tagFetishThe Bad Secretary

The Bad Secretary


Linda had worked as my Personal Assistant for over a year now, I had thought myself exceptionally lucky when I first had her assigned to me and she had proved herself invaluable time and time again; not only was she bright, organised and very hard working but she had a fantastic memory for details. Within a couple of weeks of starting to work for me she had taken on a huge amount and as my job involved an insane amount of overseas travel she had made it as pleasant and hassle-free as it was possible to be.

An added bonus was she was very good looking, older than most of the PAs in the firm, she looked fantastic for her age (I had looked it up on the HR system within a couple of days of her starting, rule number one - never forget your PA's birthday!) and although nothing overtly had ever been said after casual conversations over the first few weeks her work uniform had settled down to a severe business look, with dark lipstick and high heels, I'm sure she knew how much I enjoyed the sight of her. There was some flirting of course, but all in good fun and nothing out of line, although I was pretty certain she knew I fancied her like crazy!

It hadn't taken long before Linda was running my appointments for both my business and in part my private life, helping arrange gifts etc for friend's birthdays and anniversaries while I was overseas or too tied up to put the amount of time and effort into finding the right presents. She had a copy of my personal credit card as well as the company card and was highly trusted and valued. I always made sure to compliment her, to thank her for her hard work and made sure I brought her a steady stream of small but rather expensive thank-yous.

And now stupidly early one day I was cursing her under my breath, holding a piece of paper that was to cause a great deal of trouble. I'd left a message for her to see me as soon as she arrived in the office and it wasn't long before she popped her head around my office door as usual. I told her to come in and close the door.

She could tell something was wrong, and as she sat down opposite me a glance down at my desk had shown her the paper and she looked shocked and frightened. She had used both my personal credit card and worse, the company card, to buy things that definitely were neither authorised nor approved. I had managed to catch both of them before they had gone into the accounts department and had, at some personal cost, cleared them both off for her, but I felt she had let me down badly and had lost the trust that was vital for her to continue to be my PA; I was going to have to dismiss her!

She knew what had happened, she tried to promise to replay the money back but I knew on her salary it would take quite a while, what on earth had come over her, why had she spent so recklessly, she must have known the accounts department would catch this, she had put me in a very difficult position, I had had to cover the costs myself to save her reputation but obviously there was no way she could continue in the job.

She was so upset, she was almost begging me not to fire her, pleading that it was one mistake and she would never do it again, it had been a moment of madness and she was so desperately sorry. What could I do? I wanted to be able to keep her on, she was a fantastically good PA, but if I couldn't trust her totally it would never work. I had moved to sit on the side of the desk next to her as this was a pretty personal and difficult thing I had to do, but that just brought me closer to this desperate woman, frantic to try and wriggle her way out of this problem.

As she realised I was determined to sack her despite her begging me not to she seemed to grow calmer, and she asked me if I knew what she had spent the money on; I hadn't looked very deeply, the purchases had been at a couple of clothes shops I thought, although what she had spent that amount of money on I couldn't work out. She asked me to wait a moment while she got what she had bought and headed out of my office, she seemed to be gone for a long time and I was starting to think she had just run away when my office door and this vision of loveliness walked in!

It was Linda, but looking like nothing I had imagined! Her heels must have been over five inches high, shiny black patent pumps which she struggled to control, sheer silk stockings encased her long legs and a tight leather pencil shirt hobbled her legs together, between the heels and the skirt she could only just walk, her full heavy breasts were encased in a leather waistcoat, nothing else, her hair was piled up and she was wearing huge, gaudy drop earrings. Her lips were bright red, glossy and shining, and she had a riding crop in her hand. I was hard in a moment!

She strutted slowly across the office towards me, she looked so desirable I ached for her. As she slowly turned round in front of me, making sure I could see everything, she explained she had bought these clothes for a night out at a fetish club, she had been once before with a girlfriend to try it and had really enjoyed it, she had realised that it's what she really was into and she just had to fit in. She teased me, pushing out her heavy breasts, wriggling her arse, as she explained how much the hand made shoes had cost, how much she had paid for the bespoke pencil skirt. She started to rub herself against me, grinding her leather covered arse against my throbbing erection as she pulled my hands around so I clasped her leather clad breasts, squeezing them as she twisted in my embrace. Her mouth parted with lust as I leaned in and started to kiss her neck, nuzzling her ears and pushing my cock hard against her pert bottom.

I understood, the deal was obvious and simple, if I covered up her spending and gave her a generous 'expenses account' she would use me for her pleasure, maybe even take me to her club! I couldn't agree quickly enough, to let this stunning woman use me would be heaven, to be her slave at one of these fetish clubs would be humiliating but wonderful! I gasped out my acceptance of her offer as she rubbed herself against me, making me harder.

Imagine my surprise as she slithered out of my arms and bent herself over my desk, putting the crop into my hand! "Oh beat me Master" she moaned, wriggling her leather clad arse, " beat me until I cry for mercy and then take me from behind and fuck me me hard"

I recovered quickly, the crop came whistling down through the air.....

.... she shrieked as I beat her, even through her leather pencil skirt it must have hurt, I was taking out all my frustrations and months of sexual tension out on her as she cried out and wriggled on my desk. Finally, my arm aching, I dropped the crop and roughly dragged the pencil skirt up, forcing it higher until I had her naked arse, pink with welts, in front of me. Linda was sobbing with pain but moaning with desire, wriggling her arse in front of me, she looked so sexy like that with her stockings and those high heels.

As I struggled to undo and drop my trousers Linda looked over her shoulder at me, her lush painted lips parted as she panted with lust, "Oh come on David, I need it now!" she spat; even though I had beat her and was going to take her she still somehow had control, I was dominating her like this because she wanted it, when she wanted it stopped it would cease instantly and we'd move on to whatever she desired next. Linda unzipped her pencil skirt and stepped out of it, wriggling her pert arse again at me as she bent over the desk again.

Freed at last I grabbed myself and guided the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy, she was so aroused I could see her juices had started to ooze down the inside of her thighs, she was ready for this, and as she demanded I get to work I slid my hands onto her hips, holding her tight , and oh so slowly, oh so gently, slid inside her, slowly moving deeper and deeper, holding her still, stopping her from wriggling and pushing back, not letting her have any control over my penetration.

She moaned and gasped, at my mercy still, as I filled her, pushing so slowly, I was trembling with the need to control myself, until finally I was hard up against her lovely arse. I gulped in huge breaths of air and as I allowed her to move she started to grind herself on my cock, writhing her arse against me as she relished the feel of me deep inside her. She looked back over her shoulder at me again, smiling, her eyes bright and alive.

"That's felt good, thank you, but now I need you to take me, use me. I just have to get fucked like this, please..." and how could anyone resist that? I took a better grip of her hips, slowly withdrew most of the way out of her, and as I heard her disappointed moan as she felt me pull back I pushed hard into her, as deep as I could. Her gasp was enough to set me off, rutting like a wild man, I hung into her hips with all my strength, pounding myself in and out of her, thrusting myself forward and pulling her hard onto me as I pushed forward. Panting and gasping as I fucked her as hard as I could, she was crying out when I slammed myself deep into her while pulling her onto me at the same time, I could feel myself getting close and Linda was now just moaning and wailing with pleasure.

"Soon, please soon" she gasped, wriggling on my cock, twisting herself against me as we fucked like crazy, I was grunting and groaning as I felt myself build towards my orgasm, I screwed her harder and faster, sweat running down my body, dripping onto her rounded bottom as I leant forward over her arse, she was frantically fingering her clit now, balancing herself on the edge of her own orgasm, waiting for me and as I gulped in a huge lungful of air, to expel it in an animal cry as I exploded inside her, she tipped herself over the edge and shrieked as she came on my cock. I was in her deeper than ever as I throbbed and pulsed inside her hot pussy, she was grinding herself back onto me to stretch out her own pleasure as she rocked forward and back, screwing the last amount of pleasure from my prick as I collapsed down onto her back, wrecked and exhausted.

Somehow Linda managed to stand upright as I slid out of her and collapsed at her feet, moaning as I felt myself leave the warm wetness of her cunt. She looked down at me as I curled into a ball and gently kicked me.

"Time to tidy yourself up David, and for me to get ready for work" she said, smirking as I just groaned, "You've got a clean shirt and trousers in the bathroom, but I'll be using it first I think". She strutted across the floor to my office bathroom, calling out just as she closed the door "First meeting is at nine thirty with Don and Sue, and you're taking me out shopping this evening, I want you to buy me a pair of gloves!".

Strange how the balance of power shifts sometimes, isn't it?

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