tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Art of Adornment Ch. 01

The Art of Adornment Ch. 01


If someone were to ask me how it all started, I would say that Seth did this. He brought it on. He was the one who went and changed everything. However, no one asks those questions. They just ask me how I feel about what happened, and what I would say to Andrew if I ever saw him again. The truth is, I do not really know...I remember it like it was yesterday though...I doubt that I will ever forget.

It started that day when I went out with Seth, the counsellor at the high school I was working at, one one of our weekly lunches. He just would not shut up.

"All I am saying is that maybe you should try an actual relationship, instead of avoiding the other sex all the time." He brought the water glass up to his mouth. I watched the water wet his plush lips and swallowed hard.

"I'm not avoiding anyone." I denied hole heartedly.

"Arianna, when was the last time you had a boyfriend?" He asks, but he does not need to know. Seth is very aware that the last time I was in a relationship I was sixteen, and I was with Andrew. I thought that I was in love. He taught me how to speak without my accent, how to pronounce words like 'button' and 'horror'. He also taught me how to duck and the best way to hide a limp.

"You let people get too close, and they will hurt you."

"Ari, it's not that cut and dry. There are plenty of nice men out there who would be more than willing to jump your bones and show you a good time. You just need to give them a chance." Seth inches his seat closer, scraping the restaurant's floor with the wooden legs, until he is right beside me.

"I don't need a guy, Seth. I am happy. I have a good job and great friends. What more could a girl need?" I smile sweetly at him, not knowing what he is up to but certain that it is nothing good.

"I'll show you." He leans down and whispers in to my ear, his breath is warm and sweet against the exposed skin of my neck. He stretches his tongue out and gently licks the lobe of my ear, causing chills to race down my body.

"It's not your fault Ari. You just don't know what you are missing." I feel something warm between my thighs and suck in a sharp breath as I realise that Seth's hand is working its way up my skirt, to the soft cotton of my panties. I look around with a fear that someone has seen this, for we are in a public place. Yet no one seems to notice. My breath comes faster and louder as strong fingers begin to press against my most sensitive area, and I feel the tingle all the way down to my toes.

"Stop..." But he does not, because we both know that I don't want him to. I revel in the sensation of his talented fingers as they pull my wet underwear to the side, for better access to my dripping sex. The moan that escapes my lips is all the encouragement that he needs, and he slips the first finger past my pussy lips and in to my neglected cunt. I cannot help but jerk in my seat and begin to grind against his hand.

"I can show you what it's like to be with a man." He pushes further in to me. Slowly. Kindly.

"Seth..." My protests are cut off, though I'm not sure they would have mattered anyway. Seth curls his finger and hooks it inside of me, using it to pull me to the edge of my chair. I gasp in air that smells of pasta and pizza sauce, and my surroundings are brought to my attention.

"Seth, no." I say, finding the strength to slide back out of his reach. "We are in a restaurant."

Just then, our waiter comes along to ask if we need anything else, and I use the distraction to straighten my clothing and gather my wits. Once he leaves to get the check, I capture Seth's eyes in what I hope to be a menacing look.

"Seth, you are my friend. And as my friend, I ask that you never bring this up again."

He smiles, a grin that shakes my entire being. "Too late, I brought it up." Seth nods to the bulge in the front of his jeans. It is all I can do not to reach out and rub it; I can already tell through the denim how large it is. Not for the first time, I wonder what it would be like to have something that long pushed inside of my tight body, breaking my womanhood.

"I think that I brought it up." I laugh, trying to ease the tension.

"That was me seducing you, not the other way around. I'm turned on by the thought of how tight you are Ari..." Seth moans slightly as he pushes his chair even closer to mine and reaches out for me under the table. His hands are scorching hot on my bare thigh.

"No." I say, louder than intended, and jump up from the table. Without a second of thought, I leave the restaurant, and the temptation, behind. Seth doesn't call after me, does not get up to bring me back. I half want him to come and apologize, but I am glad that he doesn't. For I am not sorry, why should he be? Though the fact that I am not sorry might be what scares me the most. How could my body so readily react to one single touch?

The heat between my legs stays consistent on the long walk home. I grind my teeth together in sexual frustration, begging for a release that seems impossible. All I can think about is the hard length hiding underneath Seth's pants, urging to be touched...All I can think about is how wonderful it would feel...

Behind the safety of my apartment door, I cannot resist. I slid my own hand down the front of my skirt to the hem, and slip it up between my legs. The tingling sensation is instant, and my knees buckle from the wanting coursing through my veins. I feel fire run through me, leak out of my cunt. Passed my cotton panties, which I quickly abandon on the wooden floor, there is a secret that is yearning to be set free.

One finger is all it takes. I'm so tight because of my lasting virginity that I cannot fit two without feeling excruciating pain, but it is alright. Because with one finger, I fuck my tight cunt hard. I plunge it in as far as it will go. Enveloped in wet and warmth, my finger moves inside me. With my other hand, I grip my breast and pull on my nipple, now hard and swollen with arousal. Distantly I can hear myself moaning like a wild animal, but I cannot quiet my ecstasy as I come close to orgasm. I begin rubbing my sensitive clit with my thumb as my finger moves faster and faster to bring me to that impossible release. Finally, right there on the floor of my apartment with my body arched against the door and my head thrown back in ecstasy...

"Shit Arianna!"


My roommate finds me.

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