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The Amazing Emma Stone


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

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Author's Note: No. I never saw The Amazing Spider-man due to me not really believing that Spider-man needed a reboot so I'm only going by the trailers. Also, I'm well aware that Emma is a natural blonde I just happen to have a thing for red heads. Don't like it? Go check out another fic, I'm sure some other author would like your feedback. Finally, I'm well aware the stunt co-ordinator on The Amazing Spider-man probably wasn't called Dick Fitswell but I'm a sucker for pun names, especially if they're dirty.

My life's pretty easy. Well as easy as it can be being a stunt man working in Hollywood. It's even easier when you look like I do. A generic mid twenty year old with messy brown hair, clean shaven, skinny and regular blue eyes. However, the way I was currently dressed made me stand out of the crowd. I had on a Spider-man outfit, and not just a regular Spider-man outfit. A torn Spider-man outfit. I was working as Andrew Garfield's stunt double on the new movie, The Amazing Spider-man which was a reboot of the massive comic book franchise.

Now, personally I didn't see the need to reboot the franchise, everyone knows that Spider-man became a super hero by being bitten by a radioactive spider. Why did they need to reboot it? Still, if they had kept Tobey Maguire on, maybe I wouldn't have got the job. I should count my blessings and those lovely dollars that should be in my bank account soon after this movie had wrapped.

In the scene me and Emma, Emma Stone the new leading lady playing Gwen Stacy, were suspended by a steel cable designed to look like Spider-man's webbing and we would swing away from the villain, The Lizard. To shoot this, both me and Emma would need to be strapped into a harness and hoisted roughly thirty feet in the air to match the dangerous skyline of New York City.

Emma, who was wearing a blonde wig, walked up to me with a big smile on her face. She had on a smart, black blazer, a low cut teal green under shirt that rather nicely revealed her cleavage. Completing the lower portion of her body, Emma was wearing a black skirt and some knee high boots, she had on a normal pair of tights under the skirt.

"Good morning!" She beamed at me, a big smile on her face as she walked up to me.

"Morning." I replied, Emma had a brave face on but was gnawing at her bottom lip cutely. She was nervous.

"First time hanging from a cable thirty foot in the air?" I smiled at her as I sipped on my styrofoam cup of coffee. She looked over at me and nodded her head shyly.

"How did you guess?"

"Ah. You can always spot the newbies." I teased her as she walked over to me and leant up against the table we were loitering by.

"Is it going to be bad?" She asked me, looking to her left so she could make eye contact with me.

"Nah. This will be the easiest stunt to shoot, all the hard stuff's been done already. You don't need to worry about it. Just focus on getting the shot right." I reassured her, funnily enough this would make it about the twentieth time I would be dangling by a wire and the whole thing was getting to be slightly mundane.

"You sound so sure." She said smiling. Emma turned and started to pour herself a cup of coffee. As she did, I got a quick chance to check her out. Now, it's easy to look at celebrities on forums and google images but actually admiring them in the flesh made it all the more nicer. She had a nice ass.

"Well, I've only been a stunt man for so long but after working on Twilight I had a lot of wire work done and the whole thing's a little easy for me now. Basically, you strap on to me, I strap onto the wire and we get some long shots before the camera zooms in to you." I explained, watching as Emma turned back around to look at the busy scene in front of us. Crew men and assistants rushed around the set, as this was a pivotal scene things had to look perfect. Things like this always amused me, as the award show times rolled around Emma and Andrew Garfield, the new Spider-man, would get all the recognition for all of twenty minutes of work while the plebs like me and the rest of the crew would get sweet F A.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that." I confirmed, Marc Webb, the director of the new movie, then walked over to us. Sipping on his own cup of coffee in a black Marvel mug, he smiled and nodded at me and Emma.

"Morning guys. Ready for the shoot?"

"Ready!" Emma replied with a peppy tone in her voice, I simply nodded my head and stifled a yawn.

"OK, so Emma you're going to latch onto Cole here, like he's Andrew for the big kiss scene. Cole, you know what you need to do right?"

"Right. Hold Emma tight and make sure we don't fall." I replied with a chuckle, both Marc and Emma laughed and Marc nodded his head.

"Right. Okay, we're ready to go if you guys are?"

I looked at Emma who still seemed nervous but nodded her head. I smiled and nodded too.

"Sure, should we get strapped in?" I asked Emma, who nodded her head.

"Okay, let's go."

We walked over to the middle of the street where a boring grey harness was lying on the floor. I was the first to step into it and Emma soon after.

"Excuse me." I said with a smile, bending my knee my face was directly in front of her crotch. I slid the harness up her legs and did my best to ignore the erotic implications. I tightened the strap around her stomach and between her legs, she smiled at me sweetly.

"I bet you do this for all the girls." She joked weakly, I smirked as I fastened my own harness. We were now inches apart and her warm breath beat against my neck while I clipped the both of us onto the large hook that would elevate us off of the floor.

"Only the cute ones." I looked over my shoulder as saw Richard Fitswell, Dick to his friends, the stunt supervisor walk over and double check the working on the hook. He looked at me and nodded his head, he turned and gave the thumbs up to the worker of the New York city council provided cherry picker. "Okay, we'll go up on the count of three."

Dick nodded his head and called out to the worker.

"One... Two... Three!"

And with that both me and Emma were hoisted off of the ground and into the air. She yelped in surprise and pushed her face into my shoulder, as if I would be able to shield her from the shock. However, I merely chuckled as the sound of the wire being retracted filled our ears.

"Is that normal?" She shouted to me, I took her to be meaning the noise of the steel cable being retracted. It did seem a little loud.

"Yeah! It's all perfectly oof!" I started but we were both shook violently as the winch stopped and we were swung from side to side and front to back. That certainly wasn't normal.

"What's going on!?" Emma yelped as she hugged me tightly.

"I'm sure it'll all get fixed soon. Sometimes the machine's take time to warm up." What felt like minutes could well have been seconds passed as we both waited for the winch to carry on taking us up. Looking down, we must have been roughly twenty feet in the air with another ten to go. I cast a look around to try and find Dick to get a better idea of what was going on. Then, the noise of a megaphone broke the temporary silence between me and Emma.

"Cole! Cole! Can you hear me?"

I stuck my thumb up in a positive reaction.

"Good! The winch on the cherry picker's broken. You'll stay suspended fine enough but we're not sure about getting you down just yet. You guys going to be OK?"

I looked down at Emma who still had her face buried in my shoulder. I bumped her shoulders and upper arms with mine playfully making her look up at me.

"We going to be okay?" I asked her, looking deep into her big green eyes to make sure she was actually okay.

"Yeah... Yeah I'll be fine."

I smiled, satisfied that she was telling the truth. That sounds harsh but the last thing you want when you're suspended roughly twenty foot in the air is a panicking movie star. I stuck my thumb out again in a positive fashion.

"Okay, we'll work on getting you down as quickly as we can." Dick replied and we heard the 'krsh' of the megaphone being turned off.

"Just me and you then." I said with a smile, looking down at her. Satisfying every male stereotype women may have of my gender, my eyes wandered down her green top and into the valley of flesh. Combine that with her hot breath on my neck and it was enough to get a guy hard. Which, unfortunately for me, it did. Christ, I'm such an insensitive bastard! I cursed as I looked up and focused on the NYC skyline.

"Cole? Are you hard?" Emma asked, her breath moved from my neck to my chin. I sighed and closed my eyes lightly. Well, that was the end of that. I really could have done with this pay cheque. Nodding my head, I could have sworn I heard Emma giggle.

"I can't believe you. We're hanging in the air and you've got hard." I opened my eyes and looked at the now blonde actress who had a big smile on her face. "You know... I'm normally a very innocent girl. Very sweet and innocent but sometimes... Sometimes I just feel like being bad or naughty... Do you get like that Cole?" Her hands moved from my shoulders and down my flat stomach and towards the start of the Spider-man tights. Her thumbs hooked into the skin tight fabric and tugged it away from my flesh, her right hand darted inside the small gap her hand had made. I wasn't wearing boxer shorts due to the outfit, anything underneath it would show up on film and distract the viewer, so Emma's hand found my knob instantly.

I gasped as she wrapped her hand around my cock. She lightly squeezed my member, watching my face as she did so. She smiled and moved her body a little closer to me, I didn't know this but she was doing it to obscure what the crew beneath us could see. Her legs parted and she covered my groin with hers, her hand started to jerk me off slowly. Although it was tricky for her as her hand was upside down due to the difficulty of our position. I could see Emma's smile widen as my dick got harder with her touch, Emma looked up at me and she slowly licked her lips.

"Are we being naughty now Cole?" She whispered sexily against my own lips. Her voice was naturally husky and with it being first thing in the morning it made her sound even sexier. When I nodded my head, she smirked and bit on her lip. "We are aren't we?"

Her hand pumped up and down, if my cock was a musical instrument, Emma was a maestro and she was playing the lead part. My skin prickled up as my cock got harder while she jerked me off. Up and down, up and down her hand stroked me her wrist even twisted on occasions as she pumped my cock. She smiled and bit on her lip slightly as she looked at me. Emma lightly squeezed my cock as her hand reached the bottom of my shaft.

"Jesus Christ Cole. You feel so fucking huge. You're going to fit in my tight little pussy so snugly and make me cum all night long. Will you fuck my nice and hard?" Emma whispered as her hand started to increase the jerking. Her right thumb rolled over the head of my dick, making me shiver in place. Pre cum started to ooze out of my piss slit as Emma pumped me with long, hard strokes. Both mine and her breath were hard and swift as she jerked me off. I closed my eyes and fought every urge to tilt my head back as I felt the urge to cum.

"Emma... I'm going to cum soon..." I admitted as she looked up at me and grinned wickedly.

"Fuck yeah Cole! Yeah baby! Come on! Cum for me!" Emma urged me on naughtily as her hand started to increase the rate of her jerking. The harness was shaking lightly due to our actions, to say I was concerned would be wrong. I was more than happy to get fired if it meant I could tell the story to my buddies about how I was jerked off by Emma Stone nearly twenty feet in the air. I grunted into the air and started to cum, her other hand came down and she made a scooping motion with it. My load splattered against the inside of her hand which made the natural red-head moan with glee. She kept on jerking until absolutely nothing came out of my cock's head.

Satisfied, she slipped my cock back inside the Spider-man tights and she brought her hand up to her mouth. Making eye contact with me, she had a massive smile on her face as she lapped up my load like she was a dog attacking a much needed bowl of water on a warm summer's day. As she lapped at my load, her big green eyes met with my blue ones as she behaved so dirtily in front of me.

"Yummy!" Emma exclaimed as she finished with her hand. She opened her palm so I could see what she had done. "See? All gone!" She said, pride in her voice as she showed off the fact that she had ate up all of my cum.

"Seriously? That seriously just happened?" I asked, unsure of what had just happened.

"Want me to pinch you?" She teased me, her legs coming off of me and dangled in front of mine.

"Oh no! No! I'm good!"

"Want to pinch me?"

Now that sounded promising.

"Yes please. I'd love to pinch you." Emma giggled and nodded her head.

"Well, we'll have to get down from here first. But, after that I've got all day free. I could do with somebody to hang out with. Want to come to my apartment after this?" Emma smiled at me as another 'krsh' broke our chatting and secret rendezvous planning.

"Cole? Emma? We think we've got this problem fixed. Marc wants to get the shoot one as quickly as possible though. You guys good to go?" Dick called out to us as we looked down at them. I stuck my thumb out in the positive, both me and Emma checked each other to be okay as the camera's came up to film Emma's face and my chest.

The cameras moved up to Emma's face and we both heard Marc call out 'Action!' through the megaphone. There was a flash of orange on Emma's face to simulate an explosion that would be added post production. The cable then swung as agreed upon earlier to make it look like we had swung out from the explosion. Her face was pressed against my chest, her head lifted up at me and she smiled like in the script.

The shoot went along nicely, Emma did a great job and Marc seemed more than satisfied with it too. Just as well, because the second he called 'cut' the sun started to rise ruining the illusion of it being at night. The winch made a quieter noise while the machine lowered the two of us down to the cold tarmac of the New York roads. We smiled at each other as I undid the harness and unclipped it from the winch. Emma was instantly whisked away by her assistants and other various people designed to keep her safe. As she moved into her trailer, she caught my eye and winked at me playfully before the trailer door shut.

I looked around and saw Dick running up to me, walkie talkie in one hand, mega phone in the other.

"Cole! Hey! Glad to have you down buddy!" He laid his items on the table and shook my hand. "Everything okay up there? We could see the harness moving around."

Uh oh. They did see us moving around.

"Yeah, everything was fine. I was just trying to make her laugh because she got a little scared."

Dick made a face and nodded his head. Did he know?

"Uh huh. Well, we've got everything done now. So, you can call it a half day if you'd like?"

I smiled and nodded my head.

"Sure man... Hey, can you give Emma my number?" I asked, looking over at her trailer. "I promised her I'd show her around New York while I was here."

Dick smirked and nodded his head.

"Sure. I'm sure you'll show her a good time." Dick patted me on the back before getting called over to another part of the set. Smiling from ear to ear, I walked over to the set of chairs where my coat was waiting for me. I slipped it on and walked over to the stunt casting changing area. I wanted to at least look like less of a crazy person if I was going to meet Emma for sex later on. A shower and a warm meal was certainly in the books, I thought to myself. I walked through the door to the small changing room and slipped on my casual clothing.

Walking out of the set, I grinned to myself thinking about what was going to happen to me a little later on. I knew full well that Emma had a busy half day of shooting but had the whole day off from midday and presumably that's when she'd want to meet up.


My television was on in my apartment, switched to some random news channel as I was in the middle of a particularly boring part of a new book. I lifted my eyes to the TV and saw both Emma and Andrew Garfield on screen. Putting my book away, I fumbled for the remote and hit the 'mute' button letting the noise of the TV fill the room. Huh, they were speculating that both Emma and Andrew were dating. No, they weren't speculating, they were confirming. Man, that sucked! Maybe she was just bringing me along for the fun of it? As I wondered to myself, my phone buzzed to signify a text message had arrived. Sliding it out of my jeans pocket, I brought it up to look at it. It was a random number but the name at the end was anything but.

'Done filming. Want to come over? Love, Emma xoxoxo'

Fuck. She did still want to meet up? Maybe the news channel was wrong? I didn't let that phase me, after all I didn't want to ignore the chance of sex with a celebrity. I hit the space below the text message and started to type out the reply.

'Absolutely! Where are you?'

As I sent it, I got up and made my way out of my apartment. Locking the door, my phone buzzed one more time, presumably from Emma again. She had sent me a zip code for her hotel. I copied and pasted it to my phone's map app and simply prayed to the merciful Thor that the latest operating system update wouldn't send me to a random Wallgreens or Seven Eleven.

'On my way!' I simply texted back and practically ran down the stairs to get to my car. Jabbing at my phone, I arranged for the directions to swap over to directions by car. Moving from the car lot, I navigated the mean streets of NYC to find the hotel Emma was staying at. Another text message arrived, looking at my screen I saw there was a room number from her.

'308. See you soon sexy!' Was what the text message said, a big grin crept across my face as I slipped out of my car and swiftly darted across the street. By the large double doors serving as the entrance I saw a big bronze plaque that showed off the owner of the hotel.

"Dr T. Shirtcannon." I said aloud as I read it. I smirked and realised how silly it could have sounded. But, he was probably French. Jogging up the steps, I moved through the lobby and made my way up the stairs to floor three. Walking down the hall way, I found the eighth room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Emma's voice called out from behind the door.

"It's Cole."

An excited squee came from the other side of the door and it quickly opened up. On the other side of the door stood Emma Stone. She had lost the blonde wig but was still wearing a similar outfit, the blazer had gone but the teal shirt and black skirt was still on, along with the tights and boots. She smiled widely at me and welcomed me into the room, as I walked through the door was shut. I spun around and was pleasantly surprised to find Emma instantly wrapped around me. Her soft lips were pressing against mine for the first time today. To say I was surprised would have been an understatement.

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