tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bad Doctor Ch. 01

The Bad Doctor Ch. 01


My name is Dr. Frederick Pound and I am a prick. I admit it. I'm arrogant, rich, handsome and yes, I think I'm superior to most people. I am selfish and I get what I want. And what I want more than anything else is pussy. I'm not talking about just any pussy, either. I'm talking about prime, top-of-the-line, world-class pussy. What man doesn't want that, right? So what sets me apart? I get that world-class pussy. I get an endless supply. I fuck world-class pussy an average of 10 times per day and I fuck an average of 15 different women per week. I've got it better than any rock star, movie star or athlete. Hugh Hefner's got nothing on me.

So what's my secret? Well, I'll tell you. Not because you can do it. You can't. You're not smart enough, rich enough or virile enough to do what I do. And you're probably not devious enough, either. No, I'll tell you because, frankly, I like to brag. Told you I was a prick.

Don't believe all this? Well, I have literally thousands of photos and hours of videotape to prove that what I say is true.

I am 40 years old now and I've been staking my claim to the hottest pussy in sight since I was 18 years old. That's when I nailed the head cheerleader. It didn't matter that she was dating the quarterback of the football team at the time. How did I do it without taking the beating of my life? I got pictures of the stud football player screwing around with one of the other cheerleaders behind the bleachers. I showed him the picture and told him I wanted 30 minutes with his girlfriend or else.

Well, he had that babe wrapped around his finger -- well, probably his cock -- and he told her that he needed her to do whatever I wanted or else it was going to be big trouble for him. He didn't tell her why and the stupid slut didn't ask. Personally, I think it's because she had been looking for a chance to take my 9-inch cock all along.

Anyway, I took this big-titted brunette cheerleader, the hottest girl in school, to my house. My parents were gone. So was my brother. I had the house to myself and 30 minutes to do as I pleased. I made her wear her tight little cheerleading outfit, the one that squeezed those tits and did so little to cover her amazing legs. I made her bend over in front of me while I removed her panties. I finger-fucked her pussy with one hand and tugged her sweater down so that her tits popped out through the neck line with the other. I played with her tits and pussy for about five minutes, then made her get on her knees and suck my cock. After only a minute or two, I gave that hottie a big mouthful of my cum and watched her swallow every drop.

I made her keep sucking me until I got hard again and this time I bent her over and reamed her cunt. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out, turned her back around and sprayed my second load all over her face, matting down her eyelashes, coating her pretty red lips and even drenching her dark hair. I have the photos to prove it.

I sent her on her way, still wearing my cum as her boyfriend picked her up. I handed him an envelope with the incriminating photos of him and the other cheerleader, then handed over his girlfriend's panties.

From that moment on, I knew that no ordinary pussy would do for me. I wanted, deserved and demanded the best. So, I used the same photo (you didn't think I'd give up my only copy, did you?) to blackmail the cheerleader the football player had been screwing around with. This time, I raised the stakes: "Be mine for a month or I show your dad." Again, the slut was looking for an excuse to be a slut and she complied.

I spent that month fucking the shit out of the blonde who had great tits and a perfect ass. I did her mouth, her pussy and yes, her ass. I experimented with all sorts of different things. I tied her up. I used toys on her. I made her dress up for me. And I banged her over and over again. I have the pictures to prove it.

Well, after a month, I realized that there was a lot more pussy out there and that there was no point in limiting myself. In the next two years, I ended up tagging every cheerleader in my high school and three girls from the tennis team.

I developed an addiction to hot babes and, fortunately, I was able to find a way to get a permanent fix. Always a good student, I had no problems getting into med school, and it was here that I discovered the secrets that would allow me to have as much world-class pussy as I wanted for the rest of my life.

At this point in my life, I had no need for any sort of help with my sexual prowess. However, I recognized that soon, even I would need help to maintain my prolific performances with the frequency that I enjoyed now. I didn't want to ever have to worry about having too much sex, not feeling stimulated or not producing much cum. So, I developed three supplements which have made me a literal superman of sex.

First, I wanted to make sure that I was always in the mood and looking for pussy with the same hunger that I did when I was 18. I have a drug which I take once every three days which keeps me in a constant state of horniness.

Secondly, I love nothing more than the sight of a big load of my white sticky cum drenching some babe, covering her face or tits or filling her mouth. But I had learned long ago that the volume of my precious loads, while still impressive, dwindled with the more sex I had. So, my second invention, which I take once a day, stimulates constant production of the seminal fluids and ensures that every load I shoot will be a massive one -- larger than any you've ever had. I could drown small cats ... or should I say pussies? ... with the stuff I shoot.

Finally, I figured if a nine-inch cock was great, a 10-inch cock would be even better. I took a supplement (which I invented) which made my cock grow in both length and girth in small but consistent increments. It is now a prodigious 12-inch monster with a circumference that stretches every mouth, pussy and asshole to its limits. I told you I was a genius.

I finally stopped taking it after I realized that some women were having trouble deep-throating me. If it kept growing, it would be a deadly weapon ... especially the way I use it.

I fuck very hard and very fast ... no need to hold back, I'll have another full erection and full load of cum ready in less than five minutes. I'm not into slow, sensual sex. I fuck good and hard. I guess my name suits me, Dr. Pound. What's the good in doing anything -- including fucking -- if you're not going to go all out?

So why haven't I shared all these great inventions? I could make a fortune. Well, I already have a fortune and I don't want anyone else to have what I do -- a fool-proof method to world-class pussy. Like I said, I'll tell you how it's done because I like to brag, but trust me, don't try this at home. You can't handle it. There's only one superman, one man with a cock of steel, if you will, and that's me.

Armed with a medical degree and a nearly permanent erection, I entered the work world ready to conquer. The primary thing I needed to do was to figure out where I could find an endless supply of pussy to accommodate my endless horniness. I wanted some way to have hot pussy coming to me all the time ... a pussy pipeline, if you will. Now, I don't have a lot of friends. Guys get jealous when you fuck their girlfriends. Go figure. But I have a brother and I have a lot of money and power. Who needs friends when you have all that?

Bart, my younger brother by three years, had made a good deal of money on some of the dot-coms and then had the good sense to get out while he was ahead, using his capital to purchase a rundown strip club, which he quickly fixed up. Now it's a high-end strip club with gorgeous girls, very private back rooms and some high-priced clientele. Building on that successful model, he opened three more clubs in town, plus opened two Hooters restaurants.

Still don't see how this helps my pussy situation? Well, it's really simple, but genius nonetheless. Now, my brother likes his share of pussy, too, but he takes a little different approach than I do. He tends to take one girl and kind of keeps her around for a year or two, but with the understanding that he's going to fool around with the other girls working for him from time to time. It works well for him because he doesn't have to pressure any of the girls into anything. If they are willing to sleep with the boss in exchange for a raise or a better shift, so be it, but he doesn't fire or demote any girls for not putting out. It must be rough having morals.

Anyway, we've always gotten along all right and I helped him out with some of my medicines -- the only person I've ever shared them with. He said he stopped using the enlarger when he got to 10 inches but he still uses the horny pills and the cum producer. I also help him out as a financial investor. He doesn't need my money to make it, I just help him make it bigger and faster.

In return, he became my first pussy pipeline and, even though I have since set up other pipelines, his is still my top, most consistent source of world-class pussy. Here's how it works: he requires every girl who comes to work for him to have a complete physical before she can be officially hired. That physical has to come from me, Dr. Pound. They come to my office, which I run out of my home.

Bart only hires the hottest women in south Florida, and that's what he sends me. Gorgeous babes with great tans, hard bodies, long legs and big, firm tits. It doesn't matter what nationality they are or what their hair color is. I don't discriminate against world-class pussy. They're all pink where it counts to me.

Now, how I usually do it is I make up some excuse as to why they have to put on a sexy outfit for me, then I make them run on a treadmill or do jumping jacks or whatever. They buy into this because it is a physical after all. Of course, I just want to ogle their bodies and watch their skin start to glisten with sweat. Beautiful.

Then, I begin my examination, which is, of course, very thorough and lets me get my hands on the little sluts. When I'm ready for the main course, some of them already know what's going on and, being horny little devils, are more than willing. Some of them want to pretend to be good girls and I have to threaten them that they won't pass their physical unless they submit. This usually works because it gives them the excuse to be a slut that they are looking for and they really do want the job. Sure, there are a couple other strip clubs in town, but Bart's are really the best. The girls there make far more money than at any other clubs, and they know it.

Now, some girls I just do and let them go. But many times I make them stay for all-night sessions. In all cases, it is made clear to the girl that she is required to come in for a "check-up" once a month.

And there you have it, a steady source of pussy. And with girls leaving and joining the clubs all the time, there is plenty of variety and new pussy for the sampling.

To give you a better idea of how one of these physicals goes, let me give you an example of a girl who came by just last week for her first physical. Her name was Amelia, but she had adopted the stripper name of "Bunny", which is what I called her.

Most bunnies have big ears, but this one had big breasts. They were very apparent when she came into my office that Friday night, wearing a plain pink t-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Like all the girls, I had her sit next to my desk while I asked questions, filling out her paperwork. Most of it was the usual stuff -- name, address, ID number, phone, age.

She was 22 with straight, jet black hair that was tied in a ponytail. That was going to make a good handle. She had a flawless dark complexion that hinted at a mixed background, likely some Latin, some African-American and some white. Whatever the mixture, it was a great combination. She had bright blue eyes and pouty lips that would only look natural wrapped around a big cock. She was tall with long legs, a nice round ass, a very narrow waist and the aforementioned giant knockers. I confirmed her measurements later, but that will come.

First, I asked about her medical history, including her sexual background, under the pretense of needing to know if she might have any STDs. She revealed that she had slept with two boyfriends in high school and had one partner briefly after graduating. Even though she was built for sex, it was clear that she hadn't really tapped into her true sexual nature just yet, though working at a strip club was certainly a good first step.

I explained to her that she would be required to complete a strenuous fitness test and that I would conduct a thorough physical that would ensure that she was prepared for the daily strain of pole, table and couch dancing. I asked her to remove her shoes, shirt and jeans so that I could get an accurate weight. She complied, showing no real signs of unease at my request. She stood before me wearing only a plain pink bra and a pair of white cotton panties.

She weighed 118 pounds (I estimate that approximately 85 pounds of that was tit and ass meat). I grabbed a tape measure and put it around her waist first. 22 inches.

"Why do you need my measurements?" she asked before I moved to her hips. I was saving titty central for last.

"I have to be thorough, Bunny," I said. "This is all a matter of record, I assure you."

I measured her hips -- 34 inches. Then, I moved to titsville. 38 glorious inches!

"What cup size do you wear?" I asked.

"DD" was the response. To recap, that's 22 years old, 5-9, 118 pounds, 38DD-22-34. Jealous? You should be. Of all the thousands of world-class babes I had nailed in my time, this one took a backseat to no one. How she performed sexually, however, would really make or break her for me.

"All right," I said. "Everyone has questions about this next step, so I'm going to explain it right off the top. Your job is going to be very demanding physically, you know that right?"


"Good. Now, you look like you're in good shape so you'll probably be fine. The fitness test will help us determine that. But where it gets a little odd for some girls is that I require you to do the test in your, shall we say, work uniform."

"I don't wear a uniform."

This girl wasn't very bright. Perfect. "I know, Bunny," I said. "I mean your stripper attire. I need to see how you handle the test in the clothes you will be wearing on the job. I know you didn't bring any, but I have a closet full. What sizes do you normally wear?"

She told me and I went into my closet and came back with a pair of white hot pants that would look amazing next to her dark skin, a pale yellow tube top and a pair of white stiletto heels that strapped around the ankles.

"You can go into that bathroom and remove your bra and panties," I said, "then put these on and come back out."

She went into the bathroom and a few seconds later she stuck her head out, "Um, Doctor, I think you got the wrong size. These are too small."

"See, that's exactly what I'm talking about," I lied. I always made the girls wear two sizes too small. "You're already complaining about your outfit not being the right size. Imagine how it will be when you're on stage, twirling around that pole. You're going to be in heels and tight outfits just like this one. That's why I need to perform the physical in as realistic a setting for you as possible."

Apparently, she believed me because a few moments later, she emerged and looked absolutely amazing. Her outfit was ridiculously small and tight on her curvaceous body. Perfect!

"What do you mean too tight?" I asked. "That looks perfect on you."

"Really?" she asked. "It sure feels tight. But if you say so."

I was anxious to see what else was going to feel tight, but first I wanted to get a good look. You see, as I said, when I start fucking, it's usually fast and hard. But I do like to take my time leading up to it sometimes. Especially the first time with a new babe. I like to study her, tease her, put her through the paces and get a feel for what she will be like.

"OK, first, you're going to get on the treadmill and walk at routine pace for one minute. We'll give you a chance to get warmed up a bit and get used to walking in those heels on the treadmill."

"Isn't working out in heels dangerous?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "but no more dangerous than twirling around that pole, dancing on a table or straddling some guy on a couch. This is a good test to see if you're fit, flexible and coordinated enough to do all the things your job would require."

She stood on the treadmill, her legs spread so she was standing on the sides as I started the treadmill. She stepped onto the moving belt and began walking casually, adjusting quickly to her heels. Even walking slowly, she was quite a sight. From the front, her tits bobbled and jiggled inside their tight, yellow, barely-big-enough-to-cover-her-nipples tube top. Her dark nipples were barely visible through the thin, stretchy material.

From behind, her tight, round ass swiveled back and forth without the slightest hint of jiggle or flab. The tiny white hot pants left the bottom third of her ass cheeks exposed and hugged her cunt tight enough to display her puffy camel toe.

Long ago I had positioned hidden cameras around my basement office and I knew that one was right now aimed at her ass and another at her tits. Threatening to post the videos to a web site was always a good way to put a halt to any sort of complaints. Otherwise, I never even told them they were on camera. They were part of my private collection. Some day, I might share it with the world, but for now, every video, every photo is sort of like my trophy case of pussy.

In my den (which I keep locked and don't let anyone see -- unless it's someone I want to show off to), instead of heads of animals or whatever, I have hundreds of pictures of the babes I've fucked. Some are close-ups of body parts, some are full body, some are partially clothed, some are nude, some have my cock inside them somewhere, some are wearing my cum and some are just posing or working out for me. It's a great collection, as is my video collection, which fills three bookshelves. They're all classics and I give them all one very big cock up! Like most collectors, I spend considerably more time adding to my collection than I do enjoying what I already have. I never beat off to my pictures or videos. Why do that when I can be fucking some real babe in real life? Speaking of which, Bunny was soon to be added to my collection.

After the first minute was up, I reached in front of her (letting the back of my hand brush against her tits as I did) and increased the speed. She started jogging, then running, working hard to keep up with the machine. Oh, what a delicious sight! Her tits were really bouncing now, coming close to flopping right out of her top. Her ass was shaking and rolling and her hot pants were riding up a little more with each stop. Surprisingly, she was having little trouble keeping up even in her heels. She was obviously used to wearing them and was in great shape.

She was sweating a little now, beads running down from her forehead, across her face and neck, down into that sweet valley between her bouncing boobs. Her skin glistened and I looked between her legs to see if the sweat had reached that area yet. There was just a hint of moisture around her pussy lips and ass crack, but I knew from experience that it wouldn't be long before these thin white hot pants became virtually transparent. All I had to do was make her keep sweating.

Her tight round ass was driving me crazy, so I reached out and tugged those little shorts into the crack of her ass, effectively turning them into a thong and showing me both cheeks. She never broke stride, though she did ask what I was doing.

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