tagErotic HorrorThe Alter Ch. 03

The Alter Ch. 03


Charna had no choice but to swallow the burning hot seed as pulse after pulse slid down her throat. With each new swallow she could feel something inside her not physically but something deep that allowed her to sense those around her. The thick stone that lay buried deep inside her tight shuddering walls continued to pulse and spasm filling her womb with the thick gritty seed. She arched her back straining against the stone her eyes wide with fear as a steady pressure began to build inside her causing her belly to swell with the altar's seed. When he looked down in her eyes that wicked grin of satisfaction spreading across his face she wanted to scream but with his thick cock bulging out her throat she could not even whimper. She choked hard and her eyes widened as he began to pull the length of his cock from her while she squirmed and struggled to free her limbs. It was no use the altar had too tight of a hold upon her and when the head of the demon's cock finally slipped from her lips she arched her back and screamed in pain and horror. The stone had finally stopped pumping the seed into her body but her belly was swollen painfully from the amount that lay inside her depths. It was then that the demon leaned over kissing her softly upon the cheek as she shrieked and writhed and began whispering into her ear.

"Now my little slut you are bound to hell itself if you survive. You will never be free of it my dear pet and with the first load of seed inside you soon you will be fat with spawn for the altar. For now my slut I shall leave you here while I tend to my business."

Ajeroth laughed wickedly as he pulled his cock form the bitch's throat taking a great delight in hearing her scream. He knew her struggles were useless but loved seeing the way her breasts shifted and bounced as she squirmed. He was pleased that she wasn't begging though he did miss such things when he leaned down to whisper in her ear he placed a soft kiss upon her cheek as a reward. He whispered softly into her ear enjoying the look of terror that filled her lovely blue eyes with each word he spoke. He straightened once more and spun away as the altar resumed its attack on the girl's sweet cunt feeling from the nectar that resulted as it forced pleasure upon her. He didn't get his hopes up or have any doubt that she would soon die upon the altar the way all the other girls hade but he had enjoyed her while he could. He stepped out of the altar room sealing the door behind him and making his way to his throne room listening to her screams echo.

Charna was forced to endure the deep pounding thrusts of the altar for three more days while she thrashed and screamed until couldn't scream anymore. Her voice was torn and useless by the third day her belly swollen larger than before when the altar finally stopped moving inside her. She had been left alone at the altar's mercy for three horrible days when it slowly slid the stone length form her battered cunt. She arched her back choking out a hoarse scream as it grated against her raw swollen walls slipping form inside her. At first she didn't understand why it had stopped until she felt her swollen abdomen move. There was a squirming inside her belly that had her eyes widening in shock and weakly struggling against the stone as it seemed to tighten around her. She tossed her head choking out hoarse torn sounds as something moved inside her. Her long dark hair lay matted under her and her body shimmered covered in the fine sheen of sweat that glistened against her skin. It wasn't until the first pain hit her that she realized she was about to give birth to whatever the stone altar had planted inside her womb and her belly tightened harshly.

Ajeroth was sitting upon his throne tapping his claws against the stone as he listened to the latest report from his legion commander when he sat suddenly upright with a startled look. It had been three days since he had left the new bitch at the altar's mercy and now he was feeling a soft pulse traveling through the tower. By the look upon the legion commander's face all of the residents were feeling this pulsing in the stone. At first he didn't understand what the cause might be and once he realized that it was centered in the altar room his eyes widened in shock. There was no way the new slut had survived three days of rape by the stone altar or so he had thought when he left the bitch there. Now however it seemed that his new pet had survived and was about to give birth to the demon altar's child. This thought had him on his feet moving swiftly through the halls toward the altar room as demons began to follow him. When he stepped into the room his shock and delight were complete. Writhing upon the altar lay his new bitch her belly fat and squirming as the child within sought to be born into the world as the girl made tortured sounds with her throat unable to scream any longer.

Charna arched her back as wave after wave of pain tightened in her belly and she could feel the thing inside her squirming and twisting between each pain. When the door to the room flew open she enjoyed for a moment the look of shock on the demon's face before another pain caused her to writhe and try to scream. The more pain that washed through her body the more movement she could feel inside her slowly traveling lower in her body. Her breath was coming in short ragged gasps as she felt this thing move into her battered cunt scraping against the raw walls as it made its way into the world. The claws began to dig into the soft walls of her cunt as the demon tried to pull itself free of her body sending jolts of agony coursing through her system. She received a shock herself causing her eyes to widen when she felt a clawed hand softly brushing the hair from her face. She looked up to see the demon that had took and left her here. He seemed surprised to see her alive and perhaps that was the cause of his gentleness and the caring look in his eyes.

Ajeroth stood in the doorway a moment watching the girl's belly tighten as she twisted in pain unable to even scream. He moved lightly to her side his granite like skin glimmered roughly in light and shadow as his talons clicked against the stone floor. Once he reached her side he crouched beside her head gently brushing the hair from her face with his claws. She was beautiful and still alive which thrilled him because if she survived the birth then she would be his forever. He petted her softly cooing with some warm care showing in his eyes as each birth pain wracked her body. He knew the agony she must be feeling considering that the child would likely claw his way from the womb. He grinned wickedly licking his lips as his mind began to run through the possibilities of what he would be able to do with her. If she survived the birth then she would be cursed with eternal life and nothing no matter how much injury she sustained could kill her then. It opened a wide range of torments that this little slut could suffer to please him though he would eventually break her into a willing little hell whore. He reached up one clawed hand placing it against her full breasts and began to roughly squeeze and pluck at the nipples. Soon milk would be flowing from those firm globes for the demon child who would suckle and grow while she remained bound to the altar. He continued to stroke her face with one and coo softly his cock hardening in anticipation as she gave birth to the accursed child. Soon the demon child would be born and once he grew while suckling from her breast he then would rape his mother binding her completely to the realm of hell.

Charna twisted against the stone pain and agony filling her body as the small claws of the spawn dug viciously into her raw cunt. The little beast was forcibly dragging himself into the world as she lay bound and writhing against the stone. The demons cooing words and soft touch did nothing to ease her fears and when he began to fondle her full sore breasts she arched her back with a gargled scream. She tossed her head side to side the long rich hair dancing upon the stone as she begged the demon to make this stop. Her body was covered in a soft sweat that left her shimmering as her full breasts heaved the milk beginning to leak from her nipples as he mauled them. The altar pulled her legs further apart as the scent must have excited the spawn she felt it squirming in her tight cunt as small talons dug into the soft inner thighs making her stiffen in the agony that washed through her body. Warm blood began to trickle down her shimmering thighs as the claws sunk deeper and the thing inside her finally pulled itself from her depths to land with a soft plop upon its stone father. She shook upon the altar the agony slowly ebbing into a dull throbbing ache and prayed it was over finally. It was then that she heard the demon's words whispered softly into her ear as he shifted to his feet above her the thick cock pulsing against her cheek.

"Ah my new slut the child is beautiful and healthy and you my bitch are now cursed. No matter what I do to your body whore nothing can kill you. You are Mine forever now slut. The best is yet to come. You see my pet the child will suckle your sweet milk while it grows laying against you. Once he is full grown he will rape his mother viciously binding your soul to hell itself. You will never escape slut. I think I need some relief watching your pain has made me lustful again and it is time to feed you my seed once more"

Ajeroth chuckled evilly as he watched the little demon begin clawing its way up its mother's body. He stood fully stepping around to her head as the altar shifted to lay her head back for its master. He waited his thick cock throbbing as he stroked it before her eyes until she screamed in pain under the spawn's claws. Then he forced the throbbing head into her open waiting mouth knowing she would be helpless to his lusts for a while yet as the spawn grew and raped her. He was going to enjoy choking her with his cock while her own spawn savaged her body. He thrust his hips forward his long talons scraping over her breasts growling in pleasure at the feel of his little bitch helpless to him. He watched the spawn growing even as it climbed the little slut seeking its source of food while she struggled helplessly against the altar. His cock ached and began to swell in her mouth the look of terror in her wide blue eyes fueling his darkest lusts and he thrust the cock deeper letting the massive head tease at her trapped throat enjoying the muffled sounds she made around it.

Charna's eyes went wide with his words and she began to pull helplessly at her arms and legs until she felt the small claws of the spawn dig painfully into her hip. She tried to scream but could only make a gurgling sound with her torn throat as the little beast climbed steadily up her prone body. It was then that she felt that monstrous head forced into her mouth choking off any sound as he thrust forward while she squirmed and struggled in vain. She could feel the little creature growing against her as it sought out her full breasts and the demon forced his thick cock into her mouth. His words had driven a cold spike of fear into her heart when he told her of this beast that would rape and bind her but she was at its mercy as the altar began to tighten its hold. She felt the little demon find her soft nipple and latch his wickedly fanged maw upon it while a tentacle snaked out from his throat and latched painfully upon her other breast. She tried to toss her head but the altar had formed a deep depression that kept her head tilted back and pinned by the demon's thick cock. The look in his blazing red eyes told her it was soon to get a lot worse than the last three days had while the little demon began to drink her milk with increasingly brutal hunger and began to grow faster with each swallow of milk. The demon above her thrust softly forward and then pulled back slowly until the head of his cock lay between her soft lips.

Ajeroth chuckled as the girl's eyes widened feeling the little demon clawing up her body. When the demon latched on to the heavy full breast and extended the feeding tentacle a groan of wicked delight escaped his black lips with the girl's struggles. He thrust his cock slowly into the hot little mouth before he began to pull back he wouldn't start raping the whore's throat until the demon she had born went to work on her. Slowly he moved the hot pulsing head around in her mouth watching the demon feeding from her grow larger and larger until he was nearly full grown and he lay between the sluts parted legs. When it had emptied the breasts of milk it lifted its head and growled down at the female upon the altar. Ajeroth could see a long impossibly thick cock had grown and lay against the girl's belly and could see the hungry look in the demon's eyes. He smirked at the demon and thrust his hips forward hard and savagely burying the entire length of his cock down the bitch's throat as the demon pulled back placing the wickedly studded cock head against the girls helpless cunt. He roared in pleasure as her throat convulsed upon him and her eyes widened in terror her struggled useless against the hold of the altar which would feed from her fear and her sweet cum.

Charna's terror grew as the demon feasting upon her breasts grew toward its full form. She squirmed and writhed helplessly as she felt the demon's flesh stretching and sliding lower over her body her gaze locked with the demon above her who seemed to be taking delight in the scene. She struggled uselessly as the demon grew feasting upon her until it lay firmly between her legs the large thick cock laying against her stomach. It was then that the look in the demon's eyes caused such fear to spike through her and she felt him pull the thick cock back till the tip lay pulsing against her lips. She hadn't time to scream as he slammed the entire length of the massive cock into her throat and the demon spawn pulled back with a vicious snarl to lay the tip of its overly large cock against her bruised pussy. The growls and roars of pleasure from Ajeroth making her pull against the stone as she tried to shift away from the spawn. Her eyes went wide and a scream of agony clawed at her throat as the demon spawn thrust forward with a brutal lunge sinking the cock into her tight depths stretching her painfully wide and tearing her soft walls with the wickedly hard studded that covered the length of the huge cock. She had no escape as both demons began to rape her one savagely fucking her tight choking throat as the other ravished and tore at her tight cunt. She felt pleasure again being forced upon her tender body as they took her relentlessly and soon the orgasms began leaving her nectar to drip upon the altar feeding it with fear and her juice. For hours they slammed mercilessly in and out of her tight holes fucking her brutally until with a dual roar from each demon the forced deeper into her and swelled agonizingly wide as they exploded seed into her causing her to shake and choke.

Ajeroth savagely thrust deep into her tight convulsing throat as the spawn fucker her without mercy feeding his hungry for his first victim. He took a great amount of pleasure choking his new slut as the demon spawn taking her brutally. He knew that the studs upon that cock were tearing savagely into her walls and his own massive shaft kept her choking upon him as they took her together. Each drop of her slick juice fed the altar beneath her leaving her writhing in pain and torment upon it while it tightened around her. He watched her squirm and writhe upon the altar under the savage hungry thrusts as the spawn fucked her harder over the next few hours each thrust harder and more brutal than the last. He continued to fuck her tight throat slamming mercilessly into her throat and holding his release which made the thick hard length swell. The tightening convulsing throat muscles left him growling in pleasure. He kept her choking upon his cock like a true slut as the spawn brutalized her tender cunt for long hours relentlessly. He roared at the same moment as the spawn and force his cock into her torn through up to the hilt while she demon spawn buried his torturous length deep into her torn walls. Each of them exploded into her at the same moment the spawn's seed binding her permanently to hell while his seed completed the entire curse. She would never escape him now and he thrust hard and deep forcing the bitch to drink him into her. Once they were finished and the stone released her he had two succubuses take her from the altar and bath her before chaining her into a cage.

Charna choked and gagged wanting to scream with each savage thrust into her as she squirmed helplessly upon the demon altar. She was forced to swallow each drop of the demon's vile seed as the spawn sprayed his upon her depths she felt something taking place inside her almost sensing it in her soul. When it was over she lay battered and bruised upon the stone as the two females took her and bathed her gently. She was doomed to endure years of torment before she finally escaped him with the help of one of his own generals. She found that she was bound to hell itself not to Ajeroth and aided the general in forcing the demon lord out of the realms for a very long time to come. She would live many centuries serving the demon lords one after another as hell's whore she soon became a prized possession and one that every demon in hell wanted for his own.

(The End for now)

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