tagMatureThe Babysitter Ch. 03

The Babysitter Ch. 03


Holly knew she couldn't tell anyone what happened last month when she was babysitting. She couldn't even tell her best friend. It was getting harder and harder to keep her affair with Mr. McKay a secret... especially with the added stress of her High School Finals, and her recent break up with her boyfriend, Kyle. They broke up last week because he had to go away to college. He left a few months early to find a place to live and get settled in.

Holly was sitting at her computer desk trying to study for her Chemistry Final that was coming up this Friday, but kept finding herself staring out the window daydreaming about John. One of her daydreams was rudely interrupted by the telephone ringing, and ringing and ringing...

"Are you going to get that mom? I'm trying to study!" she called down the stairs.

"It's for you!!" Her mom yelled back a minute later, "its Mr. McKay, he wants to know if you can -..."

"I GOT IT, MOM!!" she yelled excitedly, "You can hang up now!!"

"Hi, John," she breathed into the receiver, trying to sound like one of those sexy girls on the TV ads for 'adult fun.' "I've been waiting for you to call."

"Sorry I've kept you waiting, my dear," John said. "It's taken awhile to get settled into this new job, and I'm going to have to work late tonight. Is there anyway you could pick Mark and Sarah up from the daycare at their school?"

"I'd love to! When do you think you'll be home?" She asked.

"Hopefully not too late, but after the kids are asleep, most likely," he said with a wink on his voice.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe I should stop studying, and make myself hot then," Holly said.

"You're always hot, Holly. You're gorgeous," John said. "I can't wait to see you tonight. I'm not sure how much work I'll be able to get done knowing you're at my house waiting for me... But I'll have to try to work as quickly as possible because I want to be able to come home and see you sooner."

"I want that too John. I'll see you tonight," Holly said, already looking forward to it and dressing herself in her mind.

"I'm looking forward to it...Don't forget to pick up the kids at 3:15. I really do appreciate this Holly. Bye," John said, hanging up.

Holly skipped off down the hall, with a flutter in her chest, to hop in the shower to get ready for her big night of..."babysitting." She stepped into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She flicked on her shower radio and began to dance to the music of the local radio station as she started to undress. She pulled her tight-fitting white spaghetti strap tank top over her head, exposing her soft, full, barely more than teenage breasts. She was somewhere between a B and a C cup, not large, or small, but perfect for her petite frame. Then she dropped her gray cotton short-shorts, which were barely more than boy-short-cut panties, which combined with her tank top consisted all of what, she called her pajamas. Holly turned the tap on and let the water warm up while she got her shower supplies ready: her razor and shaving cream, shampoo and conditioner, towels....

When the water was just the right temperature, Holly stepped in and let the water pour over her soft skin. She reached up and let the water soak into her long blond hair. She squirted a generous amount of shampoo into her hand and gently massaged it into her scalp with her nails, enjoying the sensuous feeling. She left the shampoo in while she lathered some body wash into her hands, usually she used a bath puff, but today she wanted to explore her body with her own hands. She started at the ankle of her long, tanned right leg, and slowly rubbed the lotion into her skin, snaking her fingers up her calf, around her knee, and ever so gently past her upper thigh. Then she lightly skimmed her pleasure dome, saving the best for last, on her way to her left leg in the opposite order. She started working more lotion into the well-defined muscles of her thigh, developed over her last three years in high-school cheerleading, continued by rubbing it onto her knee-cap, and delicately over her calf and ankle. She ran each hand up each inner leg, coming to a brief rest, and rubbed soap into her slit with two fingers, taking a sharp intake of breath at the touch. She continued in her cleansing by rubbing fresh soap in rhythmic circles across her belly, and then caressed her breasts with her soapy hands. She allowed herself to pay special attention to her erect nipples, rubbing them with soapy suds, pinching them, and massaging her round, firm breasts. She then, reluctantly continued on to wash the soft, defined muscles of her upper arms, as well as her elbows, lower, and under arms. She then took fresh soap and lathered it into each tight cheek of her firm, round ass, making sure to get it all nice and clean, right up into her forbidden hole. Then she lightly skimmed her lower and upper back with her clean, soapy hands before she rinsed all the suds off of her body and out of her clean blond hair.

Holly stood enjoying the feel of the hot spray before she started lathering conditioner into her long tresses. While the conditioner was working its magic, making her hair irresistibly soft and silky, she would take her razor and let it work its magic making her legs smooth and soft to the touch. She lathered some Tropical Splash Skintimate shave gel into her left leg and gently began to skim her Venus razor up her sudsy shin and calf, working slowly to avoid cutting herself, and because she enjoyed the massage the water pressure was giving her butt. Soon she had shaved each leg baby soft and rinsed off the thick suds, before she lathered more onto the soft curls of her pubic area. She would take even more care here. In short, clean strokes Holly brought her razor very gently over each lip of her outer labia, clear cutting the hair there. While she was paying so close attention to the area she couldn't stop without gently fingering her clitoris for a few moments. Holly ran her middle finger in the shave gel, up her slit and around her clitoris, toying with it, teasing it, and then finally she rubbed the side of it, up and down, creating a hot friction that was incredibly electrifying. But it was only a tease, she had better plans for it soon enough. She completed her shave by clearing the edges of her bush, leaving just a small round patch of soft, yellow, downy curls resting on her pubic bone. She rinsed it all clean and then did the same to her now smooth, gorgeous blond hair that came to a rest at her mid-back, in long, soft waves.

Holly turned around and let the hard pressure from her detachable massaging showerhead run over her face and breasts, before reaching up and taking it off the cradle and into her hands. Ever since Holly had discovered the joys of a detachable massaging showerhead a few years ago, hygiene had never been a problem, Holly showered daily. Holly took her showerhead and rinsed her entire body off again, massaging her sensitive skin. She let the water pressure massage her breasts for a few moments, and she pinched and tweaked her nipples to add to the erotic stimuli. Then she let the massage drop lower down her body, spraying her tummy, navel, pubic bone, and finally coming to rest at her pussy. She let out an audible moan as the water cascaded over her clitoris and into her warm slit. The water pressure penetrated her hole and attacked her throbbing clit. The hot water invaded her cunt creating an intense friction heat that resonated from the vibrating against her clitoris, into her pussy, outwards to her hips, down her thighs, and into a toe-curling tingling sensation that left her moaning. She had to prop her left leg up onto the tub wall next to the faucet for leverage to help the heavy pressure spray harder against the side of her clit. Holly rocked the head of her shower back and forth, moving the direction of the spray across her clit until it began to buckle her knees and she thought she might fall over. She had to bring her leg back down and stand straight and use her left hand to part her throbbing pussy lips to expose her quivering clit to the invasion of the water again, this time straight on. When she redirected the water this way she thought she would explode on first contact, but settled with a loud, quick guttural moan. She rested the water in this position and held the spray there until her knees buckled again and she had to bend over backwards to compensate for it, resting her back against the cold tile wall of the shower. When Holly began to sense her impending orgasm her toes curled and she began rocking her hips toward the pressure, searching, almost yearning for more. And then soon her wondrous release came in an exploding sensation that coursed through her veins like an exploding dam's breakwaters out into every tip of every extremity. It ran through to the tips of her toes and her fingers, up into a warming sensation in her scalp, and back down to her knee-buckling, toe-curling, butt-clenching orgasmic frenzying clitoris, leaving Holly panting.

"Oh, MY GOD!" Holly managed to mutter to herself. "Oh, fuck, oh God that was good."

When the sensations finally subsided and Holly could once again stand normally on both legs she rinsed herself off again, and then reluctantly set the showerhead back into its cradle, until next time. She turned off the water flow and stepped out of the shower, reaching for her towel. She lightly towel-dried her skin, just barely skimming the extremely sensitive skin of her pussy that still sent the odd quiver coursing through her unexpectedly. She wrapped the towel around herself, and another around her dripping hair, and walked back to her room, much more casually this time as her recent orgasm drained her of the frenzied energy she contained earlier, leaving her with an incredibly contented, warm feeling; however not a sated feeling...she yearned for John with stronger passion now than before her steamy shower.

Standing in her room in only her towels Holley flicked her stereo to her favourite radio station and started singing as she picked out her outfit for tonight. It had to be something flattering but still kid-watching-practical at the same time. She finally settled on tight black pants, with knee-high black boots with a 5-inch heel, a low-cut white halter-top with no bra.

Holly toweled a little more water out of her hair, and scrunched it into loose waves with a styling gel that left her hair soft and touchable when dried. She pulled half of her hair up and put a small clip into it to give her some control over her long hair while she was watching the kids. It's amazing how much 2-year-old girls love to pull on it.

When Holly was ready she sat anxiously in her room waiting, watching the clock, until it was time to go get the kids from school. When it finally clicked over to 3:00 she got into her car and drove to their school. She went to pick Mark up from his class first. She waited outside the door until he came out and looked for her.

"Hey Mark! Over here!" Holly called out to him over the mass of 3rd graders.

"Holly! Hi!!" Mark said when he finally spotted her. "I missed you!"

"You too buddy," Holly said, hugging him. "Let's get your stuff and go over and pick up your sister."

When they got over to the daycare she sent Mark into the play area after Sarah while Holly signed her out and got her things together. A few minutes later she felt something smack into her knees that almost knocked her over.

"HOWWWYYY!" Sarah called up to her.

"Uppey!!" She said with outstretched hands.

"Well hello little one. You almost knocked me over!!" Holly laughed, picking Sarah up. "Are you ready to go guys?" "Yes!" they both said.

By the time Holly got them both into her car and back to their house it was nearly four o'clock. She opened the door with the house key John had left for her under the welcome mat. Mark and Sarah barreled into the house dropping their backpacks at the front door and ran into the living room to turn on the TV. She let them watch their favourite afternoon cartoons while she fixed them a snack. __Being back in this house reminded her of her last visit and left her in a state of excited anticipation. She couldn't wait for John to get home. __Holly sat down on the couch with the kids and watched cartoon after cartoon, watching the clock tick slowly closer to the kids' bedtime. Around six she made them macaroni and cheese for dinner and then they helped her clean up. Holly helped Mark with his spelling homework while Sarah played with the alphabet fridge magnets, pretending she was making words like Mark. Soon after, she bathed them both and was getting them ready for bed when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Holly answered.

"Hi, Holly. How are things going?" John asked.

"John!! Everything's going great. I'm just about to put them to bed. Are you coming home soon?" Holly asked excitedly.

"Well... not really, I'm still buried deep in paperwork at the office. But listen, I think I might have left a file at home. Do you mind looking around to see if you can find it? It's a manila file folder that says "Case 58719" on it."

"Ummmm, yeah sure I can look for it," Holly said, trying to hide her disappointment that she would have to wait longer for him. She started looking for it while she had him on the line, and found the file buried in paperwork on his computer desk. "I found it! It's here in your den."

"Shoot. Well I'm glad you found it but I really needed that file tonight," John said. "I don't think I'll have time to go back to the office if I came to get it, but I need it to prepare for the meeting tomorrow morning."

"Hmmm, maybe do you want me to bring it to you?" Holly offered. "I could pack blankets for the kids and put them in the car and drop it off for you so you could keep working."

"I wish you didn't have to keep the kids up to do it, but yes please, that sounds like a better idea. Thanks, Holly. I'm so lucky to have you." John said.

Holly was happy she had offered, she didn't think John would go for it. "You're welcome John, I'm happy to do it." Holly said. "I'll get the kids together and we'll be there soon."

Holly hung up the phone and almost skipped down the hall to get Mark and Sarah ready. __"Okay, it turns out it's not quite bedtime after all. We have to bring something down to daddy's office. Want to go for a car ride, Sarah?" Holly asked.

Sarah, who was almost three, nodded excitedly and smiled around the thumb she had firmly planted in her mouth. Holly picked her up and wrapped her favourite blankie around her shoulders. She went to get Mark, knocking on his door as she pried it open. __"Hey buddy, guess what? We have to go bring something to your daddy's office. Looks like you get to stay up late tonight! Can you get your shoes and coat on for me? Maybe you could bring a book and read it to Sarah in the car." Holly suggested.

"Yay," Mark said, grabbing a book of the shelf, and running to the front door. Holly followed, packing Sarah along on her hip. She grabbed the file from the table on her way out and locked the door behind her. She put them both in the backseat of her car, strapping Sarah into the extra car seat John had bought for her car. She wrapped the blankie around Sarah and could tell she wouldn't stay awake much longer. She drove down to John's office listening to Mark reading Sarah some of his Harry Potter book. By the time she arrived, fifteen minutes later they were both fast asleep. She pulled Sarah, still fast asleep, from her car seat and wrapped her blankie around her again, and then went to open Mark's door. She had to wake him up because she couldn't carry both of them. __"Mark, honey, wake up," she said, gently shaking him. "We have to go up to daddy's office, and then you can go right back down and go back to sleep."

Holly grabbed the file and tucked it under her arm, reached for Mark's hand and walked to the front door of the building. She pressed buzzer number 12 and waited. Soon she heard John's voice answer, "Hello?"

"Hi John, it's me." She answered. "I brought your file."

"Come on up," He answered. Then she heard a *buzzzzzzzzzzzz* and she opened the door. They all climbed into the elevator and John met them on the fourth floor.

"Hey guys," John said, greeting them with a smile, as the door opened. "Thanks for dropping this off Holly," John said, looking her over, obviously enjoying the sight. "Come on down to my office, I'll show you around."

Holly and the kids walked with John down the hall to his private office, one of the few that actually had windows overlooking the city. Just outside of his office in the hallway was a leather couch. "Why don't you put Sarah down on the couch Holly?" John said as he opened the door to his office.

Holly laid her down on the couch and tucked her into her blanket. Sarah was still fast asleep with her thumb in her mouth. Mark sat down on the couch too, and then curled up beside his sister. "Tired, bud?" John asked Mark.

"I'm not tired," Mark answered through a yawn, "but your office is boring."

John and Holly laughed. "Alright well you sit tight and Holly will take you home soon."

John held the door open for Holly and then closed it behind them. Holly handed John the heavy file, which he set on the corner of his desk closest to his chair. "Thanks again for bringing this down to me Holly," John said, brushing his hand across her cheek. "You look beautiful tonight." He said, as his hand reached behind her neck, he pulled her closer to him, and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Holly nearly melted, and had to grab on to the desk to steady herself. Even after everything that had happened between them, Holly still couldn't believe that Mr. McKay, John, was kissing her like this. She could feel his eagerness, his hunger for her mounting with every passing second. Holly responded with a desire and passion of her own, matching his pressure with her tongue, and pressing her body against his, wrapping her right leg around his and resting it behind him on his office chair. He broke their kiss and started kissing her neck, sucking her earlobe and breathing hot air on her wet flesh. "Ohhhh, John," Holly moaned.

John began to run his hands up Holly's stomach, and gently fondle her breasts through her shirt. At the same time his kisses trailed lower and lower down her neck, and onto her chest. "Mmmmmm. John, won't someone see us? What about the kids?" Holly asked, not at all wanting to stop.

John pulled away briefly, leaving Holly half-sitting on his desk, aching for more, and then he opened the door to check on the kids. "Look Holly, they're both fast asleep and there's no one else in the office tonight. It's just you and me," John said, smiling at her as he closed the door again. He returned to Holly and again pulled her into a deep kiss. He then broke it only to pull her shirt up over her head in one smooth motion, exposing both of her breasts and erect nipples. Instead of returning to their kiss he lowered his mouth to her breasts, sucking on her right nipple, and caressing them both. He alternated his sucking and gentle nibbles of her nipples from her right to left, while Holly leaned back farther onto John's desk. Holly moaned softly as John began to trail his kisses down her stomach, and ran his hands ever so softly down her back. When his kisses ran out of skin he began to undo the button and zipper on her pants. As she slipped out of her pants, she began to undo John's tie, pulled it off, and then unbuttoned his dress shirt. He then pulled off his shirt and coat and pulled her back into a loving embrace and their tongues became entangled in another passionate kiss. Holly stood, still leaning against the desk wearing nothing but her skimpy thong and knee-high black boots. John stood enraptured in the stunning sight that was Holly's more than half-naked young body.

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