tagMind ControlThe Aphrodisiac Compound

The Aphrodisiac Compound


I was never much of a student in High School. I did manage to graduate on time, and I decided to attend a community college that happened to be in my town. I was only 19, and I figured this way I could still live at home and save my money.

My buddy Kevin, who was also 19, ended up at the community college too, which makes sense, because most of the time in high school we'd been skipping class together. We had several classes together, one being freshman biology. The class managed to be both boring and difficult. About the only bright patch was the lab partners we'd been assigned.

Kevin was partnered with a girl named Erin Westville. Erin was actually still a senior at the catholic high school in town; advanced students could take courses for college credits during their senior year. Erin could seem kind of stuck up sometimes and she was kind of a know-it-all. But I never got tired of looking at her. She had only just turned eighteen, so less than a year younger than me. But she was absolutely adorable, a vision of innocent loveliness. She had straight blonde hair flowing down over her shoulders, and hazel eyes behind silver-framed glasses. She was very petite, with narrow hips and a firm, round, little butt. Her boobs were small enough that you couldn't really see them under the clothes she usually wore, but I didn't think she was completely flat-chested.

My lab partner was a really cool girl named Katie Wynn. Katie was another freshman at the community college. She was my age and came from two towns over. Katie just made you want to smile. She had a round cheerful face with liquid brown eyes, and very fair, almost pale skin, framed by her thick, chestnut hair. She had full, round, marvelous boobs, and full hips, and it was like she didn't have a hard edge anywhere on her body. She had a wicked smile that made my heart race. She was quick to laugh, and to goof around.

There was quite a bit of goofing around that day. We'd been given a quick photocopy worksheet of words to define and diagrams to label. Which ordinarily would have sucked. Except that we were currently in the human reproduction section. Nice, huh?

"Aphrodisiac," said Katie, reading from her paper.

Erin flipped through the text. Then she ran her finger along the page as she read. "Aphrodisiac. Any of various foods, drugs, or other materials believed to cause sexual arousal, increase sexual potency, or enhance sexual pleasure." I noticed Kevin staring with his mouth hanging open as she read.

"Huh," I said. "You know, my dad invented one of those."

Erin looked up from her book and across at me. "Um, no." she said.


"Listen:" Erin went back to the book and began to read out loud while Keven looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"While products are occasionally marketed," she read, "none have been shown to have any actual, clinical effect. No known substance has the properties of a genuine aphrodisiac." Erin lifted her cute little face and gave me a smug look as if that had settled it all.

"His dad really is, like, a big time chemist," said Kevin.

"Sorry," said Erin. "Not buying it."

"It's true, he did a lot of work on an aphrodisiac project. But they lost their funding. Hell, I'm pretty sure there's still some in his workroom at home." I said.

"At home?"

"He has a workroom set up at our house because he works in the middle of the night sometimes."

"They let him do that?"

"I'm not saying he is one, but they absolutely treat him like he's a genius. They expect him to be weird, and give him whatever he wants.

"Prove it, " said Katie.

I turned to her. She had this evil, bashful, playful, challenging smile.

"How am I supposed to do that?" I asked.

"Are we still all getting together at the library tomorrow to study?" asked Katie. We all nodded.

"Bring it in," she said.

"I can't steal something from dad's shop...,"

Erin gave me a dismissive look. As class ended, the girls both got up and left together without another word to either of us. I stood slack jawed for a bit as Kevin and I watched them walk away, my eyes darting back and for the between Erin's tight, taught backside, and Katie's round, swaying young ass.

It was the last class of the day, so Kevin and I headed out, walking home, our backpacks slung over our shoulders.

"Thanks for backing me up," I said to him.

"No problem," he said. "So is it true?"

"About my dad making that stuff? Totally! For a while it was all he worked on. They hit some snag though. Something to do with 'initial standing hormone levels' whatever that means. "

"Who cares?" said Kevin. "Even if you just show it to her, it'll totally shut Erin down. She's wicked hot, but she's such a know-it-all. Are you sure there's no way you could get some out of your dad's lab? "

"Actually, it would be pretty easy. He won't be home for a few hours, and he's onto a new project anyway. He hasn't worked on it since last year. He's still got the samples, though. I saw the case. I doubt he'd even miss a sample. And it's not like it's locked up or anything."

My house was on the way to Kevin's, so he sometimes stopped and hung out for a while before walking the rest of the way home. This was one of those days, but this time, instead of continuing loudly into the kitchen for a snack after we dropped our backpacks inside the door, we stood in the quiet foyer and looked at each other. Finally, I said, "OK, come on," and led the way to the stairs down to my Dad's workshop.

There wasn't much to see in the workshop. Some steel tables, a fume hood, his desk and computer, and a ton of cabinets. Most of the various apparatuses were put away, and all the various materials stored safely. I knew which cabinet it was. Even though I knew my dad wouldn't be home for at least two hours made me nervous just being down there, so I didn't screw around. I went straight to a large cabinet on the far left, and quickly pulled it open. Inside, along with all of the research materials, there was a large black case. I opened the case, and inside were half a dozen small, opaque, squat, little bottles. It had a label like you might see on a pill bottle from the pharmacy, but most of whatever it said was techno-gibberish to me. But the words "aphrodisiac compound" appeared several times, so I hoped it would be enough. I stashed a bottle in my pocket, put everything back the way it was, and then Keven and I practically ran out of there. Back upstairs in the den, I flopped onto the couch and Kevin kicked back in the overstuffed easychair against the wall.

I dug the little bottle out of the pocket of my jeans and sat looking at it.

"Think it'll be enough to convince Erin?" I asked .

"I dunno," said Kevin. "Let me see it."

I tossed it to him. He caught it, then sat back and took a close look at the label.

"How's it supposed to work?" he asked.

"No idea. I don't think you drink it, because they used the same samples for a long time without using it up."

"Why'd they stop working on it?"

"Dad said they could never get it to work on the sorts of people they needed it to work on, whatever that means."

Kevin held the bottle up to the light. He carefully unscrewed the top and took the tiniest sniff. His face wrinkled at the smell, and he screwed the cap back on the bottle, and then paused. Kevin had really fair skin, the kind of kid who'd sunburn really easily. As I watched, his cheeks flushed pink.

"You ok?" I asked. He shook his head like he was trying to clear it, and he shifted in his seat.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I think maybe you inhale it. Here, try taking a really big sniff and holding it in."

Keven passed me the bottle. Curious, I unscrewed the cap, held the little bottle up to my nose, and took a really deep breath. It had an intense, penetrating, medicine smell, like peppermint and bleach. I was screwing the little cap back on, and holding the vapor in my lungs, when the first warm rush hit me. I exhaled in a whooshing sigh. My heartbeat was suddenly a throbbing pulse in my head, and I laid back onto the couch. I felt the drumming liquid rush of blood flowing through my body. I started to feel a heavy pressure flowing down my torso into my lower belly, forcing itself slowly out into my balls and my dick, filling my balls with warm heaviness, and giving me an urgent and obvious erection. My cock was suddenly stiff and throbbing and pushing hard against my jeans. It became very uncomfortable to be wearing pants. I shifted around, trying not to be too obvious about repositioning my sudden hard-on. I managed to get my dick pointing up along my belly, when the warm rush hit me again. As my heart thumped hard, high in my chest, the warmth filled my body, and my penis struggled to become even harder, when it was already as hard as it had ever been. Throbbing stiffness stretched every wrinkle out of my shaft, pushing the head of my cock up toward the waistband of my underwear. It swelled and grew until it actually began to ache.

"Holy shit," I said to Kevin. "Did you try taking a big sniff?" I looked over at him. He was sitting back in the chair, just then holding the bottle to his nose. I watched him take a long, deliberate breath, and hold it. He capped the bottle, and had just put it down when he suddenly let out his breath in a shuddering sigh, closed his eyes, and leaned back into the chair. He seemed to forget I was there. He planted his feet, sighed again, and gently pushed his hips up off the cushion, his hands tightly clutching the arms of the chair. Given what was happening to me, I assumed that he was suddenly getting the hardest boner he could possibly imagine. I was surprised to notice that watching him was kind of a turn-on. Kind of. But the effect of the compound seemed to seize and magnify my passing lewd thought. Thinking about it sent a cruel, hardening shudder out along my cock, making me somehow even more rigid, my cock now almost uncomfortably hard, and my jeans and underwear impossibly tight. I glanced over at Kevin. His eyes were closed and his lips were parted. He seemed relaxed, but every few seconds he'd groan quietly and the muscles in his ass and his abs would clench, thrusting his groin upward like he was humping the air.

Without opening his eyes, Kevin said in an awed, slightly uncomfortable whisper, "Dude! I am so......hard! Oh my god! I didn't know it could get this hard."

"Yeah, me too, " I said, also sounding constricted and uncomfortable. I couldn't stand it a moment longer. I said "Sorry," then tore open my belt and jeans. I yanked the elastic of my underwear over my swollen cockhead, and my impossibly hard penis burst out into the wonderful empty air. It felt bizarre to just whip out my boner, right in front of Kevin, but I groaned in relief at freeing myself.

Kevin must have opened his eyes when her heard me say sorry; I noticed he was looking at me. Well, actually, I realized that he was looking at my dick. He seemed to come to a sudden decision.

"Ok, don't think I don't like girls or anything, but I gotta take mine out too!"

"Go ahead," I said, like it was no big deal.

He urgently undid his belt and pants, and his stiff young dick sprang out like it had a life of its own. Kevin, too, groaned in relief; then he leaned back in the chair again, his cock sticking up out of his jeans. His was much thinner than mine, but maybe a little longer. Like me, he was really, really hard. His penis seemed to quiver with the intensity of his erection.

Neither of us was actually jerking off. But it felt incredibly lewd, sitting in the den in the afternoon, both of us with serious hard-ons, and our dicks sticking out of our jeans. It felt so good to be hard, I thought. And thinking about my dick was enough to make it twitch and throb, and being hard felt so good..., My breath caught, and for a moment I had to concentrate, and sit very still, trying not to cum.

"Shit," said Kevin with a groan. "Ow. Jesus, it's so hard it kinda hurts."

"Yeah, mine too. I think maybe those were bigger breaths than we needed."

"It feels so sensitive, it's like I could fuck air."

"That's good news. Even you could get laid by air, Kevin."

We both laughed, and the movement of my body, the contraction of my diaphragm, morphed somehow into basely, shamelessly, pushing my urgent erection up rigidly into the air. Kevin's laugh became a groan as mine did, and I realized what was about to happen. The overwhelming urge to ejaculate gripped me, and I realized I was about to blow my load with Kevin in the room.

"Oh shit..." I said.


"I think I might...oh shit..."

"What? Dude, are you gonna cum?"

"Oh shit..."

"Cause I think I'm gonna..."

I fought it a second more, and then I saw Kevin beginning to loose control, his cock still rock hard, a tiny clear drip already dribbling down off the tip.

We both jerked up into a sitting position up as our abdomens contracted, then thrust our groins upwards as we threw ourselves back onto the cushions. We writhed, helplessly clutching the cushions, the arm of the chair, as the first shockingly huge wads of cum swelled in our balls, and we got ready to squirt it out, whether we wanted to or not. We both, well, screamed. Orgasms tore out of us, unstoppable.

Sperm poured out of my cock, long pumping bursts of hot semen that gushed out each time another wracking spasm of warm pleasure grabbed me and squeezed. I took a rattling breath and yelled again, sounding angry, helpless, as it just kept coming out, as my balls threatened to turn themselves inside out, as I kept helplessly and shatteringly cumming all over myself. Spasm after gut wrenching spasm wrung out my insides and roughly massaged every possible drop of semen out of me; even then I clutched and grunted and orgasmed some more, dry now, until the tempest finally, lingeringly, passed.

Kevin's thrashing and moaning burst into a panicked and overpowered yell, and he too emptied himself utterly. I watched spray after white spray burst up out of his dick, followed by heavy loads that ran thickly down his pulsing cock like lava. When he couldn't cum any more, he just grunted and writhed and kept on orgasming anyway, his balls squeezing, trying in vain to push even more spunk out. Finally, he too was quiet,

"What just happened?"

"The stuff works, that's what happened,"

"Think it works on girls?"

"Oh yeah. And I can't wait to show it to Katie and Erin."

I heard Kevin laugh, then groan.

"Dude," said Kevin, "Don't even talk about them. It'll totally make me nut again."

"Tomorrow is going to rock, " I said.

Neither of us seemed as wierded out as you'd think, probably because of the compound. The seriously intense effects faded fairly quickly, but the compound left you feeling crazy horny for hours and hours after that. Long after we'd quickly cleaned up, and Kevin had gone home, I still felt like I was popping a boner every time the wind blew. None of these erections seemed like they were about to go off on their own, though I did feel a strong, naughty-feeling urge to jerk off every time it happened. So I did. I didn't have much left to shoot, but I still got off powerfully and quickly. I beat off again sitting on the couch after Kevin left, but before anyone got home, when a cute girl in a tv commercial got me hard. I did it again dinner when I glanced in my sister's room and her underwear drawer happened to be open. Again in bed from the sheets rubbing across my dick. And once more in the shower the next morning.

I basically had a low-grade hard-on all the next day, and it only varied in intensity as the day wore on. I had two classes with Kevin. We didn't talk about yesterday, but he did ask me if I brought "it," and grin when I told him yes. For some reason, I couldn't wait to see what Katie and Erin were wearing. We had agreed to meet in the Bio lab and walk over to the library together. When I finally walked in, Erin, Katie and Kevin were already there. Erin was wearing a blue, short sleeved blouse. It was snug enough for me to finally see the shape of her tempting little chest! Her titties were really lovely: round, tiny and perfect. It seemed a shame she hid them so much. She had her blond hair tied back into a ponytail today. She adjusted her glasses and looked up, and I looked up from her cute a-cups just in time to not get caught staring.

"Hey," she said by way of greeting.

Hearing this, Katie turned and saw me behind her. She smiled warmly.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully. Katie was wearing a long green and black hippie dress, with what looked like a faded black men's shirt buttoned up loosely on top of it, and black converse sneakers. Alas, while Erin's adorable breasts were filling out her blouse nicely, Katie's lovely round melons were concealed by her loose fitting shirt. I said hi to Kevin, and we gathered our things, and headed for the library.

Katie gave her hips a carefree little swish as she strolled along, and the light sheer fabric of her dress showed her inspiring backside. I could just (because I was looking) see the outline of the bikini cut panties she was wearing. I wondered what color they were. (I found out later they were green) Erin was wearing a pair of jeans. They weren't like elastic-tight, or anything, but they really let me notice what an adorable butt she had. Better still, when the four of us walked into the library, which always seemed to be very warm, Katie unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing over her dress. Now that the faded black shirt was hanging open in front, I could see the top of her loose, flowy green and black dress. The dress was sleeveless, low cut, and loose fitting, which was probably why she had worn the shirt over it. Beneath the thin fabric, her spectacular young tits were clearly defined. She had on a black bra today; I could see the strap.

The four of us headed to the worktables in the back behind the bookshelves. Katie sat beside me and Erin sat across from me, with Kevin diagonally across the table. Erin started pulling out books, and said, "We'd better get started. What do you want to work on first?"

Katie looked unenthusiastic and shrugged. Neither Kevin or I dove for our books either.

"Actually," I said, "I think we have to back to yesterday's work and make a little correction."

The girls looked at me puzzled, and, after glancing around to see that no one was nearby, I took the little bottle out of my backpack and set it on the table in front of them. Katie seemed to understand right away. She got a very amused grin on her face, and snatched up the bottle.

"No way!" she said.

"Yup," I said. The aphrodisiac my dad never made? There it is."

Erin got a very skeptical look on her face, and took the bottle from Katie so she could study the label. "This could be anything," said Erin, but the label's complex terminology was fairly convincing, and she didn't sound so sure of herself.

"Does it work?" asked Katie suddenly.

"Oh yeah," said Kevin lewdly, before I could decide what to say. He seemed to regret it almost at once. Both girls gawped at him. Katie's friendly lips turned into a shocked smile beneath her wide eyes, while Erin still looked unconvinced.

We leaned closer together to look like we were working on our assignment and it also let us whisper without being overheard or raising much suspicion. Katie seemed enthusiastically interested. Her brown eyes were soft, but excited also, opened a little wider than usual, her glance more bold, and more shy, by turns. When we leaned our heads together to whisper, my head was angled downward as I cocked my head to listen. I hadn't done it on purpose, but I realized I was discretely looking down Katie's dress. Her tits were full, round and womanly, filling the cups of her shiny black bra, the skin of her cleavage pale and unblemished. It was hard not to stare. I realized I could smell her shampoo. Then I realized she was saying something.

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