tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe American Way Ch. 03

The American Way Ch. 03


Ch. 03 USA! USA! USA!

This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


Inside the locker room belonging to La Resistance, the trio of young studs known as Rene Dupree, Sylvain Greiner and Robert Conway are lounging around discussing recent events as they get ready for a match later in the night. All three men are dressed in their black wrestling tights, and Rene looks at his two comrades. "My friends, we are truly showing our greatness, the Dudley Boys will fall again in defeat to us..." Rene says with a confident smirk.

"Yeah... Man it's so great being apart of this group..." Conway says as he sits on the couch, "Especially with how I got to join..."

Sylvain laughs slightly, "That's right... I almost forgotten about our little war with Miss Jackie... we showed her that she's no match for us..."

Rene nods his head, "That's right... and you've noticed she hasn't..." Just as Rene is about to finish his statement, there's a knock on the locker room. Rene goes to answer it and when he opens it, he raises an eyebrow. "What... are you doing here?" He says in surprise as he sees Miss Jackie standing out in the hall.

The flamboyant, hot and free-spirited Diva, Miss Jackie, stands on the other side of the door with a smirk on her gorgeous face "Hey there...French boy... forget about me?" Miss Jackie says as she has her arms folded over her tye-dyed bikini, also dressed in a pair of tye-dyed comfortable kapri pants. Rene folds his arms as he looks at the manager of the overly flamboyant Rico. "Actually we were just talking about you... what do you want?" Rene asks as Sylvain and Conway both move to stand behind the young Frenchmen in order to look at Miss Jackie.

Miss Jackie smirks and raises her eyebrow "Oh...all three of you, huh?" Jackie nods her head "That's good...real good, because you three French pussies and I have a bit of unfinished business.."

"Oh really? And what would that be?" Conway asks with a cocky smirk as he folds his arms over his smooth, muscular chest.

Sylvain laughs slightly, "Miss Jackie, we won, there is no unfinished business between us and you..."

Rene holds his hand up, "Now, now... hold on... let's hear her out..." Rene says as he looks at Miss Jackie, "So... what is this unfinished business?"

Miss Jackie laughs slightly as she smirks "Well...you see the last time I was slightly out numbered...and well it wasn't fair" Jackie pauses and shrugs her shoulders "Of course I would lose to three hot studs, even if you three are French pussies."

Sylvain smirks arrogantly, "Glad to see that you lost... and we would gladly defeat you again... any time... any place..." Sylvain says as Rene and Conway both chuckle slightly.

Miss Jackie raises her eyebrow as she places her soft hands against her smooth, tanned waist "Any time...any place? Huh? What about now you French pussies?" Miss Jackie replies with an adorable attitude.

Conway smirks, "That works for us... but what makes you think you have a chance at victory this time? We still got the advantage..." Conway points out as he, Sylvain and Rene step back in order to let the flamboyant Miss Jackie step into the locker room.

Miss Jackie tilts her head back slightly as she laughs "Well...let's just say...I'm going to...even the odds.." Jackie says with a smirk as she glances back and forth between Sylvain Grenier, Rene Dupree and Robert Conway "And... they should be here any minute."

"Who should be hear any minute?" Rene asks as he folds his arms and looks at Miss Jackie with a stern look on his face.

Miss Jackie presses her lips together and slightly glances over her shoulder as she looks back at the open doorway of the locker room that leads out into the hallway "Ohh...girls..." Miss Jackie calls out and within a few moments SmackDown Divas, the mischievous Dawn Marie and the Playboy Playmate Torrie Wilson are standing in the doorway.

Sylvain and Conway's mouths both hang open as they see both of Jackie's allies stand behind her. "What... are these two doing here?" Sylvain says, sounding shocked.

Conway composes himself and shakes his head, "It doesn't matter... we'll still be victorious!" Conway says confidently.

Miss Jackie smirks and folds her arms "They're here to even the odds...and you French pussies have no chance of winning..." Jackie fires back cutely as Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson both enter the locker room completely, and Torrie closes the door behind them.

Dawn sighs as she folds her arms over her chest and glances down at her fingernails while dressed in a short black skirt and a white long sleeved buttoned shirt "Can we like get this over with..." The sly, mischievous, seducing Dawn Marie says as Torrie steps up next to Dawn.

"Oh come on Dawn, this will be fun..." Torrie says with an eager smile as she's dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and black top.

Rene smirks confidently, "Yeah, it's going to be fun for us..." Rene says as he continues to look right at Miss Jackie.

"So how are we going to do this?" Conway asks as he scratches the back of his head.

"Simple... 3 of us... versus 3 Americans..." Rene says as he points right at the free-spirited Miss Jackie, "And I want her..."

Miss Jackie laughs as she looks directly at Rene Dupree "Ohhh...is that so?" Jackie shrugs her shoulders "Bring it...you French bitch..." The free-spirited Miss Jackie playfully says with a cute laugh and adorable attitude.

Torrie glances over at Dawn "Dawn who do you want?" Torrie ask as Dawn glances back with her while glancing down and checking out her own manicured fingernails.

Dawn sighs "I don't give a rat's ass...let's just get this stupid thing over with..." Dawn says with an extreme arrogant attitude.

Torrie sighs and rolls her eyes "Fine...I'll take Sylvain...and you get Rob..." Torrie says as Dawn raises her eyebrow.

"Oh joy..." Dawn replies sarcastically.

Robert Conway looks at Dawn Marie as he licks his lips, "Oh this is going to be fun... I get to take down an uptight American bitch..." Conway says as he starts to lower his black wrestling shorts, to reveal his nine-inch French Sympathizing cock. Rene and Sylvain both move to other areas of the locker room and they take off their wrestling shorts.

Rene wraps a hand around his eight inch cock as he looks at Jackie as she starts to come towards him, "I'm all ready for this battle..." Rene says to the flamboyant diva. Miss Jackie licks her lips as she approaches the French phenomenal stud, Rene Dupree as he sits down on the large leather couch inside of the locker room. Miss Jackie kneels down on the floor in between Rene Dupree's legs and tosses her slightly curly blond-brown hair back as she leans forward and gently places her smooth hands around Rene's hard cock and begins to gently stroke his cock. Rene lets out a bit of a moan as Jackie's hands move up and down on his now stiff cock. "Mmmm..." Rene moans as he leans back on the couch and closes his eyes.

Meanwhile, Sylvain has taken Torrie's hand and is walking her over towards a smooth, round table. Sylvain lifts her up and sits her on it, "The French shall win this..." Sylvain says as he unbuttons Torrie's tight-fighting jeans and begins to jerk them down from her waist. Torrie smiles sweetly as she gently kicks her tight-fitting jeans off of her smooth, tanned legs as she sits back slightly on the rounded table. Torrie places her hands below her black top and begins to lift the top off of her hot, stunning body to reveal her rounded, firm and large tits. Sylvain licks his lips as he spreads Torrie's legs apart and he lowers his head down to Torrie's smooth, warm pussy. Putting his hands on Torrie's waist, Sylvain begins to quickly lap his tongue against Torrie's pussy.

Meanwhile, Robert Conway has his hands on his hips as he waits for Dawn Marie to do something to him, "Come on, show me what you can do... or are you a lazy American?" Conway asks with an arrogant attitude as Dawn he stands naked in front of Dawn Marie.

Dawn rolls her eyes as stands in front of Robert Conway "Like what!?" Dawn snaps back at the American-traitor "What am I suppose to do?" Dawn replies in a snotty, tone.

Conway puts his hands on his waist as he slightly glares at Dawn, "You can get down and fucking suck my dick... that's what most of you Americans are good for anyway!" Conway snaps back.

Dawn rolls her eyes "I don't want to...but the sooner this is done...the sooner I can leave..." Dawn replies with a snotty attitude as she kneels down in front of Robert Conway as he stands. Dawn rolls her eyes and sighs as she places her soft, gentle hands around his shaft and guides his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Dawn wraps her lips around his cock and begins to smoothly bob her head on his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... mmmmm..." Conway moans as he puts both of his hands on top of Dawn Marie's head and pushes her brown hair back as she skillfully bobs her head on his stiff nine-inch cock. Dawn gently taps her tongue against Conway's cock as she laps her tongue around his stiff shaft while she bobs her head at a slightly quicker pace.

Meanwhile over on the leather couch, the youngest member of La Resistance Rene Dupree and the free-spirited Blond Bombshell Jackie Gayda are in a sixty-nine on the leather couch. Rene is underneath Jackie and has his hands on Jackie's ass cheeks, which helps him lap his tongue against Jackie's pussy as she grinds warm pussy over his face. Miss Jackie moans softly against Rene Dupree's hard, thick cock as she bobs her head smoothly up and down on his cock as she slaps her tongue against his cock as she gently twists her head on his cock. Jackie's warm saliva drips against his cock while she gently pushes her pussy against his skilled, French tongue.

Over on the round, smooth table, Torrie is laying back completely as Sylvain stands between her legs, pumping his seven-inch French cock in and out of her hot, smooth pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh yeah... Mmmm..." Sylvain groans as he keeps his hands on Torrie's slender waist as he moves his hips back and forth while driving his cock fast and hard into Torrie's wet all-American pussy.

Torrie grits her teeth as she closes her eyes while her back rubs back and forth against the smooth, round table as Sylvain slams his hard cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...mmm...yesss...fuck that hot pussy..." Torrie moans as she lifts herself slightly off of the round table and begins to push herself back against Sylvain's cock.

Meanwhile, over by the door Robert Conway is pulling on Dawn Marie's brown hair as she deep throats all of his nine-inch cock without any trouble, "Awwww... fuck yea... mmmm yea..." Rob groans as Dawn Marie unbuttons her white long sleeved button shirt. Dawn Marie skillfully removes her white long sleeved top from her stunning body to reveal her black laced bra as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock as she deep throats the American-traitor and French-sympathizer. Dawn gently twists her head on Conway's cock as she slowly lifts her head up from his cock and spits her warm saliva down on his cock. Dawn licks her lips as she watches her warm saliva trickle down his hard, thick shaft.

Meanwhile, back on the couch, Rene is still laying underneath Jackie, and he's still rapidly lapping his tongue against her pussy as she leans back so that her whole weight is on top of his head. Rene has his hands on Jackie's legs as she bounces on his face slightly when he slides his tongue up into her pussy. Miss Jackie grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh fuck yesss..." Miss Jackie groans as she has both of her soft, gentle hands wrapped around Rene's hard, thick cock as she moves her hands smoothly against his shaft. Jackie closes her eyes as she lowers her head back down on his cock and takes him back into her warm mouth, as she remains on top of him in the classic 69 position. Jackie smoothly bobs her head on his cock as her soft lips rub against his hard shaft, while bobbing her head at a gradually quickening pace.

As Rene and Miss Jackie get settled back into the classic 69 position, over on the table, Sylvain has slipped his arms around Torrie's waist and he lifts her off of the table. "Ahhh... mmmmm... magnificent..." Sylvain grunts as he starts bouncing Torrie on his cock while he's standing.

The adorable Playboy Playmate, Torrie Wilson, wraps her arms gently around Sylvain's neck as she begins bounce quickly on his cock as he slams his cock up into her tight pussy. Torrie wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Sylvain's waist and begins to grind her pussy sharply against his hard cock "Mmmmm...ohhhh...ohhh yesss!"

Sylvain grits his teeth together as he tightens his arms around Torrie so that her hot, tanned body presses close against his own while he thrusts his shaft sharply into her pussy. "Ahh... mmmmm fuck!" Sylvain grunts.

Meanwhile, back by the door, as Dawn Marie continues to suck on Conway's shaft, the mischievous SmackDown Diva is pushing down her black skirt while Conway is leaning down to unclasp Dawn's black bra in order to peel it away from her chest. "Mmmm shit you're really hot for an American..." Conway groans as he steps back so that his cock falls out of Dawn Marie's hot, moist mouth.

Dawn looks up at Robert Conway and sighs "Yeah...I know..." Dawn rolls her eyes "I am the hottest Diva on SmackDown..." Dawn says with a sly smirk as she arrogantly brags about herself. Dawn casually stands up from the floor as she guides her short black skirt down her smooth, sexy legs to reveal her hot, smooth pussy.

Conway gets a cocky smirk on his face as he licks his lips, "That's because there aren't any French women on SmackDown..." Conway replies as he looks right at Dawn's hot, smooth pussy.

Dawn raises her eyebrow and smirks slightly "Oh...I'll prove I'm the hottest Diva on SmackDown..." The mischievous, sly seductress Dawn Marie points down to the floor "Lay your ass down..."

"All right... I'll lay down for ya..." Conway smirks as he lays down on the floor of the locker room. He puts his hands behind his head and looks up at Dawn Marie, "Now what?" Conway asks with a cocky tone in his voice.

Dawn presses her lips together as she tosses her soft, wavy brown hair back as she lowers herself down onto the floor with Robert Conway. The sly, mischievous vixen smoothly mounts herself on top of Conway's cock and places her hands on his smooth, muscular chest while she lowers herself completely down on his hard cock "Mmmmm... ohhhh... yesss baby..." Dawn moans as she begins to gently rock back and forth on his hard cock.

Just as Conway puts his hands Dawn Marie's hips in order to start lifting her up and down on his shaft, over on the couch, Rene Dupree moves his head out from under Miss Jackie's hot, saliva covered pussy just as she lifts her head from his cock. "This battle... is just getting started..." Rene says to the free-spirited blond-bombshell as she moves off of his body.

Miss Jackie licks her lips as she smiles cutely at Rene Dupree "Mmmm...so you French-pussy...you aren't getting worn down yet?" Jackie asks with a playful smile as she eases off of the couch and kneels on the floor "That's a surprise...usually, you French...like to back out a lot..."

Rene sits up on the couch, "Typical American ignorance... but I'll show you... that we French are as fierce fighters as we are fuckers..." Rene licks his lips as he stands up from the couch. "Now... prepare... for a pure phenomenal French experience..." Rene says as he kneels down on the floor behind Miss Jackie.

"Give me whatever you got, buddy!" Miss Jackie looks over her shoulder with a cute smirk, before she bends over onto her arms as she's now an all fours in front of Rene Dupree.

Rene licks his teeth as he moves closer behind the stunning Miss Jackie. He puts his left hand on her waist as he uses his right hand to guide his thick cock into the diva's hot, tight pussy. "Ahhh...mmmmm..." Rene lets out a moan as he feels Jackie's pussy squeeze his cock just before he begins to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

Meanwhile, back over near the Table, Sylvain Grenier is still bouncing the hot Playboy Playmate, Torrie Wilson on his cock while he thrusts his shaft sharply into her pussy. Sylvain blinks his eyes as he starts to sweat, "Ahhh... mmmmm fuck..." he moans as he turns around and leans against the smooth round table for support.

Torrie grits her teeth and arches her back slightly as her hot, sweating body slams hard against Sylvain's thrusting cock "Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh...yesss!" Torrie groans as she tilts her head back and slams down extremely hard on his cock. The adorably sweet Playboy Playmate's tight, warm pussy erupts with her own cum and her hot, sweating body weakens and collapses against Sylvain's muscular, studdly body "Ohhh mother...fucker..." Torrie groans.

Sylvain smirks as Torrie rests against his body before he lifts the hot, exhausted Playboy covergirl off of his thick cock. "Uhhh... that's one for us!" Sylvain laughs as he lifts Torrie Wilson off of his cock and he lays her on the smooth round table that's behind him.

"AHHH FUCK!" Conway screams out as Dawn Marie grinds herself sharply on his shaft.

Sylvain looks over at his comrade and sees that he's in trouble, so he quickly heads over and gets behind Dawn Marie. "It's time for the Americans to fall to the French...." Sylvain says just moments before he rams his cock into Dawn Marie's hot, tight ass.

Dawn grits her teeth tightly together as her body suddenly jolts forward causing her warm, tight pussy to grind roughly against Conway's hard cock due to the French invasion of her tight asshole by Sylvain Grenier "Ohhhhh fucking shit!" Dawn groans as she closes her eyes and begins to rock her hot, smooth body back against Sylvain's cock as she bounces freely on Conway's cock.

As Robert Conway and Sylvain Greiner begin to get a good advantage on Dawn Marie thanks too their double-teaming, Rene Dupree is steadily thrusting his fat French cock in and out of Jackie's pussy. "Uhhh... mmmm... you like that French cock you American whore?!" Rene grunts as he jerks the flamboyant Miss Jackie back towards him so that her ass hits against his waist.

Miss Jackie grits her teeth as she glances back at Rene Dupree and smirks cutely "Sure do...you French pussy!" Jackie replies before she suddenly slams her entire body back against Rene's hard, thick cock as she forces his entire cock deeply into her tight pussy "Ahhhh fuck!"

Rene nearly bites his tongue when Jackie slams her whole body backward, "AHHH... you stupid American!" Rene yells as he pumps his cock harder into Miss Jackie's pussy. Meanwhile, back near the door, Conway and Sylvain are taking full advantage of the two on one situation they have with SmackDown's Dawn Marie. Sylvain firmly rams his cock in and out of Dawn Marie's tight asshole as he wraps his arms around her waist, and Conway begins to sharply pump his shaft up into Dawn's pussy.

Dawn closes her eyes and grits her teeth tightly together "Ohhhh shit...mmmm fuck..." Dawn moans as Robert Conway and Sylvain Grenier both slam their hard cocks deeply into her tight pussy and tight asshole "Ohhhh god yess..." Dawn groans as sweat drips off of her hot body as she steadily slams down on hard on Conway's cock before being slammed back against Sylvain's hard cock, that is deep inside of her asshole.

Meanwhile back by the couch, as Rene is fucking Miss Jackie's hot tight pussy, he looks over his shoulder to see how Conway and Sylvain are doing. He smirks when he sees them holding a good advantage on Dawn Marie. He then looks at Miss Jackie and smirks, "Miss Jackie... I'm going to give you... a little break..." Rene says as he pulls out of her pussy and head over to Dawn, Conway and Sylvain. Rene stands near Dawn, grabs her wavy brown hair and jerks her head up so he can push his cock into her mouth.

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