tagLoving WivesThe Assignment Ch. 4

The Assignment Ch. 4


My husband and I slept in our bed that night. The very bed I had been so thoroughly well fucked on by Gary that afternoon while Jim was at school. I had let Gary take me in all of my holes and I had loved every second of it.

My guilt flowed over me as I cleaned up after my session with Gary. I felt used and dirty. Then I remembered that Jim wanted me to have sex with men. Not a man, but many men. He wanted to witness me being 'raped' by several men, taken in all of my holes.

I let myself off the hook at that point. I had done nothing wrong. I had done what Jim wanted me to do. His darkest fantasy was quickly becoming mine. I had loved Gary's cock stroking in my tight pussy. I had felt like a virgin all over again as his eleven-inch cock had touched places that had never felt anything like it.

That night, lying next to Jim, I felt more in love with him than ever before. I had started down a path that would give both of us our greatest fantasies. Jim would be so proud of me when I got gangbanged at the party. He would see his wife 'taken' by several men.

The next day Jim was busy doing homework. I cleaned up the house as usual, and then told him I was going out for a while. He nodded absently as I kissed him. He was engrossed in his studies, and I knew that he would be busy for the rest of the day.

I left and went to the local mall, meeting Gary at the prearranged time. It was just a little before ten in the morning, and the mall was barely open. Gary ushered me in and we went to several stores. I tried on lots of outfits. Soon I had four very sexy dresses and then Gary said we needed accessories.

We went into a Victoria's Secret and shopped there for quite a while. Gary dropped a bundle on clothes for me. I was intimidated by his choices, but he brushed off my worries as harmless fun. He reminded me of Jim's fantasy of me being a real slut.

I tried on everything Gary pointed out. He chose each set and when we were done he took me to lunch. At lunch he mentioned that he wanted a few pictures of me in my sexy new clothes so that he could remember this day and the party day forever.

After getting his assurances that he wouldn't show them to anyone I agreed. We went to his place and I tried on each combination of clothes. As I progressed they got more revealing and sexier. I was soon getting hot as I posed for Gary's camera. At one point Gary talked me into just the lingerie.

Posing in the lingerie was making me so hot I finally told Gary that we should practice one more time. I wanted this party to go as smoothly as possible I told myself. Deep down I knew that what I really wanted was Gary's huge hot cock in my tight holes again. I was getting hooked on his cock and the illicit fucking we were doing.

Gary soon had me naked and in his bed. We began to play around with each other. Gary suddenly got up and looked down at me as I reclined back on his bed totally nude. I didn't attempt to cover up or anything. I was being the slut of any man's dreams at this point.

"Hey, I think that maybe we should get one or two more guy's over here and try a small gangbang, you know, to make sure you still will want more than one guy."

"Oh, I don't know about that Gary. I don't want to let it get around that I am an easy lay for just any man, or men, since you are talking about a gangbang. I am married after all."

"Yeah, but you have only had me, what if we get started and you decide that you can't do the gangbang? We will have quite a few men all worked up and nowhere to go. It could get real ugly and end up as a real rape. I think that we should make sure Kate, so that there are no problems later on."

"Gary, I can understand what you are saying but I just can't fuck a bunch of guy's now. I have a husband at home who has no idea of what I have already done. I can't cheat on him like that."

"Kate, he wants to see you with several men. He wants to see his wife getting gangbanged. He wants you to be ravished before his eyes. What if we start out on his fantasy and you decide to back out? How do you think he will react then? You need to be sure that you will go through with the plan so that his fantasy is fulfilled like he would want."

The upshot of our talk was that I gave in and he called up some friends. I was horny and wanted his cock, so it didn't take much convincing on his part. He was also right; I did need to prove to myself that I could follow through on this whole thing like planned.

We were into a make out session that was getting me as hot as the one the day before when the additional men arrived. He had called three guys and they all showed up, ready to fuck the slut. Me.

In a matter of a few minutes they were naked and I had hands all over me. I had a moment of fear when they all descended on me and for the first time I used the safe word.

"Gary, I need to call the school."

He looked at me kind of funny then it dawned on him what I was really saying. He stopped everyone, much to their disgust, and pulled me into the bathroom.

"I'm afraid that I can't do this Gary. All of those men, I am just not sure anymore."

"Kate, I will send them home if you want, but could you try just a bit more. I will have them back off a bit and we will not be so aggressive. I think you may have gone into an overload with all of the hands and mouths touching you. Please try. Jim really wants this you know."

After thinking about it, I decided that Gary was right. Jim did want this, so for his fantasy I would try harder to go along with the plan. I loved Jim and wanted him to be very happy with me. I wanted to give him any fantasy he wanted. I also, deep down, wanted this to happen. I wanted to be taken by a group of men. I just had felt afraid of my own needs for a second.

When they had been touching me I had felt like just cutting loose and really going to town. I had almost succumbed to my 'inner slut' and let loose a new and improved Kate. I wanted to be Kate the whore, Kate the real world-class slut. I was afraid of not being able to hold back and never quitting this 'new me' lifestyle. My fears were that I wouldn't quit, even if Jim wanted me to.

I realized that my reluctance at having more than one man was because I would go off and not want to stop having gangbangs. I felt that I could easily become a real big time slut if I didn't hold myself in check somewhat.

I went back into Gary's bedroom and saw those naked men standing waiting. I looked at their cocks, judging which one would be the first where. I had juices flowing out of my pussy like a river. I saw them looking at my pussy and could tell they could see the moisture running down my legs too.

"Come on over here slut. We have some business to do here."

Gary was in his 'rapist' mode. I loved the feeling of helplessness that I had as if I had to do what I was ordered to do. I felt like a naked lamb being led into a den of wolves.

"Hey bitch, get on the bed and spread those long sexy legs of yours. I want to see that pussy up close and personal like."

The man who made that demand was a bit taller than Gary, and black. His cock was a little shorter than Gary's, but much fatter. I positioned myself sideways on the bed on my back, with my legs spread wide as I could. My head hung over one side and my pussy in the middle of it.

As I lay there, they stepped up close and began to talk. They said such nasty things about me, talking like I wasn't even there. Like I was a piece of furniture or something. I was getting hotter and hotter the more they spouted off those nasty comments.

"Shit, this bitch is wetter than a river in a rainstorm. She wants us bad. All this cock is turning her on pretty good."

"Man I can't wait to get my prick in her ass. It looks so tight and hot."

"You ever had a brother cunt? Once you goes black you never goes back."

"Hey she just wants cock, she don't care if it's white, black, or polka-dotted. Just as long as they are in her holes she will be happy. This is what a real first class slut looks like boys."

Gary had made that last comment. I truly felt the way he said those things. I didn't really care what the cock looked like in color or anything; I just wanted them to fuck me.

They moved in on me. One guy got between my spread legs and started to lick and suck on my very wet pussy. I immediately went into an orgasm. They all laughed at that.

"Shit this whore is cumming already, and we haven't even started to give her all of this cock. She is going to be a real memorable fuck."

"WOW, what a slut. I can't wait until we have her old man watching us fuck her eyeballs out. He is going to shit when we have her cumming before we even touch her. He will know he is married to a real whore then."

Their words inflamed my already horny body. I was in overdrive and ready to fuck and suck any man that came up to me now. I had never felt so nasty in my life. I had thoughts running through my mind that I had always brushed off. Now they were in the foremost part of my thinking.

The guy eating my pussy suddenly got up.

"We need to shave this cunt. I want bald pussy to eat and fuck. I think that we should shave her totally bald. Bald is best, that's my motto."

I protested, knowing that I would have a hard time telling Jim why I had shaved. We had several arguments in the past when he had wanted me to shave myself down there. I didn't like the feeling of the hair when it grew back.

Gary just said that I was his slut and his sluts were clean-shaven, like it or not. If I didn't shave, I didn't get the cock. My choice was limited to shave and get that cock, or not shave and go home, horny and wanting. I chose to get fucked. I would come up with something to tell Jim.

Gary left and got a razor and shaving cream. Another man got a towel and a bowl of water. I was soon being shaved as I lay there on the bed. The man shaving me was cautious, but he was also fingering my pussy and asshole every chance he got. By the time I was clean-shaven, I had had three orgasms.

After the shaving was finished the fucking began in earnest. Eventually I had one cock in my pussy, one in my mouth, and finally one in my ass. I had three cocks in my body and they were fucking me hard. Gary was watching the whole show. I thought at one point I saw flashes or bright lights, but didn't think anything of it since I was being so well fucked.

I had orgasm after orgasm. Soon all of the men had had me in each hole. Cum was running out of my pussy and asshole freely. I had swallowed what seemed like gallons of cum. Cum in my hair, on my breasts, all over me. Four men had constantly fucked me for three and a half hours. I was totally exhausted by the time they wore out.

Gary let me rest for a bit and then he got me dressed and took me home. He dropped me off a block away from the apartment. I walked the rest of the way, and if anybody watched me walk they could have probably seen that I was walking like a well-fucked whore. I waddled more than walked; my pussy and ass were a touch sore.

I had cum dripping off of my hair, and running down my legs. I had cum flowing out of my asshole and pussy. They were also gaping wide open. I could feel the cool outside air dancing in and out of my tender holes.

Arriving home Jim was still studying. I snuck through the house and slipped into the bathroom. I took a shower and as I stepped out Jim said through the door that we were going out to eat. I felt guilty, as I knew that I had been so well fucked this afternoon while Jim sat innocently at home doing his homework.

I was able to cover my feelings of betrayal and told Jim that I would be ready in a moment. As I got dressed and Jim waited for me in our living room, I almost started to cry.

I loved him so much, and I had been such a whore today. How would he feel if he knew how much I liked being gangbanged? Would he be all right with this or kick me out and leave me? Even though I was doing what he wanted, I wasn't sure if this 'extra' practice was a good idea. I was getting hung up on all of the cocks I had been fucking now.

Going out to dinner or a movie was something new to our routine. Jim had finally started to take me out as if we were dating. I knew that he was trying to be the best husband for me he could be. It made me feel real good that I was working so hard to give him his fantasy now. He was going to love this party coming up.

That Monday, as Jim was in school, I heard a knock at our door. When I opened it three of the guys I had gangbanged were standing there with smiles on their faces.

"Hey Kate, I figured you wanted some more practice. I got the boys together and here we are."

"Oh, I think we should wait until the party don't you?"

"Kate, you want Jim to be pleased with his fantasy don't you? I think that you need some more practice. You know, so he will have his fantasy fulfilled."

I relented, partly because I was horny, and partly because I did want everything to go smoothly at the party. They came in and in a matter of minutes I was naked and in our bedroom being fucked by three men. I had a cock in each hole and they were fucking me into nirvana, again.

Since they showed up in the morning just after Jim left, we had the whole day to fuck. After the initial fuck that morning, one of them made a call, and soon there were six more men in my bed fucking me. The gangbang went on for the rest of the day, until about an hour and a half before Jim was due home.

The guys helped me clean up the place, which surprised me quite a bit. I thought that they would just take off and leave me to do that. Had I known that this was all a scam and they wanted to make sure that Jim didn't find out until the party, well, everything would have been far different.

The next day Gary showed up after Jim left and fucked me in all of my holes before lunch. I cleaned his cock up with my mouth after he pulled out of my asshole. I really liked doing this now. It made me feel like such a whore.

Gary left at lunch and I cleaned the house up real well. I was getting it ready for the party, and trying to not let Jim see that I was preparing it for a party. I could do so much moving of stuff before he would get suspicious of my 'cleaning' so I just hoped that Gary would have some help over before Jim got home to help me get stuff lined out.

The day of the party Gary showed up and fucked me just after lunch. He took my ass then my pussy, and then I swallowed his cum down my throat. Afterwards he filled me in on the details of the party.

"I got about seven guys coming tonight. They are going to start to show up around four thirty or five. Jim should get home around five or so, so we will get him a chair and tied up like a for real forced deal. When he is tied up I will signal you and you can wear that dress with the slits up the side. No underwear, just the dress. Jim will be beside himself when he sees you in that number."

"What about the rest of the week? You aren't going to take me out of town are you Gary?"

"No baby, I am taking you to a very special place to spend the next four days. You will get all of the cock you want there. I will even provide some pussy for you to entertain too. Not to worry, everyone will have a clean bill of health before they are allowed to sample my slut."

"No pictures Gary, I don't want any of this to come back and haunt me afterwards. This is going to be a one-time thing and after that I am just going to want Jim. OK?"

"Oh yeah baby, no pictures and one time thing. You are in my capable hands now Kate. You can rely on me to do you up right. You just be my slut for the next few days and I guarantee you will have the time of your life. Then you can go back to Jim, just like planned."

"God Gary, I can't wait. You are such a good friend to us. I hope Jim will appreciate all of the hard work you have done for us."

"Kate, this hasn't been work, it has been a pleasure. I have loved each moment of the last week. I am only glad that I was able to help you guys out."

Well, if you read my husbands story, you know what happened at the party. I acted like and was treated like a total world-class slut. I took on all the men there that night and Jim watched me get royally fucked.

At one point I thought I saw Jim crying, but when I looked again I didn't see any tears, so I thought that I had been mistaken. He looked so helpless tied up in that chair as those men took me over and over. Gary's girlfriend was standing by Jim with a hand on his shoulder.

At one point, Gary's girlfriend whispered something in Gary's ear. Soon I was straddled over two large cocks and took them in my now loose pussy. Once they were in, that loose pussy became very, very, tight again. As those two cocks stroked in and out of me another cock entered my ass. It was so deliciously tight. I then took a fourth cock into my throat.

I got 'quad' fucked several times that week. That night, being the first time, sent me to nirvana. I couldn't believe that I had all of that cock in me at once. Gary told me later that at that point I had over three and a half feet of cock in my body. Unbelievable.

At the end of the night, as I was leaving to go to Gary's party palace, I saw Jim struggling. He put on a real good and convincing show. I just knew that I had fulfilled his deepest and darkest fantasy and it had turned out eve better than I had hoped. Another plus was the fact that I had been so well fucked. God I loved being a slut.

The next morning, at the fraternity house, I had a constant stream of hard bodies coming and cumming to me. I was kept busy all that day fucking and sucking cock. At lunchtime I ate some food that Gary had prepared and took a shower. After lunch, two girls showed up and started to fondle me. I wasn't sure about the lesbian thing and said as much to Gary.

"Hey, I don't know about doing women Gary. I am not a lesbian or anything, I like cock, not pussy."

"Kate, you are my slut for the next three days yet. If I want you to do pussy, you do pussy. If I want you to do cock, you do cock. If I tell you to do a horse, you will do the fucking horse. You are my slut. You are my whore. On Sunday night, at midnight, you are Jim's wife again. Until then, you are my slut. Do not forget that."

"What if I use my safe word Gary? Will you still honor that?"

"Oh, yeah, I will still honor that Kate, but have I had you do anything that you haven't enjoyed yet?"

"No, you haven't. But a horse? Come on Gary, you can't be serious."

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. You just act like my slut and I will make sure you have a real good weekend Kate. I am your master for the rest of this weekend, like you agreed to."

He sounded so dark and foreboding. I was certainly not going to do a horse, and I didn't think that I was going to do women either. By three o'clock that afternoon I was licking a pussy and having mine sucked by those two women. Gary had a crowd of men watching us too. I didn't care; I had discovered that I liked pussy as well as cock. I still preferred cock though.

That night Gary took me down to an adult movie theater. There we went to the back and went into a booth. This is where I learned about 'glory-holes' for the first time. I had never been in an adult theater before in my life.

Gary put some quarters in the slot and started a movie. I looked around a saw the holes in the walls. One of the holes was huge. You could have put two basketballs through it, at once. The other holes were smaller, although you could clearly see that an arm could fit through them at any point.

We watched the movie for a minute then I noticed a cock poking through the largest hole in the wall. It was the biggest, blackest, and hardest cock I had ever seen. Gary nudged me towards it.

"Give it a lick Kate. He wants you suck him. Suck his cock until he shoots off into your throat. I want you to face fuck that black cock, slut."

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