tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Allure of Lingerie

The Allure of Lingerie


My name is Franz. I am a health 18 year male. I have a dirty secret. I like to watch my mother and sisters get dressed in sexy lingerie.

I am in my bedroom waiting for my mother to take a bath. Once she enters the water, I'll sneak into her walk-in closet and hide.

I hear the splashing water, so I walk softly into my mother's bedroom and there on the bed are the clothes she has laid out for today.

I see a pair of full fashion stockings, a white waist cincher with six suspenders straps, metal catches and tabs, along with matching white satin panties with lace on them, a half slip with lace trim on the hem, and a long line bra. Next to my mother's bed is a pair of tan peep toed 5" high heels.

I hear my mother getting out of the tub, so I quickly hide in her walk-in closet. I lie down on the floor close to the door, hiding in her closet surrounded by dresses, lingerie and several pair of high heels.

I watch as my mother, Caroline; comes walking into the bedroom with nothing on but a white towel around her body. She lets the towel drop in front of the mirror, revealing an hour glass figure. For 48 years old, she was a startlingly beautiful. I stare at her voluptuous breasts and all her ripe curves. She could have been a Playboy bunny when she was younger, I think. She turns away from the mirror to look at some papers on the stand, revealing shapely rounded buns.

Caroline picks up the white waist cincher and wraps it around her waist. She hooks the four fasteners of the cincher behind her waist by reaching behind her back. The cincher was snug on mother's waist with six suspender straps dangling down on her legs.

"Wow", I thought. Mother sat down on her bed getting ready to put on her nylons.

Caroline picks up a tan seamed stocking and rolled the nylon up with her fingers, down to the toe of the nylon. She bends her left leg up till it was almost on the bed.

I could see my mother's blond tuff of pubic hair. Her pubic hair was nice and thick.

I unzipped my pants unleashing my hard throbbing 8" cut cock, which is pressing against my pants. I better take it slow. I do not want mother to hear me masturbating. She might hear me moan when I cum.

Caroline stuck her toes into the tan seamed stocking pulling the stocking snug around her toes. She rolls the tan stocking up her long firm athletic leg. She reaches for the back suspender of the waist cincher pulling on it, firmly attaching the metal catch and tab to the welt of the stocking near the seam. She did that to the remaining suspenders on the left side.

I stare at my mother's nice puffy pussy lips as my mother put on the right tan seamed stocking.

Caroline stood up, walking to the mirror. She twists her body as she looking in the mirror. She bends down gripping her left ankle to adjust her stocking. "Oh my god", I glare at my mother pear shaped ass and pink rose bud along with her pussy.

I cannot resist any longer gripping my cock with my left hand. I am trying to slowly pump my cock. I want to make it last. I love this feeling, my cock throbbing as I feel my sperm building in my balls.

Mother walks back to the bed and picks up her white satin lace panties; she raises her right leg and steps into the right leg band of the white satin panties. She raises her right leg bending over slightly and steps into the leg band of the panties only to do it again for her left leg. I feel some pre-cum leaking from the tip of penis slit.

I stare intently at my mother white satin heart shaped bottom, her thighs flaring out, wearing tan seamed stockings held tightly to her snug white waist cincher.

I rub the pre-cum into my throbbing cock head. I am as hard as steel.

"God is mum a hot woman: she so fucking sexy", I thought.

Caroline reaches for and picks up the white satin 44 DD cup long line brassiere. Mother slides her arms into the straps of the long line brassiere. She reaches behind her back and fastens the long line brassiere.

I could see why mother needs a long line bra; the weight of her huge melons pulls tightly on the wide straps of her bra. I bet if she wore a spaghetti strap bra she would easily break the straps with the weight of her breasts.

I watched mother step into her white satin half slip pulling it up her legs. Her pear shaped ass wiggles as she pulls her half slip into place. She puts on her white blouse and tan skirt that has a slit in it; it hugs tight to her lower body.

My cock is ready to burst. It hurts really badly. I can barely touch it. I know I will explode!

Mother sits on the bed. She reaches down; picks up her right tan peep toed high heel and place it on her right foot. I hear her foot enter the inside of the heel as it fits snuggly against her right foot. She places the other high heel on. I see mother's red toe nails encased in tan seamed stockings peeking out of the toe slit of the high heels.

I have to cum. What if mother knew I am in here masturbating?

My poor cock is bulging, veins are pop out and my balls are full of cum. I found a black patent leather open toed 5" heel. I put my cock head into the toe opening of the left shoe. I stroked my hard throbbing stiff cock in and out of the toe opening feeling the friction of the leather on my throbbing cock.

Caroline looks at her watch. "My I am running late", said mother.

Mother grabs her hand bag and starts to run out of the bed room.

I explode all over my mother's high heel. I shoot my hot white sticky load of cream cum everywhere, moaning as I ejaculated. The spurts of my white hot cum hit the back of the high heel some staying inside, some flying and spilling down the side of the high heel on to the floor.

Mother stops in the middle of room turning and looking toward closet.

"Oh shit I am busted", I thought.

Mother listens for few minutes then leaves.

I hear Mother's car leaving.

"Wow that was great, but close", I thought.

I pick up my mother's black patent leather open toed high heel that I had just cum in. I saw cum swirling in the heel section of her shoe and cum dripping down the sides of the heel. I better get some tissues and clean this up and the floor.

I better go take a quick shower.

I take a cold shower to calm down. I got out of the shower and dried off with a towel.

Wouldn't you know it there is no hair brush in the bathroom to brush my blonde hair with?

This is what happens when four women live in the same house.

My mother brushes her hair ever night as well as my sisters. I'll go back to my mum's room for a brush since her bedroom is closer to the bathroom.

I entered my parents' bedroom with its nice parka floor. I was looking for a hair brush. I looked around the room. I saw the hair brush on a chair along with my mother's blue skirt, white blouse, white satin long bra, white satin panties with lace and bow, and a white satin girdle with tan seamed stocking still attached to it. The chair was near my parents' bed.

I was reaching for the brush in the chair.

I stubbed my toe on the bedpost of my parents' bed. "Ouch", that was smart. I started to hop around the room. I fell over the chair and everything fell on top me.

I was lying on the floor. My mother's white satin girdle had landed on my penis. Her white satin long bra was on my stomach and her panties were covering my face.

There is a strange aroma coming from my mother's white satin panties. It is a musky smell in the crotch of her panties. A smell I have never smelled before.

"Wow". The scent of my mother's pussy was emanating from her panties filling my nose. I held my mother's panties close to my nose, it was intoxicating. For some reason I felt closer to mother then I have ever felt before.

I touched the white girdle and my cock twitched. I started rubbing the girdle on my cock. My cock was stiffing with each rub. The girdle feels really good on my cock; my cock is throbbing and growing.

I picked up the white satin girdle with the seamed stocking still attached to it. I held the girdle up looked at it. The tan seamed stockings were hanging down from the girdle. The white girdle was made of some satin material with a shiny panel in the center and along the sides were triangles wedges of the same material. There were six suspenders with sliver metal catches and tabs holding the stockings in place. The white girdle had a zipper on the side.

I took the girdle and unhooked the tan nylons from it.

I held the girdle out.

I thought why not step into it, that's what my mother and sisters, would do.

I pulled the white girdle up my legs; it got tighter around my legs as I pulled it up. I could feel my cock pressing hard against the satin panel. I zipped up the zipper of the white satin girdle. WOW! I could not believe how tight the girdle felt around my waist as pulled it up to waist. Let me say it again this girdle feels so satiny and tight.

The tan seamed stockings that I had unattached were on Mother's bed.

I picked up the tan seamed stockings. I could the indentation from metal catches and tabs of the suspender attachments in the welt of the seamed stockings.

I had seen my mother and sisters put on stockings a million times.

Well, I am wearing my mum's white satin girdle.

Should I put on her tan full fashion stockings too?

I pick up the tan seamed stockings with out even thinking about it. The stockings felt so silky and smooth on my hands. "O God". These stockings do feel fabulous.

But I am a male. I should not be doing this. I put the stockings back on my mother's bed.

What am I doing? I should not be wearing my mother's clothes. Wearing women's clothes is not right especially my mother's clothes. I am not some faggot.

But my hard throbbing cock is being caressed by my mother's white satin girdle is telling me a different story.

I pick up the tan seamed stockings again. These tan seamed stockings feel so silky and wonderful in my hands. My hands took over I start rolling one of the stocking up with my fingers. Just like I had seen my sisters and mother do.

No, I should stop right now this is not right, but the stocking feels really good. What would my parents and sisters say if they knew I was wearing mum's white satin girdle? Even worst if they found out I was sniff my mother panties.

The stocking was rolled up and ready to be placed on my leg.

No, I told myself, I must not do this. I should stop.

But the nylon feels so silky sheer in my hand.

I sit on my mother's bed.

I held my left foot out and place my toes into the tan seamed stocking. So sheer, so soft, so silky the nylon stocking feels. I moaned as I rolled the stockings up my leg. I bend my leg like I had seen my Mother do and attach the nylon to the white satin girdle back suspender metal catch and tab first and the then rest. I roll the other stocking up. I place it on my other leg and attach it to the girdle.

I walked over to my mother full length mirror. I could not believe what I see. I see in the mirror I am in my mother's white satin girdle and tan full fashion stockings. The felling of the girdle and stockings is fantastic. I turned around to see if the seams of the full fashion stockings were straight. Oh god what am I doing. Did I just think that?

The girdle feels so nice and tight.

The nylons are pulling steadfast to the white satin girdle metal catches and tabs. I never felt anything like this in my entire life. The sheer soft silky stockings along with the satin girdle press on my hard cock. I just had to rub my cock in the satin girdle. Pressing and rubbing as I moaned. My cock was hurting in the open bottom girdle I have never been this hard before. My cock was trying to break through the satin panel of the girdle. I could see the indention of my throbbing hard cock in the satin panel of the girdle.

I could not help it. I squeeze my balls in my mum's girdle and stockings.

How would my mother's long line bra feel? What am I thinking? I sound like one of my sisters.

How do I even put it on? I have gone too far. I need to undress. I have to get out of my mother's clothes.

I pick up the white satin long lone bra and look at it. It had twelve hooks on the back. Well maybe I could put it on backward and turn it around, and slip my arms in the straps.

No, I need to stop. I need to stop now. "Dear God help me", I said.

Holding the white long line bra in my hands I put it on backwards and fasten the twelve hooks. I rotate the long line bra so the bra cups brushed against my nipples as I moved it into place. I slide my arms into the wide straps pulling them over my shoulders. I am wearing my mother's long line bra.

I look in the mirror at the flat bra cups of the long line bra. My mother is very busty a big breasted woman a 44DD. Her breasts are the size of melons.

I went to my mum's dressers and open the drawers.

O God, I am looking at my mother's dainties. The first drawer I open was full of panties I looked at the different colors and styles of the pretty panties. I took a few them from the drawer and stuff them into the bra to give me the appearance of breasts. The feel sent electricity though me as they touched my nipples. Wow the panties did the trick filling out the bra cups as I looked in the mirror. Plus I could smell the perfume my mother had put on the panties.

There was no going back now. I am hooked on my mother's clothes, so soft, so silky, and so tight.

My mother's brown 5" high heel work pumps are by the chair that I had fallen over.

I walked over to the chair picking them up.

I smell the leather of the brown pumps. I see my Mother's toe grooves in the brown leather of the pumps.

I sit in the chair. I pick up the left pump and place my left stockings encased foot into it. I wiggle my toes and move the heel around so I can get my foot into it. The pump makes a swishing noise as my nylon foot slid into it. Wow the pump fits very snug on my nylon encased foot. I put on the right pump and the same thing happen.

Standing up, I am tittering on the high heels. I see in the mirror the pumps have some how made my calves tighter and more define. The high heels push my ass out and up like my mother's behind.

Walking toward my mother bed I am unsteady with each step dam near falling over twice. I finally made it to the bed.

Sitting down on my mother's bed, I look in the mirror as I rub my hard throbbing cock in my mother's white satin girdle. The brown pumps, the tan full fashion stockings, white satin long line bra and girdle feels so absolutely wonderful. I wonder what has taken me so long to try this. I am in heaven.

Rubbing and mashing my very hard steel like cock against the satin panel of girdle. Breathing faster and faster with each caress the satin milking my throbbing hard on.

I picked up my mother's panties placed them to my noise taking in the intoxicating fragrance of my mum pussy.

Rubbing my nylons encased legs together I hear swish of the nylons hissing.

I am squirming on my mum's bed, rubbing sniffing, open and closing my legs, my cock is so hard I could feel the pre-cum leaking into the satin panel of the girdle.

The tight feeling of white satin long line bra against my chest, the white satin girdle, tan full fashion stocking and brown 5" pumps has heighten my senses. Here I am in my mother's clothes in her room on her bed no less masturbating while sniffing her dirty panties; feel very sluttish like a tramp whore.

Holding my mother's panties in my hand I rubbed my noise in them smelling my mother's pussy aroma. I love doing this.

I am caressing my very hard cock in the girdle faster and faster. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, God", I said aloud. I hump my hand against the satin white satin panel of my mother's girdle, while sniffing her panties.

I close my eyes as feel the satin of girdle with each caress of my cock.

I pulled the girdle up to free my throbbing very hard cock. I did not want to shot a hot load of spunk into her girdle even though my pre-cum was staining the satin panel. My balls were filling with white hot creamy sperm.

I slipped my hard cock out from under the panel. The bottom edge of the girdle was pressing, and rubbing on my cock. "Ahhhhhhh, so good", I said as I pump my cock with my left hand. I moaned like a whore.

My left hand is a blur on my ragging cock. I am moaning out of control. I am moving all over my mother's bed as I rub my nylon legs together and stiff cock. I hear the bed creaking and my nylons hissing as I rub them together along with a very hard cock with my cock veins sticking out. The friction of my hand on my cock is unbearable.

I closed my eyes again thinking about how wonderful my mum's lingerie feels on my body. As I sniff her panties. The scent of my Mother's pussy made me feel closer to my mother more than ever before. I took a deep whiff from my mother's panties her pussy fragrance was permeated my nose. All I could think about was my mother was with me in my act of depravity and love.

I screamed, "Oh God".

"Oh My God!" screamed my Mother.

I open my eyes and there standing before me is my mother. I was in shock. She was standing right next to bed watching me. How long has she been watching me? Her hands covering her mouth as she turns bright red.

I immediately stand up out of her bed. I am speechless. I am standing in front of my mother in her white satin long bra, girdle, tan full fashion and her brown pumps with a my ragging hard on leaking pre-cum while hold her panties.

My mother sat down bed next me.

"Mom, I, I", started to say.

She looks up at me with her crystal clear blues eyes. My mother mouth starts to open to say something.

That when disaster struck.

My throbbing cock had too much stimulation twitched twice on it own and a torrid amount of creamy white hot cum came splashing out on to my Mother face and into her beautiful mouth and perfect red lipstick lips. I shot six loads of hot white creamy sticky cum on to my Mother's face. The white creamy sticky fluid made ropes across my Mother's noise, face and red lips. Cum was even in her blond hair and dripping down over her eye lids. She had opened her mouth to say something and took the full blast of sperm from balls right down into her mouth and down the back of her throat. I could see my sperm in a white pool in her my mother's her mouth. Cum is leaking out her mouth and over her red lipstick lips, down her chin on to her white satin blouse.

Now I did it. I am deep trouble. I just creamed my Mother face like she was street whore.

"Oh, fuck ", I said.

I am still semi hard and mother mouth was stuck open. She had not gotten over the shock of what just happen. I stepped forward and pushed my cock in my Mother's mouth. To this day I do not why I did it.

I grabbed her head start working my cock in and out of her mouth. As I fuck my mother's mouth, her eyes are close with cum leaking down her face. I was amazed that she did not bit me or push me away. My hips were moving back and forth, as I pushed my stiff cock in and out of my mother's mouth. Her red lipstick was leaving trace along my foreskin. My mother started gagging as I pushed my boner deeper down her throat as sweet red clamped down my cock. Traces of red lipstick were all over my fully erect cock.

I push my Mother back on to the bed. I lift the hem of the tan skirt and white half slip up so I can see white her panties. I grab the white leg band of my mother's white panties pulling them aside exposing her thick blond tuff of pubic hair and her pussy lips.. All this happen so quickly. I started rubbing my cock into my mum puffy pussy lips.

"No Franz you must not do this. I am your mother! Franz did you hear me" she screamed.

Did I imagine my Mother sucking my cock? My throbbing cock is rubbing her pussy lips.

I am so hot now but it my Mother. No, I should not wear her clothes I am not some faggot. I should not have cum on face like a pervert but it was an accident. I should not fuck my mother either.

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