tagLoving WivesThe Audition

The Audition


The dinner invitation had been for me and my wife Glenda but, as an aspiring actress, she and a couple of friends were going for an audition tonight.

I taken them to several of these audition trips before and they were always downers. None of them ever got anything more than a walk-through in the background of local commercials. I was glad not to have to go through that this time.

I love my wife dearly, but she is not Oscar material when it comes to acting. The term, "fuzzy logic" must have been invented to describe the way her mind works. She's a wonderful person, just not one of the world's great thinkers. While I think she looks great, she just misses having that knockout figure you always see in the movies.

Everything said and done, she and her friends really enjoy doing the auditions, so I wished her luck as she grabbed her bag and headed for the door. They were going to dinner first and go through their audition routines one more time before going to the tryout.

Alan and I hadn't seen each other in years. He had wandered off to seek his fame and fortune and I had elected to stay here and just plug away at making a living. Now he was back in town on a job and had called just to touch base with some of the old group. I knew he had something to do with movies, but that was about all.

"Yeah, I've got a great job right now. I travel all over the country doing scouting for a couple of studios out west. I come into a town, rent studio space, place a couple of audition ads, and see what happens."

That caught my attention. Glenda and her friends were answering an audition ad tonight. I couldn't help but wonder...."Have you had much of a response here?"

"Actually, we have several young women coming over tonight -- we're looking for one to have a minor role in a movie and it really could lead to bigger things if we find the right girl. Most of the time, we're just looking for local extras when the film companies are on location. It ought to be a real kick."

Could my wife and her friends have finally lucked into something? "Why's that?"

"We have a full production set with video equipment and a couple of actors along with us. We're going to do screen tests of a seduction scene. Amateur talent is always a riot at these types of auditions."

A seduction scene?...alarms were ringing in my head! "Do they have to get undressed or anything?"

"Larry, you old dog! I thought you were happily married! You shouldn't be thinking about your little neighbors running around naked -- leave that to horny old me!" He laughed again, "Actually, that depends on them. The scene can be played either way. Sometimes, these little local gals get carried away and we get some really hot videos. Hey, I've got an idea. You said you're on your own tonight, why don't you come along. My guy in the recording booth is sick and you used to handle yourself pretty well. You could make a buck or two AND see if any of them get it going."

Yeah, right! I could go there and watch my innocent little wife turn beet red and leave. She would never go for something like this. On the other hand, some of the other gals just might and I wouldn't mind seeing that, "Sounds great! I'm in!"

An hour later, I was staring at four monitors above a control panel. My job for the evening was to take the feed from each camera and record it on videotape. One of the cameras was a boom remote and I had controls for it. Alan told me just to play around with it -- it was a backup unit.

Right on time, the girls came in and registered. Most of them, including my wife, used their "stage" names. Larry called them all over and handed out the script, "Please notice that this is a seduction scene and that you will be working with an actor. Nudity could be involved so, if that makes you uncomfortable, please leave now...however, for those of you who are considering a career in the movies, remember that most young women are required to do nude scenes somewhere along the line. We will do an initial reading and select three of you to do the actual screen test."

A couple of the women headed for the exit and my wife was turning to go when Larry continued, "If you are selected to do the test, you will receive $1000 tonight. If your test is good enough, you will have a guaranteed part in a movie. That part pays $10,000 minimum."

My wife and one of her friends stopped in their tracks. Neither of them had ever earned a dime as an actress and they were being tempted big time. I grinned as my wife started to walk away again -- I knew she wouldn't be able to do it! Now, I could settle back and enjoy the rest of the evening! I flipped on the mikes and got ready to work.

I hear her friends voice, "Oh, Glenda, don't go! I can't do it without somebody here." Her friend grabbed her arm and pulled my wife back to the stage.

Alan walked up to them, "I'm sorry, but only those who are actually going to try out can stay."

Again, my wife turned to leave. This time, she stopped when she heard Alan say, "It's really too bad you don't feel good about this -- I think you might really have a chance."

Part of me wanted to see Glenda hit the door running like she started to. Another part of me was very pleased that someone else liked the way my wife looked. Still another part was scared silly.

My heart stopped when I heard my wife softly say, "OK, I'll read for the part. Terry, don't you DARE tell my husband about this."

I nervously checked out the other girls and began to relax a bit. There were some real lookers in the batch so I knew Glenda would never really be picked.

Alan buzzed me on the headset; "you ready to roll up there?"

I did a quick sound check, "everything's fine and recording."

The first girl up ran through the lines perfectly and looked like a dream. I had already glanced over the crop and she was my #1 choice. Alan obviously liked her too.

The next three were nightmares! One had a voice that could peel paint, one couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, and one couldn't even be heard. Both Terry and my wife did the lines beautifully so, before I knew what had happened, Alan had made his three selections. To her surprise, my wife was in the group.

Alan thanked the rest of the group for coming by. He walked the three women over to the set and introduced them to Don, the actor who would be in the scene with them. He was traditional Hollywood -- tall & handsome. Even my wife took a second glance at him. Alan had the catering outfit serve snacks and some wine as ran through the routine, "the action is very simple...the two of you have had a wonderful date, you like each other very much, you're sharing a drink on the sofa, you make out for while, and then you make love. Remember, when you're making a movie, you follow the script. When the director says 'cut' the scene is over right then!"

When noticed that all three were hesitant, he reminded them, "Remember, it's only ACTING and it's only a JOB. The thousand bucks is very real and it's ready now." That did the trick! They all three had another glass of wine and reported to makeup and wardrobe.

Now I would find out just exactly what my wife would really do. I wasn't certain I wanted to know.

I gave a low whistle when they came back. My wife was wearing a beautiful little black dress that made her look fantastic. Her friend Terry was all in white. The third woman had selected a skin-tight flame-red number. Alan looked them all over and smiled. He had made good choices and now it was up to the screen test.

The lady in red was first up. My wife and Terry had tossed a coin for the second spot. Terry won so my wife would be last.

Red and Don went through their lines perfectly and soon Don was nuzzling her neck as she lay back on the sofa. He gently stroked her cheek and slowly ran his hand down to her tits. That's when the comedy of errors began. Her skin-tight dress was more like body armor. Try as he could, Don couldn't cop a feel or run his hand up her dress. They managed to complete the script, but everyone was dying laughing -- not the effect you want in a seduction scene.

Terry was next and she suddenly realized that she had a very real chance at the $10,000. All she had to do was outperform my shy wife. That, she knew shouldn't be a problem.

Glenda's mouth dropped open as she watched her friend turn into a REAL seductress. Even before Terry and Don got to the couch, she was all over him. She pushed him back on the couch, pulled off his shirt, and began a slow dance above him. I zoomed in as she slowly raised her skirt higher and higher. This was GREAT! She finally pulled it off over her head and stood there facing Don wearing nothing but a sheer white bra and panty set. She lay down on top of Don and started a furious makeout session. Terry must have jammed her tongue down his throat and Don responded in kind. She made no move to stop him as he unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. She even raised up slightly so that he could get to her nipples.

One camera was catching the overall scene, another was a medium shot, and the third was clearly focused on her tits as Don's fingers expertly tweaked Terry's nipples to raging points. She broke away slightly and then lowered herself until her nipples were buried in Don's chest as they started another tonsil-swapping session. Don's hands slid smoothly down her back and under the elastic of her little panties. Terry slipped her hand down and we heard Don's zipper being pulled down. This time, he was moaning in pleasure as she worked her hand up and down. We couldn't see a damned thing, but we all knew she was jacking him off as he played with her ass.

I panned the remote camera around until I could see Alan. He was intently watching the action, but he kept checking his watch. Now THAT is being a professional! I kept scanning until I located my wife. I expected to see her hiding her head or turning her back. Instead, she was staring tight-lipped with fire in her eyes. My sweet little Glenda was pissed at her friend! Could it be that the thought of ten grand for a part in a movie was turning her head? Now, I was beginning to get worried! What was going through my wife's head?

My head was spinning as I tried to turn my attention back to the job at hand.

Don had been busy while I was watching the others. He had worked Terry's panties down until he was able to slide his finger into the crack of her ass and started rubbing up and down. He had to be just millimeters away from her pussy slit when Alan suddenly yelled, "CUT!"

Terry laughed and slowly stood up, her panties still down to her knees. She turned to face Alan as she pushed the wispy material on down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Don was still lying back on the sofa. Terry had left him with the boner of the century. His cock was waving in the air and his balls were practically begging for release. Terry looked over her shoulder, wiggled her ass at him and said, "maybe next time sugar!"

She scooped up her clothes, tossed them to the wardrobe mistress, and strolled past Alan and the rest of the crew. She was still totally nude and made certain everybody got a great look at her body. When she got next to Glenda, I could hear her whisper, "TOP THAT, Miss Goody-Goody!"

Don wandered off to get calmed down and the crew rushed in to reset the scene. Alan picked up the bullhorn, "OK everybody, that was very hot, but we've got one more to shoot. Everybody take 5 and be ready to roll again!"

Alan buzzed me on the intercom and told me to send the tape feed back down to the floor monitor. I watched the same images on my monitor and learned, to my great surprise, that Terry and Don and managed to hit the dialogue right on the nose. The video was clear and HOT! There was no need to Glenda to even give it a run. Terry had the part locked up!

I was all set to kill the monitors when I heard my wife's voice, "OK, let's do this before I chicken out again!"

My hands got sweaty and my mouth was dry -- my normally shy wife was going to give it a try! Terry must have really pissed her off. Two glasses of wine may have influenced her too. I started to go down to the set when Alan called me on the intercom again, "mark those first tapes and put in fresh ones for this next screen test."

I was torn, but something made me drop back into the chair and get the equipment ready to go. I guess one part of me wanted to see what my wife would do.

I was relieved when Don came back on the set and wasn't sporting that boner. Either he had jerked off during the break or Terry had finished the job. I breathed a sign of relief and hit the switches.

Alan said the magic words, "Roll Tape!...ACTION!" and we were under way again.

Don and Glenda came into the scene hugging and laughing and sat down on the couch. When my wife leaned forward to pour the wine, Don ran his hand gently up and down her back. This scene was going to be yawn city!

I looked over and saw Terry watching. She had slipped on a very short dressing gown but you could see right through it. She was still naked underneath it. She was smirking as she watched my wife's tepid session. Glenda happened to glance her way and Terry twirled around and mooned her.

My wife was a little tipsy, but her eyes flashed! Warning bells sounded in my brain, but all I could do now was watch.

Glenda snuggled up to Don and started a deep kiss as she slowly rubbed her body against his. Don responded by pulling her tightly against his chest. He slipped his hands down to my wife's legs and started lightly running his hands up and down her bare legs. Each stoke pushed her dress a little higher until her panties came into view.

Terry's scene had been frantic; Glenda's was slow torture. My wife straddled Don's hips and began slowly thrusting back and forth. She was rubbing her panty-covered pussy against his growing bulge. She bent forward so Don could pull her dress over her head and drop it on the floor.

Now we could all see my wife's tits through her sheer bra as she slowly unbuttoned Don's shirt and pulled it open. Right on cue, she leaned forward to kiss him as he unhooked her bra. Now it MY wife's nipples pushing into his chest. I could hear her moan slightly as he ran his hands down to her panties and started pushing them lower and lower.

Glenda slowly stood up facing Don and allowed him to finish taking her panties off. She had been stroking his hair and then slowly pulled him closer and closer until his face was buried in her pussy! The other cameras could only see a hint of the action, but my remote had a clear view. This was NOT simulated -- he was eating my wife's cunt and she was moaning in pleasure. She pushed Don back down on the couch and reached for his zipper. This time, his rigid cock popped out into full view as she pulled his jeans on off and dropped them on her dress and panties.

I couldn't believe my eyes as my wife dropped to her knees and began kissing his chest and then went lower and lower. One of her hands gently cupped his balls as she slowly stroked his hardon. Now it was Don's turn to moan as my wife began to run her tongue up and down his cock. After a few moments of this torture, she wet her lips and slipped the tip of his dick into her mouth! Inch by inch, she swallowed more and more until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. My wife had taken his whole 9 inches into her throat.

She held him that for a few seconds and then began a gentle bobbing action. Don was going out of his mind with lust and I was just going out of my mind!

I waited, no, I prayed for Alan to yell, "CUT", but no one on the set moved a muscle.

Glenda's head was moving faster now as she plunged up and down on Don's cock. To my surprise, my own dick was staining against my jeans and I could have sworn a couple of the stagehands were jerking off.

Just when I thought none of us could stand it one more second, my wife popped Don's slippery dick out of her mouth. She slowly got back on the sofa and once again straddled Don's hips. This time, as she lowered her body, she started rubbing his dick up and down her pussy slit. I zoomed my camera in to a tight shot and watched her twat slowly open.

We could see drops of pre-cum oozing from Don's prick as my wife pressed it against her gaping pussy. Don was writhing with pleasure as my wife slowly lowered her body to engulf his cock. He was balls deep inside her as she squeezed his dick with her cunt. Now, she just as slowly began to raise up, showing us more and more of his rigid cock dripping with my wife's juices. Just before the head slipped out, she slammed her body back down and began a furious fucking motion. Don grabbed her ass and fucked her back just as hard.

Seconds later, Don rammed his cock as deep as it would go into my wife's cunt and exploded in her womb. His balls pumped load after load into her waiting pussy. I thought it would never end as she screamed in pleasure with her own orgasm after orgasm.

When the world stopped spinning, I watched as his spent cock slipped from my wife's well-fucked pussy. Hot cum flowed from her twat as she finally lay back gasping for air.

Now Alan, the bastard, finally remembered to yell, "CUT!"

The intercom rang, "I hope the hell you got all of that on tape! We've just signed our newest star! Fuck that ten grand role -- Terry can have that part -- this one's going for the lead!"

By now, everyone had calmed down a bit and started striking the set. Terry and Glenda were talking to each other again and I panned the camera and mike over to them. Glenda was softly crying, "I can't believe I did that! What am I going to tell my husband?"

Terry patted her, "I know, I lost it too. How can we face them?"

Alan walked over, "Easy ladies, you just tell them you've landed your first starring roles and drop this on them." He brought them each a contract and a stack of money. "You don't need to tell them anything else right now."

He continued, "We're having a little wrap party in my room next, how about staying around and meeting the real money men. They'll want to see the tapes and I'll bet they would really love to meet both of you."

Alan came up to the booth and collected the tapes. "Want to come to the party? If you think that was hot, wait until the money guys get their hands on those two. They'll be lucky if they can walk straight tomorrow. I'm going to nail our little star first -- I may even get her before we leave here."

I resisted the temptation to bust his ass, "No, I've got to get on home. My wife might be home sometime tonight." Alan didn't catch the sarcasm in my voice.

I decided to stick around in the booth until everyone had left so I could sneak out the extra copies of the tapes I had made during the "cool down" period. I was about to take out the remote camera tape when I heard my wife's voice over the air, "Alan, I don't know what came over me out there. I don't think I can ever do that again. I was about to die!" I hit the record button again.

Alan gently stoked her cheek, "That was the hottest action I've ever seen. You are an absolute natural for the camera. Did you know that you never missed a cue even while you were fucking Don's brains out? Now THAT was a seduction!"

Glenda blushed slightly and lowered her head; "It was kinda fun."

Now Alan was rubbing her arms as my wife leaned back against the wall. He gently ran his hands over her breasts, "You could use a little coaching though." He hands slid down to cup her ass; "Your response needs to be a little more in control."

Glenda was beginning to move against him now.

"See how it feels as I run my hands over your ass and around to your pussy. That's it, slowly push against me. Let me run my fingers through your pussy hair a bit before you start humping my hand."

He stepped away from her slightly and lowered her dress to the floor once more, "let's get this off and we'll run through the rest of it."

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