tagInterracial LoveThe Arrangement Ch. 02

The Arrangement Ch. 02


Thanks to the wonderful editing of AccentsnTattoos. You are simply the bestest! Everyone enjoy Chapter 2 of 'The arrangement'!

After Peter's phone call was finished he went to go check on his guest in the bedroom. Walking in he saw the remnants of last night's coupling and her scant clothing strewn about the room. Realization set in that she must be in the bathroom showering, he headed in that direction. He heard no water running, but as soon as he stepped in he saw her on the floor staring up at him with bloodshot eyes.

'She must have read my message.' Peter thought while he looked down at his angel.

They stared at each other for a moment before Peter stepped into the room and turned on the faucet for hot water in the shower. Walking back to her, he stooped down and lifted her up with ease.

"I can get up on my own, thank you very much." Julianne's replied in a snarky tone.

"I didn't say you couldn't sweetheart. I just thought you might need some assistance..." started Peter.

Julianne did her best to push him away without losing her own balance. "No I don't need your help."

Wearing nothing but the red thigh high silk stockings and red open toed high heeled shoes she slowly rose from the cold tiles to her feet. As she began to sit on the toilet to take off her shoes and stockings, Peter slid gracefully to his knees in front of her.

"Oh gosh. Look, can I just take a shower without you putting your hands on me? I mean is this also part of the arrangement?" she asked incredulously.

"Now that you mention it, it most certainly should be part of our 'arrangement'. I just want to help you out of your clothing dear." Peter said while his hands smoothly unfastened the ankle straps on her shoes.

He slowly slid the shoes off her pretty feet. Once he had them off his hands moved up her legs caressing her skin until they stopped at her thighs.

"Spread your pretty thighs for me love." Peter purred.

Julianne looked down into Peter's piercing blue eyes. She didn't like the order he gave her, but a part of her loved the look of this obviously powerful man on his knees wanting to see and experience her body. Without breaking eye contact she spread her thighs for him. His hands crept to the top of the thigh highs and she watched him slowly roll each silken garment down her legs.

Peter suddenly stood and held his hands outstretched for Julianne to help her stand as well. Once she was up with his help he walked her to the large shower stall. He closed the shower door behind her. While she was getting comfortable with the soothing heat of the water, Peter busied himself getting undressed before sliding inside with her.

Julianne felt a rush of cold air from behind her while reveling in the hot water. She turned to see Peter stark naked. Her eyes seemed to take a mental picture of his magnificent body. His dark brown hair was barely graying at the temples, making him look distinguished and refined. His slightly tan skin accented his steely bright blue eyes. A strong brow, aquiline nose and thinnish lips made for a devastatingly handsome man who reminded her of a slightly older looking version of Detective Stabler from Law & Order: SVU.

Her eyes roamed down his torso to see defined pecks, strong muscled arms, a flat abdomen that sported a six pack and neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair that highlighted a nine inch long cock that was semi-erect.

'Holy shit. That was inside me?' Julianne couldn't help but wonder as she her eyes seemed glued to the member between his legs.

Julianne was so busy staring at Peter's cock that she was startled when she felt wet fingertips graze her high cheekbones. Breaking out of her daze she looked up into his smiling face. She felt her cheeks redden and hoped that he couldn't tell the difference of color in her face.

"There's no need to blush dear. Look all you want. I don't mind at all."

'Dammit to heck, he could tell I was blushing. Crap.' thought Julianne.

Peter laughed at the deer in headlights look she gave. She shyly turned away from his laughing countenance. He brought her chin back to look at him and waited for their eyes to connect. When she finally looked at him he took her lips slowly, sucking and nibbling on her lower lip.

'Dammit! Why do I let him keep turning me on? I'm not supposed to like this!' she chided herself as she whimpered from the pleasure he gave to her.

He whispered against her lips, "Turn around; I want to clean your body."

She never would've imagined that a simple shower could end up feeling so damn sexy. She turned around and she heard Peter stifle a groan from looking at her succulent round ass.

He reached past her to grab a loofah and poured a little body soap into it. He created a soapy lather and made slow sensuous circles down her back and shoulders. He held her stomach as he knelt down to wash down both of her strong dark brown thighs and shapely calves. A hand came around each calf to lift them up so he could wash her cute feet.

Once he ran out of soap, he stood and worked more into the loofah before proceeding to her torso. He rubbed the suds over her sides and hips. He picked up each arm and gently scrubbed her armpits. Slow sudsy circles traced across her tummy before gentle fingers rubbed and cleaned her belly button.

He noticed her breath becoming shallower with every pass of the loofah on her body. His unoccupied hand once again held her hips still as he continued his slow sudsy perusal of her body. She shuddered and gasped when the rough texture of the loofah made contact with her erect nipples.

After receiving so much attention the night prior, they were very sensitive to his light caresses. The hand on her hip that was used to hold her steady rose up to cup and manipulate the hard slippery tip. He moved her so that the water could beat down on her body and remove the soap on her skin. He continued to rub and massage her sensitive nipples while the hot water caressed her skin. Her eyes closed and her head fell back as she moaned her approval of his handiwork.

He removed his hands from her body and reached for another bottle of soap. After putting a dollop on his fingertips his eyes scanned her body and analyzed an area on her body that was untouched. He rubbed his fingers to create a lather and moved to rectify his error.

"It looks like I may have missed a spot sweetheart. Spread those pretty legs for me so I can get it." he whisper huskily.

In pure need of his touch, she did as he directed.

One hand returned to a breast while the other rubbed the top of her mound in slow circles. Her hips gently rocked into his hand. The hand on her pussy continued downward, parting and cleaning her folds with the hypoallergenic soap. He insistently rubbed her pussy lips, listening to her moans. His hand pulled her thigh up onto a nearby bench so he could have better access to her. He continued rubbing her pussy making sure to reach far enough from it to wash her asshole.

Julianne continued to moan as his hands never stopped caressing and teasing her nipple and pussy. The hand on her pussy left as he took down the detachable shower head and directed it onto her pulsing clit. Julianne's treasures were streaming with her cum as her climax hit her hard. He sucked and nibbled on her neck, enjoying her pleasure and the feel of her hard little nipple against his fingertips.

Julianne came breathlessly down from her intense orgasm still shuddering at the feel of his lips on her skin and his hands on her body. He put the shower head back in its cradle and guided her to sit on the bench in the shower. He knelt down in front of her and spread her thighs before diving into her juicy center.

He sucked and nibbled on her again while driving his now cleaned fingers into her pussy. He pumped her nubile body for all it was worth and a look of pleasure and relief came from him when he felt her juices squirt from her body.

Julianne never thought a man could bring her this much pleasure. She peered down to see the look of absolute bliss on Peter's face. Panting from the onslaught of another orgasm, she cried out to him.

"Peter! Please stop, I can't take anymore!"

"Mmmm.... take it pretty girl." Peter moaned into her sex as she came crashing down from her second climax in the shower.

Peter's cock was rock hard and ready, but he needed her soaked before he could get inside her tight wet body again.

"Oh, God Peter!" Julianne screamed as her body convulsed and sent her cum into his mouth.

He happily licked her juices. Once he had his fill he picked her up and pushed her chest against the shower wall behind the bench and guided his thick cock into her soaked pussy. Once fully inside her body, he spread her legs and started pumping away.

Low moans seeped from her chest as he hit every delicious spot inside her. Her erect nipples rubbed against the cool tile wall and continued the pleasurable torture she felt in his arms. While she enjoyed the sexual gratification that he gave her, a part of her despised the fact that they were only together because he was paying her money for the pleasure of her body. Despite being on the precipice of a third orgasm, she felt like a whore – bought and used for one reason.

That feeling sickened her.

Drawn out of her reverie by his fingers tap dancing on her clit, she came all over his cock. She heard a low moan from him and felt his cum wash inside of her body. After a couple more pumps of his cock she realized that he was still inside her.

He rained kisses on her neck before speaking. "You feel so good darling. I think it is my turn to be washed though. I seem to have gotten quite dirty."

Julianne turned to Peter and dislodged him from her depths with a small twitch of her lips before locating the loofah and rinsing the rest of the vanilla scented soap out of the loofah.

She briefly noticed that it was the exact same soap that she used; an expensive name brand soap which was last year's Christmas present from her mom. The same company made a sandalwood shower gel, which Peter had amongst his shower gels. She decided to use that one on him.

Once the loofah was foamy she rubbed the suds into his neck and chest, making sure to focus on her work and not on his hypnotic blue eyes. When the loofah brushed over his nipples she noticed his sharp breath in.

Her eyes flickered up to his and stopped her movements. They simply looked like little blue flames. Disturbed by the fire of his eyes she continued moving southward until she finally noticed his hard cock pointing directly at her core. She gulped as she got on her knees and continued washing his legs.

He picked up his feet for her to wash. When she stood up he had in his hand the same hypoallergenic soap he used on her privates. She focused her eyes on the soap as he opened the bottle and put a dollop on her hand.

"I think you know the usefulness of this soap. Please continue, dear." Peter spoke softly.

She created a lather with the soap and slowly stroked his cock with one hand while reaching down with the other to gently clean his balls. She was slow and gentle with her touch and had no idea she was driving him insane with desire.

"Mmmm... such magical hands. Don't forget my ass sweetheart." he whispered to her.

She finally peeked up to his blue gaze with a quizzical stare. He then took the hand massaging his balls and brought it through his legs.


With soapy fingers she rubbed the cleft of his ass. His eyes slid closed as he rocked his hips to her careful hands. She found his male g-spot between his balls and ass and pressed upward as she continued stroking his cock. A sudden groan was her only warning before she felt his warm cum splatter against her chest. She pulled her hands away from his body in surprise.

"Such a naughty girl." He faintly panted as his eyes slowly opened.

She turned around so the water could clean her off before she opened the shower door and exited. He finished cleaning his body and turned off the lukewarm water. He saw her with the white towel wrapped around her mahogany colored body and noticed how her figure couldn't be hid by the bulky material.

She wiped down the mirror with a hand towel just in time to see his piercing blue eyes behind her. Her gaze locked onto his, until she felt water on his skin drip onto her upper back. The mirror was rather large so she could see his entire torso, down to his mid-thighs. His prominent erection never went away from the view she got from the mirror.

Looking into his eyes she realized too late that he was slipping the towel off of her body. 'He CANNOT be serious. Again?!' she thought as she felt the material slowly caress her damp skin. Once the towel was pulled away his pale hand reached forward and fondled a chocolate nipple. She watched her eyes slant in the hazy mirror and moaned at watching him fondling her breast and her own aroused reaction.

He watched her watching herself react to his touch and continued exploring her body again. Her little sounds were such a turn on and seeing the contrast in their skin colors made his cock harder than just by looking at her body. He quickly spun her around and kissed her.

"You are so fucking delicious sweetheart." he groaned in her ear while nibbling on her lobe.

"Oh, fuck." was all she was able to whimper.

He guided her back to the now cleaned bedroom. The once red sheets were replaced by royal blue flannel sheets, and a dark gray plush velour down comforter and pillows that accentuated the set. Once he got within a foot of the bed he suddenly pushed her down onto it. She flew back onto the velour in shock at the sudden upheaval.

"Ready for round two pretty?" Peter asked, smirking at her wide eyes as he began approaching her.

"Wait! I... I mean, you...you need to wear a condom. Don't you have any? I mean you don't want any offspring from this, right? We...we...we need to think things through... so there won't be ah-ah-any accidents..." Julianne stuttered as she crawled back away from Peter.

She shivered when her back hit the headboard and she saw him licking his lips. 'Oh, fuck. I'm in trouble now.' thought Julianne.

" Hmm... so you read my note then?" Peter chuckled lightly.

Before Julianne could answer, Peter raised the foot closest to him and started sucking on her toes. She couldn't stop the scream that came from her lips at the feel of his skilled tongue on her sensitive toes.

He continued sucking until all her toes were attended to while she writhed at the sudden pleasure of it. She was already slick from the earlier bouts of pleasure he gave her body in the bathroom. He slowly fingered her increasingly slippery pussy and licked the sole of her foot.

"Oh God! Ooohhh, Wait! Peter! You need to think about this more carefully! Shit! You don't want an accident to come from this arrangement! I mean you, oh fuck, you are obviously a... a man of great means and don't want to have to deal with a child from this, right?!?" pleaded Julianne.

Peter stopped sucking her toes and pulled her foot from his mouth. His finger kept its slow assault on her body, causing her to shake as she tried to control the wonderful sensations creeping slowly through her body.

"It's not like I couldn't take care of you, or anyone else affected by this. So I don't see any logical problem other than you disobeying my order." Peter stated calmly as he continued fingering her soaked pussy.

"What? Wait, what... oh, order is that? You haven't said anything 'order-like' to me since asking me if, oh God, I was ready for round two! This c-c-can't possibly go on any f-f-further without having some form of protection." Julianne said in an attempt to display a firm tone of voice.

"Julianne, I'm sure that you read my note to you this morning. Did you not understand what was meant by that message?" Peter coldly stared into Julianne's eyes, never stopping his finger from stroking her pussy.

"Wait!" panted Julianne breathlessly.

She was close to cumming but the movement of his fingers would change once he knew her body was close to orgasming and kept her on the precipice of achieving release.

"This isn't part of the deal. The terms that you stated are different than what you are proposing now. We came to an agreement... I accepted the, oh God, the original terms, rather than this!" Julianne stammered and she sighed as the effect of his fingers inside her hampered her ability to form coherent thoughts, never mind words.

"Are you saying that you want to end this?" Peter asked her completely stilling his fingers from their tortuous assault on her fevered opening.

Julianne looked up into his eyes, knowing that he read the need for him to continue the pleasure he gave her within her own brown eyes. After watching her blink uncertainly a few times, he leaned down to her ear.

"Answer me, sweet Julianne. Do you want to end this?"

Julianne felt the defeat pooling between her thighs. With a long sigh, she slightly shook her head no. She sucked in a sharp breath as his fingers surged into her body and pumped into her core vigorously. As her legs shook from the pleasure and slight pain, he slowly sucked and nibbled on her ear.

"Are you gonna come for me darling?" he murmured in between nibbling on her sensitive earlobe.

"Ooooohhhh." Julianne moaned softly.

Her breaths were pants as her bare chest heaved as he kissed and nibbled his way down to a hardened nipple. The moment his teeth grazed her nipple Julianne shrieked and came hard all over his fingers. He continued to stroke her slowly, drawing out her orgasm while his lips, teeth and tongue tantalized her hardened tip.

Coming down from her orgasm, Julianne half opened her eyes to look up at Peter who was busy sucking his cum slicked fingers and studying her closely. He began positioning himself between her outstretched legs and stroked his long erect cock.

"Peter," she sighed. "You don't want kids with me. I'm a poor woman – with no pedigree or anything of that nature to be anything meaningful to you and the world you come from. If you get me pregnant, would you even want to keep the child, or would you shove out hundreds of dollars to make it disappear?"

Her last question came out as a whisper. She knew that if she wasn't already pregnant from what happened last night; or in the shower, then she would be pretty soon.

Suddenly Peter's eyes became cold and he stared directly at her. His voice came out low, but the menace in it was unmistakable.

"Never question my motives Julianne. If anything should happen, you will be both well compensated and well cared for. You and all of our children."

Before she could utter the confusion written on her face, her knees were pressed against her chest as his freakishly long thick cock stroked her pussy lips to make delicious contact with her exposed clit. She moaned in spite of herself at the contact before sucking in a sharp breath when his cock slowly entered her tight wetness.

Once he was fully swallowed by her dark brown and pink lips, he brought his cock out slowly before gently rocking it back inside. He kept up this torture, feeling every bump, ridge and spot in her succulent body.

He watched as she valiantly tried to stop from coming after the first five minutes of his delicious fuck. Wanting to watch her completely lose it and cum all over his cock he rubbed his thumb gently over her clit. The effect was immediate as her legs shook again.

"Hold your legs up for me sweetheart." Peter commanded.

She eagerly held her legs for him as the back of his other hand lightly stroked a pebbled nipple.

"Oh God...What are you doing to me?" Julianne moaned as her body hummed in extreme pleasure.

"I'm fucking you good. That's what I'm doing to you sweet Julianne. I'm fucking you so good. Isn't that right sweetheart?" Peter answered as he began pounding into her tight hole.

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