tagIncest/TabooThe Application Form

The Application Form


It had been 7 years since my dad left my mom and me for another woman. My mom's 36 now and I am 18. As far as I am aware she has not been with another man since my dad. She would never go out with her mates on a night and she would only leave the house to go to work. Unfortunately two month ago she'd been made redundant so now she only goes out once a week for her shopping. I don't know why she'd never had another boyfriend since my dad, maybe she'd just had enough of men but she certainly isn't short of attention. She has the figure of a 21 year old and curves in all the right places. Her long blonde hair came right down to her size D tits and she has an ass to die for. She's never let herself go after my dad left and likes to keep fit, she wears makeup every day to make herself feel good.

When she used to go to work I would sometimes sneak in her room and have a look round. I found a long black dildo in her bottom drawer; it was 8 inches long and looked quite worn. A few days after I found it I heard her using it, I came home from nightshift early after I was feeling sick and I didn't want to wake my mom. I tip toed up the stairs and passed her room when I heard her, at first I thought she was having a bad dream as I heard a little moaning. I put my ear against her door, which unfortunately was locked, and I could hear her moaning and panting.

"Ohhhhh mmmmm yeah" she moaned not knowing I was in the house. Man, she must have really been ramming the dildo in and out of her pussy. I could hear her wet pussy slurping with every thrust.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" she screamed as she came. Her moaning got fainter and she was heavily panting. I could no longer hear the slurping from her wet pussy and soon after she was snoring. I quietly made my way to my room and jerked off thinking of my mom pleasuring herself with the thick long dildo. Since then I have had no luck catching her at it again but that was all about to change.

It was Saturday night and we were both at home, I was in my bedroom when the phone rang. I answered it as it was on the table next to me but my mom answered it at the same time. I didn't say a word and listened along; it was my mom's friend Sue. They were on the phone ages talking about any old rubbish then Sue started asking my mom stuff.

"So have you got yourself a man yet, honey?" Sue asked.

"No you know I'm not bothered anymore, they're not worth the hassle to me" my mom replied.

"Oh come on honey, it's been about 7 years since you and Dave split up, your body must be craving a piece of meat" Sue laughed as she said it.

"Well...umm...maybe but I can't handle a relationship so I'll do without" my mom stuttered.

"You know you could use that new service that got mentioned at work a few months back?" Sue told my mom.

"Isn't that illegal? And I wouldn't know how to go about that" my mom responded curiously.

"Honey, I'll send you the form, all you have to do is fill it in and send it to the agency, it's easy and it's only 200 bucks" Sue told her. The conversation dithered away from my mom's sex life and they eventually ended the phone call. Every day since then my mom's been rushing to get the post and on the Tuesday it must have come as I seen her at the table filling in a form.

"Bri, can you lend me 200 bucks please" she asked me.

"Sure mom, what for?" I asked her.

"Erm...just to get the shopping in. I'm a bit broke seen as though I'm out of work. Actually can you make it 300, I wanted to treat myself to a new outfit" my mom made it sound believable. I gave her the money and I was about to leave for work when she asked me to post the letter. She didn't want to go outside in the rain and told me it was a job application so it was important to post it straight away. I got to the car park at work and opened the form, I couldn't believe it. It was an application form on how you want to be fucked with 200 dollars. I've paid for my mom to get fucked by some random guy.

This is how she filled in the form:

1.Which holes do you want penetrated?




2.Which size dick do you want?

Under 6 inches

6 – 8 inches

8 – 10 inches

10+ inches/

3.Where do you want the man to come?






4.Please write down further information you wish to occur.

I would like to be fingered, licked out and spanked. Make sure the man you send me has lots of stamina as I'll give him a night he'll never forget x

5.Finally, which day would you like our service?

Tuesday, after 6pm.

Wow, my mom must have been really gagging for some cock. I put a holiday in at work for Tuesday night. It came around very quick and my mom went out at 2pm to the shops so that was my only chance to get into her room. I hid in her closet with the door slightly open so I had a perfect view of her bed. I set my camcorder in position and waited patiently for 6pm. My mom came into her room at 5pm with her shopping and put the bag on the bed then went into the bathroom. I could hear the shower running, imagining her washing her pussy ready for it to be fucked for the first time in over 7 year. She came back in with a towel wrapped around her body and began drying her hair. When finished she stood up and dropped the towel giving me a great view of her body. She looked at herself in the mirror, rubbing her tits and pushing them together. She pulled a red dress out of the bag and put it on, she didn't bother with a bra or panties and the dress was skin tight. It stopped just below her ass showing off her toned legs. It didn't take her long to put her make up on and once 6pm came the doorbell rang. She checked herself one last time in the mirror and went down to let the man in.

They came straight up to the bedroom and he followed my mom in staring at her ass. It was a big black guy, he must have been 6' 4" and he was ripped to bits. My mom didn't waste any time and yanked his pants down. I could see the shock on her face when she saw his 14 inch cock hanging down. She dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck the head, inch by inch she took more in. About 8 inches was her limit and she began to gag but the man grabbed her by the back of the head and started to thrust his cock down my mom's throat. He vigorously pushed it in and out and eventually my mom's nose was flat against his stomach. Her face went bright red as she choked on his cock and he pulled out before she was sick.

He pulled my mom to her feet and ripped the dress of her and pushed her onto the bed. She spread her legs ready for him to lick her bald pussy, she was soaking wet already. His tongue licked up all of her juices which were now running down to her ass crack. He stuck two of his fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out to her delight. She squealed as he then licked her clit whilst fingering her.

"I'm cumming!!" she wailed as she sprayed her juices all over the man's face. He placed his cock at the entrance to my mom's pussy. I could see it stretching her as it went in inch by inch. My mom moaned in pain, a few tears rolling down her face as he managed to get all 14 inches into my mom's body. He slowly started to fuck her and gradually speeding up as she got used to it. He was pounding her as hard as he could and my mom was loving it.

"Fuck me, fill me up, oh my god, fuck my cunt, cum in me, I want to feel you cum inside me" she screamed. I couldn't believe my mom talking liking this. He was fucking my mom so hard whilst rubbing her tits and pulling on her nipples. He started grunting as he shot his load inside my mom's belly. He pulled his dick out of my mom and she stroked it a few times before licking her juices off it and any cum that wasn't inside her. She then placed her head into the pillow and stuck her ass up in the air, I could see the cum dribbling out of her gaping hole. He stuck his head between my mom's ass cheeks and began to lick her ass hole. My mom dug her fingernails into the pillow and moaned in pleasure. He spat over her ass hole and used the head of his cock to rub it in; my mom was eagerly anticipating getting fucked in the ass by his big cock. He pushed the thick head into my mom's tight ass and it began to open up swallowing about 6 inches of his cock. I could see the pain on my mom's face as she was biting her lip. He pumped in and out of her, with each thrust a bit more of his cock disappeared into her ass. There was no way the whole lot would fit in but he managed to get about 10 inches buried inside her. She was screaming so loud in pleasure, one of her hands was now rubbing her pussy.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good" she moaned. He was slapping her ass as he fucked it. He pulled her hair right back as he rammed his cock up my mom even harder. "Ohhhh fuck I'm cumming" my mom wailed furiously rubbing her clit. Her juices where gushing out of her pussy and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The man was holding her up as her legs began to buckle with the intense orgasm. My mom had passed out during the orgasm but he still kept on pounding away at her ass hole. He started to grunt again as he ejaculated in my mom's ass. He pulled his cock out of my mom's ass and that was it. He put his clothes back on and simply left.

I quietly opened the closet door and looked at my mom to see if she had moved. She was still out cold, I walked over to her. There was a mixture of his and her cum all over the bed. She was lying on her stomach, I spread her ass cheeks apart and seen her gaping hole, little bits of cum where spilling out. She had his hand prints on her ass cheeks where he had been spanking her. I rolled her over and her pussy was red raw but still soaking wet and leaking his cum. I began stroking my hard cock and rubbed her clit as well. Her juices where still flowing even though she had passed out. I was on the verge of cumming so I placed my cock only inches from her face. Streaks and streaks of long thick come splattered across her face hitting her nose, lips and in her hair. Some gathered in the corner of her closed eyes. I left my mom like this and went back to my room to watch the video over and over again.

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