tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Audience - Liam's Intitiation

The Audience - Liam's Intitiation


"I'm cumming!" Liam squealed pathetically.

He stretched his legs, arched his back, moaned in an almost effeminate way, his skinny, boyish body shuddering and jerking as his long, thin penis twitched, spattering his body irregularly with hot, creamy cum.

"That's it you naughty little slave boy!" drawled the woman on the phoneline cruelly, "Cum for me like the little bitch you are!" she cackled. Liam closed his eyes and moaned, relieved, fulfilled.

"Thank you mistress" shuddered Liam down the phone to her, grinning to himself.

"Good boy, now you call me again any other time you struggle to sleep and I'll spank that little bitch ass of yours and force you to shoot your load again"

Liam smiled, moaning as he rubbed his hot cum into his sated body. With a click he ended the call, hanging up on his favourite Domme. Or at least, his favourite Phone sex number.

He stumbled through to the bathroom to wipe himself clean, the other students were home for the summer and he had the crumbling, cheap little apartment to himself. Good thing his friends from college were gone, he thought, he couldn't bear the thought of them overhearing him while he phoned up one of those perverted little numbers.

Liam smiled contentedly to himself as he brushed his teeth in the mirror. He was short for his age. At 20 he would have thought he'd have been pretty much fully grown, and at 5'3 he was clearly doomed to being pretty short. He was scrawny, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Little to no hair was on his body and that which was was soft, fuzzy and due to how blond it was it was barely visible. Through the hot nights Liam wore only a thin pair of boxers, which hung loosely from his scrawny hip bones. He was still feeling contented at the warm, relieving way he'd emptied his balls when he laid his head against the pillow, wrapped himself up, and fell asleep.


Liam woke up wearing the same pair of boxers he had gone to sleep in, but he wasn't in his bed any more. He was drowsy when he woke, and that warm feeling of content was gone. In it's place was a steady, constant chill that raised his hairs on end and made him shiver. He was gagged and chained tightly, his little body stretched, the cold metal chains stretched to their limit accommodating his slender frame as well. Standing on tipped toes, howling terrified through his heavy gag, Liam began to fearfully make sense of his surroundings. How in hell had he gotten here? The last time he had been awake he had been in his own bed, in an empty student flat! Wait, had he left the door open?

No. That couldn't be it. He had phoned up "Esmeralda" the Domme over that sex line, and he always double locked the door before he did that in case the girls from the flat above came down. Their flat had been pretty sociable, and they were liable to try and visit late at night with bottles of cheap alcohol. So if nobody could have gotten in how had he been taken here?

Liam couldn't make sense of it. He prayed it was some kind of silly prank. But just then there was the clang of a heavy door opening, and slamming again, and the sound of footsteps coming towards his cell. They could have been the clopping sound of heels, but they weren't a woman. They were the sound of exceptionally well-polished and expensive looking gentleman's shoes with Cuban heel, and the man who was in them was suited up extravagantly, and he was intensely huge. He towered over Liam as he opened the cell door and, without a word, unchained the shivering boy and hauled him over his shoulders. Liam struggled helplessly, but couldn't escape. The shame shivered into Liam's bones, and the touch of this man's hands against his naked, shivering body somewhat excited Liam, but he was too afraid to show it, or take note of it.

The man carried Liam through to a large, extravagantly decorated, Gothic looking office. In the office sat another well-dressed, stern looking business type. He had rimmed spectacles, a firm face, and he was smoking a cigar while swilling a glass of scotch. He sat in an expansive, black throne, with his heels up on the desk. With his free hand he opened the top button of his shirt, wearing a casual, ascot style cravat. The heavy set man who had brought him in suddenly threw him down to the ground, kicking him behind his legs and laying one crushing hand on his shoulder, forcing the boy to his knees.

"This is the last of them today, Cyril"

"Well, Gareth, we certainly have a show to live up to after that girl..." said Cyril, swilling his scotch and billowing smoke from his cigar.

From this Liam was able to deduce their names, the brute who had brought him in was Gareth, the darker figure in the throne was Cyril, someone who looked to be in charge of the situation. Gareth bent down and ripped the gag from Liam's face.

"What the fuck do you think you're fucking playing at!? Let me go! Who are you!?"

Almost as quickly as Liam had opened his mouth, Cyril shut it. In a sudden fit of anger he launched the lit cigar at Liam's throat, which burned and stung on his neck before falling to the floor.

"Fuck off!" yelled Cyril, in a sudden and angry manner unbefitting of how well-presented he was.

Liam knelt shivering, silenced by fear. Gareth stamped out the lit cigar, and Cyril breathed deeply to calm himself. Liam's two captors looked each other in the eye, before Cyril spoke:

"Why do they never just keep quiet? Do they not understand we have to work to a fucking schedule here? "

"I think Charles gave him too much sedative, it took forever to wake him up."

"That man is a fucking idiot." Hissed Cyril, before looking Liam in the eyes angrily. "I suppose you are wondering why you're here boy."

Liam nodded, quivering in fear, feeling so naked and exposed in just his boxers in front of these suited gentlemen, were they gangsters? After that explosive outburst they looked like they must be Mafiosa.

"Well, let's be frank. We know all about you, little boy. We know all about your midnight phone calls to "Esmerelda" and we have listened in while you have, in the past, pleaded your girlfriends to tie you up and spank you, and we have snickered at you while they told you they were looking for 'real men'. We have gathered information on every dirty google search you have ever made, and from that we know EVERYTHING that gets you off little boy." Cyril smiled, and drank his Scotch, looking out of his window, there were blinds in the way, and Liam couldn't see where the light was coming from, or what lay beyond that window. Cyril continued, "You see boy, I like to think of us as a sort of twisted dating service. It's not that entertaining for our audience to watch people who are truly reluctant. The shrieking and the pleading in that case is far too genuine, the crying is far less erotic and more sort of... pitiful."

Liam shuddered as the meaning of Cyril's words began to sink in.

"So we find little masochists like yourself, and we feed you what is actually your deepest fantasy, and we watch you squirm in high definition, and we get off on that. You see, really, we're not that bad at all" Cyril smirked, walking away from the window and towards Liam. He towered over the near naked, kneeling boy. He lay his scotch glass on the table and took the ice from it.

Liam shrunk in anticipation as Cyril pressed a handful of ice to his nipples, stroking them downward and circling them around his navel, his flat stomach tightening. Cyril's free hand grasped Liam's chin and squeezed his cheeks together like a bunny rabbit, Liam closed his eyes in shame as he began to feel himself hardening. Cyril pressed the melting ice cubes up and into the curve of the boy's belly button, before sliding them down underneath his boxers. Liam breathed in sharply and shivered at the feel of cold ice against his testicles, and Cyril grasped his now firm, hard erection.

"My my, little boy..." hissed Cyril, leaning in to Liam's ear, smirking.

"To me, you really do feel..." Cyril's wet, cold hand stroked up Liam's rock hard cock with what was left of the ice,

" very...very..." Cyril squeezed at the boy's tip, before his fingers slipped off the edge with a squeak,


Liam shivered, tears of shame coming to his eyes. Cyril stood up, and calmly walked back to the window.

"Initiate the boy, then." Said Cyril.

Gareth lifted Liam over his shoulders and carried him out of the room. Cyril stood still at the window, and did not turn back to look while Liam was carried out.

Liam could barely struggle, he knew that Gareth was far too big for him. Gareth marched his way down the long corridor with Liam bouncing up and down over his shoulder as he went.

"Saving your strength are you, boy?"

Smiled Gareth, "I suppose. You're only facing a girl, eh? I mean, what sort of harm could a girl do? Eh? You show that silly bitch, boy!"

Jovial, mocking sarcasm dripped from every word. Gareth was clearly amusing himself. He threw Liam out through the doors, and there was a crowd cheered in front of him. Gareth laughed and slammed shut the iron doors behind Liam, who brushed the damp, cold dirt from his skinny body and stood up.

It was dusk now, and the cold seeped into his skin. He was struck with an incredible shame and embarrassment. He was surrounded on all sides by a huge coliseum of a rich and extravagantly dressed audience, the members of whom smiled and jeered and peered down at him. In the centre was a throne, and above that throne there was a huge, high definition television with Liam on it. He realised that all around him were small, but expensive cameras whirling around and catching a view of him close up. As Liam admired his own coverage on the screen he saw how the cameras were constantly eyeing him up. First his firm buttocks in their boxers, his skinny legs, his scrawny, boyish bare torso, his terrified face. Liam felt a little molested at how these cameras admired his body like an appetising piece of meat. Liam hugged himself, skinny, short and insecure.

Opposite him another set of doors opened, and out of them stepped the most gloriously beautiful and dominant looking woman Liam had ever seen. She was exceptionally tall, at least 6'3 in heeled boots. She had a short skirt on with a belt, on either side of which were sets of handcuffs, and a tightened, Xena warrior princess style of brazier, with voluptuous breasts. She had a bull ring piercing in her nose and a piercing on her lip, blond hair that reached her shoulders, piercing green eyes. Her body was tanned and athletic. She was toned all over, not to the point of looking like a body builder, but she had a great set of abs and far bigger arm and leg muscles than Liam had. Liam quivered in awe of this beautiful, strong, feminine woman. She looked at Liam and smirked, then she looked over Liam, and gave a cheeky wink and a wave to someone behind him.

Liam looked behind him, looking for who this beautiful woman had been waving to, he saw a window with dark blinds in the frame, and though he couldn't see in detail who was behind them, he was pretty sure it was Cyril. By the time he turned back to face her she was already almost in front of him, she charged towards him, she was fast and she lowered her head and speared him in the gut, then lifted the boy up by the waist and held him triumphantly above her shoulders.

Taken aback by her strength, Liam struggled helplessly in her hands but she was far too strong for the scrawny, short little boy. She threw him to the ground and dove on top of him, kissing and scratching at him with her nails, she slapped at his thighs as he whimpered and squirmed. Struggling, he tried to back away from her but she just grabbed him by his hip bones and dragged him back underneath her as she licked and sucked and kissed at him. Liam squealed and shivered. Secretly, he was in ecstasy. He had never dreamed of having such a strong, feminine beauty manhandle him so effortlessly. She grasped him by the throat with one hand and choked him, he kicked air and writhed, both his hands trying to pry her one from him as she pinned him down. She loomed over him, smiling down at him as her free hand stroked and scratched and tickled and teased. Her free hand slid up and down his exposed, soft, naked little body, then slinking in under his boxer shorts to grasp his long, thin, hardening cock. Liam squealed and shivered at her touch, and she held his cock firmly, wiggling her thumb over his tip.

Liam couldn't take it any more, this was his darkest fantasy come true, and he could make no pretence that he wasn't reveling in this humiliating position. He wiggled and wriggled beneath his captor, gyrating his hips and fucking her hand as she choked him, he was spluttering and heaving for breath, horny and pleading.

The crowd whooped and cheered, rising from their seats and standing over the pair as Liam moaned, coming close to orgasm already, his smirking, wicked captor then leaning down to kiss him passionately. Liam's tongue fumbled in her mouth, then tasted something cold and metallic, her barbell tongue piercing, her strong tongue pushed his up to the top of his mouth and captured it there. Liam struggled and moaned, precum glistening on the tip of his cock. His captor left his mouth and moved downward. Liam tried to raise his head from the ground, to look down as she sucked his cock, but her strong hand kept his throat pinned down, so that he could only wriggle around under her superior strength and look up at the thousands of people who admired his humiliation as she slowly, teasingly took all of his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard and slowly raised her mouth, her lips and teeth and tongue, barbell piercing included, slowly raised themselves in tandem up in one solid stroke across his entire cock. Liam squealed and moaned, wriggling,

"Pleeeaase!" he shrieked, precum glistening, his cock throbbing, ready to shoot his load already and...

She stopped. Lifting him up by his arms, then restraining his arms behind him Liam leaped and kicked, trying to get himself off, his tender, twitching cock so close to glorious release, she yanked his boxers down so that he could not stimulate himself against the fabric. Liam blushed in shame as his hard, twitching, purple cock was put on show for all of the audience.

Liam's mistress took one set of handcuffs and snapped them into place, locking Liam's hands behind his back, arms bent right back so that he couldn't protect his ass either. She dragged him by the hair up to the throne. Liam struggled to keep up with her, his little legs and feet stumbling and scrambling to keep him upright. She sat down and threw him over her lap, his boxers at his ankles.

"Please!" was all that Liam could squeal as she pinned him down with one hand, and began to spank his exposed, bare bottom with her spare hand. He kicked air with his bare feet, his toes curling, as she sharply stung his bottom, leaving her red hand prints across his buttocks and thighs. She was cruel, and Liam, already having been denied orgasm once, squirmed on her lap, his hard cock bobbing up and down against her thigh. His captor spanked him again and again, until he began to sob like a child. Tears rolled down his cheeks as she turned his little, boyish bottom bright red with her cruel, sharp, stinging strokes.

"Mercy!" Liam wailed, shuddering, convulsing in his sobs and his shame,

"What will you do for my mercy, little boy?" She crowed

"Anything! Please!" Liam wailed.

"Anything? You mean you've been beaten into submission already? By a GIRL?"

Liam nodded, sobbing, his cheeks flushed with shame as his ass stung painfully and she cackled at him.

"Pathetic little boy" she spat. She ceased her punishment of his pert little bottom and instead grabbed his throbbing, erect cock. She yanked downward on it, milking it like a cow's teat as Liam wailed and sobbed and squirmed and squealed over her lap, moaning and fucking her hand.

"What a little bitch!" She crowed at him, smirking, the audience laughing as she taunts him.

But Liam didn't care. He had longed his whole life to be dominated so cruelly by such a beautiful, strong woman.

He shuddered over her lap, jerking back and forth as she vigorously yanked at his cock, trying to milk it, eventually, he was where he had been before. So close to orgasm, squeaking and shivering, his entire body tensing up, his cock twitching and his entire body shuddering, all his hairs standing on end. For one second he felt as if he could feel EVERYTHING, each and every nerve on his body standing on end, that last second before release, and it lasted forever, because again she denied him his orgasm.

Liam wept again, shrieking and squirming angrily over her lap as she laughed at him, and his helpless, swollen, twitching penis.

She let him calm down for a few seconds, then she threw him to the floor, and took a small handle from her pocket. She pulled it out and it snapped into place as a short, thin, ominous looking cane. Liam lay stomach up on the floor, as his captor loomed over him. She removed one of her boots and pressed her sexy, feminine foot to his stomach, standing victoriously over him, she slid her large but womanly foot up his twitching, desperate body until she reached his face.

"Kiss it, slave" she ordered him.

Liam kissed and sucked at her toes, and as he did she dragged the tip of her cane over his torso, it scratched and tickled him, and he squirmed. She took some string from her pockets, smiling to herself as he sucked on her foot.

"That's enough" she said, before bending down over him and grabbing his twitching, pleading, turgid cock. She wrapped the string and knotted it, in ways Liam had never seen and couldn't understand, suddenly he felt a pinching sensation on his scrotum, as she squeezed his balls together and tied his testicles.

She then flipped him over, and, lifting one of his bare, boyish feet up, she began to spank at the soles of his bare feet with her cane. He wriggled, his tied and tender testicles rubbing against the floor. He sobbed and wailed, until the sole of his foot stung painfully. His captor then swapped and took his other foot, and did the same. Each stroke came down with a swoosh, like a sharp sting with a hot poker on his tender, ticklish bare sole. Liam sobbed, the experience was so erotic, so arousing for him, and each time he came so close to orgasm she would deny him it, and force him onward, his balls and penis swollen and so close to explosion now.

He wanted nothing more than release, but each time she would deny him it. But then she would bring down some other new, erotic idea that made him plead for it more, Liam was utterly helpless and at her mercy. He could do nothing more than beg her pity, plead for sympathy, he felt so pathetic and weak and powerless. Completely under her control, his tiny body shook to the core and facing exhaustion, he wriggled across the ground as she struck his bare soles.

The feeling of being so helpless aroused him, and the feeling of his tied testicles and swollen cock rolling back and forth across the ground nearly brought him to orgasm. But again, with his cock twitching and seconds to exploding, she lifted his helpless, squealing, squirming body from the ground and denied him release.

"Please mistress I'll do anything!" he squealed, the crowd whooping and cheering.

The shame flushed Liam's face but he didn't care, he would have given anything right then and there to be able to release.

"Will you be my little bitch boy forever then?" She asked him. Her voice was fine and sexy, but her tone was serious. Liam knew she meant business.

"Yes miss" he shivered, "Please make me your slave!"

"D'awww, so you submit to me then?" she smiled at him sweetly, "Already?"

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