tagBDSMThe Barn

The Barn

bypanama trick©

There comes a time in a D/s relationship when it all becomes real. When the fantasies become a clear vision. In this story, I've tried to capture a fantasy of O/ours. It's consensual, it's safe ... and it's sane. Some may think it is raw and abrasive. it is O/our fantasy ... If you are offended I apologize .. and if you think you may be .. please don't read further.

The Barn

He waits for her in the parking lot. He sees her walk out and wave goodbye to her co-workers, He stays low below her vision. Coming around the front of her car just as she opens the door. She sees Him, noticing that He is moving quickly toward her and before she can register fear He has her wrapped in His powerful arms. One hand over her mouth and is backing into the side door of the van parked next to her.

The ball gag slides into her mouth easily as she opens it to yell and He makes short work of putting the nylon ties on her wrists and ankles. Hogtied on her belly in the back of the truck, she shakes with fear, as the door slams shut, plunging her into total darkness. Then the front door opens and He gets into the driver seat. A quick glance back tells Him that she is okay, scared, shocked and angry, but not harmed. He grins and quickly wheels out of the parking lot, hitting the back roads and turning south on a dirt road leading into the country.

Wondering what He has in store for her, bouncing around in the back of the van like a sack of potatoes, she screams through the ball gag as she rolls around when He takes a sharp curve.....

He makes a quick turn and drives down a tree-covered lane, screeching to a halt. Her curiosity getting the better of her she tries to see out the window and notices the red roof of a common barn.

'Oh god oh god ... why am I here?' The door is quickly slid open and without a word He pulls her out of the van, throws her over His shoulder and moves rapidly into the barn sliding the bolt home and putting a large padlock on it. He tosses her into a hay bale for a moment and looks around the barn. Finally, He turns back to her, His eyes blazing, 'perfect.' He moves menacingly toward her....

She moans through the ball gag when He looks at her, solid animal lust written on His face and something else. Something, dark, flitters across His eyes before He reaches down and grabs her. Dragging her by her hair over to the middle of the barn, He reaches up and grabs a rope hanging from a pulley for hoisting hay to the 2nd level of the barn.

He slides the rope under her arms and secures it in the middle of her back tied to the nylon straps on her hands. She sits on her knees shaking with fear when He reaches up and grabs the other end of the rope and pulls her off the ground to where just her toes are able to touch. A huge bowie knife suddenly appears in His hands and He quickly slices through her clothing, tearing off her blouse and skirt. She hangs there in her bra and panties, tears streaming from her eyes

'Omg, what is He going to do?' A wicked grin splits His face as He slips the blade of the knife under the front clasp of her bra and tugs. Her breasts spilling out of the cups into the chilly air. as He watches her the nipples gather and harden and she realizes that she is getting aroused by this Man. He steps up very close and slides the flat of the blade into her panties. She can feel the cold steel press against her belly and then across her mound, her clitoris instantly protruding and a whimper from her as her cunt moistens uncontrollably. Another quick movement and she is naked, hanging from a rope, in a barn.

He reaches into a bag He has placed by His foot and pulls out a device. Even though she is terrified of His intentions she looks curiously to see what it is. Her eyes opening wide as she sees it is a large dildo with a, 'omg ... is that a butt plug attached to it?'

He hits a switch on the side and laughs when the low hum of the powerful vibrator starts up. She wiggles in the ropes, causing her to swing back and forth and her weight falls off her toes onto the rope under her arms catching her up with a sudden pain as her wrists are twisted. He grabs her hip and then forces His hand between her thighs, laughing evilly when He sees how soaked her cunt is. She blushes and moans through the ball gag. He slides the dildo into her soaked cunt. She's so tight He has to shove and twist it to get it all the way in. then He pulls the flap back and positions the butt plug at her rosebud.

A horrified scream erupts from her throat and she shakes her head violently as He spits on the plug then forces it slowly into her virgin ass. He attaches straps on the side of the unit around her waist to hold it in place and before He steps back triggers the vibrator. The powerful spasms ricocheting through her cunt and ass as she thrashes in a combination of despair and lust.

'Omg ... it feels good... it can't feel good... but it does... oh god ... I think I'm going to...'

"Don't even think about coming bitch ... you'll regret it if you do." His voice low and menacing breaks through her thoughts

His words are meaningless; she is beyond the point of return. She explodes in a powerful orgasm her entire body shaking and quivering at the end of the rope. She doesn't notice the smile on His face or the ways His eyes suddenly shift from green to a mad blue color reminiscent of the sky on a summer day. He reaches down into the bag and pulls out a whip looking thing. Long handled. With a flexible strip of leather at one end and a handle at the other. As she begins to gather herself from her first orgasm, the vibrator maddening and ravaging her senses He slaps the strip of leather against His leg. A crack fills the room and she winces at the sound.

" DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO CUM SLUT?!" Drool runs from her mouth around the gag, she has no way to answer or plead. Her eyes doing the talking for her. She notices that His are ice cold, penetrating. They seem to be able to reach through her and find all her secrets.

"Now you will find out what I meant," He growwwwwwwwls low and gruffly. The first slice of the crop across her ass surprising her.

'Oh my god He didn't' the second biting in right over the top of the first sends all thought from her mind.

'Fuckkkkkkk... that hurts' the third and fourth sending pain shooting through her body and the fifth for some reason causing her breasts to ache and her pussy to gush.

'Fuck, He's going to think I like that.'

Standing behind her. He laughs to Himself, which is exactly what He is thinking. This little whore is a fucking painslut. 'I'm going to give her the ride of her life.' the crop cracks down on her other butt cheek. Flames dancing up and down her leg.

Terrified and aroused beyond belief she hangs in the ropes, waiting for another blow ... she hears nothing, feels nothing. She cannot sense Him or hear Him as He moves silently behind her. His hand reaching up between her legs. Checking the dildo and the butt plug to make sure they are firmly lodged. Pressing them in deeper till she writhes in the rope.

For a large Man He does everything so quietly, His breathing calm, His movements unhurried. His touch alternating between caressing and tormenting. His hand slides up and He feels her clitty; hard, protruding, soaked. He grabs it between His finger and thumb and rolls it savagely back and forth. Yanking and twisting it as she erupts into another orgasm. His mouth presses against her ear and in an almost inaudible voice He says...

"Did I tell you to cum slut? Did I give you permission? Do you understand that I now own you? That every move and feeling that you have from this moment forward will be at My behest?" His hand slips out in front of her and then slaps back on her clit brutally 3 times in rapid succession. Her head is thrown back and she gazes up at the rafters of the barn. Trying not to cum.

'Oh god, He's going to fuck me. He's going to take me and fuck me like a whore on the street ... fuckkkkkk ... why is He taking so long?' she moans around the ball gag. He chuckles, her words unintelligible, but there meaning unmistakable as she pushes her cunt against His hand. Her juices flowing around the dildo and tracing down her legs.

The knife suddenly reappears, flashing before her eyes, she gasps and then falls to the ground in a heap as He cuts through the rope. He grabs her hair and drags her across the barn floor to a harness rack. Throwing her across it on her belly He looks down at her. She feels the strap to the ball gag part as He cuts through it and her mouth opens to gulp in a mouthful of air, drool and spittle dripping from the sides of her lips. Without warning He shoves His cock into her mouth.

"Suck it slut ... and do it right," she gags as He shoves deep into her throat and He clenches her hair as He pounds His hips forward into her maw.

"I said suck it whore!" her mouth unconsciously closing around the shaft of His cock and her tongue sliding over the head. The salty tasty of His precum causing her mind to reel, her arms still tied behind her back as He abuses her throat with His stiff cock. The swollen purple head slipping into the narrow passage at the back of her throat and cutting off her air.

"Yeah, that's it girl, you're enjoying that cock in your nasty gullet aren't you? Aren't you?! Her moan around His cock vibrating through to His balls and telling Him all He needed to know.

The dildo and butt plug vibrating her core, His cock slamming in and out of her throat, she screams silently inside her own head.

'Oh god ... I'm a whore, I'm a slut just like He says ... I want this ... oh god it's so delicious' ... savoring His rigid cock as it slathered in and out of her mouth. Sucking hard trying to keep His cock down her throat. Her ass bucking as the waves push through her repeatedly. He reaches down and pulls her head off His cock. Lifting her face by the hair, looking at her eyes, and a hard smile on His face.

"So My little fuckpuppet... is this what you expected when you got up this morning to go to work? Did you expect to be taken and treated like the fuckmeat you are? Did you dream that your mouth would be full of cock while a vibrating pulsed in and out of your ass?" He slapped her face gently, "I'm talking to you whore ... what do you think? What do you want? Do you want this cock shoved in you? Do you want it riding in and out of your soaked nasty little pussy? How about up that tight little virgin ass?" He growwwwwwwwled and pulled her hair harder. "Answer Me cunt! Is that what you want? Do you want your ass fucked properly?"

Her tongue reaching out trying to regain His cock she stammered in fear, "No ...No ... not my ass, fuck my mouth, my pussy. Oh please Sir, not my ass." He laughed coarsely at her.

"You don't get it yet do you? You are MINE... I will use you any way I like. You are here for one purpose and one purpose only... MY pleasure. My lust. My desires." He reached over her body His slobber covered cock smearing against her face and adjusted the dildo and butt plug. He hit a switch and impossibly they sped up. Her body jerking like she was having a seizure and Him standing over her rubbing His cock in her face making her senses reel. He leans down over her ear, whispering low and viciously.

"Do you understand now slut? Do you know that I will use you any way I wish to? That your desires are meaningless. Your lust, and you are full of lust aren't you fuckpuppet? Has nothing to do with what is going to happen to you?" He slipped His belt off His slacks. The long leather strap waving in front of her eyes.

"Now suck that cock, and don't you dare bite." He slammed His cock back in her mouth; her eyes tearing as she suddenly found her air cut off. The sound of the belt whispering through the air registering one millisecond before it streaked her ass from the upper thigh to her lower back. Again the belt whistled through the air and crashed into her cutting across her already tender ass. Slowly He worked His way up her back to the middle, the long welts rising and stinging.

Her mouth full of cock, her mind screaming infernally, her body reacting to the vicious assault and the tools rampaging through her cunt and ass. Crying in frustration, not knowing whether to scream or bite or cry or cum. He stopped and leaned down to her.

"You surprise Me girl ... I didn't think that a little whore like you could take this." she felt cold on her back and realized that He was taking handfuls of crushed ice to rub down her body, sending her into a form of shock.

She seemed to separate from her body and look down at a girl, her arms tied behind her, thrown over a harness rack in a dusty old barn. A tall stern Man manipulating her flesh... cooling the red stripes all over her back and then sliding down between her legs. Suddenly she was back in her body. His fingers sliding through her cunt lips and circling the dildo. He slid it in and out rapidly, her ass bucking up to it like the hungry fuck toy she had become. The lightning of an orgasm starting to rip through her when He growled.

"NO ... DON'T YOU DARE!!!" Somehow she stopped; somehow she knew that it was something she must obey. He pulled the dildo from her, her cunt felt open and empty, juices spilling down her groin and pooling beneath her. The butt plug twisting and harder to remove, her ass was locked tight on it. He yanked hard and she stammered.

"Oh thank you thank you... god, that was My ass." He laughed, and walking around her, He steps between her legs He ran His hand up and down her groin. His fingers sinking into her sodden cunt. His thumb plugging deep into her ass.

"No no no .. Please no more," she moaned.

"No more?" He said, "I've not even begun" at those words her mind completely snapped, she was His, there was no way out, only through.

He felt her give up. She was His. There was no fight left, only pleasure to be had. His hand started manipulating the inside of her cunt. His fingers curled and pressing against her G-spot. Pushing her, stretching her, taking her to a place she had never been. A zone of some sort.

Every sense in her turned towards the feelings He induced. Her hips dancing in an insane rhumba. He reached down with His other hand and grabbed her hair. Yanking her head back He growled into her ear.

"NOW slut, cummmmmm NOW!!!" Her body went instantly out of control, her ass lifting and accepting His ravaging fingers. Pressing back against Him, jerking spasmodically and exploding into a haze of an orgasm and the sense that this is what she was made for.

This is what she had been missing for so long. She needed to belong to this Man... She needed to be made to respond and she needed to please Him. Her whole life seemed to depend on that and she came and came as He tore at her pussy and ass with His invading fingers. As the initial orgasm started to subside He moved forward even as His fingers left her holes. She sensed His cock and almost shrieked with joy as it entered her tight dripping cunt. He forced it in deep. It seemed deeper than anything she had ever felt. Her cunt snapped around His cock. Grasping it and the muscles in her milking the head and shaft as it drove in and out of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Sir, that feels so good. Thank You... Thank You. Yessssssssss .. Fuck me, use me... take me." she whined in frustration as His cock slipped out of her and was not prepared at all for what came next, His cock soaked in her juices slapping against her asshole and with a short twist and lunge of His hips, He was inside her.

"This is what you need whore, you need that precious little ass that you are so worried about used like the fuckmeat it is." He grunted and pushed deeper into her ass.

She cried out loud but inside she was telling herself, 'yes, this is what I need, I need to be fucked like an animal, I need to be used like a common slut. I need this Man to do His will. Her moan changed from fear and pain to pleasure as He started a low stroking sweep of her ass. His hands on her hips holding her still as He used His powerful legs to swing Him back and forth, piercing her.

'God I feel so nasty, I feel so dirty, I feel so free.' her ass pressed back against Him as He laughed.

"So littleone... Are you a whore? Are you a slut? Are you a goddamn fucktoy?!"

"Yessssssss... I am." She moaned low and sultry.

"No, you are MY whore, MY slut, My goddamn fucktoy. Don't ever forget that. Now hold on." His hips rammed deep, His cock sinking into her bowels, her face blushing with the realization that she loved this. Finally, after what seemed forever. He threw His head back and groaned.

"Fuckkkkkkkk... OK slut... I'm going to cum in your ass. I'm going to fill that ass up with..." His orgasm forcing Him deeper yet into her and His hips locking as His cock exploded into her ass. Cummming over and over again, when He grabbed her hair and pulled her back like He had control of the reins, she joined Him in orgasm. The barn seemed to disappear, and there was nothing but His cock, her ass, and His jism and T/their mutual need.

When the shock of their union started to subside, He lifted her face to His, her eyes turned down, a blush on her face.

"You are Mine now girl, always Mine ... and I am proud to call you Mine." For the first time, He kissed her soft and slow. His arms around her and carried her to the loft where He laid her on the blankets. She sighed in His arms. She was home; in His arms she would be free.

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