tagNonHumanThe Angel vs. The Demon

The Angel vs. The Demon


Down and down she went, with rapid speed. Thick white clouds swirling around her body, as she tumbled through time and space. Her eyes closed, arms out wide...her wings disappear. Emmanuelle travels through a sliver time frame......Down to earthy plains to complete a dangerous mission.

Cast down as part of the punishment for her rebellious and restless nature, Emmanuelle now becomes human; her wings now gone, her safety net also gone. She will take on all human flaws and qualities....and thus begins a different life for the rogue angel, Emmanuelle...

* * *

Blinking softly, Emmanuelle awakens slowly. Eyes the color of new spring leaves, widen suddenly as she realizes her odd surroundings. Sitting up gently Emmanuelle looks slowly around her, noticing the giant hearth at the center of her stone and oaken chamber. The bright flames momentarily mesmerizing her, then turning to look upon the walls, where numerous European tapestries line side by side providing warm. Raising her smooth young face, Emmanuelle looks up at the ceiling of her chamber, where dark oak beams support the roof and walls. In it's center, hangs a giant cast iron chandelier, comprised of a few dozen candles, each capped with glass to protect from any accidents. Her luminescence eyes scans the walls, to rest upon two, twelve foot long windows, framed with sapphire blue velvet drapes, held back by golden ropes. Turning her gaze beside her, Emmanuelle takes in the site of ornately carved mahogany bedside table. On it rested a washing bowl and urn to freshen up.

Moving a lock of light golden-red hair from her eyes, Emmanuelle looked up at the four poster bed, surrounded by a matching sapphire blue velvet drapes, down to the soft blue goose down comforter in which she finds herself covered in. To her horror, she realized that her wings had disappeared. Eyes widening, she began to panic, when a light appeared at the foot of her bed.

Gasping softly, Emmanuelle watches as her superior Arch angel Michael appeared, looking at her with gentle tolerance.

"I see that you are awake, child" Michael began without wasting time.

"M...Michael, is this to be my punishment? Why am I here? And where am I?" Emmanuelle began to ask in earnest.

Raising his hand slightly, Michael spoke gently to her "This is to be your assignment, Emmanuelle. You are not being punished, but you do need an outlet for that wild spirit of yours. Now please sit and I will tell you what you must do" He fluidly appeared beside her bed, and sat at its edge. Looking into her eyes, he wondered if she was truly ready for this arduous task, she is so innocent.

Sitting up, wrapping herself in her goose down comforter, Emmanuelle prepared herself for what was to come. Michael spoke to her, candidly, and clearly.

"There was a Guardian angel called Demitrios. A high ranking guard to the warrior angels. He became restless, greedy and arrogant, and I was finally forced to cast him out. He flew to earth, and discarded his wings, he disguised himself very well, so that we could not detect him. We do know that he is in this region..."

"Where exactly am I Michael?" Emmanuelle asked quickly, with curiosity.

" You are in Scotland, near Glenashdale Falls. This tower you are in is called Smailholm Tower, near Kelso. You have been placed here because Demitrios always frequents this area, yet is never seen for too long. As far as anyone knows, you are the heir to this abandoned property. Now listen closely. You will have a maidservant that will help you, she will also act as the cook, housekeeper and seamstress. I don’t have to tell you how she came to have knowledge of these duties. My Lord has invented the power of suggestion; she is one of us. Her name is Mathilde, and her husband Henry; who will be steward here and keep you safe. Do not worry about food, kitchen supplies, fresh water, linens, and material for clothing. all has been supplied. You are not here to live in gross luxury, but you will live comfortably, to ease the burdens of your assignments. As for meat for your meals, I remember your unorthodox love for the cross bow and daggers." Michael reported with a deep, forceful voice, then chuckling softly.

"Ok, a couple of questions if you can indulge me a moment, m'lord" Emmanuelle felt vulnerable and perhaps a bit frightened at the moment.

"Of course, the more clear this assignment is for you the better. I am here to assist you". Michael assured her.

"How will I find him? What does he look like? What if he finds out I am an angel?" Emmanuelle asked in earnest, her leaf green eyes illuminating gently.

"He will find you, trust me. As for what he looks like, he has probably changed his outer appearance. It would be difficult to speculate.. For your question about you being an angel. That is the exact reason YOU were the one chosen. You have an innocence about you, yes, but all the other angels are too experienced, Demitrios would detect them right away, there would be grave danger. So you see child, it is not so much as punishment that you were sent here, but more of. that....we need you." Michael smiled reassuringly, patting her hand.

"What can I do though? He seems dark and dangerous. W..what if he should discover me and kill me?"

"Just like Demitrios, your wings are no longer part of you. You are human in every way. Your assignment is to convince him to come back into our fold, by whichever means possible. I know for a fact, he will sense your presence here, when he nears you. Let him come to you, he cannot kill you, but he does not know that. We are not so careless, as to leave you open to harm like that. My one and only warning to you, Emmanuelle is this: If he happens to seduce you and take your virginity with pure maliciousness, we cannot aid you. You will be left to live out your mortality here. If you manage to capture his black heart before he takes your virginity, then we have him. Please do not fail, our fate rests in your hands. Good luck my child". Rising to his feet, Michael begins to retreat back to the open sliver in time that has been open, awaiting his return.

"Wait! Michael. Where are my.." Emmanuelle began as an afterthought.

Anticipating her thoughts already, Michael chuckled knowingly. Indicating to her tall oaken boudoir, its doors part to reveal her clothing inside. As the clothing part ways, a secret panel is revealed with the objects of Emmanuelle's thoughts. Twin sets of silver, jewel encrusted daggers, a small but well made cross bow, gripped in leather for easy handling. A small short sword, of lightweight metal, with leather hilt for an easy grip. Now, if you require anything else out of necessity, simply place your open palm upon the oaken doors of your boudoir, then open the doors, the object will appear." Michael then begins to enter the sliver in time, but turns back one last time to tell her one last thing.

"Oh by the way, be very careful when you walk the forest, Glenashdale falls plummets 100 ft down a lava sill. Always be aware of your surroundings. Good luck, I will keep in touch." With that, Michael slipped through the portal, the seam closing behind him".

* * *

Standing at that very treacherous falls Michael spoke about, Demitrios had a peasant by the foot, hanging him over the drop. An evil sneer crossed his face as he spoke to the frightened man

"Where is that diamond you stole, old man. I want it now" Demitrios asked calmly but coldly.

"I...If I give it to you m'lord, will you let me live? Don’t drop me!* the old peasant pleaded loudly

"Aye I will spare you. Now hand it over you old sot."

With shaking gnarled fingers, the old peasant reached into his tattered shirt pocket and handed Demitrios the brown leather pouch with the pink diamond inside. "H...here you are, m'lord. Please release me, I don’t want to die!" the peasant begged with a crackling voice.

"You want to be released? Not a problem old man" sneered coldly

Releasing the old man's foot over the 100 ft drop of the falls, the old man's body plummets. Sounds of his terrified screaming was music to Demitrios's ears...Well he wanted to be released, so I did him a favor and released him from his pathetic existence. Also relieved him of my diamond..Ha ha... He thought to himself.

Placing the leather satchel in his jacket, Demitrios turned without a second glance to the peasant man he just killed, walked into the thickly dense forest. Chuckling coldly, he whistled a tune, inwardly mocking these foolish peasants who think to steal from him. Stopping suddenly, Demitrios inhales the air, sensing something different in this place. His black overcoat flying slightly behind him as his long stride takes him in the direction of this strange change in the air.

Just beyond the thickness of the forest, Demitrios looked around an ancient oak tree, into the clearing. Gazing upon the old Smailholm Tower, he senses a presence inside the old structure. Knowing that the previous owner of this property had passed away a few years ago, Demitrios thought to himself that this must be the new heir, come to claim Smailholm tower. Hm..never having given this old land any second thought until now.

Noticing a newly turned and earth of the gardens, the flowers surrounding the charcoal grey tower. He would have to say that it was a female that took over. Closing eyes dark brown eyes, Demitrios inhaled the air once more...ah yes..definitely female, human too, but unusual.

Elevating himself up to the tower window on the east side, Demitrios appears at the window of the darkened chambers. With the smoothness of a predator, he appears in the chamber...looking around slowly taking in every detail. Noticing that it was freshly aired, the huge hearth was ablaze with crackling fire to ward off the chill of the night. Tying back his midnight black hair with a leather strip, so that it would not get in the way. He then moved into the chambers, his dark eyes piercing as he scans his surroundings.

Noticing that the huge four-poster bed was surrounded by the closed dark blue velvet curtains, Demitrios slowly approached the bed. His keen senses already telling him that it was a female in that enclosed bed. Slowly brushing his long fingers on the curtain, Demitrios parted it slowly, his dark brows furrowed in curiosity. His eyes widen suddenly as he is taken by surprise by the wondrous creature sleeping in the center of the huge bed. Her body completely covered , yet her smooth beautiful face and long honey-gold hair a complete contrast to the sapphire blue bed coverings. It is not often Demitrios is taken by surprise, but this time is different.

"Well, well. What do we have here" Demitrios whispers softly, not wanting to disturb his perusal of this young female. Leaning closer, he brushed his fingers across the young female's heart shaped face. Shadows splay across her creamy cheeks, as her long black lashes frame her eyes. Studying her, he notices her small nose, upturned slightly at the end, in perky defiance. Demitrios's gaze lowers a bit to study her mouth....small, pink..the color of an English rose. Shaking himself for his silly musings, he laughs at himself for a moment. Suddenly, the female moves slightly, but not finished perusing her yet, Demitrios passed his hand quickly in front of her slumbering face, to keep her that way. With this light mist surrounding her, it allowed Demitrios to touch and study her, while keeping her in deep sleep.

Grinning evilly, Demitrios gripped the edge of the comforter, lowering it from her body just under her breasts. Tilting his head slightly to the side in curiosity, Demitrios noticed how her chest rose and fell gently as she breathed. Noticing the virginal white cotton nightgown with pearl buttons, his fingernail gently flicks at each button, until her nightgown parted gently, her full breasts springing free of its confinement. Parting her white nightgown a bit more, he placed the edges on each side of the female's breasts, causing them to press together. Demitrios felt a hardening in his pants, as he gazed upon her little raspberry colored nipples, that were small considering her breasts were full and a generous size. As she watches those delectable little nipples harden with the sudden coolness of the chamber, Demitrios' mouth waters to reach down and suckle them hard into his hot mouth.

Hesitating for a moment, Demitrios leaned down, his big hands cupped her full round breasts, his tongue lapping at the flesh , twirling around the nipple..then suddenly taking one erect nipple into his mouth, suckling, tasting her. Tugging and fulling her other nipple with his fingers, as his mouth engulfs her right breast. Somehow the lovely woman's body arched in response to his sucking, unbeknownst to her. Placing a palm on her smooth abdomen, Demitrios controlled her arching. Slowly, his hand lowered down her body, until he cupped her tiny pussy. Mmmmm how delicate and succulent this creature is. His long finger then probes her little petals, parting them slightly. Feeling the delicate juice upon his finger, Demitrios tasted her essence; surprised by the light sweet taste.

Now...he thought to himself, I need to know her name, as not to call her "female" all the time. Closing his eyes, Demitrios probed her mind. After a few moment, a name came upon his lips.....Emmanuelle...such a beautiful name.

"Well Emmanuelle, I am going to taste your nectar upon my lips and tongue"Leaning his head down, Demitrios slowly parted her little pussy lips with his tongue, the pinkness glistening with new dew. Running his long fingers up Emmanulle's soft white thighs, leaving little red marks where he touched. Pulling her legs open, as they fall back. His mouth breathed warm air upon her quivering little womanhood, before his long tongue suddenly impaled her tightness, as his nails grip her inner thighs.

Feeling strange things coming over her, Emmanuelle tried her hardest to break out of her dream, and away from the probing mouth and stinging nails digging into her soft flesh. Moaning softly, her body arching, Emmanuelle tried in vain not to respond to the long tongue invading her tightness.

Placing his big hands under her body, Demitrios gripped her soft round ass, pulling her up off the bed so that his long tongue can delve deep inside this little woman's body. Growling softly in his throat, Demitrios becomes addicted to this sweet taste of hers, intoxicating him. He then realized that this woman was a virgin. Grinning evilly, Demitrios plundered her little pussy with vigor, sucking on her clit as his finger slid inside her slightly, but not all the way. He wanted to savor her before he took her virginity. Demitrios' mouth now firmly in between her glistening lips, his longue tongue curled around her little clit, he watches as her body arches and quiver off the bed in orgasm. Moaning loudly, Demitrios tries to coax more of her sweet juices into his mouth as her body shakes in uncontrolled orgasm.

Standing up, Demitrios began to undo his pants, when his keen ears picked up the sound of footfalls upon the stone floor on the other side of the chamber door. Debating whether to kill the intruder or not, he decided to continue this another time. Without another backward glance, Demitrios disappeared out the window from which he came in from, into the night.

* * *

Waking with the first break of dawn, Emmannuelle stretched out onto the bed, but suddenly feeling coolness on her skin. Looking down at her body, her deep green eyes widened in shock.

"What is blue blazes........? noticing her firm young breasts thrusting out between her parted nightgown.

Pulling at her white cotton nightgown, Emmanuelled covered her breasts and looked around the chilled chamber. Noticing the window open slightly, Emmanuelle slowly rose from her four-poster bed and padded over to the window to lock it back. As she was about to turn around, she noticed a piece of black fabric hanging onto a splintered piece of wood of the window sill. Frowning slightly, she rubbed the material between her smooth fingers. Instinctively, she knew he had come in the night as she slept.

Bringing her fist to her moistened lips, Emmanuelle suddenly felt frightened and violated. Though, those feelings did not remain as such. After getting over the shock, she suddenly felt angry for the first time in her angelic life. But no longer the angel she once was, Emmanuelle felt the anger of a human woman; hot, passionate, deep setting.

With her small fists clenched, Emmanuelle vowed with feeling "I will show you how it is to be violated, demon Demitrios".

* * *

Michael was right, Emmanuelle thought to herself. I do love daggers.....

Having slipped on some of the human clothing in from her boudoir; soft brown lambskin pants, white cotton blouse, brown matching lambskin vest, accentuating her hourglass figure. Sitting on the bed, Emmanuelle slipped on her long brown leather riding boots, sliding one of her daggers inside the top of the boot. Almost ready to go and teach this lecher a lesson, Emmanuelle picked up a white satin ribbon to tie her golden-red hair back in a loose pony tail. On her way out the great oak door of the Towers, she spotted a blackballed dagger on the stone mantel. Swiping it up on her way out, Emmanuelle slipped it into her bodice, in case she needed it later on.

Stepping out into the morning light, Emannuelle's soft eyes scanned her surroundings. Somewhat unsure of herself in this new form, yet determined to seek out the male that assaulted her as she slept....Demitrios. Stepping around an ancient oak tree, Emmanuelle held the satchel close to her body in moderate comfort, as she wandered into the dense forest. Closing her eyes momentarily, Emmanuelle allowed her senses to take over. Inhaling softly, she smelled the rich earthy scent of the moist soil on the forest ground. Opening her sparkling green eyes, she noticed the beauty of a patch of wild purple flowers growing around a long slender tree. Bending down slightly, she picked the lower plant, slipped it into her long thick mane.

Suddenly, a scream ripped through the air, causing Emmanuelle to straighten and scan her surroundings. Following the scream through the forest, she hid behind a pine tree, as she found the source of the tormented sound.

Standing at the entrance to a cave at the foot of a mountain, Demitrios had a ragged looking man by the throat. Demitrios stood a foot taller than the other male at 6'5, with ham sized hands. The fear fairly oozed from the rag-tag male, as Demitrios sneered with disgust

....."My daughter is all I have left after my wife died. You cannot have her!" the older man tried to be brave and protective about his daughter.

"Don’t flatter yourself old man, I don’t want to marry the wench, I just want to fuck her then give her to the village men to use as they please" Demitrios told the other man in calm cruelty.

"If you touch her, I'll.....I'll..." the captive blustered.

" You'll what? Kill me?" Demitrios threw back his head in laughter. "Come now, little man. You just pissed your britches in fear" he looked down at the smaller man in an amused smirk.

The peasant male flustered in embarrassment at the demon's cruel words. They were meant to anger him into a fight. Suddenly, the man mustered enough courage to take a swing at Demitrios. Barely moving at the hard blow, Demitrios smiled evilly. Extending his hand, a dagger appeared at his wrist, gripping the man once more by the scruff of the neck, he picked him up off the ground.

From behind her hiding place, Emmanuelle's eyes grew wide in realization of what was to happen. Without a hesitation, she bent down quickly, slipped her dagger from it's sheath, stood up and took aim. As she stood, she looked at Demitrios as the demon's blade was going to slice the peasant man's throat.

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