tagRomanceThe Assistant

The Assistant


When opportunity knocks, don't just open the door, invite it in.

"Jack!" my sister yelled as she walked across the lobby towards me.

"Hey Mags!" I said as I closed with her and wrapped my arms around her in a big bear hug. She hugged me back, trying to match my strength, just like when we were kids.

"Come on upstairs, everyone is dying to see you, especially the girls." she said pulling me towards the elevator.

"Wait...what? Who all am I meeting up there?" I asked when we got on the elevator.

Mags laughed, "Everyone we work with. They can't believe there's a brother and want to know what he's like."

My name is Jack. I'm a chef by trade and I'm in town visiting my family before tourist season, busy season for us, starts. My sisters wanted to take me out for lunch and since they were paying I figured I'd come pick them up. I'm in my late 20s now and when I was 2 my mother gave birth to triplets, all girls...much to my dismay. All three of them now work at the same news company. Maggie, the eldest by a minute, is an editor. Izzy, second in line, works on the website for the company. Jan, the youngest, is a journalist. Well all take after our mom in appearance, light hair, fair skin, pale eyes, and athletic builds.

We exit the elevator, heading for Mags office, stopping along the way at every desk and office. I meet dozens of people and instantly lose track of names. We're joined by our sisters shortly and visit while people poke their heads in to meet me. After some time we decide to head out for food. Lunch goes well, lots of catching up, and the food isn't that bad either. We head back to their building and say goodbye to the girls as we drop them off on their floors. Mags and I head up to her office and I park myself in a chair by the door while she sits behind her desk. We chat for a bit and then I feel a presence standing next to me.

I lool up to a goddess. Her dark red hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail except for a strand on either side just before her ears. As my eyes move down her body I feel my pulse quicken. She has crystal blue eyes, a petite nose, and a look of business on her face. She has a slim throat that I can't help but want to lick. Her breasts look perfect inside her black blouse, full and firm, having to be at least 36Cs. Her blouse is tucked into her tight black skirt. It ends just before her knees and hugs her hips so amazingly that I can feel my heart beating in my chest. Shapely legs end in a pair of sexy heels and it's about at that time I realize I'm staring.

"Hey, I'm glad you got back in time. Sierra, this is my brother Jack. Jack, this is my assistant Sierra." Mags says with a smile on her face.

I stand up and face this angelic woman. She extends her hand towards me, with a dazzling smile, her face now alive with excitement.

"Hi there!" she said with a voice like bells as we shook hands. "I've heard so much about you, it's a pleasure to meet you finally."

"Umm..Ja..I mean hi. Nice...you too. Uh Mags I'll catch you later yeah?" I said over my shoulder as I headed for the elevator, trying to make my escape before I did or said anything else stupid. What the hell had gotten into me? I've never been so tongue tied with women before. As I rounded the corner I decided to head into the bathroom to splash some water on my face. I splashed, dried my face, and walked out of the bathroom. Instantly bumping into someone.

"Oh shoot. I'm real so..." I began to say. It was Sierra. Of course.

"Jack. Hey it's alright. You ran out of there so fast I wanted to make sure you were ok." she replied while tucking one of the strands of hair behind her ear.

"Yeah I'm ok. Sorry I bumped into you." I said scratching the back of my head, looking for a way to get to the elevator.

"You sure?" she asked as she lowered her head and looked at me thru her eyelashes.

*What the hell? Is she flirting with me?* I thought to myself

"Umm yeah I'm sure." I stated as I shifted on my feet.

"Hmmm," she cooed," because it seems like you're holding back...and I don't know why." She said as she licked her lips.

*Could I?...Should I?...Fuck it!*

I grab her and pull her close. I lock my lips to hers as she melts in my arms. We fall back into the bathroom and slam the door shut. We break our kiss, gasping for air, as Sierra locks the door. She lunges forward, leaping into my arms and pushing me against the wall, our lips finding each other again. Our mouths part and our tongues massage each other. I breathe deep of her as she moans lightly into my mouth. My hands roam over her body. Exploring her slim waist, the soft skin of her arms, the arch of her back, and finally grabbing her ass. She moans out, moving her mouth to my neck, and traces her tongue up to my ear.

"God I want you. Your sisters talk about you so much, I've had this burning desire to meet you, and now seeing you I just can't help myself." she purrs to me.

Her whispered words are like honey in my ear. She licks and sucks on my ear lobe, as my hands caress her ass, pulling her so close into me. I lick and nip her neck, her head rolling back to give me access to her throat, while she grinds against my hardening dick. Her hands move down my back and around to my belt. She undoes my belt, pants, and zipper pushing them to the ground. She pushes away from me and slowly unbuttons her blouse, pulling it off her, revealing her black laced bra. She unzips her skirt and wiggles it down her long legs, stepping out of it, then squats in front of me. I look down at her as she pulls my jockeys down and then takes my 7 inch dick in her hand. She bites her lower lip as she slowly starts stroking me. Pre-cum has gathered on the tip and she eyeballs it like it's candy.

Her tongue snakes out and she runs it over the head lightly. A string of pre-cum connects my tip and her lip before she closes the distance and takes me into her mouth. She starts slow at first, moving up and down while stroking me, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. I run my hands over her head and down her shoulders towards her bra. I lean down, while she continues to work my cock, and undo her bra. I lean up as she puffs her chest out and removes the bra. Her breasts are beautiful. Full, almost perfectly shaped, tanned, with hard nipples sticking out. She moans as I start thrusting into her mouth.

"Holy shit this is incredible." I say as we increase our speed. "Mmmm your mouth feels so good." I grab her pony tail and start bucking into her mouth while pulling her head down onto me. She moans loudly, digging her nails into my legs, as she opens her mouth wider, taking me into her throat. Her tongue is rubbing quickly against the underside of my dick while she locks her eyes to mine. We move rapidly, going hard and fast, and I feel that familiar feeling.

"Oooooh baby let me fuck those titties of yours." I say as I pull out of her mouth. I stroke myself as she grabs her breasts and pushes them together. She playfully jiggles them as I rub by dick on top of her tits.

"Well stop teasing and slide that wonderful cock between them." she seductively says to me. I place my dick between her soft mounds and slowly thrust up. She looks down, sticking her tongue out, licking the tip when it gets close enough. She bounces her tits up and down with her hands, adding to the unbelievably amazing feeling, as I move faster and faster. I place my hands on her shoulders, using it as leverage, to force my rod quicker and harder.

"Mmmm baby your tits feel sooooo good!" I say to her.

"Ohhhh yes. Mmm yes baby. Fuck my tits. Oh yes faster baby. God your cock feels so great sliding between my big tits. Fuck'em hard. Yes, just like that, oh fuck yes!" Her dirty talk sinks into me, driving me crazy, encouraging me to go faster and harder. I'm pounding into her by now, my cock sliding easily, as she continues to play with her nipples, pressing her tits closer together. With one arm pushing her breasts up she uses her other hand to pull me from between her. She strokes me fast then, with a smirk on her face, slaps and rubs my dick on her nipples. I run my hands thru my hair, trying in vain to catch my breath, as I wonder what next to do.

"Oh shit baby, I want to take you from behind, hard and fast." I say helping her to her feet. She leads me over to the row of sinks, her hand wrapped around my cock, giggling the whole way. She bends over, shaking her ass at me, and looks over her shoulder. I move in behind her, taking my rigid dick in hand, guiding myself to her warm opening. She moves her hand between her legs, using her fingers to move her panties aside and open herself to me. I slide the tip into her, she's incredibly wet, and I watch as she leans her head back with eyes closed. I slam forward driving deep into her, and watch in the mirror as her mouth opens wide, in a silent exclamation of shock and ecstasy. She moans loudly then slowly pushes back against me. I rake my fingers down her bare back inciting her to arch up. I caress her soft skin with my hands, thrusting in a quick rhythm, while she watches in the mirror. I look down, watching my dick slide in and out, getting so hard it borders on painful.

"Mmmm do you like watching? Hmm? Do you like seeing your cock go in and out of my pussy? Oh it feels so good! Yes, go faster, pound into me!" she cries out. I switch to long hard thrusts, working in her faster, groaning loudly as she slams back into me.

"God yes Sierra. You feel so amazing! You're so tight and warm around me." I slap her ass with my hand, making her squeal and laugh, then spank her again. "Yeah baby take that dick!" I lift my t-shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor, then refocus on pushing myself as deep as possible into her. I lean down on her and let my hands explore her smooth skin. I kiss her neck, flicking my tongue lightly over it, wrapping my arms around her. I hold her close, relishing the feeling of our warm bodies touching, as my hands continue to roam. One hand cups her neck, not tightly but letting her know I'm there, the other moves down between her legs. She sucks in air thru her teeth and whimpers as my fingers glide over her clit. I'm deep in her so I stop pumping as my fingers rub harder on her. Her clit hardens as I apply more pressure and friction, her moans increasing in level, until she's almost shaking.

"Jack! Oh god I'm going to cum! Don't stop! Yes! Yes! I'm so close! Mmmm fuck yes! Make me cum baby!" she calls out as I feel her body tense beneath me. I start thrusting again, hard and deep, but slowly. "God yes...yes...oh god...YESSS!!!!! FUCK!!!! I'm cumming!!!!" I feel her pussy tighten around me, grabbing me hard and constricting, as she releases her wetness, coating my dick. "Oh shit! Oh fuck!" she breathlessly pants as her orgasm subsides. I pull out, my cock covered in her juices, as she turns around. She leans down, taking me in her mouth, and starts licking me clean. I pant heavily and close my eyes. I know I won't last much longer with this vixen. After I'm all cleaned off she leans against the counter of sinks, beckoning me closer, with a curl of her finger. I step forward and she lifts her right leg, I grasp it and place it on my shoulder, then keep move closer until her leg is pointing up. I place my dick inside her, she's so warm and wet I easily go straight into her, and lock my eyes to hers as I begin to rock into her. She stares deep into me with those blue eyes, I'm transfixed, and can't look away. Her hands move over my body, touching everything she can, never looking away. I pump into her, driving myself deep and hard, feeling that moment is near.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ram your cock deep into my pussy. Make me cum again on you then give me what I want. To taste you in my mouth." she whispers to me as go faster. "Oh yes...mmm yes...oh oh OH!" she pulls in tight to me, her body trembling as she's rocked by her orgasm. "Now, give it to me, now!" she demands. I thrust with all my force, feeling her pussy opening up to accept my dick, as her body starts to relax.

"Shit, baby I'm gunna cum, oh fuck yeah..." I say as I pull out. She squats in front of me again and takes my cock in her hand. She strokes me quickly as my body hits the pinnacle. "Oh god yes...here it comes...fuck YES!!" I shoot my first load out and it lands on her chin. She wraps her lips around my member and sucks hard, stroking ever still, milking me dry. I cum again, my orgasm exploding hard, and give her another two large loads. I'm covered in sweat and panting hard. She keeps sucking until nothing else comes out, then uses her finger to move what's on her chin into her mouth, swallowing it all.

We get dressed and cleaned up in record time then spend some moments holding and kissing each other. We exchange numbers, planning on spending more time together while I'm in town, then kiss one last time. We stealthily exit the bathroom and giggle as she heads down the hall and I make my way to the elevator. I round the corner and see Mags waiting for the lift.

"Jack? I thought you left already." she asks.

"Yeah, ummm, had to use the bathroom." I reply.

"Is that why you bolted when Sierra showed up? Honestly I think you should meet with her. I think you two would hit it off." she says with a smile on her face.

I mirrored her smile...

*oh if you only knew sis...if you only knew*

The End

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Derek Snow

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