tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Amazing Power of Panties

The Amazing Power of Panties


Like virtually every other little girl in the world, I vividly remember my mother's constant nagging about keeping my dress pulled down so the boys wouldn't see my underwear. She was forever reminding me to sit like a lady, keep my legs together and be careful about bending over when I was wearing a skirt, or a dress. She never bothered to explain to me exactly why those pesky boys would want to see my underpants, but based on the amount of times she warned me about showing off my underwear, I expected something bad would happen to me if any boy ever saw my panties.

But, nothing bad ever happened. And, the more she reminded me, the more curious I became about boys and why my panties would be so interesting to them.

With the help of older girls I knew, especially Susan, my best friend's big sister, I figured it out. And, over time, I discovered several things about boys and panties that still ring true, even today, almost ten years later.

Over the years, I've became masterful in the art of showing my panties at the right place and the right time, crafting it into an art that has benefitted me time after time and brought me pleasures I wouldn't have otherwise had. I agree, this makes me a little bit of an exhibitionist, but, I'm very careful to whom I show my panties, and when.

For me, it's the thrill of letting a guy see up my skirt and knowing he's watching.... knowing he's getting turned on while I tease him. Sometimes, I'll give a guy a short peek, just to see if he's interested. And if he is, I might give him a longer look. The goal, of course, is to tease him and push him to the point where I can tell he's excited and then keep those memories fresh in my mind until I can get back home and rub my little magic button until I cum.

I admit, I masturbate a lot, but, there's nothing wrong with masturbation. I'm also a bit of a voyeur, and I've had many opportunities to watch guys masturbate, and that's something I dearly love to do – watch guys stroke themselves, especially if they do it while they're looking at my panties.

My college years were the years where I really discovered the potential a simple pair of panties possessed. For me, it was a time of experimentation because there were so many horny guys and so many opportunities to try new things. I have to give most of the credit to my friend, Evan, because without his help, I couldn't have ever understood and commanded the awesome power of panties.

I met Evan at the college library a few weeks after school started during my freshman year. He had a campus job helping out in the library, and he was breathtakingly cute. He had these big blue eyes that seemed to follow me when ever I was in the library, and more than once I went in there just to see if he'd look at me. I started flirting with him one day, and he flirted right back – offering to be my personal library helper anytime I needed something in the library. So, I took him up on his offer a few times, and sure enough, Evan found books for me, checked my books out ahead of others and did little things for me when ever I was there.

One day, I caught him looking at me while I was trying to find a book in one of the racks. It was early in the day – the library had just opened, and the place was virtually empty. Of course, by now I was eager to finally find out if Evan was really interested in me, and I'd made up my mind that I'd try a little flashing to see if I could urge him on.

I knew he saw me come into the library, but, I pretended not to see him. I worked my way over to a rack of books that would give me the perfect position to let him have a quick, innocent peek up my skirt. Without trying to be obvious, I kneeled down to look for a book on the lowest shelf and swung my legs toward him.

The coast was clear, so I let my legs open a little and carefully peeked up in his direction to see if he was looking at me. Not only was he looking, he was openly staring at me and he had a big smile on his face. I acted like I didn't see him and opened my legs a little bit more. I knew he'd be able to see up my short jean skirt all the way to my panties and I got a little jolt of excitement as I stayed in that position for a minute or so letting him look at me.

After a short while, I stood up and looked over to where he'd been standing, but, Evan was gone. I looked around for a second and still didn't see him, so I figured he wasn't interested after all. Just as I was about to turn and leave, Evan pops up right in front of me carrying a load of books in his arms to put back in the shelves.

He said hello and so did I, but, that wasn't the end of it. He kept glancing at me as he put the books into the shelves, and once he'd put the last one in its place, he came up next to me and asked me if I'd found what I was looking for.

"No." I answered. "Not really."

I explained that I was looking for a book to read for a project in my communication class, but, didn't see anything I liked.

"There's some interesting things in the back of the old 900 section." Evan replied. "Come on, I'll show you."

He led me over to a section of the library that was mainly old reference books and thick encyclopedias, but when he turned down the last aisle, walked all the way to the end and stopped to look back at me, he had this smile on his face that told me he had something else on his mind.

"Down here." Evan said, pointing down to the lowest rack. As I looked down, there was a stack of paperbacks that were haphazardly stacked and obviously out of place. He kneeled down and shuffled through the stack and picked up one of the books.

"Ah." He said, looking up at me. "Here it is."

As he handed the book to me, I looked at the title.

"Her." I said in a questioning tone. "Is this a novel?"

"Oh, I doubt it." Evan replied, chuckling. "I read it last year. Its a little risqué but maybe you'll like it."

I thumbed through the paper back, and it didn't take but a few seconds to see that the paperback was probably closer to soft pornography than anything else.

"You don't have to check this one out." Evan said softly. "You can just take it and bring it back when you're done. We keep these back here because we can't put them on the shelves...... there's about fifteen we have that are like that one. Wanna see?"

Almost unable to speak, but not wanting to put him off, I nodded my head as I stuffed the paperback into my backpack and squatted down next to him to look at the rest of the nasty paperbacks hidden there. As I settled down on my haunches next to him, he shifted his position so our knees were almost touching and he looked up at me. Then, without saying a word, he looked down at my legs and back up at my face again.

"I saw you when you were over there." Evan said very quietly, as he motioned over his shoulder with his head. "I saw what you did."

At that moment, I couldn't tell if he was complimenting me, or not. He'd obviously seen me showing him my panties and he was waiting for me to say something.

"Can you do it again?" Evan asked, whispering so low I could barely hear him.

As if I was in a dream, I opened my legs in my crouching position and shifted them toward him. Evan glanced down and then looked back up to my face. "I can't see." He said.

We both moved a little – I moved so I could face him more and he moved to make it easier for me to open my legs. We weren't more than a foot apart as I opened my knees enough for him to see up my skirt and between my legs, but when he was finally able to see, he started to stare directly between my legs.

"Beautiful." He said, softly. "Just beautiful."

I stayed in that position for another minute and opened my knees a little more for him – as much as I dared, and let him look all the way up my skirt to the patch of material that covered my pussy.

"I love your panties." He said. Then after a quick second, he glanced up at me with a small grin on his face and asked, "Do you think you could let me borrow them?"

"What?" I asked, stunned that he would ask such a thing.

"I'll give them back." Evan added right away. "I just want to borrow them. I'll even wash 'em before I give them back."

Standing up, I shook my head back and forth and laughed at his boldness. "You're out of your mind. What makes you think I'd give you my panties?"

"Well," he began, "with the way you just opened your legs up and let me see, I really didn't think you'd mind."

"No way." I said, continuing to giggle. "What are you? Some kind of panty pervert?"

"I guess you could say that." Evan said, smiling back at me. "But, it's not everyday I get the chance to see a girl's panties as close as you just showed me yours, and almost never from a girl as cute as you."

"And you thought I'd just whip my panties off, hand them over to you and walk around in this short skirt all day without any underwear on?" I asked.

"Oh no." Evan answered. "You wouldn't have to do that. I could get them from you tomorrow."

"In fact," Evan added, "that would be better, anyway. You could wear them all day and put them in a baggie for me tonight."

"Oh, I could huh?" I asked, sarcastically. "And then I suppose I'd bring them to you tomorrow morning?"

"That would be perfect." Evan replied. "I'd return them after a day or so. You have my word on that."

Up to this point, I was only half playing along with Evan, but, I could see that he was completely serious about wanting my panties. I think any other girl would have stormed out of there and reported him to the college, but, he probably knew I wouldn't do that. And he was right – I was thrilled he took the initiative to approach me, and as you might imagine, I was thrilled to find a guy that seemed to have some kind of panty fixation and was brave enough to admit it to me. I actually felt proud he had the balls to come right out and ask for my panties, and despite what you might think – I was actually thinking about giving them to him.

"Look," Evan said after a few moments of silence, "we have our weekly library team meeting in a few minutes, so I have to go. But, I'll be in at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and I'll watch for you."

Evan took a few steps past me and then turned back to look at me. "Don't worry." He said, grinning at me. "No one will ever know, and, in return I'll do a favor for you sometime."

Then, he simply spun around, turned the corner at the end of the aisle and he was gone. My heart was fluttering like crazy as I stood there thinking about the conversation we'd just had. Did he really just ask me to let him borrow my panties? My worn panties? And, was I really considering letting him have them?

I couldn't concentrate at all as I sat in my classes that day. I kept day dreaming about Evan's request and thinking about what he'd do with my panties. I mean, I'm not stupid – I knew whatever he did with them he'd end up masturbating – and my head was filled with visions of how it all might happen.

By the time I got to the dorm at the end of my classes, my panties were literally soaking wet with my cooch juice. Standing in front of my mirror, I held my skirt up above my waist and pulled my panties down and looked down inside of them. Wet wasn't really the word. Drenched was more like it. And not only that, there were slimy, shiny spots on the cotton crotch panel that looked thick – very similar to the thick secretions that leaked out of me when I played with myself each night.

I knew if I gave him these panties, he would know some intimate details about me. He'd know how turned on I was, that's pretty obvious, but, it would also send a clear message to him that I was more than willing to become a playmate in nasty games like this with him.

And, as I stood there in front of my mirror looking down into my panties, I accepted the truth of the situation – I wanted desperately to give him these panties. I was being driven to do it, and the desire to let him have them had been building all day. There was never really a point where I was going to deny his request. As soon as he asked, I started imagining and visualizing him with them – there was absolutely no way I was going to turn him down.

It only took me a minute to fish around in my drawers to find a baggie and put my sopping wet panties inside for him. I even squeezed the air out of the baggie so they'd stay "Fresh" for him and as I placed them down into my backpack, I blushed beet red knowing very well what I was doing and loving every minute of it.

The rest of the night seemed to drag on and on as I counted down the hours until I saw Evan the next morning. I masturbated furiously that night – numerous times, thinking about Evan holding my panties in his hands and finding the glistening wetness I very much wanted him to find.

The next morning, I woke up early and masturbated one more time as I lie in bed thinking about how cute Evan was. I imagined myself watching him as he opened that baggie and pulled my panties out. Would he sniff them? Or, would he open them up to find the crotch panel stuck together with my slimy juices. Maybe, he would wrap them around his cock and stroke himself. Whatever he did, though, was fine with me.

I was standing at the library door, waiting outside when Evan came to unlock it. He smiled at me playfully and in return, I blushed.

"Did you bring 'em?" He asked quietly.

My mouth was dry and I could feel the throbbing of my heart in my chest. Gathering all the courage I could, I nodded my head up and down and swung my back pack off my shoulders and shoved my hand down inside.

Grabbing the baggie that held my panties from yesterday and taking a deep breath, I glanced around quickly to make sure no one could see us. Then, in one swift motion, I pulled my hand out and held the baggie out to him. As soon as he saw it, he immediately reached out, snatched the baggie from my hand and shoved it down into the front pocket of his jeans.

"I really appreciate this." Evan said. "I mean it, too. And I promise to give them back in a couple of days."

My heart was racing and I felt a lump in my throat as he thanked me. But, looking up at him, I managed to ask, "So, what are you going to do for me, now?"

Evan thought about it for a minute and then his eyes lit up like he just had the best idea of his life.

"How about this....." Evan began, "meet me at the practice pool tonight about 8:20 PM. I'm on the swim team and we have practice tonight from six thirty to eight o'clock. Everyone will be gone by 8:20. Use the door in the back, on the far right side, I'll watch for you."

"And what are we going to do there?" I managed to ask.

"It's a surprise." Evan answered, smiling. "And I can make it a better surprise if you can bring something with you."

"Like what?" I inquired.

"A pair of fresh panties." Evan replied.

"More panties?" I asked. "How many pairs of my panties do you think I'm going to give you?"

"Don't worry." Evan said in a reassuring tone. "I'm not going to keep them."

Before I could say anything else, he added, "No thongs or lace, okay? Just something soft and silky."

"8:20 tonight?" I asked, intrigued now at his curious invitation.

"Make it 8:25 just in case." Evan replied. "Everyone should be out of there and we'll have the place to ourselves. I'll just say I'm going to swim some extra laps – I do that all the time – no one will think anything."

"Alright." I agreed. "8:25 and I'll bring a clean pair of panties, but, this better be good because I have a test tomorrow and this is cutting into my study time."

Evan reassured me it would be well worth my time, and then he thanked me again for the panties I'd given him. What struck me so unusual was the sincerity in his voice when he thanked me. I mean, the way he said it actually made me feel like I'd done him a huge favor and he honestly appreciated it.

"Look," he finally said, "I have to see what's wrong with the copier. It's been broken since yesterday afternoon and I need to try to do something about it before my first class this morning. But, I'll see you tonight at the practice pool..... at the back of the building...... the far door on the right, don't forget."

We said our goodbyes and I wandered off, but as I did, I turned around and was happy to see that Evan was still standing at the library door, looking through the glass, watching me as I walked off. He held up his hand like he was waving, and I did, too, and it was at that exact moment I realized Evan and I might be more than just "Panty Friends".

Thankfully, I was able to concentrate in my classes that day. I scored a 93 on a test, and that made me feel really good. I was having such a good day, I nearly forgot about my 'Date' with Evan. Okay, I knew it wasn't a date – not a real date – but, there were possibilities, right?

Believe it or not, I got my studying done early and even had a chance to call my parents and check in with them before I had to leave for the practice pool. I took my time looking through my underwear to find the kind of panties Evan wanted. I completely skipped the thongs and concentrated on the bikini and hipsters that were in my drawer. He said he wanted something soft and silky, so that let off the cotton ones. There two pairs left – one red silky pair I've been keeping for that special date where I was finally going to give in and let the boy get what he wanted, and the white silky nylon pair my mother gave me, which I've never worn. They were cute panties, but, they were those full cut kind, the kind she wears, and I didn't like them much.

So, not knowing what Evan was going to do with the panties, and not wanting to risk sacrificing my special red ones, I folded the white nylon panties up, stuck them down in my purse and checked my watch.

I knew where the practice pool was and I got there a couple of minutes early. I had a hard time finding the door Evan was talking about because it was on the far, back side of the building and it didn't have an exterior door knob on it – just a sign that said 'Emergency Exit Only'. I thought that was strange. I'd only been standing by the door about thirty seconds when the door opened a little bit and Evan stuck his head out.

"Wow." He said. "I really didn't think you'd come. Come on in."

As soon as I walked in the door, I immediately knew where I was.

"Evan, this is the men's locker room!" I exclaimed. And, as I turned to go back out the door, I looked at Evan and said, "I can't be in here, you know that!"

"Oh, it's fine." Evan said, standing there in his tight, blue swim trunks.

"Really, it's fine." Evan pressed. "Everyone is gone and no one's going to be here until tomorrow morning. Even the janitor has already been here and gone. Come on."

Evan gave me a big smile, took me by the hand and led me through the rows of lockers. It smelled like chlorine and sweat in there, and as he led me through that end of the locker room, we ended up standing right in front of the showers.

"So what's this big surprise you have for me?" I asked. "I hope you don't expect to see my panties again, because the answer is 'No'."

Evan just smiled and reached over behind us and pulled out a folding chair that was leaning up against the tile wall of the shower stalls. I watched as he opened the chair up and moved it to the edge of the showers and gestured me to it. "Have a seat." Evan said. "This will be fun"

Still suspicious, I sat down, clutching my purse in my lap and looking over my shoulder to make sure there was no one there. And, when I didn't see or hear anyone, I turned back around to see Evan standing in front of me with his hands on his hips.

"I really appreciate you lending me your panties this morning." He began. "Not many girls would do that, so, just to show you how much I appreciate it, I'm going to let you watch me take my shower."

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