tagFetishThe Awakening Of Sara

The Awakening Of Sara


Sara anxiously watched the clock. 4:45 on a Friday afternoon has to be the longest fifteen minutes of the whole week. She had no real plans for the weekend; it had just been one of those weeks. She was ready to kick back and relax; maybe she would stop and have a drink or two on the way home. As long as she was out of the office, she didn't care. Finally, 5:00 and the weekend were here! She pulled up her hose to tighten them up, slipped her heels back on, stood up and smoothed out her leather skirt, grabbed her purse and headed for the elevator. She opened her purse to get a cigarette ready for the ride home. Damn! She must have smoked the last one at lunch. No big deal, she knew that the news stand outside the office sold cigarettes. She walked around the corner to the news stand and bought a pack of Virginia Slim 120's and headed to her car. She reached her car and got inside. She pulled out her favorite pair of black leather driving gloves and slipped them on. Mmmmm, she enjoyed the feel of cold leather against her skin. She immediately felt a slight tingle between her legs. She packed her cigarettes, opened them and pulled one of the long white cigarettes from the pack. She placed it in her mouth and pulled long and hard on it as she lit it up. Ahhh, she thought, I'm ready for anything. She started her car and proceeded to drive home. She had only been driving a short time when she noticed the sign of a quiet little bar, that she had been in a few times.

She thought, "What the fuck! I deserve a drink after this week."

She pulled into the parking lot and parked her car. She grabbed her purse and headed inside. The bar was dimly lit and only a few patrons, just the way she wanted it. She headed for the bar, sat down and ordered a dry martini extra olives. She pulled out her cigarettes and lit one up while she waited for her drink. The bartender brought her the drink; she thanked him, paid for it and took a sip. Ahhh, just the way she liked them. She slid two dollars into his tip jar and took a long drag on her cigarette. As she exhaled, she couldn't help but notice the strikingly beautiful lady at the end of the bar. She had dark hair that was pulled back in a tight little bun. She was well built and looked as if she may work out. She was wearing a very nice Armani business suit and enjoying a cigarette and a martini, just as she was. Sara realized she was now staring at the lady and quickly turned away. Sara finished her cigarette and swallowed down the last of her drink. Before she could order another, the bartender was bringing her one and he said it was compliments of the lady at the end of the bar. Sara smiled in her direction and got up with her drink to go and join her. She thought some friendly conversation would be nice. "Thank you for the drink, my name's Sara", she said as she sat down next to her.

The lady looked up and said,” Hello Sara, you may call me Ms. Serena".

What a bitch, Sara immediately thought to herself. But she did buy her a drink, so she would be nice and play along.

"Sara, take a cigarette out of my case and light it for me", Ms. Serena ordered.

"What?" Sara asked, slightly stunned by the ladies frankness.

"You heard me, now!" she ordered.

Sara was not sure what to think of this, so she did as she was told. She removed a long white cigarette from the case and lit it. She then placed it in Ms. Serena's beautiful pouty lips.

"Now take one for yourself, I never do anything alone" she insisted. Sara again, did as she was told. Their conversation continued through two more martinis and several more cigarettes with Sara being ordered to remove and light each of the cigarettes. Sara felt a strong sexual feeling beginning to grow as Ms. Serena seemed to be taking more and more control of her.

"You've had too much to drink Sara, leave your car here, my driver will take you where you desire" Ms. Serena insisted.

Sara was intrigued and helplessly agreed. Ms. Serena paid her tab, left a healthy tip and the two ladies headed towards the door. Once outside, Ms. Serena waved for a limo to pull up to them. Sara was surprised to say the least. She was not expecting to be driven home in a limo. The driver got out and opened the door for the ladies. Sara climbed in first followed by Ms. Serena. The driver closed the door and got back inside and drove off. "I want another cigarette Sara, and I want it now!" ordered Ms. Serena.

"Why do you keep ordering me to get you a cigarette? Sara nervously asked.

“Because I am a very dominate lady who always gets what she wants, and you my pretty are in need of some discipline". Ms. Serena answered.

Sara got out another cigarette, lit it and placed it in Ms. Serena’s mouth. She took a long drag on the cigarette and blew the smoke directly into Sara's face. This made her cough slightly. Sara went to get herself a cigarette when

Ms. Serena grabbed her hand, "Did I tell you, that you could have a cigarette"?

"No, but I thought." before Sara could finish her sentence, Ms. Serena pulled her towards her and kissed her full and hard on the mouth.

Her tongue was firm and moist and she had complete control over this kiss. Sara had never been kissed by another woman, but the alcohol was taking effect and she was really getting turned on by the whole events of the evening. The kiss ended.

Ms. Serena insisted,” Now, you will be spending the evening with me, my driver will take you home in the morning".

Sara was on fire. She couldn't remember ever feeling so horny or ever having such strong desires to be with another woman. All she could say was," Yes ma'am". As the limo pulled into the carport and came to a halt. The driver got out and opened the door; the two ladies exited and went inside. Sara looked around in amazement. Ms. Serena was obviously a woman of wealth and taste.

"Go into the living room and make yourself comfortable, pour a drink if you like, I will return in a short moment", Ms. Serena instructed.

Sara obliged and went into the living room. Sara found the wine cabinet and opened a bottle of red and poured two glasses, sat down and awaited her mistress's return. Ms. Serena entered the room. She was wearing a long flowing red robe which she had pulled tightly. Sara couldn't help but notice the black leather boots that she was wearing.

"Get up and follow me, now!" she ordered.

Sara snapped up and quickly followed Ms. Serena down a winding stair case. The basement was decorated in leather furniture, a large curio cabinet and a large wooden chest. Ms. Serena turned and opened her robe. She was wearing a black leather corset latex stockings and knee high black leather boots. She walked over to the curio, opened it and removed a pair of full length black latex gloves. She slipped the gloves on. She walked over to the large couch and sat down.

"Remove all of your clothing except your skirt!" she snapped.

Sara hesitated, was she making a big mistake.

"I said remove your fuckin' clothes bitch!" Ms. Serena ordered.

Sara was too scared to hesitate. She removed everything but her leather skirt.

"You forgot your panties, Sara." Ms. Serena said in a condescending manner.

Sara nervously slid her undergarments off. She felt very vulnerable as she stood there buzzing from the alcohol. She felt the need to cover her voluptuous breast.

"Move you hands, now! Do you think I wanted you to strip so you could cover your breast?” Ms. Serena ordered.

Sara dropped her hands. "Mmmm very nice, Come over here and kneel before your mistress", Sara did as she was told. Ms. Serena pulled out her cigarette case, removed one of the long white cigarettes, lit it, pulled long and hard on it, and then exhaled the smoke in Sara's face. Damn she wanted a cigarette right now.

"I want you to bury your face in my pussy and satisfy my needs Sara", Ms. Serena ordered.

"What?" Sara nervously said.

But before she could grasp the situation, Ms. Serena stretched out her latex clad arm and grabbed Sara by the back of the head and forced her mouth down on her pussy. The smell of the wet pussy was very intoxicating, Sara began to kiss Ms Serena's mound. She ran her tongue up and down the clit and all around lapping up all the sweet juice she could. Ms. Serena sat back smoking her cigarette and moaning in ecstasy.

"Ahhh, you're such a good little pussy eater Sara, make your mistress cum and I will reward you".

She moaned. She knew Serena had to be close to an orgasm as she let the cigarette dangle from her mouth as she placed both hands on Sara's head and began to fuck her face.

"Yes, Yes, Oh God Fucking yes!!!!" Ms. Serena screamed out as she came.

Sara lapped up all the love juice she could. She was surprised at how much she really enjoyed the taste of it. Serena extinguished her cigarette and pulled Sara to her so she could kiss her long and deep.

"Now my little bitch it's your turn. I want you to sit on the couch, light a cigarette and get that sweet pussy of yours nice and wet for me", Serena ordered.

Sara did what Serena wanted her to do. As she sat on the couch, she reached for the gold case and removed a long white cigarette. Damn this was going to be the best fucking cigarette she had ever had. Ms Serena had walked over to the curio, and when she returned, Sara could see the 9" black strap on dildo swinging between her legs. Sara gasped. Serena approached Sara.

"I'll take my cigarette now", Serena snapped.

"But I thought it was mine." Sara answered.

Serena looked at her and smiled,” Well, you thought wrong bitch, now hand it over".

Sara gave her the freshly lit cigarette.

"My dick is dry, I want you to get it good and wet for me, before I fuck you with it" Serena ordered.

Sara obeyed. She took the long black dildo into her mouth and worked it over, just as if it were a real penis. Serena smoked the cigarette and blew the smoke in Sara's face until it was down to the filter. She ordered Sara to take the last drag, roll over and put it out in the ashtray. As she was turned putting out the cigarette, Serena rolled her into a doggy position in front of the couch. She then got behind her and shoved the big black dildo hard into her pussy. Sara screamed, but had no choice but to take it. Serena fucked her hard and furiously.

"Tell me how much you like it slut!”, Serena demanded.

"Oh god it feels so good! I love your cock mistress Serena, please fuck me harder" Sara moaned.

Serena was happy to oblige her slave. Sara felt the orgasm build as she was about to explode, Serena withdrew and laid the dildo on Sara’s back.

"Now light me another cigarette bitch, and I may let you cum!" Serena ordered Sara.

Sara opened the case and pulled out another long white cigarette, lit it and handed it to her mistress as she was instructed. Serena took the cigarette and held it in her mouth as she smoked it. She then took her latex clad hands and got as much juice from Sara's pussy as she could and made her ass as wet as she could get it.

"Now, I'm gonna fuck your ass like it's never been fucked before!” Serena told her.

"No mistress, please don't. I've never been fucked in the ass, it will hurt" Sara cried.

"Yes it will dear Sara, but you will grow to love it" Serena insisted.

She took the soaking wet cock and slowly entered Sara's ass. She cried out as her mistress began to fuck her.

"Now, you will play with your clit and squeeze your nipples while I fuck your ass!" Serena instructed.

Sara found her throbbing swollen clit and worked it feverishly. She took her other hand squeezed her nipple as hard as she could. Damn this all felt so good! Sara was alive sexually for the first time in her life. It was as if her whole body was one giant g-spot being stimulated.

She began to scream,” I’m gonna cum! Oh please mistress please fuck me harder please...OH GOD! OHHH! OHHH!"

She collapsed on the couch as Serena pulled the cock from her ass. Serena removed the strap on, and told Sara to follow her up stairs. Sara did as she was told. She was led to a guest room where she removed the rest of her clothes and passed out on the bed. When she awoke the next morning, her clothes had been cleaned and folded and placed on the foot of the bed. She got up, got dressed and exited the bedroom. The limo driver was sitting in a chair outside her room.

"Are you ready to go to your car Ms. Sara?" he asked.

"Uh, mmm I guess so...",Sara answered, some what confused. She asked the driver several questions about Serena, but he would only answer that he is not at liberty to discuss Ms. Serena. The limo arrived at the bar where Sara had left her car. The driver stopped the limo and got out and opened her door. Sara got out and climbed into her car. She started the engine, pulled her Virginia Slims from her purse. She took one of the long white cigarettes from the pack and lit it. She took a long hard drag and exhaled. She put the car in drive and smiled as she drove herself home.

The End

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