tagLoving WivesThe Anniversary Trip

The Anniversary Trip


"Can we have caviar and champagne tonight?"

"I don't see why not."

Eric and Moana had been on the road for two hours and were fast approaching the Canadian border. It was a Wednesday night, and they were on their way to Vancouver B.C. for three days, ostensibly for Eric to meet some clients, but they were also going to celebrate their anniversary. Eric had a big surprise planned, one that he had spent a great deal of time planning, and as he glanced over at her, he was positive that she had not even an inkling of what was to occur. Moana was a very attractive woman, tall and slim with long brown hair, a strikingly beautiful face, and long and lithe legs. They had been married now for seven years, and had two children and far too little time for themselves. Eric had two and a half days of meetings, but they were planning on a night out on Friday, and a leisurely Saturday afternoon, all while the children were safely ensconced in Seattle.

"I'm going to work out in the morning and then lay out by the pool. What time do you think you'll be back?"

"I'll probably be gone all day. I've got a negotiation session starting at 10. Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?"

"That's a definite possibility." Eric smiled to himself.

* * * * *

Moana was lying in the sun, sighing comfortably to herself. She and Eric had sex in a slow, pleasant way the night before, after indulging on lox, salmon and sturgeon caviar, and a bottle of good champagne. She slept late, and had followed a light breakfast with the workout she had been craving. After reading for a short while from one of the several magazines she had purchased, she was now quite relaxed, eyes closed, and drifting into a nap.

"Do you mind if I look at your New Yorker?"

Moana opened her eyes. There was woman standing over her, dressed in a swim suit and a long, open robe. She was similar in appearance to Moana herself, only slightly shorter, with broader hips and lighter hair.

"No, go ahead."

"I'm Helen. My husband's here on business, so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to get away from the kids."

Moana laughed, and took an instant liking to Helen. "That sounds familiar. Why don't you sit down?"

The two of them ending up spending the day together. They found they had a lot in common. They sunned and talked for a while, and then met for lunch and shopping. After returning, they lounged in the hotel patio bar, just talking, for the rest of the afternoon. Helen and Moana were both in their mid-thirties and their husbands were also close to the same age, although Thomas was younger. Moana was sure that she would like Thomas, even though he was a lawyer like Eric, and she thought that Eric would probably like him, too. Her only reluctance was that Helen had said that she and Thomas occasionally took or shared outside partners in their relationship. Moana had of course thought of other men during their seven years together, but had never acted on it. Helen insisted that it was no big deal, and that they both thought it enhanced their relationship.

"We both seem to need the variety," she had said. But Moan liked Helen, and otherwise Helen seemed as normal as she was, and they got along famously the entire day.

* * * * *

It was almost five when Thomas spotted Helen in the lounge and came over. By this time, Moana was not surprised to find that Thomas had a build similar to Eric's, and that he, like Eric, was attractive in a way that she found sexy. He and Eric also had the same color of hair, and the fact that Thomas had a mustache, which she did not particularly care for, was offset by the flecks of silver in his hair and his warm smile. Helen introduced him to Moana, and he sat with them and had a quick drink. When Helen and Thomas left together half an hour later, Moana was pleased that the day had gone so well, and that she had been right in predicting that she would like Thomas.

* * * * *

It was nearing five thirty, so Moana returned to their room to get ready for dinner. As she put the key in the door, she heard the TV, meaning that Eric had gotten there first. He greeted her as she walked in.

"Hi, did you enjoy the day?"

"Yes, I did. I made a new friend, Helen. She's Canadian, but she's really nice, even though her husband is a lawyer, like you."

"Hey, that's great. What do you want to do for dinner?"

"I don't know, why don't you decide? How did your day go?"

"Ok, let me give it some thought. I promised to meet my client for a drink, but that shouldn't take more than an hour. I spent the whole day with him. We're meeting the buyers tomorrow. What kind of law does this guy practice?"

"Well, it sounded like something similar to what you do. He's here to close some kind of business deal. "

"Hey, Moana, I bought you a present. Happy anniversary."

He handed her a small oblong package.

"But before you open it, you have to promise to wear it tonight, with its accessories."

"We'll see," she said, as she ripped open the package. It was a choker, black velvet, with a diamond to be worn at the throat.

"Oh, its beautiful. But I don't have anything to wear with it."

"I told you that I got you some accessories. Take a look in the bedroom on the bed."

She went from the anteroom into the bedroom. There on the bed was a black knit sweater and a black skirt. It wasn't a mini, but it was much shorter than any she had. Next to the sweater was a box.

"Honey, I can't wear this. I'm too fat. What's in the box, garters and stockings?"

"Well, of course. And you are not fat. Please?"

Moana had opened the box, revealing, as she had guessed, a black garter and stockings.

"Eric, I can't wear this to go out. Its too uncomfortable."

"Sure you can, you'll look great, and it will make you feel sexy. I promise. Please? If you do, I'll make sure we get our deal done tomorrow and we can do whatever you want on Thursday."

"But I'm fat." She wasn't.

"You are not. At least try it on and see."

"Well, maybe. But I want to shower first."

* * * * *

Forty five minutes later she was out of the shower, and had put on the new lingerie. Despite her complaints, she knew she looked stunning as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.

"I told you that you'd look great. Now put on the rest of the outfit."

"But I can't go anywhere in it."

"Sure you can, this is Vancouver, not Seattle. Here, let me put the choker on you."

"Well, I don't know."

"Oh, come on, give it a try." He handed her the skirt. She put it on and reached for the sweater.

"Look, if you feel uncomfortable after an hour, we'll come back to the hotel room."

"OK," she said.

As he fastened the choker around her neck, and she stepped into her heels, she stole another glance at herself in the mirror.

"Yes," she thought, "I do look good tonight."

* * * * *

"Where are we going?" she asked as they got in a cab.

"Its a place my client told me about, an Italian restaurant. We have to meet him there for a drink, and then he has to meet his wife at a dinner party."

The cab ride was a short one, and when they arrived an attendant opened the cab door and extended his hand to help her out. He stared at her long legs as she stepped out, and she opened her legs more than necessary, teasing the attendant. When she stood up he flashed her a sly, appreciative smile. By that time Eric had paid the cab, and, putting his hand on her back, he guided her inside.

Although there were ten or so people, the maitre de led them immediately into the restaurant when he gave their name.

"How did you do that?"

"My client knows the owner. Oh, here he comes now."

As he glanced to his right, she did likewise, and they stopped. She saw a well dressed man approaching. Her mouth dropped open involuntarily. At the same time, she put her weight back on one foot and felt her face get warm.

"Eric, how do you like this place?" said the man.

"Hello, Thomas, its really nice, but we just got here. And . . ."

"So this is your lovely wife!"

"Yes, this is Moana."

"Moana, you are even more beautiful than I remember. We met by the pool this afternoon. She and Helen spent the day together."

The whole time he spoke he looked directly into her eyes, and when he finished, he openly looked at her legs. They engaged in small talk for a few more seconds. All the while, Moana posed, standing so as to show off as much of her leg as possible. She found herself fantasizing about Thomas.

"Well, I'm running late, I can't stay." As Thomas made ready to leave, he put out his hand to her. She grasped it.

"I'm so glad Helen found a new friend, she makes acquaintances easily, but she really feels that the two of you went beyond that right away."

"I know, we really did."

Turning his head, Thomas said, "Listen, Eric, if we get this deal done tomorrow, I want the two of you to have dinner with us. We're staying in a condo close to your hotel."

"Well, I don't know. It's our anniversary tomorrow."

"All the more reason. You should celebrate such an event with friends."

"What do you think, Moana?"

"Well, OK. It sounds like fun."

"Good. Then its settled. I'll give you the directions tomorrow, Eric."

He looked at his watch. "Oh, I'm late. I've got to get going. See you tomorrow."

* * * * *

They had a great dinner, and Moana told Eric all about Helen and their afternoon. After dinner they went to a nearby club, where they danced for about an hour. Whenever they would sit, guys would almost immediately come over and ask her to dance, even though Eric was right there. And though Eric did not discourage her, she politely declined each time. On the way back to the hotel in a cab, Moana leaned on Eric's shoulder.

* * * * *

"I think I sense a visit from the Masked Stranger tonight," said Eric, as they entered their room.

"Mmmm, I think I could deal with that."

Moana unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop, then pulled her sweater over her head. Masked Stranger was a game that Eric and Moana played, although the name of the game was a misnomer. It was she who would don a blindfold, and Eric would tie her hands to the top of the bed and pretend to be an unknown stranger. Moana smiled and crossed her wrists in front of her. Eric pulled a strip of velvet from his pocket, bound it loosely around her wrists, and led her into the bedroom and to the bed. He removed her bra and pushed her gently down onto her back, then lifted her arms over her head and tied the velvet strip to the bed frame behind her. He then took a two inch blue strip of velour and wrapped it around her head and over her eyes two or three times. He gave her a long kiss, then as he broke it she could hear him walk away, taking his clothes off.

"I'm leaving now," he said, as per their script.

She lay there on the bed in the dark behind the blindfold, for perhaps two minutes. She started when she felt his hand on her hips, and his tongue in her navel. His tongue slowly drifted down as she squirmed. He curled his tongue and poked it into her wet vagina. Then he began sucking on her engorged clitoris and alternately licking her lips. Minutes later she had a tremendous orgasm.

"I want you in me."

He remained silent, but removed her shoes, stockings and garter. Then, just before entering her, he untied her hands. His fully erect cock shoved all the way into her. She was fully aroused now, and pushed her hips at him, wrapping her long legs around his back, and pulling him in. They kept at it for many moments, and then she could feel his body heat up and his cock began to swell. She began to spasm just as he unloaded his sperm deep in her. Then she licked him clean.

He became hard once more. She sucked the head of his cock and felt it swell in her mouth, while Eric fingered her anus. He stuck one finger in, then two, moving them back and forth and lubricating them from her cum filled pussy. Then he removed his cock from her mouth and pressed the head at her rosebud. Harder, then a plop as his cock slid past her sphincter. Then he pushed harder as she moaned with pleasure and anticipation. At the same time as he started a rhythm in her ass, he fingered her clit, playing it like a harp. She pushed back at him hard then, and his rhythm increased. Harder he sawed into her, playing with her clit. Eric seemed unusually vigorous tonight, she thought. She was ready by then and just as he started to pump her with his second load she spasmed around his cock as she came as well.

They fell asleep in a tangled mass, but awoke twice more and repeated the act. Finally, she fell into a deep sleep.

* * * * *

When Moana awoke the next morning, Eric was already gone and the sun was shining in through the anteroom door. She felt very relaxed. It seemed like she and Eric had gone on for hours the night before. After a short rest, they had gone at it again. Having the blindfold on added a bit of mystery, but it also seemed to stretch time.

By ten o'clock that morning Moana had breakfasted, and showered, and headed back to the pool where she was going to meet Helen again. As on the day before, the two of them enjoyed a number of activities together. And Helen assured Moana that she and Thomas would make sure that their anniversary was a special one.

* * * * *

Near the end of the afternoon she headed back to the room. Eric was already there.

"We finished the deal! That means tomorrow is a free day."

"Great. What about tonight, what do you want me to wear?"

"Oh, just anything comfortable. I'm wearing slacks and a jacket and tie."

He stood up, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her as he fondled her butt.

"Not now," she said. "We have to get ready for dinner."

"Oh, all right," he said. "I'm going to take my shower and get ready."

As he walked to the shower, she spied a video tape cassette on the table.

"Eric, did you tape us last night?"

He turned and smiled.

"Now why would I do that?" He tried on his best innocent smile, but she wasn't buying it.

"You did, didn't you."

"Why don't you see for yourself."

He walked off to the shower. As he started the water, Moana turned on the TV and popped in the tape. The light was much better than expected. There she was, on the bed with the blindfold on while Eric was busily tonguing her pussy. She had to admit that she looked extremely sexy up on the screen. She watched herself intently, pleasantly reliving the event. Then she saw Eric raise himself to take off her hose and garter belt. He turned toward the camera and looked directly into it, smiling lewdly.

She gasped.

His face had a mustache! As he turned to place his cock at her pussy on the screen, she saw that it was Thomas, not Eric, who was fucking her. She sat down and watched, entranced, as her fingers drifted down to her engorged clit. She was totally aroused now. When Thomas came in her on the screen, she had an orgasm watching it. When she turned over to change positions, Thomas continued to fuck her. During the whole tape, Eric was nowhere to be found. She wondered if he had been with Helen last night. She continued to watch, and began to smile, thinking about dinner that night with Helen and Thomas at their condo.

"This could be an interesting weekend," she thought as she got up to go jump in the shower with Eric.

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