarette and filled Lee's open eager mouth.

Art watched helplessly his colleague's naked chest expand with her essence inside him. He began to understand. As Lee's pants fell to the floor Jane Matthews mounted the thick purple cock and Art closed his eyes in ecstasy surrendering to the pleasure of what he was witnessing.

Jane turned to him as she rode, and took another deep sexy drag, and exhaled in his direction. How good it felt to have one cock thrusting deep inside inside her and another watching in full attention. Art watched incredulous as Lee clawed at the back of her fur as she smiled at his shaft drilling her .His own mother had worn furs in the cold of Idaho and he had secretly liked her in them. The bad girls who sometimes huddled together outside in the snow at the entrance to his college in their furs smoking too . His mother had been right. He was deeply attracted to wicked girls who smoked. Now his cock was begging to be inside one; begging to be consumed by her furs.

Jane dismounted and walked toward Art when she saw his reaction. Lee joined her and the two let their naked bodies rub fluids against Art's pristine suit, and bathed him in cigarette smoke. Jane ripped the tape from the boy's mouth..

"Oh mom..." Art whimpered barely audibly.

Jane heard it and smiled.

She had been trapped in a loveless marriage and partly because of her husbands hang ups. She had had eleven years without sexual fulfilment and he had beat her down psychologically too; made her feel ashamed. Now she would get her own back on men and it thrilled her to do so. She felt no shame and felt no compassion. They were just to pleasure her. She would use their every weakness and she had learned to find them quickly. She was the ultimate femme fatale and that is what turned her on; the power. As she slipped Art's thick cock from his pants she again offered him a puff on the cigarette. She squeezed his throbbing shaft gently and rubbed fur against it.

"Have a puff for mommy..." she grinned and watched Art succumb to the evil tube and suck on it for all his life was worth. Jane knew his weakness.

Turning to Lee as he smiled incredulously she took his cock too and squeezed, letting the cigarette dangle sexily from her smile. It bobbed as she spoke and she enveloped them both in the huge blue fox coat and her full exhale . Her black suede high heeled boot caressed the inside of Art's leg, and she spiked his calf with her heel as a warning to guarantee his total obedience.

"I think Art is one of us now...a new disciple. Lee.......release him and lets go to the bedroom. I am going to have some fun with these lovely, thick, nicotine addicted Mormon cocks..." she said in her deep raspy laugh.

Lee uncuffed his colleague who stood transfixed. Jane, nakedness cloaked in blue fox and high boots, took them by the hands. Their thick stiff cocks begged attentively as their souls now wore the chains of addiction to two powerful mistresses. Cigarette still dangling from her smile, Jane led the half dressed boys to the promised land...

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