tagNonHumanThe Astarte Nunnery Ch. 01

The Astarte Nunnery Ch. 01


John and Jane, after helping an extraterrestrial police force to thwart a revolt and arrest Diletta, its chief and the founder of the Astarte Nunnery (see "The Toy Salespeople Ch. 08"), came home and faced the music again: how to pay for the ever growing home mortgage instalments?

The original idea – to moonlight in a sex shop (see "The Toy Salespeople Ch. 01") – had become impracticable: Mr. Rosenthal was less than delighted in seeing his daughter Edna becoming an Astarte Nun, and the economic slowdown hit the sex shop harder than grocers' shops.

John and Jane were unexpectedly helped by advances in IT technology: Chang Lequ, the new Astarte Nunnery Abbess, informed them that the local telecom had brought high speed DSL to the town – and the nunnery itself.

As John and Jane were childless software developers, they could easily relocate & telecommute, so they sold their city home, paid off their mortgage, and bought a house in the Nunnery's town with the remaining money – and no debt.

But Chang Lequ proposed them something better: to become the janitors of the Nunnery.

The Astarte Nuns faced the morbid curiosity of the people who knew that the nunnery's charter required each nun to enjoy 50 orgasms a week; moreover, there was the concrete risk of retaliation at the hands of Diletta's coconspirators, and the only person who could spot them was Jane, who was a shapeshifter coming from Diletta's universe (see "The Toy Salespeople Ch. 06").

The Nunnery rules were quite strict: the nuns could have sex with men nowhere, but they could have sex with other women outside the cloister – orgasms enjoyed outside or with non-nuns wouldn't accrue to the daily quota.

Within the cloister nuns and (rare) guests had to don their birthday suit, regardless of age or sex – the only exceptions were allowed for menstruating women, incontinent people, workers in need of special protection. Only nuns could have sex within the cloister.

The janitors' home was at the outer border of the cloister, and if John and Jane settled in, they could keep their job as software developers, lease their new home and avoid paying for the utilities, as they were in the house.

As they were among the nunnery's personnel, they could enter the cloister at their own discretion, but following the other rules: donning their birthday suit, and having no sex there.

They accepted the proposal, and one of their tasks was to escort the nuns to shopping. There were seven nuns in the nunnery, plus the abbess, and every day one of them went out to shop.

The first times, it was John who escorted them, but after a few weeks he handed over the task to Jane. In his words, "Darling, escorting the nuns puts me and them at the risk of breaking the charter."

"John, I'm not jealous. You can do whatever you like with them."

"Jane, don't tease. The nuns live in a state of constant arousal – and even though an orgasm outside the cloister wouldn't be accrued to them, they must always be proceptive in order to catch all occasions when they are in the cloister. So I feel always tempted to reciprocate and go to the acceptive phase ..."

"... which leads to actual copulation, which is forbidden to you."

"Yes, Jane. If you escorted them, the situation would be much less dangerous ..."

"... since the nuns would be allowed to have sex with me, and you aren't apparently jealous."


"You're, so to say, selling me the way Abraham sold his wife Sarah."

"I'm not asking you to have sex with them. And you may fend carnal temptations better than me, since sexuality is a learned skill for you. I'm only saying that the my worst-case scenario is far more heinous than yours."

"Ok, I'll take over the task."

That night John and Jane made love passionately. After sleeping for a few hours, John awoke and rubbed his erect penis against Jane's butt; then his hands reached her I-cup breasts starting from her hips, fondled the areolas and caused the nipples to get erected.

It was not enough to awake Jane – and if he wanted to sodomize her, he could be contented with that, as her anus could be easily opened and enlarged even when she was asleep. But he wanted her cunt, and the best way to have it was to stimulate her nipples.

Jane was producing milk (even though she had never been pregnant), and John expressed her sensitive nipples; when milk began to flow, Jane, still half asleep, spread her legs open, so letting John insert his penis into her vagina.

Jane raised her butt somewhat, so John could penetrate her deeper, while his finger were still working on her nipples. As she was fully awake, she grabbed her own tits and directed the milk flow towards her cunt, so cooling and lubricating the genitalia of both.

As Jane grabbed her breasts, John's hands left them, moved to the vulva and began massaging the clitoris, while his penis was still throbbing in and out of her.

Jane eventually came, but John was amazingly slower at that, so he had to take his penis out of her, as it began irritating her, before coming.

But Jane was a very forgiving mate: he offered him her breasts and made him suckle all the milk he craved, while his penis got erected again, and she opened her labia and inserted it into the vagina. The vagina was now tighter, and John felt increased pleasure; luckily Jane's big and sagging tits allowed him to throb and suckle at the same time with no discomfort and great pleasure for both of them, so Jane could come twice – once while he was suckling her right nipple, and again when he was suckling the left.

But her vagina didn't set his penis free: they began a "war of attrition" in which he kept throbbing like an oil well crane, and she kept rubbing her tits against his breasts, his arms, his neck, his face, and even his forehead, and she came, came and came as he was hammering her hot and steamy cunt.

From time to time she offered him a break – so he stopped throbbing for half a minute, sucked some milk, so arousing her more, and resumed.

At dawn, he was still pounding the mine, but hadn't yet found the ore, so Jane said, "Perhaps we have made a mistake: had you sodomized me before having genital sex, you would have been aroused more and come earlier."

"Why ... didn't you ... tell that ... before?"

"John, I love orgasms. Don't worry, now you can get the dick out of my pussy, enter my ass, and have no mercy on me. You know, I'm not human, so you can do me no harm."

John took the penis out, Jane bent her knees to her breast, so exposing her anus, John ran through it, and actually felt more aroused than before, while Jane was putting her feet on his shoulders, rubbing his breast with her tits, and spraying his body with her milk.

When John felt his dick as hard and as hot as an iron rod, he took it out and put it into Janes' pussy. The encounter between his hardness and her wetness could now lead him to orgasm, and his ejaculation ended the love session.

As John was now hungry, Jane was more than willing to nurse him; as his penis was so tired that it reported sick, he could only reciprocate by fondling her vulva – he inserted two fingers into her vagina, searching for her G-spot, and rubbed the clitoris with the other hand, until Jane squirted both milk and ejaculate.

His cock now managed to return on duty, and half-heartedly penetrated her; luckily, Jane loved John so much that she could even appreciate a half-failure like this; she grabbed it with the vaginal muscles, and soothed and massaged it until it grew to full-size, and could perform his task again.

It was now time to get up; John and Jane had a shower and began working (or better, telecommuting as software developers); while they were at that, they received an e-mail from the laundry telling them that the nunnery's bedclothes were now clean, and that they could pick them up.

A few minutes later, somebody rang the bell to the cloistered garden. John opened, and greeted Chang Lequ, the abbess.

"Hi," she said, "why are you in your birthday suit, John?"

"At home I can dress as I like. Why are you in your birthday suit, Lequ?"

"Because the door is at the cloister boundary, and people within the cloister must be unclothed."

"That's right. So, if I had to enter it, I wouldn't waste time getting (un)dressed!"

Lequ smiled, and greeted Jane, in her birthday suit too. But Jane didn't just shake her hand – she hugged her, and kissed her lips. Lequ was somewhat astonished, but she loved it, opened her lips, let Jane's tongue enter her mouth, and in turn let her own tongue enter Jane's mouth.

Then Jane sat on her armless chair, made Lequ sit on her left thigh, and with a gesture invited John to sit on the other thigh. Then she clasped both John and Lequ to her I-cup breasts and told them, "Would you like to eat something before going shopping? You know, choosing wisely requires time, and being hungry while shopping means surrendering to the malice of the seller."

Actually, she needed not say that – John's penis was already hardening, and Lequ's vulva wetting, and both of them were already kneading her breasts, so it was no surprise that Lequ said, "You're right – let's eat."

So both John and Lequ began suckling, and while they suckled Lequ was shaking her pussy over Jane's thigh, and Jane's right hand was stroking John's cock – she didn't want him to come late.

When the milk ended, both John and Lequ were really aroused, and Jane made Lequ lie supine on the bed, she kneeled and ate her pussy, while John approached Jane's butt, licked her twat, then rose to his feet and fucked her while grabbing Jane's extra-large tits from behind.

All three came together, and Lequ wanted to return the favor, but as she saw Jane's pussy smeared with John's semen, she claimed that she couldn't come in contact with it.

So Jane asked John to clean that mess, and he eagerly did that with his tongue, while Jane was eating Lequ's pussy again.

"You gave me two orgasms," noticed Lequ, "How can I return them to you without preventing John from making love with you?"

"John is in his refractory period. If you hurry up, you can do that," answered Jane, so Lequ begun furiously eating Jane's pussy, while John, unable to have an erection at the moment, let his dick dangle over Jane's mouth.

Jane took it in, and began suckling it as if it were a nipple, an ever hardening nipple as the refractory period was waning, and Lequ was licking all the sensitive points in Jane's genitalia.

When Lequ was done, and had given Jane more than two orgasms, Jane laid procumbent, spread her legs open and exposed her anus; John got the message, licked it and after lubricating it he inserted his penis in.

As his cock was fully in, he grasped Jane's tits and turned her sideways, so she could offer her mouth, breasts and twat to Lequ. Lequ approached her mouth to Jane's, but she pointed her finger to her own genitalia, so Lequ understood that Jane wanted a sixty-nine while being sodomized.

It was a really pleasant experience, and when Jane came, her nipples gushed milk like hoses; it was now time to go shopping, so they all had a shower, dressed up and took the nunnery's van to the town.

The laundry was near the Catholic church – the shopkeeper often joked that they were a compound business, and when the trio entered the shop, not only did she give them the laundry, but also a leaflet announcing the opening of a lingerie shop near the local synagogue.

"Ehi! Isn't it somewhat disrespectful?" argued John, but Laura, the laundress, answered, "I've hired the premises from the Jewish community."

Chang Lequ laughed, paid for the laundry and said, "Wouldn't it be worthwhile to explore that shop?

By the way, the nunnery requires new lingerie and new dresses, and perhaps we could find it there."

John and Jane agreed, and they went there. The shopkeeper introduced herself as Martha, Laura's sister, and when Chang Lequ explained her what she sought, she said, "I've heard something about your nunnery. Do you want sexy lingerie, or just comfortable one?"

"Comfortable and durable. We only wear it when we go out, so we needn't sexy clothing."

"How many nuns are you?"

"Eight, including me."

"In my humble opinion, you'd better take this catalogue and choose the garments you like most together with your sisters.

Be careful, as our sizes aren't standard; you should measure ourselves and use the tables at the end of the catalogue to determine the correct sizes."

"Hmm ... could you embroider the names of the nuns on the clothes?"

"Of course. And if you buy eight people's worth of lingerie and clothing, you could get a discount and a respite."

"Excellent proposal. Thanks for the catalogue".

After going out of the shop and buying food and detergents for the nunnery, they felt tired and hungry; it was nearly noon, so Chang Lequ proposed to dine at a restaurant, but Jane told her, "Why waste money? I can provide you with the food you need."

So they went to the van, secluded themselves in, undressed, and John and Lequ sat on Jane's thighs in order to get nourishment by suckling her tits. The van was parked in a crowded place, so it was unadvisable to have wild, noisy sex there – but Jane knew how to solve the problem: she whispered John to fuck her with her nipple in his mouth, and Lequ to enjoy clit tickling while suckling her.

It worked, but Jane couldn't be stimulated enough to come, so John and Lequ consulted, and agreed to give Jane a 69 and sodomy. In theory, John could penetrate Jane's vagina while Lequ was licking her clit and labia, but if Lequ tongue touched his penis, she would be guilty of sexual activity with a man – better to pound the rear guard with so powerful a gun, while Lequ's tongue was gallantly forcing the frontline to surrender.

When they had done that, they dressed and drove back to the nunnery. This very afternoon, the nuns looked up the catalogue and decided which garments to buy – their preferences went to white lacy lingerie, which contributed to giving them the look of a Red Cross nurse; all nuns would wear the same models, but they needed different sizes.

That evening Edna Rosenthal, the daughter of the sex shop holder, went to John's and Jane's and asked them if they were willing to take the measures of the nuns the next morning, and order the lingerie from Martha's shop.

"Why not?" answered John, while Jane enticed Edna to stay and ... enjoy her company. As she had already had her seven daily orgasms with the nuns, she could stay with her and enjoy additional pleasure until midnight.

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