tagLoving WivesThe Army Wife Ch. 02

The Army Wife Ch. 02


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Drop by drop, the olive oil spread on the pan, its deep yellow color hiding on the black surface. The flame under the pan rose higher and soon after a garlic clove fell into the oil, tiny bubbles of air started forming at the edges. They would come to the surface, plop and disappear one after the other, moving the garlic clove with their rhythm. My thoughts fell into the pan, sinking in the oil until a passing bubble caught them up and brought them to fade on the surface. The garlic clove sizzling around kept stirring my thoughts, taking the worries one by one and bringing them up to the surface, to fade with a bubble.

The gym and its barbells clanking to the floor were a distant thought, so were the drops of sweat on my forehead as I would engage in the hardest workout to keep worries away from my mind. I could hear water splashing in the shower, the very reassuring sign that he was back and all was over.

My girl friend was at the gym last time I had been there, I saw her training. Well-muscled shoulders pushing a heavy ball to the wall, what a sight! Her thighs squatting as she caught the ball and pushed it back up. I loved the scent I found between them, especially when they closed around my head. It was like finding my perfect nest, to stay.

We had met again after that time and she was armed with a strap on, I was the very delighted victim then. Kneeling in front of another woman to suck her strap on, looking up and staring at the excited look on her face was one of the most arousing things I had ever done. Feeling the scent of her pussy so close, yet sucking a cock.

My pussy was so wet she didn't have to fuss much around before grabbing my hips and starting to fuck like mad. I loved the blind fury, the yells, the screams, it was like breaking a wild horse and yes, after three orgasms I was a better person indeed. We laid spent on the floor as she whispered to my ear that she wanted to try it on too.

Prawns fell in the oil one by one, curling their tails as they cooked through, a fishy scent expanding through the kitchen. I fried them briefly, taking them off the oil as soon as they became golden, bubbles still dancing on the crust as I fished each prawn out of the pan.

Lewis knew, one of the things that kept him in life too was wondering what naughtiness his wife could have been doing back home. "Fantasizing can save your life, did you know?"

My eyes caressed the last prawn in the oil; who knows if they had the chance for any naughtiness there with their captors too. I hadn't asked but no, probably not. The load he shot in my mouth in that first blow job at the little break we took from the hospital rules could be considered a proof.

Rules, yes there are rules, and where there's a rule there's a rule breaker.

The nurses must have forgotten about me, they were all chatting and chuckling in their office and the ward was quiet.

I had entered the ward genuinely as a visitor, just probably forgotten it was late and the nurses seemed to have forgotten about me as well. Sitting on the hard visitors' chair, I shifted position, Lewis smiled. "The bed is better than the chair."

"The nurses would have to kick me out in the morning." I paused. "I want you, as if nothing happened." I stopped thinking. "Just want you back, as normal."

"Come here." I fell in his arms, hugging him.

His touch was always comforting, whatever the situation. I knew I could trust him, whether it was a wild and odd sex experiment or a plain hug, I knew I could trust Lewis. As odd as it could sound, we were in love like two teens. In the dim light I could see the other two guys in the room were asleep, one facing the window, at the opposite side than Lewis's bed and one on his back, snoring.

"I want you," I whispered at Lewis's ear inhaling his male scent. Some hospital smell came to my nostrils; I inhaled more and licked his ear lobe. His hand slipped down to my butt.

I could feel his hand trying to reach the bottom of my skirt, lifting it enough to slip under and finally feel my skin. There was a bulge, visible through the bed sheets, and my hand landed just there.

Beautiful, long hard cock, no plastic toy could ever compare. Even through the bed sheets there was no comparison and I wanted it. My mouth got busy on his, if he still had not understood there was no return, he would understand it soon. My tongue explored his mouth, craving touch, a passionate kiss and a swirl of tongues. He lifted the skirt to my waist and his hands fondled my butt cheeks.

I was holding back hard to not let out a moan, to not wake the other patients. The bed sheets flew to his feet; how glad I was for hospital gowns, so easy for the doctors, just perfect for the patients' wives!

Shifting my weight back and moving to his cock I knelt between his legs.

My hands were finally on his manhood, long craved. He was so hard, a hot rod in my mouth, nothing could have been better. I went quickly up and down with my mouth, smoothing his cock on my tongue. Swirled it around the tip, then down to the base.

Stroking him I took a ball in my mouth. Sucked it, the wrinkled, thin skin felt great in my mouth. I took the other in my mouth as well, always stroking his cock, enjoying the feeling of the engorged veins under my fingers. I raised my head for a moment, his head was thrown back, and eyes closed in bliss that was perfection.

I returned on his cock, welcomed it again in my mouth. With one hand I cupped his balls and rolled them between my fingers, I could feel his insides moving, his butt cheeks were clenching, trying to hold back. We both had craved this time far too long, release was needed.

The scent of man finally covered the hospital smell and I could taste precum drizzling from his cock. Salty, slightly acidic taste, Lewis wiggled under my hands, his cock spurting semen in my mouth.

I swallowed all and waited to be laying spent in bed, then I crawled back up to him and kissed him hard. "Yes, that's the wife I know," he said in between kissed.

"Nurses said not to sit on the patient's bed. They didn't say I couldn't suck him," I replied in a smile.

Lewis emerged from the shower, wearing a t-shirt and little more. Dinner was ready on the table; he sat and poured some wine in my glass, then his. With the glass in my hands I smiled at him, sipping wine slowly.

He stared at me. "I have missed your cooking. And you look amazing." He munched on a prawn.

"I'm not wearing anything special."

"Don't blame me if your nothing special is so damn hot."

I laughed. Excitement and passion could be read in his eyes. Our plans for the evening were the result of our dreams in the long months been apart.

His fingers caressed my chin, he drew me in a kiss, slowly bit my upper lip. I could taste the wine still on his tongue as mine explored his mouth, being equally returned.

"And now my present," he whispered.

One moment later we were in the bedroom; I stood up and pulled the shirt off my body. Arms joined in a stretch, muscles darting under the skin.

Lewis called me closer, sitting on the bed he hugged my waist, dipped his face between my breasts and his hands raised to caress my shoulders. "A strong hot woman, what else could a warrior wish for?"

He started biting the skin around my navel, moving up. Biting and licking he found his way to my breast. How I loved my breast being fondled, my fingers ran on his head, keeping him steadily where I wanted his mouth to be.

My nipples were hard, so was the tiny bush of dark hair I saved from shaving, vibrant and ready. We kissed long and hard, our tongues playing, raising the excitement further.

"Come closer."

I sat in his lap, facing him and his very hard cock pointing up. My hand was attracted to his chest, he was there, solid and hot; the hand moved down to his cock, grasped it and gave it a few good strokes. It reacted by getting even harder.

What a wonderful sight, blue veins pulsating through the skin, the red smooth tip glistening precum already.

I hugged him hard and bit his neck. The feeling of his manhood against my abdomen was so exciting, lifting myself up, holding his shoulders as his cock found its way to my wetness. It slipped in smoothly, helped by the juices dripping from my cunt.

I hugged him even harder, slowly rocking my hips against his. With a hand on my bottom Lewis guided our movements. That feeling of fullness, accomplishment, was the best reward of all. We kissed, bit and licked each other's necks, caressing our backs and thrusting harder against each other.

I was feeling so hot; I laid back, showing him my body. Two full breasts dancing with each blow, all for his hands and eyes to enjoy. "Yessss!!" I screamed when Lewis' hands fondled my breasts; the neighbors too needed to know he was back. His hands traced the line between my boobs and pinched my nipples, naughty one. Pushing myself uprightI kissed him hard, could feel him breathing harder, getting close to coming.

We rocked hard, moaning louder, we came together. Spilling our juices, melting them on clean linens, it was like an explosion, as if all the colors in the world were in our room that moment.

Our bodies shook as a wave of pleasure took a hold of them; my fingernails left red marks on his back where I grasped to him. My neck too showed some red marks, where his teeth left a sign.

We fell on the bed and panted exhausted until we fell asleep.

The first light of dawn was barely showing from the window when I woke up, early gym shifts had been a habit for a while, had become a habit even when I didn't have to work. The scent of sex was everywhere in the room; it had become a pretty perfect alcove.

It was warm enough to enjoy sleeping naked. My hand caressed my soft breast, enjoying the smoothness of the skin. I looked at Lewis at my side; he was sleeping on his back, unaware I was awake. 'He is just the same Lewis I have always known,' I thought staring at the burn scars on his face. A prosthetic leg in the corner shined at the first light of the new day. 'Yes, nothing changed.' And I curled up against him.

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