tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Audience - Liz's Initiation

The Audience - Liz's Initiation


Liz shivered and breathed heavily. Her breath turning to wispy smoke in front of her, as she struggled fruitlessly with the heavy chains which held her in place. She was afraid, she had no recollection of how she had gotten into this predicament, she had woken up to find herself here. She had surely been kidnapped, plucked from her bed, from her own flat, in the middle of the night.

The heavy chains cuffed her wrists and ankles, she was forced to stand spread-eagled. The chains stretched little Liz to her limit, she was a very petite young woman as it was, and the set-up had clearly been designed for women of more average proportions. Liz could barely move at all, she stood on tipped toes, her little body stretched so that there was a sliver of flesh exposed between her panties and tank top. That was all she was wearing of course, still in her pyjamas, barefoot on the cold stone floor, goosebumps raising all across her body as she shivered.

Liz heard the sounds of a door opening, slamming, and heavy footsteps as someone marched closer and closer towards her cell, then she saw a man. He was very tall and very well built, and dressed in an exceptionally sharp suit, with well polished shoes. He opened the cell and came towards Liz. Liz, shivering and afraid, spoke up, her voice shrill, high-pitched, her sweet tones peppered with terror,

"What do you want with me? Who are you? What are you doing?"

The man ignored her, and, unchaining her from her bindings, promptly hoisted her over his shoulder and marched back the way he came, she struggled, but he was far too big for her. Liz was barely 5 foot tall, and this man could toy with her like an unruly child. He carried her through a long corridor, and into another room, which was much warmer. Liz shivered and moaned as the warmth entered her cold little body, the man flung her from his shoulder and planted her on the ground, where she stood in front of a large, oak desk.

This room was clearly an office of some kind, and behind this desk there was a large, throne-like chair, which turned around. In the chair was a man, an older, stern-looking gentleman with rimmed spectacles who looked down at Liz, or rather, through her. The brute who had carried her through spanked her sharply and unexpectedly across her little bottom, so much so that Liz leapt into the air and squealed, before he laid a huge, crushing hand on her shoulder and pushed her down to the floor.

"Kneel." He commanded, in a heavy voice.

The man behind the desk stared at her coldly.

"I suppose you are wondering why you are here, girl?"

"Who do you think you are? You can't just kidnap me!" Liz began, but she was quickly broken off by the man in spectacles who spoke over her, like an exasperated teacher.

"Listen here, girl, I don't have to inform you if you don't want, in fact the only reason I feel like informing our subjects of their situation is because the audience tends to enjoy the reaction more."

"The audience?" asked Liz, "But theres only three of us here."

"Indeed only three of us in person, so far..." Said the man, leaning forward with a smile and tapping a small camera which was pointed directly at Liz's face. "You see girl, governments across the world have been shown to be spying on their citizens, to be delving into their private affairs, and if governments had that power, did you not think that other enterprises would be able to achieve this to an even greater extent?"

He paused, allowing this knowledge to sink in, for Liz's reaction to be captured perfectly on this camera, which was being transmitted to god knows how many people.

"We know all about you, little girl. We know all of your most secret desires and turn-ons, so we know that while you are indeed quite afraid of your surroundings, of this experience, a little part of you is enjoying this as well."

Liz began to blush bright red,

"We know this because when you are alone we have watched you masturbate and fantasise to fetish-related pornography, we have listened in as you asked your previous partners to perform these practices with you, is that not so? You never had much luck there did you little girl? Your partners, male and female, were quite afraid of your submissive nature were they not? Well, I can promise you that you WILL enjoy what we have in store for you. Your experience will be an exceptionally erotic one, but our audience don't enjoy watching unwilling subjects, instead they prefer subjects who secretly desire what is being done to them, who secretly enjoy it and can be broken, can be forced to submit and enjoy the experience."

"What do you mean? What are you going to do to me?"

"We are not just going to make you cum for our enjoyment, little girl, we are going to force you to beg for it."

"I'll never," Liz blushed a bright red, "I'm not a little girl! I'm nineteen!"

"You are still a girl," Said the stern man, "And to me you really do look very, very small..."

Liz blushed an even brighter red, and she was aware of it, aware that she was being humiliated on camera for an unknown number of people, the gravity of her situation began to sink in.

"Now, little girl, we are going to play a little game. You are not the only participant in tonight's affairs"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that across the hall there is a gent who we have taken in very much like we have taken you in. But of course this other gent is decidedly more willing at this point than you are! You see the man in the other office across the other end of this establishment is decidedly your opposite. You are petite and weak, while he is large and strong, decidedly more so even than my colleague Gareth, who you have already had the pleasure of meeting"

Liz tried to stand up, to turn and to see Gareth, but he sharply spanked her and forced her back to her knees. Tears welled up in Liz's eyes at being treated so shamefully in front of the camera.

"He came here willingly, his interests are the opposite of your own. He does not secretly revel in being humiliated and spanked, overpowered and tickled, instead he enjoys dominating petite women. He loves to tease little girls, and you love the idea of big strong men to tease and torture you, don't you?" Liz shook her head, but she knew she was lying, it was obvious. Now, through her fear, there was a part of her which was beginning to get excited, aroused, at her current predicament.

The stern gentleman smiled, "You see, we are perhaps better considered as an elaborate and kinky dating service"

Gareth laughed at this joke, and Liz could hear the faint sounds of a laughing audience, she shivered and wondered how many thousands were listening in, were they here?

"Now you will face him, for our entertainment, in just a few minutes. You will face him in combat, and you will fight each other until one of you, clearly yourself, will submit. You have the option of submitting to him and being his slavegirl forevermore, or you can bring this 6 foot 9 giant to his knees, and be his mistress. Somehow, I think that quite unlikely to happen. But if you should be able to perform this feat, you should know that in order to make this entertaining for us, there are judges who are willing to award points to the victor if he makes this match entertaining for us as viewers, and those points will in turn be transferable for money."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that every time this man forces you to beg, or cum, or humiliates you in some way that is erotic, we will be paying him money. It means that he will not only force you to submit, he will humiliate and demean you for the viewing pleasure of our audience. Our audience fund these shows. They are very exclusive."

"This is inhuman! You can't do this!"

"Be quiet you silly girl. Of course we can. Do you think you are by any means the first of our establishment's toys? Do you think you are the first plaything I have cast eyes on? Or the last? I will enjoy the show as much as any other, but I will forget you very quickly as well. Of course this is being recorded, but I have other recordings. You are just a number to me, little girl. Perhaps that is inhuman, but it is only the inhuman who ever make successes of themselves is it not?" He paused for a minute, before looking back to the brute who stood behind her, "Take her away, Gareth. We've the boy to do after this one as well."

Gareth lifted Liz up and hoisted her over his shoulder again, carrying her out as she kicked and screamed helplessly, he marched her through another corridor, and the jeering and hammering of the croud could be heard clearer and clearer as they neared. Liz was terrified, she kicked and hammered on Gareth's shoulder, then tried to bite him, he slapped a searing, sharp spank across her bottom which brought tears to her eyes.

"Don't bother tiring yourself out on me, you silly bitch. You have to face HIM yet!"

Gareth kicked the doors open at the end of the hall, and outside in an open amphitheatre bellowed the whole croud. Liz shivered, gentle snowflakes were falling on the cold earth, she was surrounded by thousands of people, all were clearly very rich and extravagant, and above in the centre there stood a large, hi definition screen, where her face had clearly stood before. Underneath there was a large, throne like chair.

Cameras whizzed overhead, and the screens switched to show her own face up close, shivering, blushing, afraid. Behind her, Gareth slammed shut the heavy doors, Liz pushed and pulled and hammered on them, but to no avail. Wearing only her panties and a tank top, Liz felt so exposed and naked in front of so many people, part of that aroused her. She found her predicament so very shameful...

On the other side of the Gladiator style coliseum, the heavy doors opened and the heaviest brute of a man Liz had ever seen stepped out. The man in the office hadn't been lying, he was clearly 6 foot 9, or even taller. He was heavy set, well muscled, his features were handsome and defined, but there was a wicked, evil glint in his eyes as well. He wore boots, shorts, and was topless, his thick muscles rippling. He raised his hands to the croud and they cheered him, he smiled, and looked at Liz. She stood, rooted to the spot in terror. He moved closer, and closer towards her.

It was only once he was stood over her, at the point when she was literally in his massive shadow, that the thought occurred to run, and she turned and fled. He watched her for a moment, smiling, the croud jeering, then he set off after her, and god could he run! His heavy, long legs didn't take long to catch up with the little girl, and he grabbed her from behind by the waist, lifting her up into the air as she kicked and squirmed and squealed, he held her upside down by the ankles, spanking her even sharper and bringing an even hotter, searing pain to her little bottom than Gareth had.

"Please!" She cried out, tears in her eyes. But he just smiled and spanked her again. It was too much for Liz, and hot tears began to roll across her face, into her hair as he held her by the ankle. It also became quite visible that some parts of Liz were enjoying it, her panties were getting progressively more wet.

Her tank top fell over her face, and her opponent used his free hand to stroke and tickle her stomach and breasts, she squirmed, his huge, rough hand against her soft, smooth skin. Her flat little body wriggling under his invasive touch, molested and used in front of all these people, Liz began to cry and kick.

"Come on, little slave" Thundered the man, his voice deep and heavy, his voice even vibrating in her little bones, "You know you want it really. Look at your little panties, girl, everyone can see you love it!"

And he was right, by now it was impossible to ignore the steady wet stream between her legs. Her opponent, still holding her by the ankle, began to scratch and tickle the sole of her bare, exposed foot. Liz squealed and squirmed, but could not escape. She was completely helpless, and this just made her wetter and wetter, until her opponent rubbed her through her panties, Liz squirmed and moaned, clearly revelling in her helpless and erotic position. He spanked her again, she squirmed and shivered, "Please!"

"Call me sir" He replied.

"Please sir!" Liz blushed, he stopped spanking her, and peeled off her wet panties instead,

"No!" Liz squealed, wrapping her ankles around each other, but he just gave her another firm spank, and she was forced to open her legs and let him remove her panties completely. Her bare, shaved pussy, wet and glistening on show for everyone, captured on camera and beamed out in high definition above them. Liz was so ashamed, but so aroused at her humiliation and helplessness.

Her soon to be master dropped her to the cold ground, then dived down on her, Liz squirmed and tried to back away, but he grabbed her firmly by the sides and dragged her to him. His huge, strong hands grabbed her tank top and yanked at it, jerking her tiny body with it as he tore it from her petite, skinny frame. Her soft body naked and exposed, wet and aroused. He pinned her hands above her head and began to tease her with his free hand.

"You're a ticklish little thing as well aren't you?" He smiled at her, his free hand gently, softly, sensually exploring her bare torso. Liz squirmed, blushing, her captor thundered again, "Answer me slave!"

"Yes!" She said, and he slapped her across the face "Yes sir!" She corrected herself in shame.

"If you cannot talk to me properly, and refer to me by my proper title, then you shan't talk at all" He said, before grabbing her wet panties and stuffing them in her mouth, the shame burned in Liz's cheeks. The audience whooped and cheered, then he took her torn tank top, and tore it into strips, which he stuffed into his own short pockets.

"I'll need these later" He smiled, before lifting Liz up by the throat, and carrying her to the throne-like chair in the centre. He lifted her over his lap, and sat down with her across his knee. Liz could feel his huge, throbbing cock beneath his shorts poking up into her tummy. He spanked her hard, and she squealed and kicked air, he spanked her again and again until she was sobbing helplessly.

Most of the audience were masturbating now. Men and women of various ages and physical appearances pleasured themselves at Liz's helplessness and distress. She sobbed and begged, muffled with her panties in her mouth. This was her master showing her how firm and how cruel he could be, pushing the girl to her physical limits. Her bottom shone bright red, his handprints all across her buttocks and thighs. Her pussy glistened, soaking wet as her deepest and darkest fantasies were brought to life.

Eventually it was clear that she could take no more. She lay, sobbing, her mascara running down her red face as she shivered. Her tiny body in fits of convulsions as she cried. He lifted her and hugged her, the tiny girl in the lap of this huge giant, he held her gently for a few minutes, to show her the other side to his control. For those few minutes Liz had a brief opportunity to forget her shameful predicament, as her stinging bottom cooled she felt the warmth and security of her master's firm, caring grasp.

But all too soon he began again, he turned her round and sat her down on his lap facing away from him. Her tiny bare feet dangling from the ground around his ankles. He took the strips of cloth from his pockets and pulled her arms behind his neck, tying them there.

Liz was too exhausted to struggle, she was aroused and helpless, and submit to his will without question. He tied her ankles to his legs, so that he could open her legs simply by opening his own, her hands tied behind her, her naked body exposed for him. He began to softly and sensually tickle her, his throbbing cock in the crack of her buttocks. Liz wriggled over his cock, pleasuring both herself and her opponent, whose large hands were gently making tiny, spider like strokes across her stomach and sides, in her armpits, over her tummy and around her little navel. She squirmed, wriggling, pleasuring herself over his cock, he began to rub her clitoris and she moaned deeply into her gag. Two fingers on her clitoris and his thumb in her belly button, his spare hand pinching her nipples and slapping her breasts, his hands explored every inch of her exposed, helpless little body, he opened his legs, pulling open hers, her tiny bare feet stretching and quivering as he touched her and teased her in front of thousands of onlookers. She was so small and helpless against him, she was completely at his mercy, and as she came to this realisation Liz caved in, forced to submit to her situation. She could no longer feel her own personal shame, her arousal overtook it. Now it was more important to her that she could feel orgasmic release. She was loving it, he pushed two fingers inside her as she shook and screamed something incomprehensible into her panties.

Her master removed her gag as he finger fucked her

"Please let me cum!" She squealed,

"Really? You like this?" He asked her, smiling.

"Yes sir please sir! Please sir I love it! I love being your little bitch please! I love it when you tease me and tickle me and fuck me! Please! Please I want to be your slave girl forever!"

"Do you?"

"Yes sir! Please let me cum! Please!"

"What will you do for me if I let you cum?"

"Anything you want! Please! I'll do anything!"

He smiled, "Cum for me little girl."

She moaned, writhing and squealing over his hard cock as he teased her and fucker her tiny glistening soft little pussy. She screamed as she came, the audience laughed and applauded, and the shame of what she had done, of what she had admitted to, brought a deep shade of red to her face. Liz wept as she came,

"Don't be like that little slave, as my property you will have no need to worry about other people, or the shame that their gaze brings you. "

But though his words were kind and comforting, she could hear that wicked streak of villainy in them, because even after she had cum his hands allowed no rest for her little glistening slit, he continued to finger fuck her just as fast, even faster than he hand before. His free hand no longer teasing gently, but slapping and scratching and poking into her delicate flesh, teasing her harder and crueller, she squirmed helplessly, but could not escape.

"Please sir!" Liz squealed "Please sir I came for you!"

"And I want you to do it again!" He smiled wickedly.

Liz squealed in frustration, writhing helplessly, her tiny pussy so tender after cumming once, her owner leaving her no opportunity for rest, his nails scratching her tummy, scraping and wiggling in her little navel, slapping her little tits as his other hand fucked her little glistening pussy.

"Please sir!" Liz squealed, "Please sir mercy!"

"Beg, slave. You can do better than that."

"Please sir!" She sobbed, "Please sir, please! Fuck! Please!" Liz shook and crumbled, a helpless plaything in his huge, strong hands.

His cock throbbing beneath her, she shook and shuddered as she came a second time. He forced her to squirt as she shivered and squealed, moaning.

He untied her bonds and threw her tiny body to the floor. The croud was chanting and cheering, on her hands and knees he pushed her face into the ground. He slapped her red bottom and she sobbed, raising her ass and arching her back for him, undoing his belt buckle, her master pulled out his huge cock, before firmly coaxing it into her delicate, tender, soaking pussy. He held her by the hair as he fucked her, hard. She squealed, raising her bare feet to his balls as he fucked her tiny body, pushing her face into the ground, slapping her tiny bottom, and grasping her waist. His hands encompassed her waist, she was so small next to him. This giant brute fucking her tiny body as she moaned and wept. She came a third time, before he pulled out and forced her to suck his cock.

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