tagFirst TimeThe Audition

The Audition


I've only been in the city about a week, six days, still impressed by the number of people walking the sidewalks of the Big Apple.

A bus ride and now a fairly long walk to the studio; it had taken me a while to figure out and join the navigation on the sidewalks with two way and crossing traffic that seemed never to bump into each other. Only occasionally when someone backed out of a shop doorway or was chasing a youngster, did the moving human road have to adjust and slide around the blockage.

Of course I watched girls, I'm a guy, right?

All kinds of them, better at certain times of the day; coffee break, lunch, and now, various and assorted lovely ladies moving towards the audition studio. Standing at the traffic light, watching all the girls go by, old song: 'you can't find a better occupation...'

On the move again I was startled by a tug at my jacket sleeve from behind. I glanced slightly down at the flashing eyes of a dark haired girl who seemed angry with me. "What?" I asked in a curious voice.

"You know what!"

I shook my head, "No, Miss, I really don't, what..."

"You looked at me that way!"

I blinked my eyes, "I don't remember even seeing you..."

She kept interrupting; I put on a shallow smile as she moved around in front of me, halting my steps.

"You looked me right in the eyes, no one does that, and I could tell what you were thinking!"

I took a deep breath as a flash memory zipped across my eyes, "Oh, I did look into your eyes. Not on purpose, I just was looking at all the pretty girls as I walked, you know, full scan, taking in the whole person, but you, something drew me to..."

"You wanted me! Like a piece of meat! It was in your eyes, it still is, but you won't look at me, why not?"

I hesitated, wondering what to say next. I didn't want to just walk away, I am now curious and interested. "I don't think I will apologize for looking at you as a man does a woman. You dress to attract, I was attracted, I looked; you are interpreting that look as you want, it was just a glance, a quick glance, nothing more."

"I get looks and glances all the time, but never like yours. I mean guys ogle me and I see lust in their eyes, but you, God, you devoured me, ate me alive...took me with your eyes. I lost my breath, I shivered."

"All in one quick glance? Hardly."

"Look, I know what I felt, what you made me feel, I..."

This time I interrupted her, "I have an appointment, I have to go, I am sorry I offended you, it was not intended." I stepped aside and continued down the sidewalk. People had automatically curved around us, not really noticing, a part of the learned navigation.

The entrance to the audition studio was around the side of the building, down a curved stone path surrounded and overhung by thick green shrubbery, a really pretty walk. I heard her heels clacking behind me, then she was right alongside and in my face again.

"You can't just walk away from a person like that, it's rude!"

The flash was in her eyes again and her posture confrontive, 'in your face' again. I inhaled deeply, gave her a look that opened her eyes; she took a step back.

"You wouldn't!"

But I did.

An arm quickly around her waist, my hand across her mouth, I lifted and swung her around behind a bush and up against a brick wall as she struggled and tried to bite my hand.

I didn't give her a chance. I took her small wrists in one hand, pinched her nose until she opened her mouth to breathe then covered her mouth with mine as I groped her chest and forced my right leg between her thighs.

She struggled and fought as I continued to try to kiss her and run my hands over every part of her I could reach. The look in her eyes...she was furious, really mad, I didn't stop.

I chased her mouth all over her face as she wriggled and moved her head back and forth to avoid me. I put a hand in her long soft hair and my face in her neck and kissed the softness below her ear, down, under her chin and up to the other ear and then back to her mouth.

We were breathing so fast and hard that I felt dizzy, I wondered what she was feeling. I used my fingers on the sides of her mouth and squished her lips together in a smooch looking mouth and then I kissed it, hard.

She continued struggling for a moment then I felt her rise against my thigh first, rub her breasts against my chest and then answer my hard kiss with one of her own.

Then it was that crazy, exciting clutching and grabbing and mouth and tongues and tastes and moans and groans...

"Cut!...Stop action, that's a take..."

I heard it, weak and far away and kept on kissing and groping; so did she.

"All right, you guys, I said CUT, Damnit, so like, stop already!"

I really just stopped to take a breath, so did she; but the moment was gone.

"Nice job you two, nobody ever gets it on the first take. Congratulations, we can use this; make some bucks for you."

We both just stood there, clasped together breathing fast and deep unable to speak just yet.

"Hey you guys! The scene's over, you're off the clock! Knock it off!"

"Gosh..." she whispered.

"Yeah, me too, uh, you were acting, right?"

"Sure, just like you were, right?"



"Tinity, T I n I t y, nobody gets it..."

"Never heard the name before; Tinity, Tinitty, Tinityyy...?"

She laughed, her first, a nice melodic laugh, all girl. "Just a plain, 'Tinity', the way it's spelled, no special pronunciation."

"What does it mean?"

"Nothing, my mom just made it up to be different."

"It sure is; do you like your name?"

"Hated it all through high school, then, well it got to be okay."


"Yeah, you go first."


"Wow, USC! Great acting school there, one of the best!"


She blushed and smiled and sparkled, "Julliard, with honors, so there, southern California actor guy!"

"I'm impressed, the best of the best, song and dance...?

"Whatever they want, I can do...some better than others..."

"Wanna go for coffee?"

I want to eat! Always nervous before an audition, especially this one. Was my breath all right" Please say yes."



"Nothing; where would you like to eat?"

"Italian; I know a real nice place. Great lunch and not pricey."

"Sounds good to me."


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