tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Awakening of Sweetlips

The Awakening of Sweetlips


"So, how did you meet Dave?" -- Kevin said, half-turning around in the passenger seat to look at the backseat where Abby was sitting, - "He told us so much about you, but never that."

"Senior year in college," -- Abigail said, - "He was dating my roommate then."

"Wait," -- said Dan from the driver's seat, - "You mean to tell me you are Stacey's roommate?"

"The fat girl?" -- Kevin blurted before he could catch himself, and quickly added, - "Sorry. Sorry about that."

"You didn't even know my name, huh?" -- Abby said quietly, and everybody fell silent for a long while.

For years and years Abby has been tall and gawky with small breasts. She grew up a shy and nerdy kid, and when she went away to college, her freshman fifteen became freshman fifty, and then sophomore seventy - mostly in her hips, thighs and belly - she wore a C cup, but her old B cup bras still almost fit. Maybe the weight gain was somehow hormone-related, because around the same time her interest in boys became much higher than it was before.

Dave had noticed her then: she had consoled him after a bitter fight he had with Stacey, and he kissed her on the lips before he left. The next day they bumped into each other on campus and he asked her out, and a few weeks after Abby had a real boyfriend. They dated until the graduation, and then Dave had to move away -- he found a job in a city about two hundred miles distant, and Abby was still working at her campus job. So for the last year and a half they sort of kept an on-going long-distance relationship, with frequent e-mails, phone calls and occasional visits.

Dave was not her first man; she lost her virginity at 17 in high school, at a party after the prom , when she let a drunken football player drag her upstairs -- she was curious what it would feel like. It was not very painful and even a little pleasant, but it was over very soon. Dave was much better in that respect.

"It's not like we ever been introduced properly, you know," -- Dan broke the awkward silence, - "you used to be, like, very shy around us all the time."

"That's because I had a terrible crush on you before I lost weight," -- Abby wanted to say, because it was the truth, but instead she said "It's all right, I am less shy now."

"You're still kinda shy," -- Kevin smiled, briefly eyeing Abby up and down, - "Baggy clothing, hair in a bun, no make-up? Come on, girl!"

Abby gave a polite laugh. She never liked Kevin -- he was sort of a jerk. She'd much prefer it if Dan were to make a comment on her appearance: she used to dream about him long before she started dating Dave -- and, to tell the truth, she still thought him very hot. But Kevin... ugh. She could never imagine Kevin touching her or kissing her or running his hands up and down her body.

It was starting to get dark -- it was November, after all. A few weeks ago Dave called Abby and told her that his friends would be in town, and could give her a ride to the city so she could spend Thanksgiving with Dave's family.

"Shit," -- said Dan, - "do you hear that?"

"Your engine is making noise," -- said Kevin, - "I told you I heard it before. It's that sort of rattling noise."

"Shit, and we are in the middle of fucking nowhere."

"What's going on?" -- Abby asked, alarmed. As if to answer her, the engine made a terrible scraping sound and Dan slammed on the brakes.

The engine died.

"Shit," -- said Kevin. -- "We are fucked. Why the fuck didn't you check the engine before we drove two hundred miles?"

"Shut up," -- Dan growled, - "Don't fucking "I-told-you-so" me. Fuck. It's starting to rain."

"It's your fucking fault," -- Kevin kept at it, - "We are miles from a nearest mechanic, I remember this stretch."

"Shut the fuck up!" -- Dan flared, and Abby pressed herself into the seat: this was disturbing.

"You shut the fuck up!" -- Kevin replied, - "and admit this is your fault."

"OK! OK!" -- Dan spat angrily, - "it's my fault. Happy now?"

"I told you so," -- Kevin said smugly, - "so what are we gonna do now? Do you have triple-A?"

"No," -- said Dan, - "do you?"

"Nope," -- said Kevin, - "but I think there's a motel about a mile from here. They might have gas, but we probably should get a couple of rooms anyhow."

Abby breathed out, feeling safer, as the men stopped fighting.

"We can get one room if they have two beds and a pallet," -- she smiled, - "I trust you guys."

"Absolutely," -- said Dan, a little faster than Abby would have liked, and Kevin suppressed a chuckle. Abby blushed: she did not want to be wanted by anybody but Dave her boyfriend, but it would be nice if these two men had not dismissed the idea of something inappropriate happening between her and them quite so quickly.

They pushed the car to the shoulder of the road, got some necessities out of their bags, and went down the road looking for the motel. It was already dark and starting to rain when they glimpsed the neon sign.

The lobby was empty, and they had to ring the reception bell twice until the clerk came up. He was a thin, bony man with Hulk Hogan mustache and his receding hair in a ponytail. As he approached the counter, he finished zipping up the fly of his blue jeans.

"What can I do you for, folks?" -- he asked.

"We'd like a room, sir," -- said Dan politely, - "one room with twin separate beds and a pallet or a couch. For one night."

"Don't have no rooms," -- said the clerk indifferently.

"What do you mean no rooms?" -- Kevin asked irritably, - "You can't be full; there are no cars in the lot!"

"Renovations," -- replied the clerk. -- "most rooms don't have water or electricity right now."

"Are there ones that do?" -- Dan inquired, - "Can you turn the water on in one of them?"

"Dude, our car broke about a mile back," -- said Kevin, - "we got to have a room, or we're gonna sleep in the lobby."

"You ain't gonna sleep in the lobby," -- said the older man curtly, - "And maybe I can get water and power in one of the rooms that ain't torn down yet," -- he paused, - "What's in it for me?"

"Um," -- Dan hesitated, - "We only have cash between us for one room, unless you've got an ATM here."

"We got an ATM. We don't got money in it."

"Dude, please," -- said Kevin, - "we'll send you a big tip when we get home, honest."

"No vacancy," -- said the clerk.

"Please," -- Abby spoke up, hoping that the man would have a harder time refusing a reasonably pretty girl, - "can you please let us stay? Is there anything we can do for you?"

The clerk's cold blue eyes suddenly came alive. He eyed Abby up and down with a thin smile.

"You can do something for me, sweetie," -- he said, gesturing to his crotch, - "I'll trade you for a blow job."

Abby's face grew hot.

"Jerk!" -- she exclaimed, - "Let's go, guys, we'll sleep in the car."

"It's raining out," -- said Kevin, - "I am not walking to the car."

"Well, you ain't staying here either," -- the clerk sneered, - "you heard my terms. And I am straight, so no funny business."

He stood up and leaned forward to give his words extra weight, daring the men to confront him.

"We need a moment," -- said Kevin.

"We are getting out of here!" -- said Abby, and marched out of the lobby through the set of double doors. Dan ran after her.

"Take your time," -- said the clerk to Kevin, as Kevin went after Abby and Dan.

All three of them stood under the canopy overhanging the motel entrance. It was already very dark, and the rain was getting heavier.

"Abby," -- said Dan, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder, - "um... maybe you'd consider?"

"Sucking that guy's dick?" -- Abby fumed, - "Are you out of your mind?"

"I am not out of my mind, but we are out of options here, Abby," -- he retorted.

"We are also out in the rain", - added Kevin, - "and it looks like it's going to rain all night."

"Please help us, Abby;" -- said Dan gently, - "We don't really have anywhere to go"

"We can go back to the car," -- said Abby, - "ask that jerk for some garbage bags so we can wear them on our heads"

"He won't give us anything," -- Kevin shook his head, - "and I think he has a gun, so I wouldn't go stealing garbage bags either."

"Please, Abby," -- Dan repeated, - "we could get normal beds for the night and not sleep wet in the car."

"Guys," -- Abby's large green eyes were wide in disbelief, - "do you realize what you're asking me to do? For a night in a motel?"

"Abby," -- said Dan gently, - "it's not for a night in a motel, it's so we could have shelter during a storm, when there's nowhere else to go."

"Right," -- Kevin added, - "Walking through this weather is a sure way to catch a cold, or worse, pneumonia."

"This is only rational, don't you see," -- Dan patted Abby's shoulder affectionately, - "we'll be very grateful to you, we will respect you and we will not tell Dave."

Abby felt her resolve starting to crumble. It was dark, and cold, and rainy, and she only had on a t-shirt, jeans and a denim jacket. It would be beastly uncomfortable sleeping in a car together with two men. And... and Dan was patting her shoulder, the first caress she ever got from him...

"Please," -- the girl said, looking up in Dan's eyes, - "please don't make me do this."

"You'd be doing it for Dave," -- Dan assured her, - "so that you can stay healthy and well rested for your time together."

"No, I can't," -- Abby lowered her eyes, shaking her head, - "I just can't."

Now that she found herself actually considering sucking a strange man's dick, disturbing thoughts invaded her mind. Images. Questions. How big would it be? How would it taste? Would he be standing up or sitting down? Would he stroke her hair? Would she have to take any clothes off?

She felt her face flush and felt warmth growing inside her, and immediately hated herself for it. Was she just a slut, to get excited about such an outrageous idea?

"No," -- she repeated, - "I can't do it, no, please."

"Look at me," -- Kevin placed a finger under Abby's chin and made her look up, - "If you don't do it, we are going to tell Dave that you wanted to."

A panicked "how does he know?" crossed Abby's mind, but then she realized that she was being blackmailed.

"We'll tell him that you are cheating on him, that you already have a boyfriend back on campus," -- Kevin continued.

"But I don't!" -- Abby exclaimed, her face hot, - "I never cheated on Dave!"

("Maybe just because no one you know was bold enough to demand oral sex from you two minutes after he saw you," she told herself sarcastically)

"But Abby, if we tell him you are cheating, he'll believe us, not you," -- Dan explained, - "We three go back to kindergarten, and he's only known you for a couple years."

"Oh please don't!" -- Abby begged the two men. Something gave way inside her: she was not a slut, she was being forced into this situation, and it was not her own free choice. She was going to suck a stranger's dick because these two men made her. She was not a slut. She was not thinking of how she would like to suck Dan's dick first. She was not.

"Please don't tell Dave," -- she said, - "I'll do it."

"Right," -- Kevin said awkwardly, - "OK than."

"None of this is happening," -- Dan hugged Abby briefly, - "You are doing this for Dave. We are going to forget it."

Abby let out a quiet whimper. Dan hugging her was too much; she wanted to hug him tight and kiss him and beg him not to send her out there to suck a stranger's cock, but she knew it would be useless.

Kevin stepped back into the lobby and held the door open for her.

"We've got a deal," -- he said to the clerk, - "She'll do it."

"Room 2A, this floor," -- the clerk tossed him the key, - "I turn on the water and power after I have my fun," -- he turned and looked at Abby, who stood straight and pale in the middle of the lobby, - "you come here, sweetie, right here."

Abby watched Kevin and Dan leave, then took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders and thrust her small breasts forward, trying to look bold and aggressive. She liked her lips in what she hoped was seductive manner.

"Go sit on that counter, big boy," -- she said, - "and show me what you've got for me."

The clerk smiled a little. His icy blue eyes met Abby's large, soft brown ones for a few moments, and Abby dropped her gaze, her cheeks flushing bright red.

"Come here, girl," -- the man said quietly, - "and take off your shirt."

Abby obeyed, fumbling with the stubborn buttons of her jacket, breathing heavily. Shutting her eyes tightly, she pulled her T-shirt off and stood before the man in her plain white bra and baggy jeans.

She felt a callused hand touch her cheek, trace the line of her jaw, then stroke her neck down to her shoulder. It was pleasant. It gave her goose bumps.

"What's your name, sweetie?" -- the man asked.

"Abby." -- she answered in a small voice.

"I don't like that name." -- the man said, tracing the curve of Abby's small round breast and brushing against her nipple, which started to harden immediately, - "I will call you Sweetlips."

Abby whimpered, without opening her eyes. She was shaking with a wild mix of emotions: her fear and her resentment of how she was treated were mixed with a powerful sense of lust; in her life she was never so excited. "I am not a slut," -- she repeated to herself, feeling her pussy starting to moisten. "Please don't call me that," -- she said quietly and without much hope.

"Take off your pants, Sweetlips," -- said the man, starting to rub her other nipple through the thin fabric of her bra. Shivers ran down Abby's spine.

"Please, don't make me take off my pants," -- she said, - "Please may I just..." -- she hesitated, not wanting to say it out loud.

"Just what, Sweetlips?" -- asked the clerk, pinching Abby's nipple between his finger and thumb, making the pretty girl gasp.

"Just suck your penis," -- she breathed, arching her back from sudden intense pleasure as the man grabbed both of her painfully erect nipples through her bra and started to squeeze and pinch them just hard enough not to make it too painful.

"You may suck it, Sweetlips, after you take off your pants," -- Abby's tormentor said as he continued to pinch and twist. The girl whimpered and started to undo the button on her jeans.

The clerk took her by the shoulders and turned her around, expertly undoing her bra with one hand.

Abby struggled for a few seconds to push the jeans' waistband down past her wide hips. When she felt her bra being unfastened, she instinctively raised her hands to prevent it from falling, and the jeans slipped down, revealing her large round ass in simple white panties, and her fat, dimpled, milky white thighs. The clerk gave an approving chuckle.

"You've got a fat ass, Sweetlips," -- he said, slapping Abby on her ass cheek and admiring the jiggle. -- "Nice fat ass. Turn around now."

Abby turned around, blushing even more furiously than before. Never in her life had she been subjected to such embarrassing treatment.

"I am not a slut," -- she reminded herself silently, - "I don't have a choice, they made me do this, and they gave me to this man."

That thought sent a spark up her spine, and she felt her pussy getting wetter. She stepped out of her pants and stood before the man wearing only her unfastened bra and panties.

The man sat reclined in his chair, legs spread wide, a lazy smile playing on his thin lips.

"Get on your knees, Sweetlips" -- he told Abby and started to undo his belt buckle. The bottom-heavy girl obeyed, lowering herself to kneel between the man's feet.

The clerk pulled his pants down and Abby saw his dick.

It was the largest dick she's ever seen in real life -- though admittedly, she hasn't seen many. Pale, half-limp and twitching, it looked like some sort of obscene maggot or an earthworm.

"Kiss it," -- said the man.

Abby stretched her neck down and kissed the head of the cock. Immediately it gave another twitch, making her jump.

The clerk put his hand on the back of Abby's head and took off the scrunchie she wore on her hair. Somehow it felt more invasive, more embarrassing than when he was undoing her bra. The pretty girl's light brown hair fell down around her face and neck, and the clerk gathered it again in his hand, holding Abby's head in place.

Then with his other hand he took a hold of his cock and slapped Abby's mouth with it, time and again.

The girl whimpered, not wanting to believe that this was happening to her.

"Suck it, Sweetlips," -- ordered the man, - "Open that sweet mouth and suck it."

"This is a dream, please let it be a dream," -- thought Abby as she parted her soft pale lips and took the head of the clerk's penis into her mouth. She felt it grow hard inside her, and let out a muffled moan.

"Suck," -- the clerk slapped Abby's cheek very lightly, for encouragement, and she started to move her head on the cock, almost gagging on it a time or two. Her mouth filled with saliva, and her pussy started to leak pussy juice into her panties.

The clerk's cock grew thick and stiff inside Abby's mouth. The man made her take her hands away from it and now just rocked his hips back and forth, fucking her face. Abby moaned, saliva dribbling from her lips to her chest in long sticky line. All she could do was look up pleadingly at the merciless male abusing her helpless mouth and she knew full well from his satisfied smirk that he was enjoying this, that he had her exactly where he wanted her: almost naked, kneeling in front of a stranger, slobbering over herself while being used for his pleasure.

Abby's pussy felt hot and moist, her clit started to swell. She was never so horny in her life.

Suddenly the man grabbed her head and held it in place, as he thrust his hips forward, filling Abby's mouth with his dick, making her choke on it.

Abby stiffened and tried to pull back, tears bursting from her eyes, but the clerk's fingers tightened on her head, holding her for another few seconds before letting go. The young woman sat back on her heels, panting and making gagging sounds, glancing around her with unfocused eyes.

"You aren't done, Sweetlips", - said the clerk.

Abby whimpered and opened her mouth again, taking the cock in as deep as she could, feeling it rub against the back of her throat. After fucking her mouth again for a short while, the clerk stepped back and looked down at her.

"Get up", - he ordered, tapping Abby's cheek with his fingertips.

The plump girl got up on her shaking legs and stood before the man, eyes downcast, covering her small round breasts with her arms.

He eyed her up and down, and smiled a wolfish smile at her. His finger traced a line up her hip, her side, her shoulder, and then her neck and cheek, and she shuddered with pleasure, goose bumps appearing all over her pale skin.

"Take your panties off," -- said the man matter-of-factly, - "I am going to fuck you."

Abby lifted her eyes to meet his. Her head was swimming, her legs weak and unsteady, her pussy swollen, throbbing and aching to be filled. She was blushing bright red.

"But, but..." -- she started to say, trying to keep her hips from twitching involuntarily and looking pleadingly into the clerk's eyes, - "I was only going to suck it..."

"Take your panties off, Sweetlips," -- he responded, his cold blue eyes tightening. Abby whimpered but obeyed, and was now standing naked, one of her small hands covering the light brown fuzz on her pussy.

The man's hand pressed against her soft white thighs, forced its way in between them and moved up, making Abby part her plump legs slightly. She moaned when the hand touched her pussy.

"You are wet halfway down to your knees, Sweetlips," -- remarked the man, - "why is that?"

"Please," -- Abby breathed, leaning back against the reception counter and thrusting her hips slightly forward, rubbing her tender parts against the man's rough fingers, - "please oh please..."

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