tagCelebritiesThe Ball Is In Your Court

The Ball Is In Your Court


It was one of those black tie affairs, you know the kind where everyone stands about and shuts the shit about nothing at all.

I saw her about twenty feet away from me, at first I didn't recognize her. It slowly dawned on me who she was. It was Diana Taurasi . You know the basketball player. Her long brown hair was down around her hair and had been curled. She cleaned up nice.

She was in a black dress that hugged her body and came just above the knee. She wore some black open toed shoes with two inch heels.

I slowly drifted away from group that I was in and made my way toward her. She was surrounded by the usual people that liked being around a minor celebrity. She had a bit of a weary smile on her face.

I inched my way into the throng; she saw what I was doing. I handed her a glass of coke to her and she smiled.

"Thank you. She said and smiled.

"Most welcome Ms. Taurasi." I said

"Diana please." She said.

I know people were pissed that I was hogging her time but fuck them. She laughed when I told her so a bit later one.

"Are you always this way or just when you meet a geeky basketball player?" She asked.

"Always this way, I don't hold back." I said.

I saw her eyes light up.

"Oh a take charge kind of guy are you?" She said

"Yup!" I said

She touched my arm and I felt the sexual charge course from her hand, up my arm and coursed through my body. I felt my cock twitch.

"Um may I ask a small favor?" Diana asked.

"Sure what is it?" I said.

"I was thinking of getting out of here and going someplace more quiet, would you like join me?" She asked.

"Sure, I'll drive." I said.

We went out the back door through the kitchen area and got in my car.

"Where too Diana?" I asked.

"Oh I was thinking my condo!" She giggled.

"Well is that quieter?" I smirked.

"HEY NOW!" She laughed. "Don't you be getting any ideas there Mister?"

"I'm not honest!" I replied.

"Sure Mike sure!" She laughed.

I pulled into her driveway and her car as there. I followed her inside and she flipped off her shoes.

"God those things are torture!" She said.

She went into the kitchen and told me to sit at the counter.

"Red wine okay?" She asked.

"Yeah that is fine." I said.

She reached up in her cabinet for the wine glasses and her dress hugged her ass.

She brought the glasses and the wine body around the counter and went into the living room. I followed like a faithful subject.

We sat and drank the wine; it wasn't long till we had the bottom emptied.

She was sitting with her legs curled up underneath her. I had finally noticed the freckles that dotted her face. She looked really pretty.

She got up to another bottle of wine and stumbled as she did; landing in my lap.

"I guess I am a little drunk!" She giggled.

She let the wine bottle fall to the floor and she kissed me. Her hands running through my gray hair. She pulled away

"I'm sorry, so sorry." She said. Picking up the wine bottle and running into the kitchen.

I followed her and she was standing at the sink, crying.

"Diana, its okay I enjoyed it." I said and touched her soft shoulder.

She turned around and pushed her head into my shoulder, sobbing.

I caressed her head; she looked up at me the tears running down her cheeks. I brushed them away.

"It's just that people see me as a tom boy or a lesbian. And I have so many kiss asses. It's really hard to get intimate with anyone." She sobbed.

I stroked her soft brown hair.

"It's okay Di honest." I said.

She moved up and kissed again. This time she kissed me longer. My hand moved from her hair to the small of her back. Softly caressing it.

She moved away from my mouth and whispered in my ear. "Unzip me please!" As her tongue slowly caressed my ear.

My fingers found the zipper and tugged it down. She moved away from and shrugged her shoulders. The dress slipped off and fell the floor. She stood there in her white bra and panties.

She slipped off her panties and then unclasped the bra in the front. I looked at her body. It was firm and toned. There were no tan lines. Her brown nipples were erect. I notice the star burst tattoo on her right hip. It was daring but yet not to daring.

I took off my tux and left it on the floor.

We walked into her bedroom and I lay on top of her and kissed my way down her body. The rest of the night was a blur. Mostly I remember that her muscular thighs were wrapped around my back and wouldn't let go.

I woke up in the morning and caress her face.

She opened her eyes quite sleepily and smiled.

"So what do you have planned for today Diana?" I asked her.

"I don't know Mike, today the ball is in your court!"

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