tagGay MaleThe Apprentice Ch. 01

The Apprentice Ch. 01


Copyright July 2009

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The damn alarm clock rang and I turned over to shut it off. Time is seven o'clock and I had to get up after having a long night. I wish I could stay in bed with my lovely girlfriend Sasha; light brown eyes, long black hair, elongated cocoa colored body with curves in all the rights spots. I got stiff just looking her legs poking from underneath the sheets; her candy red toenails leaning against my footboard, Jesus, I was such a lucky man. Now only if I were rich so I wouldn't have to that wretched place McDade's Hardware.

I leaned over and traced her cheeks with my fingertips. As I sighed, I started thinking, why was I not in love with this gorgeous woman? Why on earth would I be curious about sleeping with another man? That's right, even with a gift from God like this one I was bi-curious. It started when I was a freshman in college, playing ball then showering with other men; I thought it was just a phase, my college counselor and pastor agreed.

However, as time wore on the thoughts didn't leave my head. Watching "Brokeback Mountain" with Sasha last night didn't help either. She was so happy that I was so comfortable in my sexuality and agreed to watch it with her. Little did she know I was more excited about the movie than she was. She even commented on how it would be a turn on to have a boyfriend that was bi and of course like the proud hetero Native American/black man I am, I said I would never do that but of course I would if the right man came along.

Sasha opened her eyes and pulled my face close to hers. When she kissed me, I felt a warm rush in my crotch. I could've made love to her all over again but I knew if I stayed I would be late. "I gotta go babe', you are welcome to stay here and wait for me if you want." Sasha is not only beautiful but she comes from a rich family. They set her up so that her only job is to look good, which she does quite well. She frowned when I got up off the bed. "Damn it Adrian, I told you to quit that shitty job and come live with me. Why do you feel that you need to be a breadwinner? My parents love you and so do I."

I looked back at her while I slipped into my sandals. "Look, we already talked about this. I don't want to depend on your parents. Besides, we have only been dating three months. What do I look like trying to be part of the family after such a short period of time?"

She got up from the bed, walked over to me, and pinched my nipples. "Adrian, I don't understand why this matters to you. If I were you, I would jump at the chance to quit working and have my girls' parents paying my way."

I pushed her hands away and took her face in my hands. "Well you're not me and we have not been seeing each other long enough to make that commitment. Love is a strong word Sasha, you shouldn't throw it around like it doesn't mean anything. I care for you very much but we need to slow down. Now, I need to leave. Will you be here when I get back?"

She pouted then kissed my lips. "After I go shopping I will be back here waiting for you. I'm a little tired though so I'm gonna lay back in bed a little longer." She got back in bed and stared at me with those wanting eyes. Fuck, I wanted this woman so bad right now but I needed to be on time today. As I turned around I could hear her sigh and rustle the covers.

Within an hour and a half I made it to work. I punched in at nine o' six, only a minute before I was considered late. I walked over to the professionals desk where I spent forty hours or more a week helping contractors with their orders or do-it-yourself er's get supplies for there over the top rehabs. I sat down in the chair and logged in to the desktop computer. It wasn't really busy yet so I decided to check my email. I looked around to make sure my annoying ass boss wasn't hiding then I noticed a man talking to the Jessie, our assistant manager. Jessie usually talks to all the contractors to drum up more business for the store and I know all of them by name. This one I didn't and I was trying to see who he was.

My co-worker Amelia walked up looking as if she was already annoyed. "Hey Amelia, how's it going?" Amelia rolled her eyes and put her hand on her hip. "I hate this fuckin' job Adrian. These people are so dumb." She turned around in the direction of Jessie then back at me. The frown she walked over here with was now a smile. "Wow, he is in here again! He is the finest thing I have seen in here, sorry to say Adrian even hotter than you." I looked at her and chuckled. "Thanks, Amelia." Amelia used to ogle me quite a bit and make little comments when I started but when I told her I wasn't interested she only talked to me when she absolutely had to or when she needed to make a snide remark. I stood up on my toes so I could see the "finest" one as well and he was quite attractive from what I could see. Tall, well built Caucasian man with blue eyes and brownish blond hair. Just as I was about to settle in to my email then I saw Jessie and mysterious man walking towards us. I looked up at Amelia checking herself in her pocket mirror then leaning against the desk posing.

"Amelia, Adrian this is David Hutchence. He is a contractor working on a few new homes in the neighborhood. He'll be in here a lot so I want the two you to make sure he gets all the things he needs. Amelia stood in front of me and shook his hand. I got up and did the same. His hands were warm and soft; very unlike a man who works with wood and tools. "It's nice to meet you, David." Looking at him close up I liked what I saw a lot more. He was hotter than me and I don't really find a lot of white men attractive. "Nice to meet you as well, Adrian." His eyes were more of a greenish blue and the hair looked as if he had sculpted it with gel. Trying not to stare, I looked at Jessie instead.

Jessie and I went to college together and are the best of friends. I always told her that if I ever made up my mind to be with a woman long term then it will be her; that was until she decided to be a lesbian. She's hotter than Sasha because she's very intelligent not to mention just as physically appealing.

She looked at me and lifted her left eyebrow. "David, if you need assistance with any designs or anything Adrian is excellent at that." She was always looking out for me especially since she knew I went to school for architecture and still looking for my first apprenticeship. "Really, that's awesome. When you have some time, we should talk. My designer might go on his own in the coming year and I may have an opening." When his eyes met mine I bit my lip and smiled. Damn, I think I met the one I wanted to have my first time with; only thing is did he feel the same? "That's sounds cool David, I'll bring you my portfolio one day and we can chat." He smiled back and put his hand on my shoulder. "Looking forward to it Adrian. Jessie, I need to get going. I'll be back a little later to pick up that quote from you ok?" She took his hand in hers, "Sure David, I'll have it ready when you return." "Great, it was nice meeting you both." As soon as he spoke the last word he walked away with his phone to his ear.

We all watched him walk away and Amelia broke the moment of silence. "Jessie, he is so cute. How could you possibly like women knowing you have someone that hot walking around?" Jessie giggled, "Just because my preference is for women it doesn't mean I don't notice a hot man every once in awhile." One of the workers was calling Amelia over to help. Thankfully, she left to go and see what he wanted.

"Jessie, damn, damn, damn you! Why on earth did you do that to me?" Jessie knew I was curious; we'd talked about it after a long night of partying during sophomore year. We were both drunk out of our minds and very horny. We'd had sex and while laying there in the afterglow, we tried to figure out what we did and why. We both knew we were curious about same sex relationships but we cared deeply for each other as well. She is the only woman I ever truly loved because we had so much in common.

"Oh Adrian, you need to get away from this shit hole and find a real job. Not to mention a man to get away from the rich bitch you're with." She put her hand around my waist and pulled me closer to her.

I laughed and put my arm around her as well. "How do you know that he's..." She stopped me and smiled. "I dunno if he is or isn't but when he put his hand on your shoulder I think that might've been a signal." "I appreciate you looking out for me but that was really embarrassing." We turned to each other and she put her hands atop mine. "Adrian, I only want the best for you. I want you to experience that first time more than anything now. I've had my turn, now it's yours. Besides, you are still in denial: dating Sasha, playing the role of a totally straight man. You aren't doing a thing to figure out what side of the fence you want to be on. Straddling it is not fun." I knew she was right but I wanted to find out more about Mr. Hutchence on my own. Was he straight or gay?

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