tagBDSMThe Bad Husband

The Bad Husband


The first mistake is thinking that it's not a mistake. Then it is and there's no way to get out of it. I kissed her. Well... more than just kissed. More like put my tongue down her throat, unbuttoned her top, ran my hand up her skirt and had her hand on my crotch. It wasn't a big deal. Nothing (much) happened at that point... except my wife walked in. So much for thinking we were alone. So much for saying nothing really happened. So much for acting like I didn't really do anything wrong. It was a mistake and I was about to find out how just how big.

The fight lasted all night. I loved her but... it was a small mistake. She wanted to turn it into a big deal. I ignored most of her crying and screaming until she said the D word. Then a vision of over-priced lawyers flashed in my brain. Did I mention that I still loved her? So why do that and end up without her, and most of my money, for a mistake. Of course I said the magic words. I'll do anything to make this right.

Two night later we're driving to dinner when she tells me to turn left. That's not the way to the restaurant... but she yells TURN LEFT. I ask where she wants to go and she says we're going to make things right. A nice dinner would have worked for me. Maybe she knows of a more expensive restaurant. She give me a few more directions... about twenty minutes worth... and we arrive at a plain brick apartment building. Nothing special. We park. We walk to the building and she hits the buzzer. Hmmm. How the hell does she know anyone in here?? A voice. She gives her name. We enter.

Up four flights of stairs (where the fuck did they put the elevator?) and we come to a hall with two doors. We go into one. Nice but sparse. Plain brick interior, sort of inner city loft type factory renovation apartment living. She sits on a chair as if she's at home and tells me to sit down. The deal is simple. I said I'd do anything to make this right and she plans on making sure of it. I sit down tentatively, not knowing who's apartment I'm making myself comfortable at. It's a short-lived comfort.

Her logic is simple. I humiliated her by groping another woman, so now it's my turn. If I do what I'm told, we stay together. If not, she drives home and calls a lawyer. Then a man comes out of the bathroom and tells me that he'll be giving me my orders for the evening. I look at her and laugh but she's not laughing. Not even smiling. Just staring at me as if looks could kill. And I know for sure that I made a mistake.

He leads me to the other end of the room and tells me to take my clothes off. I protest but he says it again. My wife stands nearby and tells me she's not playing games. Pick one; her or her lawyer. I take off my clothes and I'm very uncomfortable, standing naked in front of a strange man. He orders me to turn around and I realize that I'm now facing some wood tables and racks holding whips, canes, paddles, and leather straps.

He tells me to face the table, spread my legs wide, and place my arms on the table. Walking over to the wall, he removes something from a rack and returns to stand behind me. Suddenly I feel the sting and heat from a paddle striking my ass. I jump and am immediately told to not take my hands off the table again. From the corner of my eye I see my wife watching, still no smile. I don't know if she's enjoying this but I'm being humiliated.

The paddle lands on my ass several more times until I can't take anymore and I stand up and place my hands on my red cheeks. I hear my wife say loudly that this type of behavior is exactly why I ended up here to start with. I have no self-control. I need to be kept on a shorter leash. The man grabs my hands from my ass cheeks and expertly ties my wrists with leather bonds, then pulls my arms forward and secures each to the opposite ends of the table. My arms are now spread wide in front of me. He begins shuffling my legs backwards until I almost fall over. Then he places a small metal stand in front of me and resumes pulling my legs back until I fall with my chest against the stand. The metal is cold and hard. I decide this is enough... time to leave... but as quickly as my arms were secured to the table ends, my feet have now been tied off to two rings secured to the floor. I'm now bent over at the waist, chest resting on the metal stand, arms and legs spread eagle and tied tight.

I say I'm finished and demand to be released. The man ignores me. My wife tells me to shut up. Then a whip crosses my ass. Again. And again. Each lash send an electric jolt through my body as the pain intensifies. After every few lashes, the man massages my ass to return the feeling to my skin, causing further humiliation as he touches me. After he finishes with the whip, he takes a break. He and my wife walk to the kitchen area and I hear him offer her a drink... tea, soda, water? I can her soft voice as she talks to him, like she's at a party rather than standing twenty feet from her bound and naked husband. I'm humiliated even more.

After a few minutes I hear foot steps. They return and I confess that I learned my lesson, expecting to be untied. But I can see my wife from the corner of my eye and she sits back in the chair where she watched me from earlier. The cane comes next. I yelp at each strike, and the time delay has now let the tenderness from the paddle and whip set in. And suddenly it happens. It's uncontrollable and I'm unable to cover my self. My cock begins to stiffen. With each strike it expands and after three or four I'm now holding a full erection. I know my wife sees it and I know the man does as well. I begin to plead to be untied, begging to put on my clothes and get out of there. My wife asks why I'm so turned on... is it the pain... or the man!? He masterfully works my ass with the cane and each strike results in a mix of agony and ecstasy. Soon my balls are throbbing and I begin to drip on the floor. Then he stops. My cock is ready to explode and my ass cheeks are on fire and there's nothing I can do about either problem.

He moves around me to the other side of the table and my wife joins him. I lift my head and see them staring at each other. Then he kisses her, and unbuttons her top, and slides his hand up her skirt, and she runs her hand over his crotch. They keep this up without even looking at me, knowing that I'm watching every move. He's feeling her up like he's a kid in a toy store. And she's letting him. Ten minutes. Then my wife turns to me and asks if I enjoy watching this, because this is what she had to see when she walked in on me three nights ago. I tell her I'm sorry. She tells me that if I ever humiliate her again by being unfaithful, she'll divorce me and show the tape to everyone. TAPE!

She says she's sorry about the next part but it has to be done to finish the tape. She'll wait for me in the car. I hear her walk out. I ask the man to untie me but he explains that my wife wants a special tape to ensure my fidelity. He walks back behind me and reaches between my legs, and I jump as I feel his hand wrap around my cock. He slowly rubs my hard-on and I try to pull away, knowing that I'm too close to the edge to not cum. He continues slowly. Very slowly. Unexpectedly I let out a moan. He continues until I'm moaning loudly. I beg him not to do this, knowing that I can't hold back much longer. He tells me he doesn't have a choice. My wife paid for a full tape and he always does what he's paid for. The humiliation is reaching a peak, and then suddenly I don't care as a full convulsion rolls through my body and cum shoots from my cock. The orgasm is pounding and it feels like the cum will never stop pouring out. And then it's over and I'm resting on the cold, metal stand again. My feet are untied, then my hands, and I almost fall off the stand. Catching my breath, he hands me my pants and shirt. The shirt is easy. The pants have to slide over my painful ass cheeks on one side and a still stiff cock on the other side.

I stagger down the steps and out the front door to the car. My wife sits patiently as though we just stopped for gas. When I get in, she tells me she can't wait for dinner tonight. The restaurant should be full by now and maybe we'll see some of our friends there. My mind is still racing from the events of the past hour. But we're both sure of something that neither of us will say--I'll never look at another woman again.

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