The Awakening of Sweetlips


"Turn around," -- ordered the man, - "and bend over. Show me your pussy."

Abby did what she was told.

"I am not a slut," -- a thought appeared in her mind, - "he is making me do this. I am a good girl."

She let out another moan when she felt a touch in between her pussy lips. The clerk's finger started to move around there, probing, stroking, and sliding briefly in and out of the hot moisture that was Abby.

"Tell me your name, girl," -- whispered the man into her ear, stopping the caress for a second, - "Tell me your name and I am going to fuck you."

"Ah... ah... Abby," -- whimpered the girl, but she immediately knew it was not the right answer.

"You want my dick in your cunt, girl," -- said the man, - "don't pretend you don't. Tell. Me. Your. Name."

"Sweetlips!" -- Abby let out a sob, - "Sweetlips! Please... please..."

The clerk's fingers grabbed her large soft buttocks and pulled them apart. Sweetlips grabbed on to the counter to stay on her feet, and the clerk's dick slid into her, filling her, stretching her aching pussy, which hadn't felt a dick inside for oh so long.

He started fucking her with long, fast strokes, plunging into her to the hilt, her large soft ass squeezing against his bony hips. Sweetlips was moaning constantly, her plump body jiggling as pleasure shot through her.

She closed her eyes and gripped the edge of the counter, feeling a monster of an orgasm building up fast inside her. The clerk started slapping her ass with each stroke of his dick, first one cheek, and then another. Sweetlips cried out with each slap, and her cries echoed through the empty lobby of the motel.

She felt a finger slide in between her buttocks and rub her asshole, she did not care. A wave of sensation hit her and carried her away, shaking her whole body, her whole being. She never felt such an intense orgasm in all her young life. Sweetlips screamed, arching her back again and again, until the powerful surge subsided and left her shaking and gasping.

The man did not stop, did not even pause. His long, thick cock kept sliding back and forth in the girl's dripping wet pussy. He grabbed her long hair and pulled, tilting back her head, making her moan.

"You like it, Sweetlips," -- said he, slapping her ample ass, - "Tell me you like it."

"Yes," -- the young girl obeyed immediately, it was only the truth after all, - "yes I like it."

His dick popped out of her pussy and she let out a whimper: she did not want it to go out, she felt so incredibly good with it filling her.

The clerk grabbed her shoulder and made her turn around and face him. He sat back in his chair and looked at the flushing, trembling girl.

"You like being a slut," -- he continued mercilessly, - "you like fucking a strange guy in a motel lobby. Come on Sweetlips. Sit on my dick."

"He is making me do it," -- thought the girl as she obediently straddled the man's hips and lowered herself onto his hard cock, - "I am not... not... not a slut..."

She gasped as the clerk's dick reached something inside her that had been never touched before. Abby never tried this position with Dave; they probably both thought subconsciously that she was too heavy for it. But that did not seem to faze the clerk; he grabbed Sweetlips by her soft pale thighs, pressing his fingers deep into the dimpled skin, and made her ride him. She never imagined being on top could feel so submissive.

"Fuck me," -- he ordered, slapping her thighs again and again, - "fuck me."

Sweetlips obeyed, rocking back and forth on his cock, gasping and moaning and crying out. She was going to cum again, very soon.

The clerk's hands gripped her soft fat ass cheeks very tightly, almost painfully, and the dick inside her started pulsing and throbbing as he started fucking her with sharp, frequent thrusts.

"Oh no," -- she whimpered plaintively, either because she did not want him to cum inside her or because she did not want him to cum yet; she did not herself know for sure, - "oh please no."

A jet of hot cum shot deep inside her pussy, something else she never experienced before. That almost made her cum again... but not quite. She moved frantically and eagerly, rubbing herself on the quickly softening cock, but she could not cum.

The clerk pushed her off his lap and she had to grab his arm in order not to fall down.

"Get on your knees, Sweetlips," -- he said, pointing at his wet, limp cock, - "and clean this up."

The plump girl obeyed. Her pussy juices mixed with cum tasted... peculiar. Not good, but not bad either. They tasted naughty, and wrong. Sort or how she herself felt right now -- used like a whore by a strange man, but wanting more of the same.

"Yeah," -- said the man, patting Abby on the cheek, - "yeah, that's it."

He stepped away from her and got back into his jeans.

"Room 2A," -- he pointed vaguely in the direction of the hallway, and turned away, not paying any more attention to his pretty plaything.

Abby stood up on wobbling legs, found her panties and put them on. Her night things and spare clothes were in the backpack that they threw together before leaving the car, and Dan had that in the room. Now she had to take a shower. Abby put on her T-shirt, not bothering with her jeans -- for some reason she did not mind Dan seeing her naked legs. Kevin, maybe, but not Dan. Not after what he had made her do.

"I am not a slut," -- she whispered, and set off for room 2A.

She did not say anything to Dan and Kevin, who were sitting in a small room with two twin-sized beds and a couch in it, watching something on TV; she just walked past them and disappeared into the shower.

She washed, and brushed her teeth, still a bit dazed. When she reached to wash away the sticky slimy mess in between her legs, she realized that despite feeling horrible -- of course she felt horrible, any good girl who had been forced to fuck a stranger should feel horrible, - and she was still very horny. The clerk should have let her cum a second time. She deserved it.

She stroked her pussy for a little while, standing under the jet of warm water, but she could not really play with herself in the shower, not where Dan and Kevin might hear.

Abby got out of the shower, and realized that she had forgotten her things. Not wanting to wear the old T-shirt and panties, she briefly debated calling out and asking Dan to bring her stuff, but then decided that that would not be appropriate, and ended up wrapping a towel around her.

She stepped out of the bathroom to find Kevin and Dan sitting in their underwear at the opposite ends of the couch, watching what looked like black and white security camera footage on TV. A couple was apparently having sex right in the motel lobby.

Then Abby recognized herself. Was her ass really that big? God, it looked like two balloons filled with milk the way it jiggled and bounced around.

"Oh hi Abby," -- Dan smiled, - "come sit with us, we are watching some hardcore porn here."

A bulge in his briefs was clear evidence that he liked what he was watching. Dan enjoyed seeing Abby's fat ass bounce. He enjoyed seeing her naked.

She felt her nipples stiffen under the towel.

"No," -- she said, - "I want to go to sleep."

"Sleep with us," -- Kevin grinned, - "you've already slept with him," -- he gestured to the screen, where Abby was now trying to straddle the clerk's hips.

"You made me do it!" -- Abby exclaimed, her face flushing.

"Yeah," -- said Dan, rising from the couch and grabbing the girl's hand, - "you sucked a guy's dick just because we told you to."

"And then you let him fuck you," -- Kevin continued, - "just because he wanted to."

Dan pulled Abby down and she sat heavily on the couch, flustered.

"So now we are telling you that we are going to fuck you, both of us," -- Kevin continued, - "just because we want to."

"And you will let us fuck you," -- said Dan pleasantly, putting his hand on Abby's white round knee, - "because you don't have any other choice, and because you are a slut."

"I am not a slut," -- said Abby, without moving Dan's hand, - "I am not. Please don't make me do it. What about Dave?"

"We've already been through this," -- Dan smiled, - "If you don't want Dave to see this tape, you have to be a good girl."

"Yeah," -- added Kevin, - "that clerk dude asked me if we want to sell you."

"Sell me?" -- Abby asked in disbelief.

"Yep," -- said Kevin, - "He said he liked you and he'll give us $500 if we leave you here with him. Says he's going to train you as a fuck doll, share you with some friends."

Abby felt her insides curl with fear, and at the same time a stab of white-hot lust went through her. Horrified, she realized that the idea of being sold to sexual slavery made her unbelievably horny. She felt her pussy getting moist.

"Please no," -- she begged Dan, - "Please don't do that. Please. I'll do anything..."

"That's a deal," -- said Dan, leaning forward and kissing the pretty girl on the lips.

Abby returned his kiss with abandon, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, her arms going to entwine his neck. This was something she'd wanted to do for years.

The towel she was wearing unraveled around her, and she was there in all her naked plump paleness, whimpering and moaning as Dan touched her, stroked her sides, squeezed her small round breasts, his tanned hands so dark against her soft white skin.

Abby felt Kevin's hand stroking her naked thigh, and tried to move away from him and closer to Dan -- she did not want Kevin touching her or even seeing her naked, much less watching her passionately making out with Dan. She wanted Dan to take her away by himself, and do whatever he wanted to her, but she did not care for his friend.

"Let's go somewhere," -- she whispered to Dan, putting her leg over his lap and rubbing against his chest, - "take me away, please, I just want to be with you."

Her position, however, made her wide round ass easily available, and Kevin jumped at the chance, grabbing Abby's soft ass cheeks with both hands, squeezing and jiggling them.

"Fuck, what an ass, dude," -- he remarked to Dan, as if Abby wasn't even there to hear him, - "I never touched such a fat ass before."

Abby squirmed under his touch: she was getting embarrassed and excited at the same time. She looked up at Dan, pleadingly, and the tall man stroked her neck tenderly, and rested his hand on Abby's cheek.

"You are so cute," -- he told her, shifting his hips and making the girl slide off the couch; she was kneeling on the carpet-covered floor between Dan's feet now, still staring into his beautiful brown eyes and hoping that he will make love to her. Kevin got on the floor behind Abby and put his hands on her wide fleshy hips. The girl tried to ignore him, but she could hear his heavy breathing behind her, and feel his fingers dig deep into the softness of her body, and almost involuntarily she backed up a bit closer to him and arched her back slightly.

"You don't get to choose who is going to fuck you anymore," -- said Dan, caressing Abby's breast with one hand and pulling his stiff cock out of his briefs with another, - "you gave up this right tonight. Go ahead, Kev, do her."

An intense wave of heat made Abby's body shudder and her face flush bright red. She did not think she could get any wetter, but she did now, hearing the handsome man she had a crush on explaining to her calmly and gently that she had no choice but to be a pretty toy for his amusement; and feeling eager hands of his plain-looking jerk of a friend all over her soft defenseless ass. She moaned, arching her back further.

Kevin's hard dick went deep into Sweetlips' slick wet pussy without any effort. The girl gasped. As Kevin slid in and out of her, she lowered her head and took the head of Dan's cock in her mouth.

Dan's cock was both shorter and thinner than the clerks, so the girl had no problem taking it all in. Dan groaned and started stroking her hair and shoulders.

Kevin hung on to the plump girl's soft, broad hips as he fucked her, slowly at first then faster, then slow again. Sweetlips started to moan into Dan's cock.

"Want to switch?" -- Kevin asked, giving Sweetlips a slap on her soft jiggling butt, - "just look at this big ass, dude, it feels real nice when you fuck her."

"Not now," -- said Dan, twitching his hips and holding Sweetlips' head in place on his cock, - "she's got a nice mouth, too."

Slightly upset over not being able to have his dick sucked, Kevin started fucking Sweetlips harder and angrier, making her white fat ass jiggle and ripple. The girl started to jerk her hips back and forth, gushing warmth all over his dick. She released Dan's dick from her mouth and hugged his hips, pressing her cheek against his belly.

"Are you cumming?" -- asked Dan.

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" -- she could only breathe as Kevin continued to pound her from behind, not caring whether she came or not. Sweetlips moaned loudly as an orgasm shook her soft body.

"Let's switch now," -- said Dan, - "Come on, fatty girl, get on the couch."

Kevin stopped fucking Sweetlips and stood up, slapping her on the ass as he did.

The pretty plump girl stood up too, not knowing what the men wanted her to do.

At Dan's command, she sat down at the edge of the couch and spread her legs. Dan squeezed her breasts a few times, then grabbed the soft round fold of her lower belly and pinched it.

"She's a fat chick, all right," -- he remarked casually to Kevin, - "I've never fucked such a fat chick before."

"Shut up and fuck her," -- said Kevin, kneeling on the couch next to the embarrassed girl and placing his stiff cock next to her face.

Abby wanted to cry in embarrassment when Dan so off-handedly called her fat. But Sweetlips did not mind. Sweetlips was an obedient girl. She opened her mouth for Kevin's dick and shifted her hips for Dan's, as both men started playing with their pretty toy.

"A pity we did not know in college," -- observed Dan, holding Sweetlips by her soft, jiggling thighs and fucking her with broad, easy strokes, - "we could have made her our little fat slut then."

"Yeah," -- Kevin started playing with the girl's small pink nipples, pinching them between his fingers, pulling and twisting. Sweetlips started to moan again, - "well, she's our little fat slut now. Shut up and fuck her."

"I am not a slut," -- thought Abby somewhere deep inside, but Sweetlips thought it was so nice to hear those men call her their little anything, that she did not mind being a slut, not at all.

She was sucking on Kevin's dick and spreading her fat pale legs wide for Dan, and she was going to cum again soon, oh God, she never came that much in one night, not even during her wildest masturbation sessions back in the sophomore year.

Her feet were dangling helplessly in the air as Dan slammed into her softness, sending ripples up her plump body, making her breasts jump up and down. Kevin grabbed her hair at the back of her head and started pumping his dick into her mouth, just like the clerk did earlier. Sweetlips choked and gagged, but the man showed her no mercy. She felt his dick become thicker in her mouth, and that was her only warning -- hot cum started to spurt out of it, filling her mouth, threatening to overflow it. She had to swallow it all before she drowned it cum.

"Good girl," -- Kevin said, taking his cock out of her mouth and wiping it on her soft breast, - "Good girl."

It was crazy that she could feel so pleased with that praise from a man who just fucked her in the mouth, but she really was. She looked up at Kevin, right into his eyes, and she licked a drop of his cum from her lips, and swallowed again. The man smiled, and Sweetlips felt extremely, insanely grateful to him.

Dan continued to fuck her, oblivious to the exchange. His hands roamed all around the pretty plump girl's body, squeezing her belly and thighs, grabbing her breasts and rubbing her nipples, as his dick slid easily in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Abby arched her back, moving her hips to meet his, and was basking in the realization that her long-time crush, who never paid any attention to her in college, was now fucking her, and about to make her cum.

"Am I a slut now?" thought Abby to herself, and heard her own voice moan "Yes, yes, yes....", as she started to orgasm, her pussy throbbing and her body shaking.

"Oh shit," -- Dan grunted, pulling his hard cock out of Abby's pussy and slapping her on her pale plump thigh, - "turn around, quick."

Abby howled in frustration as her orgasm was cut short by Dan taking his cock out. She turned around; trying desperately to clench her pussy muscles in order to catch the fleeing sensation, but could not.

Dan grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them and pushed his dick back into her pussy. Abby started moving her hips, fucking herself on his dick, and she felt him pulsating inside her, growing bigger, and then he unloaded into her, blasting her insides with a jet of hot cum. The pretty young woman howled again, both with excitement and with frustration. She wanted to cum; she needed to cum oh so badly.

She raised her head, looking about her wildly, and she saw Kevin sitting on the bed and playing with his cock. It was hard again, hard from watching her with Dan, she knew that.

Sweetlips turned around, still on her knees, and crawled to the bed. She hugged Kevin's knees, looking up at him pleadingly.

"Please," -- she said, - "I want to cum, please. Please"

Kevin's hand stroked her cheek, brushing long hair out of her face. "Say it, Abby," -- he said mockingly, - "say it out loud."

Abby -- no, Sweetlips, - oh no, she realized, the two were becoming one, - looked Kevin straight in the eye and begged.

"Please, Kevin, I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me."

Kevin smiled and with an indulgent gesture of his hand invited Abby to lay down on the bed. He pushed her onto her back and got on top of her, parting her soft, willing thighs with his knee. Abby moaned when Kevin's dick slipped into her pussy, still soaked in Dan's cum. As Kevin started to fuck her, she hold on to his shoulders, looked into his eyes, and felt ridiculously grateful to him. She did not even like him, but she needed him to fuck her, and realized that she would let him fuck her again, any time he chose. As she would Dan. As she would the motel clerk. And, as she realized to her great horror while Kevin was fucking her hard, bouncing on top of her plump body, as she would any man with whom any of these three would decide to share her. She was a slut, truly and unmistakably; Abby and Sweetlips have become one.

And then she became one with the jerk fucking her, and she writhed and moaned under him, locking her pale legs around his waist. She orgasmed again, and again.

Kevin got up on his knees, holding Abby's legs straight up in front of him. He slammed into the soft fat girl hard and fast, and then he came inside her.

Abby was utterly exhausted. She could barely turn onto her side before she fell asleep.


She woke up and found herself on the bed, with Dan and Kevin sleeping on both sides of her, Dan's hand resting on her ass. She gasped. It was not a dream brought about by several months of no sex. She really spent the last evening getting fucked by a stranger, and then by her boyfriend's old buddies. And she could not stop thinking about how much she enjoyed it.

Abby lay there for a few minutes, aware of the smell of sex and sweat still hanging in the room after last night. She realized that her hand was halfway down to her crotch when she stopped herself from thinking that she wanted one of the men to wake up and touch her. She carefully wiggled out of the bed and went into the bathroom.

Abby washed her panties by hand, wrung them almost dry and then went into the shower, to wash the smell of sweat and sex from her. As she was doing that she became aware of her pussy being very sensitive to the touch after last night. She leaned back against the shower wall and explored it for a moment before realizing with a start that this was turning into full scale masturbation and taking her hand away.

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