tagGroup SexThe Anniversary Present

The Anniversary Present


You've invited me out for a night on the town to celebrate our knowing each other a year. I can't believe its been a year already! I take my time getting ready, I want everything to be just right. I stand there admiring myself in the mirror when I hear the doorbell. I grab my coat on the way to the door and open it smiling at you. You look serious as you look up and down and push past me into the house. "I thought you wanted to leave right away?" I ask. You stare at me, not looking happy at all. "What's wrong?" I ask nervously.

You walk around me, still looking me up and down shaking your head. "That won't do. Change."

"Into what?" I ask. You hand me a box and I open it slowly. "Oh my god, you don't want me to wear this in public do you? I might get arrested as a hooker." I laugh nervously, thinking this is a joke.

You look at me dead serious. "Am I laughing?

"No you aren't." I look at you wondering if you are taking this sex slave thing a little too seriously, but I don't want to ask. I stand there staring at the open box as you walk past me and slam the front door shut.

You reach out with one hand and grab the front of my dress and pull hard, ripping the dress in two. "Now change." You say it with venom in your voice.

"Yes Sir." I meekly answer as I walk to the bedroom, tears in my eyes as I carry the brand new dress and throw it in the garbage can.

I hear you yelling as I walk into the bedroom. "Only wear what is in that box, not another piece of clothing, is that understood?"

"Yes Sir." I say it softly under my breath.

"IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Your voice bellows down the hall.

"Yes Sir." I say it loud enough for you to hear me this time. I walk out of the bedroom, self-conscious in the revealing clothing. I can feel the blood rushing to my exposed skin.

"Much better" you say happily. I look up to see you smiling. "Now I can show off my slave properly." I can't believe you want me to go out in public like this. I walk out to the car, goose bumps forming on my skin as we hit the night air. We drive to the restaurant without conversation. I'm not sure if you're mad at me, but I am sure mad at you.

As we walk into the restaurant, I feel every eye on me in the low cut dress, slit up the thigh, and very self-conscious considering I'm not wearing a thing under it except for the stockings. I'm afraid if I have to bend over my boobs will fall out the top, or someone will see my ass peeking out from under this short dress; or maybe even my pussy if I'm not extremely careful with how I sit.

You stop at every opportunity to talk with friends and stand there with your arm around my waist. This dress is so tight, the only way I can breath is to heave my chest up and down, drawing attention to my breasts which are pushed up high and barely covered. I'm afraid at any moment a nipple might pop out at someone. You seem to be enjoying my discomfort immensely. Or is it something else. You seem to be showing me off. Is that it? I'm your possession and you want to show off the wares?

As we are seated at our table you lean over and whisper in my ear; "You look so sexy tonight, I'll bet every man here wants you." I flutter my eyelids and look down with embarrassment as you sit in your chair and smile. I move slowly to keep myself in the dress as more and more of your friends arrive. I'd forgotten you are well known here. Everyone seems to come over to say hi, or is it to look at your woman? Maybe catch a glimpse of something else? A few seem to love standing over my shoulder and looking down at me. Can they see something? Now I'm blushing non-stop.

All through dinner I can't help but wonder what people are thinking. Do your friends think you picked up a hooker and are passing her off as your girl friend? Or do they think you just have some bimbo, just for the body and nothing else? "We've been invited to a club for drinks and dancing after dinner."

I look up and answer obediently. "Yes Sir." I'm not sure if you would appreciate any other response I might have.

At the club, it's the same, more stares from the men. You hold me close but I still feel like I'm in a display case. We sit at the bar with your friends and get up to dance every now and then, nothing fast though; I might fall out. You concur that would not be a good idea, and you agreed to slow dances only. One of your co-workers drops by to say hi. You guys get to chatting and I remember hearing you mention his name many times, and saying how much you want us to meet.

You look over at me and ask me to dance with your friend and get to know him. He helps me from my bar stool and to the dance floor, making me more and more nervous. He holds me close and we start to dance. He whispers to me. "You look so hot. Dave says you're his sex slave, and he'll share you with me. What do you think of that?"

I stumble as I hear the words. We had joked about a threesome sometime, but I wasn't really serious. I refuse to look up and don't answer. He holds me tighter and continues talking. "Dave said he'd bring you around to meet me tonight. I couldn't wait, and when I saw you, I knew it was finally going to happen."

The dance is over, and I walk back to you, white as a sheet. You start chatting with your friend and I hear snippets of conversation through my haze of confusion. "So, what do you think? Do you want to?"

"Absolutely, she's perfect."

"Good, we can leave now and get right to it." The both of you laugh and I feel like I'm going to throw up.

The drive back to your place seems like forever. I don't say a word and you seem oblivious to the fact that I'm not excited about this. I finally can't stand it any longer and ask what you were thinking. How could you do this to me? You look daggers at me. "You are my sex slave remember? You don't have choices anymore. You live to pleasure me and take care of my desires."

I think about that for the rest of the drive. I did agree to be your sex slave. I never asked what that entailed. I never asked for any constraints put on that. It's my fault I realize. By the time we reach your place, I've decided the best thing to do is go along with it. I don't have to enjoy it, just get through it. You won't let him hurt me, I think. I look over at you and wonder. You have had quite a bit to drink.

We walk in the front door, and Brian, that's his name I finally remember, closes the door behind him. I feel like I'm trapped. I look around, unsure of what to do. You walk up behind me and gently hold my shoulders, massaging them, and whisper in my ear. "This is really for you babe. I know you would never suggest it, but I also know you really want to try it."

You start to kiss my neck, and then alternate licking and biting the skin. I start to shiver; you know I love it when you do that. I start to relax and lean against you, forgetting Brian is even in the room. You unzip the dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving me naked except for the stockings and shoes. Your hands move to my breasts, gently massaging them and teasing the nipples, flicking them, then twisting them, harder and harder until they become pebbles. I start to moan in pleasure and then I feel a hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and I part my legs, inviting it closer.

I feel warm breath against my cunt lips, and then two hands moving slowly up and down the inside of my thighs but never near my cunt, just the warm air blowing. Your hands are still on my breasts and I'm leaning my head back enjoying the caresses of all four hands at once. You whisper in my ear again. "If you want to say no, I'll have Brian leave right now."

Now that you've given me the choice, I can't say that I'm not enjoying what is happening now, or what is going to come next. I shake my head. "I want to, he can stay." You bite my neck harder, leaving a bruise and grab my nipples firmly and pull them away from my body at the same time, sending a rush through my whole insides.

Suddenly I'm in your arms and carried to the spare bedroom and deposited on the bed, where you quickly cuff me spread-eagled. "Now we can do whatever we want to you and you can't fight us off." You laugh as you say it, and I see that look I know so well,. I smile back, knowing this was your plan all along, to have me want it.

You sit on the bed next to my head and lean down and kiss me deeply, our tongues entwined. Your hands find my breasts again, playing with them, pulling hard on the nipples. At first it startles me when I feel Brian's tongue tracing my pussy, but not entering. He seems to be teasing me, his tongue never going inside. His hands brush the inside of my legs, and I can feel myself swelling and starting to leak some fluid. Finally, I can't stand his teasing any more and I push my hips up, forcing my cunt to his mouth.

I hear a small laugh from you as you bite my neck again and then you whisper so only I can hear. "I knew you were a little slut." Brian takes the invitation and parts my lips and dives his tongue deep. he licks everywhere at once and then brings his hands into play and pushes two and then three fingers deep into my soaking tunnel as he sucks my clit. I feel the fluids pouring out of me now and my moaning becomes louder and louder. I feel myself losing control completely as the warmth rushes throughout my body and I cum for the first time tonight. "Brian, think we should take the chance on uncuffing her? Think she might run away?"

Brian answers with a laugh in his voice. "I think she likes it, she's a real horny little thing isn't she?" You both laugh as you un-cuff me.

"Don't try to run, or you'll regret it!" You look at me sternly as you say it.

"I promise. " I answer, feigning fear. At this point you pick me up off the bed and Brian lays down face up. You place me over his pelvis and I slowly impale myself on his huge cock. You continue to play with my tits; you love watching me with someone else. You move in behind me and push me forward towards Brian who grabs my tits now and really squeezes hard. I watch you lubing your fingers with KY, sliding one and then two into my asshole, and loosen it up. I push back onto your fingers hard. And then your throbbing shaft parts my ass cheeks and slides inside, stretching me open.

The three of us find our rhythm and push me closer and closer, until I explode in the biggest orgasm of my life. I've never been filled cunt and ass before, and I feel like you're going to split me open if you ram me too hard. But I want you to. I want you to slam into me harder and harder. My cunt and ass start to squeeze hard, holding both your cocks tight, milking them. my whole body starts to convulse, my muscles jerking and twitching as I feel Brian stiffen and yell out as his cum rips through my dripping cunt. He pumps over and over until his cock slides out of my soaking wet cunt.

You are still fucking me hard, and I sit up and push back into you. Brian slides out from under me and stands next to the bed so I can take his cock in my mouth. I lick it all over, cleaning our cum off the shaft, sucking on his balls and cock. He moans louder and louder, his cock starting to twitch and harden again. You are lasting forever, maybe watching me suck someone while you fuck me turns you on. Brian's cock explodes in my mouth and I swallow as much as I can, the rest dribbling down my chin and onto my breasts. You are still pounding into my ass, lasting longer than you ever have in the past. I could get used to this threesome business I think to myself.

Finally, I feel you bite my shoulder, and bellow as your cum shoots into my ass. I can't believe the feeling as your balls slap into my cunt, your cum leaking out my ass and mixing with Brian's and mine as it slides down to my pussy. You hold me close as you pump more into me, cumming and cumming. When you finally finish, you step away from me and stand there for a second, just looking at me.

Brian sneaks into the bathroom and gets cleaned up, grabbing his clothes, and winks as he walks out. You walk over and pick me up in your arms, kissing me and whisper in my ear. "You are my little slut. Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh yes, thank you, it was a wonderful anniversary present."

You carry me into the Master bedroom and set me down gently and get into bed, curling along my back and holding me tight against your chest. "Good night my little slut." I close my eyes and dream of you.

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