The Amorous Brady Bunch Ch. 1

byj.g.e. powers©

Just then two aroused, naked men, one a black, entered the picture and embraced the three squirming women. The black man was a stranger. The naked white man was their uncle, John Cummings - their mother's brother!

Uncle John took the black woman and his giggling wife out of the picture while the camera stayed on Carol Brady and the black man. He was very tall; towering over the petite woman and his erection was huge; thick and heavily ridged, the pale cockhead a startling contrast to his rich, dark color. He stood behind Carol and cupped her tits, his thumbs flicking her hardened nipples; his rigid cock tight against the small of her back. It almost reached her shoulder blades.

Cindy Brady sucked in her breath, and chewed on her lips roughly. She was no longer watching her Mother in some sort of interracial orgy, she was in an erotic fantasy and her focus was now on this stranger's monstrous cock. Her hand had sneaked into her pajamas, and her finger was gently playing with her clitoris. She was very wet.

The Black man spun Carol around and squeezed her tight to him, actually holding her off the floor. She squirmed against him, eager for his embrace. Her legs went around his waist, and her hips moved lewdly. His cock, plainly visible, prodded her hairy slit. The Brady's heard their Mother's voice, rough and hoarse, tell the stranger to stick it in.

Jan's hands covered her mouth. She was on the verge of screaming; not vindictive, but her frustration, her desire. The walls of convention surrounding her were crumbling. She pressed her back to Peter's body transmitting her pent-up excitement to him.

The camera followed, giving full view of their Mother's desire, her lust. They saw the huge black prickhead part the lips of her pink and juicy pussy; saw it press pass the tight opening, stretching it. They heard her moans, her cries; saw her contorted face, flushed with passion, as she screwed her pussy down on the thick, black fuckpole.

Marcia sought the protection of Greg's arms. She wanted to hide, not from what she was viewing, but from her own arousal. Greg felt the fullness of her tits against him, smelled her wonderful fragrance. Their fantasies of each other began to merge.

Carol Brady was laying on her side getting fucked sidesaddle by the big black man. Her left leg stood almost straight up giving the camera a spectacular shot of his ebony cock, slick with cum juice, driving deep into her body. Cindy couldn't believe such a small woman could take that size prick. She was proud and jealous at the same time.

The camera jiggled and the scene abruptly changed. The black woman, facing the camera, was straddling John Cummings; his long white cock buried in her hole, and she was sucking their Father's prick. Any thought that they were watching only their Mother's indiscretion was quickly dispelled. This definitely was a family affair, condoned and encouraged.

Their parents were swingers! Incestuous swingers!

Mike Brady gestured at the camera. It jiggled, the picture jumped, then settled down. Mary Cummings, nee Brady, ran to her brother, dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock with relish. Her bobbing head frequently blocked the camera's view. Carol and her black lover came back into view. Cum spots could be seen on her body, and a tinge of white pussy cream still clung to her pubic hair. Her body glowed. The Black man walked to the camera, his flaccid cock hanging down. Even limp it was impressive.

Then Carol knelt in front of the Black woman, like a supplicant. Her brother's rod was jammed, full length, in her black hole; only his heavy balls, bouncing erratically, showed. Carol started to lick them and John's movements became frantic. The black cunt's suction, and his sister's licking was too much and he started to shoot his load.

Roughly, Carol pulled her brother's cock out of the woman's churning cunt and cum juice splashed her face before she could get his pulsating prick in her mouth. The camera, handheld now, came in for a close up. Carol Brady's eyes were bright but smiling as she expertly sucked her brother John's cock dry. Then it panned to their Father. Mike's eyes were closed and his chest heaved. His sister's face was splattered with dripping cum. Her fingers caught the running droplets, and licked each finger clean. The Black woman joined them and helped each woman clean her brother's cock.

Movement caught Greg's eye. He turned and nudged Marcia. Cindy had turned around on the couch, her ass stuck up in the air and she was vigorously sucking Bobby's prick.

"Greg...?" His lips were soft against hers; his hand cupped her breast. Her chest felt like it was caught in a vice. She could hardly breathe. They left the room quietly. It registered on the others that they were no longer there, but it didn't really penetrate.

On the screen Mike and John were busy fucking their own sisters. The Black woman hovered near, giving encouragement to each couple.


Marcia's blonde cunt squished from the amount of cum juice in it, hers and Gregs'. She had lost count of the times she had climaxed, as her fantasies became reality. And Greg was, yet again, humping her, this time doggie-style, his cock still hard, even after several cums.

When they had reached the bedroom they had not make love, they made war! There was no foreplay, no preamble. She ust wanted his cock in her! She wanted it to stretch her, fill her; never leave her demanding body. Greg felt the same way as if all the years of frustration had to be purged immediately. He was relentless, almost ruthless in his fucking. It was practically a rape but Marcia didn't care. Her desires and frustrations matched her brother's; her need, as powerful. Her nails and teeth left their marks as they vented their anger and dissolved their frustrations.

Greg's hands bit harshly into her upturned asscheeks, his hips frantically slapped against her heart-shaped butt as his sister reached behind and felt his balls, still heavy with cum. "Oh, Greg. Cum for me!" she cried.

His strokes were long and hard. Each forward thrust sucked her cuntlips in and forced her face deeper into the pillow. He began to hump faster. Marcia moaned as pain and pleasure mixed together.

"Shit! I gotta cum, Marcia... I gotta... can't hold back."

"Cum, Greg, oh, please cum... yes, yes, hurt me. Oh, Greg, cum in my mouth... let me taste it... please cum in my mouth." His body stiffened and she scrambled to turn around. She wasn't fast enough.

"Aaaaaaaggggggg!" His voice choked as his control broke and reason left him. His cum splashed her face, her hair and her tits before she could get her hand around his erupting cock and direct it into her mouth. He was shooting by the cupful. Her mouth filled and she swallowed automatically hardly tasting its thick, salty mixture. She swallowed again and again as Greg's body shook with uncontrollable tremors. Marcia held his ass tightly and continued to suck his thick cock clean. Thick white cum dribbled down her chin. Finally, his shaking began to subside. With weak legs he collapsed on the bed, taking Marcia with him. "Oh, God, that was good," he said.

"Uhmmmm. Yeah, we waited long enough. Stupid us! Do you think the other guys are doing the same thing?"

Greg laughed. "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Marcia rolled over on her stomach, her full tits rested on her brother's arm; her body still aglow from their vigorous fucking. "Ooh, my pussy's sore. A good sore, though. Greg? What do you think about all this? I mean, the film; Mom and Dad? Those people? Us?"

"I don't really know yet," he shrugged. "Maybe the Brady's are just a horny bunch and don't give a shit about everyday morality, but whatever happened with the folks and Uncle John and Aunt Mary must be recent; like they discovered something they've been missing. I can't remember anything strange going on when we were kids, can you?"

"No, I can't. Maybe they were like us, when we were kids; having the hots for their brothers and sisters and never doing anything about it.

"Jan and I used to hide in that closet and watch you jerk off," Marcia said, with a giggle. "We would finger each other like crazy. God, we were horny. We always wanted you and Peter. Did you know that Cindy and Bobby have been fucking since they were kids? She told us last night; said she learned from our mistakes."

"I'm not surprised; not from the way she was sucking his cock last night. Wish I'd been smarter and gotten into your pants when we were kids."

"When my husband fucks me I dream about you; that you're the one doing it to me. It's the only way I can cum." They linked eyes and looked at each other closely.

"Then you don't think we did anything wrong either. And this isn't going to be a one shot deal."

She fingered his now flaccid prick. "Not after last night. Not after what we saw Mom and Dad do. I want it all, Greg."

"Me too," he said, and kissed her softly.

"Oh, Christ. I'm squishing like a wet dish rag. I didn't think one person had that much juice in them. I have to take a shower."

"You weren't so bad yourself. Com'on, I'll wash your back."

"Bullshit! That cock is getting hard again. You'll drown me. Stay here a minute and rest. Let me make myself presentable, then come in."

Greg stretched and yawned. His body was sore in a hundred places; his back raked by Marcia's nails; angry welts on his shoulders from her teeth. He couldn't remember when he felt better.

"Well, look what we have here." Jan stood in the doorway, resting an arm on the jam. She was naked.


Jan stood in the doorway and smiled at her brother's automatic reflex to cover up. "It's a little late for that, Greg. I peeked. Where's Marcia?"

Greg gestured towards the bathroom. From the look in his eyes, she knew that he was appraising her naked body; comparing it to her sister's and she knew the comparison would be favorable. Marcia was taller, more lithe, but her smaller frame and larger chest gave her a more sensuous appearance. She looked like a sex machine! She liked that description.

Despite himself, Greg had a semi-erection; his cock making a small tent out of the sheet he'd hastily tossed over his lower body. He couldn't help it, Jan had that type of body. Her large tits sat upright, cherry-tipped, on her small chest. Her tiny waist flared into a perfect hip line leading to good strong legs. A flat stomach ended at a surprisingly thick reddish blond mound. On top of everything else, her long blonde hair was in a wild disarray, giving her a completely wanton look - a real sex machine.

"Eh, where's Pete?"

She walked fluidly to the bed and sat down. Greg noted the sway of her hips and the puffy lips of her cunt peeking out through her thick muff. His cock twitched. "He's still sleeping. I think I fucked him out. How about you?" she said, nodding to the bathroom.

"Wild," he said, smiling, "absolutely wild."

"No regrets?"

"Only that we waited so long."

Jan ran her fingers up and down her brother's thigh. She smiled as the bulge became larger. Slowly, she pulled the sheet off of him, exposing his thick hard-on.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

"Fair's fair, dear brother. I'm giving you a full frontal shot, aren't I?" she asked as her hand moved softly over his erection, like a caress; teasing.

"Jan! Marcia's going to be out in a minute."

"Relax, Greg. After what we saw Mom and Dad do, can you imagine not wanting to share... everything. Did you know Marcia and I watched you jerk off, right from that closet." Her hand circled his now raging prick, and squeezed gently.

"Aaah. Oh, wow, I didn't think it would come up again so fast." She began to stroke him up and down, very slowly; glancing at the bathroom as she did. "You really have a beautiful cock, Greg. It's even better now than when we saw it long ago. I'm glad of that." They heard the shower stop.

"Look, Jan. I don't know what Marcia's going to say when she comes out but I don't want to fuck this up."

Jan smiled and slid downward on the bed, her face inches from his rampant dickhead. Just seeing her that close to it made his dick swell up even more. Greg couldn't believe it; after a night of the wildest fucking in his life; when he should be completely dead, he was getting another enormous hard-on. And his sister was responsible for it. Both his sisters.

"Don't worry. You won't fuck it up, but you will fuck it! When I came home, I was looking for something. I thought it just was Pete. Now, I know I'm just like Mom. I want all the Brady men," she smiled, and quickly licked the tip of his cock, "and the Brady women, too." Without warning, she sucked his cock deep into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth. Her tongue worked furiously, and her sharp teeth raked the tender underside of his shaft. Greg gasped and grabbed fistfuls of her wild hair, forcing her head downward.

"Oh, shit! Jan! That feels so good. Your mouth's like a fucking furnace."

Jan made little moaning sounds as she worked his shaft in and out of her oval mouth. She could feel it pulsate as the tip hit the opening of her throat. Greg tugged at her shoulders pulling her slightly forward so he could reach her beautiful tits. He kneaded them, and rolled the big nipples between his thumb and finger. He saw her eyes become slitted with passion. She opened her mouth to moan, and a large droplet of saliva ran down his prick into his pubic hair.

"Oh, yes, Greg, yes. I love it when you squeeze my nipples. Ooooooh. Oh, fuck me, Greg. Fuck me!"

Marcia wrapped a towel around her damp hair. The shower had been invigorating; hot then freezing cold. She wasn't tired anymore. She smiled at herself in the mirror. For the first time in her life, she felt like a complete woman. She knew Greg had fallen asleep when he didn't join her, which she thought was okay, because she knew a marvelous to wake the poor dear up. She licked her lips and opened the bathroom door.

She saw them on the bed. Fucking! Rather, she saw two asses. They were facing away from her. But she knew who they were. Her Greg! And Jan! She could see Greg's powerful cock plunging in and out of her sister's cunt; slick with juicy secretions. Jan's legs were wrapped tight around his back, and her hands dug deep into his asscheeks. She could hear the sounds of their lovemaking and a wave of jealous anger swept through her, followed almost immediately, by a feeling of erotic arousal so strong that her legs began to tremble. She had seen her Mother in almost the same position in the movie and an identical feeling had hit her. But that had been film. This was real. She could put out her hand and touch them. She could even smell them; smell the sex, the sheer animal vitality of them. Her breathing became ragged and warm moisture ran down her inner thigh - hot cum juice!

Greg drew his cock out of Jan's grasping cunt, almost to the tip and with a deep groan plunged it back in mercilessly. Jan screamed. "Aaaaaaggggghhhhh. Cummin'... cummmmmin'... oh, God, I'm cumming!... Oh, fuck me, Greg! Harder! Please, harder!... oh, God, oh, God.!"

Marcia saw Jan's body go out of control as she erupted in a major climax. She shook and trembled wildly; churning and bucking; trying frantically to hold Greg's cock captive and make the moment last forever. Her violent contortions were too wild for her brother, and he bucked off just as his prick started to spray his love juice. He splashed her stomach, her tits, her face, her hair. His throbbing cock seemed to spurt forever. Cum ran in rivulets down the crevasses of her body.

Marcia ran to her sister and held her trembling body in her arms. She slid in Greg' cum. "It's okay, baby. It's okay. Marcia's here. Easy, sweetheart. Rest!"

Automatically, Jan wrapped her arms around her sister. They were cheek to cheek, breast to breast, mound to mound. Greg's cum made them slide against each other. The heat of their bodies was transmitted. Marcia felt her nipples become hard and erect. Without being aware of it they began to rub against each other, lewdly. Their lips found each other and tongues entwined.

Greg's panting became less severe. His cock, still half hard, glistened with dripping cum and pussy juice. His legs were rubbery and just about kept him upright. Jan's wild bouncing had pushed him to the other side of the bed, near his sisters' heads and he watched their passionate embrace with wonder. Then, with another surge of lust, put his cock directly above their faces - it just seem the thing to do - and let a last drop of cum juice fall on Marcia's nose. Immediately it ran down to her lips and he watched in fascination as their tongues fought to lick it.

"Suck my dick," he said hoarsely, "both of you."

Marcia's struck first taking all of his semi-soft prick in her mouth. She clamped her ruby lips tightly around the flaccid meat and began to suck greedily. Jan contented herself with licking her brother's heavy balls. Neither of them let go of the others tits while they set about their new task.

The film; the realization of what their parents, aunt and uncle, were doing had opened a Pandora's box of sexual need, and once started on their erotic path they had a demanding desire to taste and feel it all.

"Ahhhh, oooooh. Yeah! That's it! Suck! Yeah, lick my balls, Jan. Do it, babe. Yes, yes! Suck them!"

Jan had taken half of his heavy sac in her mouth and was sucking gently on his testicle. Each sudden movement send a wild shiver up his spine. Marcia's educated tongue coached his cock back to life and his body was again alive with electric thrills. Bending over he spread Marcia's legs wide, dislodging Jan's grip on her tits, baring her silky blonde pussymuff. The thick cuntal lips could be seen easily through the fine hair. He pulled her cuntlips apart, the meat was pink and pretty. "Oh, sweet pussy. I'm going to eat you 'til you die!"

With his dick embedded in her mouth, Jan sucking his balls, Greg began to run his tongue, ever so gently, around the inner walls of Marcia's wet pussy. Her clitoris immediately became distended and he gently nibbled at it. She jumped and tried to talk, but his cock choked off the words. Then she jumped even higher when Jan's tongue joined her brother's and she reveled in the double tongue-fucking; one gentle, one rough. Chills and shivers attacked her body as her sensory system registered thrill after thrill.

Each new sensation slammed her hips against their faces as brother and sister fought to give her the cum of her life. She squeezed Greg's ass as hard as she could, desperately holding on as her climax built to a crescendo. Strangling and gasping for breath she spit his cock out and screamed her passion loudly. "Aggggggggg!... Ughhhhhhhhhh!... Ahhhhhhhhh!... Oh, Jan, stop... for Christ sake...stop... I'm dying. No more, please, no more. I can't take it. Oh, Greg, give me your cock again... hummmmm."

Greg stood up slowly. Marcia was gently sucking at his purple cockhead. Jan' head was now buried deep between her sister's thighs; her tongue softly tapering her off. He pulled away; his cock making a 'plopping' sound when if left Marcia's mouth. She spread her legs as wide apart as possible, giving Jan complete access to her most inner being. The feeling was still there as her sister's tongue slowly brought her down from a sexual high never experienced before. She had been eaten by her brother and her sister - at the same time! And she had loved it! As Her breathing slowly returned to normal she felt a slight chill as she became conscious of the cool air on her perspiring body.

Jan looked at Marcia and smiled. "Good, wasn't it?"

"Oh, hell. It was better than good. I thought my body was going to explode... I can't really describe it. You have to experience it yourself."

Jan's smile became broader. "I was hoping you'd say that. Me next." Marcia's eyes opened in sudden excitement.

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