tagRomanceThe Arrangement Ch. 04-06

The Arrangement Ch. 04-06


Part Four-

"Dad it's not what it looks like." Jeydon said pulling away from Alexis as she used her arms to cover herself. Mr St. James' icy, cold stare made the heat of the moment her and Jeydon just shared cool very quickly.

" I thought you were told not to come into this room under no circumstances. Why is it that you refuse to listen to me Jeydon?" Mr. St. James sighed angrily as Alexis dipped under the covers to hide her embarrassment over what they had been caught doing.

"dad you can't just keep her here. You need to let her go." Jeydon said getting off the bed pulling his shirt back on as he went to his father and gently placed his hand on his shoulder "just let her go home dad."

Tomas felt his blood pressure rocket sky high when his son touched his arm " you are to stay away from this room until the wedding. I will not having you spoil my plans over some second generation whore. Do you understand me boy?" he bit out.

Jeydon ground his teeth and pulled his arm away. He lowered his head, a sign of submission to his father "yes sir." He spared on more look at Alexis, begging with her eyes for him not to leave her with his dad, then walked out of the room closing the door quietly behind him.

Tomas turned his hard glare back onto her " so you want to whore yourself out, you little bitch? I'll show you the punishment for whores." he growled menacingly as he he locked the door and started removing his belt.

"Please don't do this. Please!" she begged as the first lash of the belt touched her skin. She screamed bloody murder and tried to pull the covers out of Tomas' grasp, but he was too strong, throwing the covers across the room.

"This..... is...... what...... you........ get for being a whore Maria........." Tomas yelled while beating her. He realized what name he had yelled out too late and dropped the belt. He looked around with crazy eyes before he turned leaving the room but not before locking the door to the room where he had left the beaten, bloody woman in his wake.


Part Five- 20 years ago

Tomas sat in the dark, smoke hazed bar drowning down shot after shot. ' How could they do this to me? He knew I was going to marry her.' he thought bitterly as he signaled his waitress to bring another shot. Tomas pulled out the note that still smelled like her and re-read the same thing for the hundredth time:

Dear Tomas,

I am so sorry it had to come to this. We had never wanted to hurt you but we couldn't lie to you or ourselves anymore. Tomas I have been having an affair with Philippe. It just happened one night and we couldn't stop it. We love each other and we we're tired of having to sneak around, keeping our love a secret from you. I have decided to run off and get married. You may wonder why the rush and this is the hard part. I'm pregnant and we want to raise our baby right. I know this may be shocking but it's not as if I don't know about your mistress Carla and your love child. Do right by Jeydon, Tomas. He needs you. We're sorry it had to end like this. Take care of yourself.

Maria & Philippe

Tomas balled the note up and threw it across the room. He thought about the woman and best friend he just lost. He thought about the 6 month old son he resented because of it. Tomas' anger boiled over as he thought about Maria and Phil together. 'Someday, some how that bitch and her lover are going to pay.'

-Interlude Over-

Part Six- Back To The Present-

Jeydon watched from his hiding spot in the hall as his father left the room he was keeping Alexis in. he had heard the sick screams coming from the room and knew that his dad was at it again. Every time he saw a girl that reminded him of the betrayal Alexis' mother Maria, he found a way to "make her disappear."

Tomas stomped past him and Jeydon slumped back against the wall trying to stay out of sight. When he was sure that his father was gone, he walked to the door. Jeydon heard Alexis' cries and screams from inside the room. "somebody, please help me!" she screamed out for help.

All his life he had been taught to hate Alexis and her family and like the ever dutiful son he had. But did he have the courage to stand up to his father to save somebody being punished for a past wrong? Taking one final look at the door he sent out a thought to Alexis ' Keep your head up, shorty. I'm going to get you out of here.'

To be continued...

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