The Baby Shower


Naomi Walters rubbed her aching back. She hated parties; having never really been much of a social butterfly. But she knew the importance of this day for her partners Thyne and Wendy. This baby shower was the culmination of their dreams.

As a reminder of her important role in it all, their child gave a sound kick in her horribly distended stomach. The true nature of their arrangement was known to very few at this party. To most guests, Naomi was simply the surrogate for the couple, an old college friend of Thyne's. It was not that they were ashamed of their lifestyle, simply that they did not consider it anyone's business.

Rubbing her hand across the not-so-tiny foot, she chuckled. "Don't have to worry about a college fund for you, sweetie. They're all going to be fighting for you on their soccer team."

"And well they should. I was always brilliant at futoball," said Wendy's husky voice with a Peruvian accent that even twenty years in California could not mar. "Are you OK, sweetie?" From where she stood behind Naomi, Wendy's dark chocolate eyes searched her face. The women shared a bound that went deeper than this child or even the man they both loved.

To those that did not know them, they appeared total opposites. Wendy with her petite curves took pride in her feminine appearance. Her clothes, hair and make-up perfectly crafted to accentuate her best features. Naomi, on the other hand, wore the robes of Earth Mother; her light brown hair sprinkled with gray, her eyes creased with tiny laugh lines that she wore with pride. Her pride in this role was so complete that her pregnant belly was as bare this day as her unmade face.

Naomi smiled weakly at her best friend and soul-mate. "I'll be alright. You know I hate the bullshit and this back ache just won't let up," she sighed.

Wendy nodded her dyed platinum blonde head. "I know. Why don't we sneak inside for a bit? Thyne can manage this crowd of barracudas," she assured her as she placed a perfectly manicured hand at the small of Naomi's back, pressing firmly against the base of the spine. It was a technique they had all learned in their child birth classes.

As if attesting to its success, Naomi moaned, closing her blue eyes and leaning back against Wendy's shoulder and into her firm grasp. "That feels perfect."

Wendy's bright red lips broke into a broad smile that lit her face from inside in a way that was even more flattering than the expensive cosmetics she wore so artfully. "Mi Corazon, if you think that feels good, we really should sneak inside for a while." The red nails of her other hand scrapped lightly down Naomi's bare arm, sending tentacles of electricity shooting down her spine and between her thighs. "You have me so hot right now. I just want to fuck your brains out."

Naomi leaned her head back even further until the women's eyes met; her back pressed against the welcoming warmth of Wendy's large breasts encased as they were in a white halter top that was the perfect attire for a warm Southern California barbeque. "What about Thyne?" she asked softly.

"He can join us later if he wants," Wendy whispered as she bent her lush lips to brush a slow kiss across her lover's cheek. Despite the dozens of people milling about their yard, the two women drifted into a world all their own. The innocent looking show of affection between friends was for Naomi a teasing prelude to the deeper connection they shared.

Comfortable now with the companionship of her friend, Naomi relaxed a bit. Instantly, she felt the lethargy of the combined heat and her condition overtake her. Exhaustion weighed upon her; her shoulders drooping under it. "Alright, if you're sure," she mumbled.

Wendy laced fingers through her own. "Es' verdad," she replied tugging Naomi across the tiled patio and up the concrete steps towards the French double doors at the back of the home they shared with Thyne. There were dozens more people talking and mingling in the large living area that looked out upon the canal that ran through the affluent neighborhood of Naples.

But the only thing that Naomi noticed was the blast of cool air that hit her as they stepped inside. Her strong conservationist instincts rebelled at the waste of energy; air conditioning the house when the doors were wide open. But she pushed it all aside, grateful for the crisp welcome at that moment.

Naomi was grateful to Wendy as she smiled and waved politely to a few people. Answering any questions with a simple, "The little mother needs her rest." But even with her focused determination it took them several minutes to make it up the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom, the one room in the house that was closed off this day.

Wendy opened the heavy ornate wooden door. Pushing it open, she stepped back and gestured for Naomi to enter. Stepping through the door, Naomi felt tears brush the back of her eye lids as she rushed towards the massive specially made bed that dominated one wall. She fell backwards, enveloped in the softness of the mattress and layers and layers of fine Egyptian cotton quilts.

The rich kaleidoscope of colors made as bold a statement about its owners as this celebration. These were people, who did not follow rules. Shapes of the squares blended into one another just as the members of this unique family matched and complimented one another.

Wendy followed her onto the bed, crawling elegantly towards the center. "Come here, mi Corazon. Let me massage your back a bit more."

Naomi rolled onto her side, facing the bay window. She could see the tops of a few people's heads, their lover's included. Thyne's salt-and-pepper hair was shortly cropped in an almost military style haircut. It added an air of respectability to a man that was a study in complexity. He was one of the most sought after accountants and financial advisers in Los Angeles. Celebrities, millionaires and Fortune 500 companies among his client list.

Yet beneath the crisp polo shirt and khaki short that he wore this day was a fierce dragon tattoo that snaked across his upper thigh, tight butt and back; its head ending just below the collar of his shirt. Of course, this was only the tip of the contradictions that was Thyne. The only hint at his true nature was the small diamond stud that he wore in his right ear.

Thinking was too much of a chore at that moment, she decided. Wendy's hands were working their magic on her lower back and the cool, crisp cotton beneath her cheek beckoned her to slumber, except for the sticky wetness and throbbing between her legs. She tried rubbing her thighs together in time with the small circles that Wendy's hand were making over her lower back, but that only seemed to make things worse.

The throaty chuckle from behind her reminded her that in this room there were no secrets. "I see that, mi Corazon." In answer, one of Wendy's hands slipped down her thighs, gathering the layers of her sari and pushing them upwards until her fingers rested over the front of Naomi's silk thong underwear.

"I know just what you need to help you sleep," she whispered as she slipped her hand inside the material. The sharp nails were gentle as they found the throbbing bud of flesh hidden amongst the soft hairs that covered Naomi's mound.

Naomi moaned softly, amazed that her lover had such perfect rhythm that she could coordinate matching circles, a larger one on her back and smaller ones on her clitoris. She opened her legs wider, feeling a flood of her juice drip down those perfectly manicured red nails.

Naomi reached up and tugged softly at her nipples, a job that Thyne usually handled. A wet spot quickly formed on her bikini top, her colostrum leaking this late in her pregnancy.

With the skill of Wendy's fingers on her clitoris and her own working at her breasts, Naomi was soon climbing towards a shattering orgasm, but it was not enough. Her soaking wet cunt begged for one thing...cock. "Fuck me," she pleaded.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea, mi Corazon," Wendy moaned against her ear in a low rumbly voice. "We might hurt the bambino."

Naomi was in no mood for arguments, her need so intense that she felt like crawling out of her skin. "You know damned good and well that they said in class that fucking was alright right up to the end." She turned her head until their eyes met. "So fuck me, god damn it."

Wendy made a noise that was half chuckle and half roar as she felt her lover's fingers wrap around her throbbing cock through the layers of clothing. "Patience is a virtue, the priests always told us," her ruby lips descended to brush across Naomi's.

It was a move that played into Naomi's hands, which were still busy working on Wendy's erection. Naomi nibbled at Wendy's bottom lip, a bit of pain only deepened her lover's desires. Her tongue licked back and forth over the slightly swollen flesh, only to bite down once more, holding it this time and pulling back.

Wendy emitted a deep growl from between those swollen red lips. "You are very naughty girl."

"Yeah well, obviously, you did not listen to much of what those silly priests said either. Besides, it is more fun to be naughty than nice." The kiss that she gave her lover this time was deep. Tongues warred for dominance with one another.

Naomi's grip upon the thickening flesh between Wendy's legs tightened, she moved her hands up and down its length in the perfect that rhythm that she had learned over the past year that the three of them had been lovers. She knew that victory was within her reach when Wendy's hand on her lower back slipped around to cup her leaking breast. Another connection they shared, both of them loved tits, all of them in fact. Naomi continued to stroke the cock as she broke the soulful kiss. "Now fuck me."

Wendy laughed and lifted Naomi's top leg, holding it in the air as she adjusted her body to line up with her lover's. The women stared into one another's eyes as Wendy slowly compiled with her request. It was Naomi that moaned this time as the head of her cock slipped beneath the wet folds of her engorged pussy. "You are so hot, mi Corazon."

Shifting her hips back to meet her lover's thrust Naomi replied, "And don't you forget it." But still it was not enough. Reaching over her head, Naomi grabbed one of the fluffy pillows. Before Wendy could protest once more about their baby's safety, she rolled so that her distended tummy rested on its softness. "Now fuck me like the bitch in heat that I am."

One of Wendy's manicured hands made contact with the bare porcelain flesh of her ass. "Such foul language, our daughter can hear you."

"Then give me what I want and shut me up," she laughed.

"Si, mi Corazon. You are impossible lately. Never enough. It is good that both Thyne and I have cocks, is it not?"

"Yes, very, very good," she whispered low as she closed her eyes and wiggle her upturned bottom in temptation. "Now use it," she begged.

Her lover acceded to her wish, slamming her cock fully into the welcoming sheath. They both moaned once Wendy was fully buried inside her corpulent flesh. Then they began the intimate dance that had created this cherished child. Bodies gliding across one another, flesh meeting flesh, in a dance that was as animalistic as it was beautiful.

Neither was in the mood for the slow burn that sometimes kept them in this sanctuary for hours upon hours. This was a quick snack to tide them both over until the evening when their trio would once more be complete. Their bodies knew it, moving in practiced time to a familiar dance, reaching for the crescendo and taking the dips and turns that brought them the greatest pleasure. Until the dance was over quickly. Too quickly.

Wendy was careful to collapse to the side and not upon her lover this time. "Will that hold you, mi Corazon?" She whispered as she brushed a soft kiss across Naomi's closed eye lids.

Naomi was too tired to answer now that she had gotten the relief her body craved. She simply mumbled something unintelligible as she turned to her side. Her hand cupping the mound where the baby rested. She still felt a slight twinge in her back, but Wendy's massage and the endorphins from her multiple climaxes had deadened the pain enough that she could sleep.

"Sleep well, preciosa," Wendy said as she stood adjusting her cock back into the silk thong and running her hands down her white halter dress, a replica of the one made famous by Marilyn Monroe. She was once again what she had been to the outside world for the past decade...the perfect woman.

Note: If this seems like part of a larger work, it is. But for now at least, it is one of the few scenes that is clear within my mind. I do know that it is actually a portion of the epilogue, the bulk of the book about how these diverse and complex individuals came together to form a strong and loving family.

If I seem a bit of a romantic and idealist, I am...unapologetically. I dream of a day when the Wendy's, Thyne's and Naomi's of this world will be as free to express their love for one another as others are. I believe that there are many faces of love and anything done between consenting adults can be beautiful.

If you enjoyed this story, please take time to vote or leave a comment. You also have my blessing to pester me for updates on the sex-ploits of these amazing people. You can use the contact the author button to do so.

Happy reading...and good lovin'. Tara

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